Sunday, July 24, 2011

Love the festivities.

I'm going to start this post with a picture. Obviously. You figured that out. If you can guess what this is. I will personally kiss you on the cheek. Do you even want that? Oh well. Try to guess. I tell you in a few weeks when I have time to post on my blog again.

Remember how I have tons of time now? Well truth is...I don't. You see, Sally thought it would be a good idea to work at a snow cone shack during this summer while I am not working. Problem is, I picked up a summer school job teaching Kindergarten kids who aren't ready for K and K kids who aren't ready for first grade. And, problem is, I am trying to get ready for swiss ya..time is limited. Well I live in the shack, and summer school is stressful because I'm trying to get these kids somewhat on level. Teacher stress. You know that.

Let's stop talking about stress. Let's talk about the fourth of July. This is a mixture that we put together before we nuked it.

That's what