Wednesday, April 29, 2009


K K...I know I already posted today, but something wonderful happened. Yes. Its true. So when I was a senior in high school the teachers told us we all had Senioritis. Which is like a disease, get it, Senior-itis. Anyway. Here is a senior picture of mine. And I was a Senior, and not getting married.

So today something remarkable happened.
Gosh thats little, but if you see here there are a few important aspects to note. Number one aspect, yes I am playing Mafia Wars on Facebook. You should add me as your friend, then add me as your Mafia kahooter. So we can be in kahoots together. Next thing to note. You see under Academic Planning (this is on BYU's website) you see my name. Brittany H, roll your eyes over to the right where you see 08, March 1988. See when I was a senior in High school I had some issues filling out when my birthdate is. Really iTs 03 August 1988. I confused the month and date. Which is an easy mistake. Right? Well then you see that I am female. Then you see....


So I have Senioritis. I will have it ALL year long!

And Im a Senior, and getting married. "Hey Brittany when did you get married?"-Random person that sees me and doesn't know me very well, but knows me enough to ask me this. "When I Was a Senior in COLLEGE"-Brittany

Wahoo for me. One more year to go.

Oh and the best part about it is..I can still fit into those pants I was wearing up there in the Senior in high school picture. Even though some stuff hangs over and Im a bit softer.....Its okay though.

We are Renting.

It is true. Brad and I signed a contract for an apartment awhile back. Now his sister and I have moved in together until Brad and I obtain our marriage license.

If you want to call this moving in.

Don't worry that is not really our apartment. I wish. Ours is more like your bedroom. Yes your bedroom. Minus that extra space you have around your bed. We don't have any extra space.

And there is only one outlet in the bedroom.

That could be a problem.

In order to get in the fridge this morning. I had to stand about 3 feet away, lean over and lay my body on boxes then shimmy the fridge door open. Grab the milk before the door shut on my arm. I think I forgot to put it away, which wont be a problem because its cold enough in there to chill milk.

I'm happy though. I'm happy I won't have to move again in awhile.

Chelsea (Brad's sister) only brought with her pancake mix and candy. Perfect. We don't even have a microwave nor a toaster. We are really living the hard life. :)

But I love it.

I packed from 8 Am to midnight yesterday. And I don't have sheets on my bed.

But its our apartment. And that makes it perfect.

Monday, April 27, 2009

I think I did the best thing ever.

I added all my GMail drafts, which was previously my online journal. Now I use this. LDSJOURNAL.COM its perfect. Everyone do it. So easy.

Also I am trying to plan my wedding.


If I could just have someone do everything for me and all I have to do is walk out there. That would be perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Right now....I just wish everyone would be happy with anything. Like Brad and I are.

WEll we don't want overalls and gingham at our wedding.
There is so much to plan. So many little things. I dont even know who or how Im going to do my hair. My dress is getting altered. It might be too low cut. I wont find out till like a month before my wedding. Find a new dress. Ugh. What about a veil?

What about tablecloths?

What about should the bridesmaids wear red shoes?

Should I wear red shoes?

My colors are red and blue. Blue teal. Not American Pride blue and red. Not that I dont have American Pride. I do. I really do.

On a happier note. Brooke took this picture of us. In November. Right after we met. We had kissed, but it was still in the awkward stage.

So now we are getting married. In sixty 1 days. Or 61. Either is true.

And Im poor. I guess this is a blog to record my thinking process today.

Poor, a lot of planning to do, but happy.

I guess if I wasn't happy I wouldn't say that I wasn't on here.

I'm glad I don't have school. Until June 15. Stats. Yuck.

What else was I going to post to the world?
I can't remember.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I got an A-.
Normally that would be good.
Normally I would be happy.
Not this time.
I worked hard.
Way too hard apparently.
Or not hard enough.
I missed an A by 3 points.
3 points out of 1000 points.


I'm done venting.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Brad and Band Make Harmony.

All of you frequents...know my disgustingly in love (as Crystal says) partner...partner sounds lame. But you know. Brad that one guy. That one guy I am marrying. I can get away with posting anything through finals, cuz he doesn't have time to read it!!! HA! Last Friday I attended the best concert (I think) they have ever had. I was smiling of happiness the entire time. I even had Toliet paper in my ears. It was loud.

They performed at the avalon. Hello Helicopter. Dont worry, the bathrooms were disgusting. Just like I am disgustingly in love. Actually...bad comparison. Scratch that.
This I believe is one of Brad's best friends. Scottie. Or it could be someone else. But Scottie has red Ryan is in Brad's band. For the sake of messing up I wont tell you his role in the band. But he is awesome.
Brad is the drummer. He called me yesterday after he studied from 10 to 5. Roughly. With me interrupting every five minutes when I was sitting next to him. I quizzed him. He is genius. He said this to me.

Hi Brit

Oh hi Brad. How did you do!!?!?!?!??!?!

I don't think I want to be a doctor anymore.

You LIAR. What did you get!!!!!!!!


Ya Im marrying a genius.

This here, yes right here is a shot of the band. Brad is playing the guitar on this very song. HE is the second one over from the left. And no the first one is not naked chested. He has a nude colored shirt on.
Oh here he is again. I do not usually get up there. Its a crazy fest. Crazy Crazy fest.

Being disgustingly in love is awesome. I love it. Thanks Crystal for inspiring me to say that for the rest of my life.

Oh and thanks to somebody else for allowing me to steal these photos off your facebook page. Your camera is better than mine. SHhhh dont tell my camera. I guess you didnt allow me. I doubt you will ever even know though.

Oh Im dying my hair today.

And I slept one hour last night due to finishing an art book. I hope my teacher doesn't read that on my blog.

I watched two movies. Brad slept through two movies.

He twitches in his sleep.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

If Easter..

If Easter lasted all the time, like all day long..I would be so huge and gross and eat candy all the time. With eating candy I would have no energy. But you knew that, because you ate way too much candy on Easter too huh? It is those stupid Reese's peanut butter eggs, they come in that addicting yellow wrapper. Yum. So being engaged still has its drama. It still isn't perfect like you think it would be. Drama? Ha!! Totally better when you are engaged though. Its drama you dream about, drama you wish you had over single people drama. Trust me I remember.

Just be thinking about who you want to marry as you look at my Easter pictures. If you cant decide who you want to marry, then just forget about it. Maybe you just want to be single forever. Thats cool too. :)

Maybe I am just a little focused on marriage right now. It doesnt mean you have to be too. You can find happiness elsewhere. Like if you are already married, probably your kids, or your job, or your husband. Freak I cant wait till Brad is officially my husband. Fiance is so....boringly cliche. Sorry for whoever invented that word. They are probably long gone anyway. Back to Easter. Oh and finals. I just took my last one today. If I could make a bulleted list and publish it to the nation of what the BYU testing center is would say the following.

A lot of farting.
From the man behind me.
He must not have known that is usually not acceptable in front of people, unless its your fiance. No deeper meaning there.
Smart people surrounding you. Don't compare your notes to theirs, most likely they are doing an equation that has symbols you have never seen. It's discouraging.
Bacteria. Probably everywhere.
Hotness. Shoving over 500 people into one room with desks so close you have to walk sideways to get to the end of the tunnel.
Positive things, like a water fountain in the back of the place. But that can be negative because when everyone is glaring you down for interrupting them by brushing their shoulders...its not worth the fifteen second drink that will just be sweated off in two minutes anyway..
Another positive thing. They have those gray chairs with a desk, as opposed to the porcelain looking chairs that hurt really bad. Gray plastic reclining, go for those. But that also is negative because everyone wants those. And there are only twenty out of 500 of them.
Gum popping.
Sweat from the person in front of you. Dripping on your desk.
Walking downstairs and seeing GREAT next to your test score. Then realizing you didnt follow your id number over right, and yours actually says 54%. (Not connected to least not this time :))



Side tracked something serious.

Faith has this problem..she thinks she is chunky. We tell her she isn't but still she refuses to leave the scale for fear she might be gaining. Okay that was the hugest lie ever. But she is cute. And her shirt says something about candy. Which Summer bought for her. Summer my sister, not the season. Pretty sure the season cant buy things. I wish, then it would buy me fifty pairs of j crew flip flops. With alligators on them. There is something about Easter. And football on Sunday. What....its a family activity....right? Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad :) 30th...right? Still practicing the whole 'threshold' thing. At random times Brad likes to look at me, hold his arms out and whisper, "threshold." Right after my heart drops into my large intestine I jump up and we exchange that look of completion, like sweet we are going to rock the whole 'threshold' thing. Good thing we have been practicing for months.
There is nothing better than Standrod, Easter, and football. But I already said that.
I totally feel like I found the biggest jackpot. Like twelve eggs in one spot in a tree nook. I didn't even have to keep looking. I was fulfilled. You know I am dyeing my hair tomorrow. Brad likes it how it is. I don't. He is way supportive though. He traded all the good candy with the little kids. Meaning....he gave them the bad candy. My grandpa. He wears suspenders. I love him. He has these rainbow ones. I love those. My brother Tanner and his amazingly beautiful wife Amanda blessed their baby Sophia Gloria on Easter Sunday. I loved her dress. When I went to see her baby in the hospital I went with Brad. I guess holding a new born baby with the man you are going to marry is a good feeling. A really good feeling. Echo has great hair. So does Brad. They both do. What happened to me? Mom. Sorry its blurry. But this is the VERY first picture I have ever gotten of her looking. Its like she is changing who she is. She didnt know I would put this up, nor did she know I would be fast enough before she put her hand in front of her face. I see how I look like her. Duh, you know what this is. The line for food. I loved the funeral potatoes. Gosh I could eat those all night. Yes, in my sleep. Brad felt the need to victory pose for finding our basket. Yes, cows were amazed at his arrogance as well. He had to climb this tree, and rescue our Easter. Thank you Brad. And good job Honey, you are the best Easter basket hunter ever. He is still on the tree. I couldnt really get enough of his face. I really should have been getting ready for church right here. Instead...I was looking at him through a viewfinder. Ethan says, "This Easter was a success." What! Get the horse outta the house. See previous post for an awesome video of the horse. Doing backflips. Lad.....all by himself..Landon totally isnt holding the lead rope. Faith. Faith has a diaper on. Faith also has what we call a Easter sweater. Thanks aunt Tenaly. :) Ian and his horse skills. He said his legs itched. I wonder why. Easter creates meaningful experiences in which we can relate back to later in life to help us mentally and emotionally :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Party for You.

A party for Jan. She is adorable.
Jayni, Jan and I at the party. Some people thought I wore this headband because I was bald. No I am not bald.
I love his face. Even though I love his face I do leave his side sometimes. And that causes him to get hit on at parties by girls who do not know he is PRACTICALLY married. Basically. Might as well be. Gosh 68 Days. What am I going to look forward to after we get married, oh probably Lava Hot Springs.

I was taking pictures of Landon and Brad playing pool, then something sparkly on my left hand caught my eye. Wow I forgot about it. I know you probably did too. So I just reminded you.
Landon usually checks Brad out...this was only one of Brad's spectacular misses. I think right here he hit the white ball in. Just kidding.
Pretty sure he had no idea...not one clue. Shoot I need to study for my final. What am I doing posting on my blog?
My mom grew up with these fine ladies, and it was their daughters who were throwing the party. Peggy, Landon, Me, Brad, Brooke, and Betsy. And we are all practically related.
He is handsome, but don't be deceived by his face right here.
Oh yes, you still look handsome.
Brad, I have told you a million times, this is a family blog. You shouldnt do that, because I can use that against you to show the world really how...terrible you are.
"Oh please Brittany, please dont tell the world how I really am terrible."-Brad. He really said that. Even if he didn't, he can't combat it, cuz this is my blog.
"Brittany, please don't tell the world how horrible I am, please, I will steal your ipod if you do."-Brad
Not handsome anymore.


I am marrying him?

P.S. He really isn't terrible. Not at all. But I can't get all mushy on my blog. No, I can't.

I ask myself...

I always ask did I get to where I am now? How did I end up with Bradley L. Clark? How am I almost a Senior at BYU? How am I going to get through until next Wednesday?

And how am I still sane after this semester?

Oh I know how I am still sane...because I'm engaged.
ARe you sick of hearing about it? DO you think I'm sick of telling people about it? Im not. REally I plan to only tell people "Guess what!! Im engaged" ONCE in my life. I only get baptized once, I only plan to marry once. Wahooo!!!! Engaged To a drummer. And...a very HOt drummer.
you think thats all I care about dont you? Well I care about more too. Dont worry.
Brad had a concert TWO weeks ago...and we went back you know what happens backstage.....okay this is a family blog, I always forget. Jk. Nothing really happened backstage, except this.
Nothing too wonderful..we just took pictures. Some fan gave the entire band soccer jerseys. Brad is Beckham. And Im Victoria. Totally.
Brad totally looks like Beckham. If you dont think so here...what
No? Ya, he totally looks like Beckham...nope, he is better than Beckham..I actually have never seen Brad play soccer. He probably is good.
What about here???? Landon pointing really accentuates Brad's quality features here. You think I'm joking here...Im not.
After the concert we met my family because they came down for the weekend.....Faith is my sister and she is adorable. So adorable.

See my hand. ON the hand you see a ring. See the boy. Yes, I'm marrying that boy.

And some good news, we found an apartment...I'm moving in next week, not with Brad of course..............................

Oh and wanna see what we did for Easter??

Ian is on the horse, right out our back porch. Ammon is my brother who is autistic (person first when talking about a person with a disability, you cant say disabled person, if I learned anything from my special education class in which I finished the final yesterday it was that), anyway, Ammon was just chilling right next to me and then next thing you know he is running behind the horse. Totally normal. Totally Ammon. Totally freaky. Landon quickly whipped the horse around to protect Ammon. Later the horse side kicked Ammon to get him out of the way. It was freaky. We kept a better watch on him after that. The problem is he will just be standing there, all normal and you think okay he is safe, we are safe. Then wham he is gone.

Don't worry, you will see the Easter hunt images soon. So soon. Classes are over :) know that means you will see them soon, because really...who studies for finals...I have one tomorrow :) Morning.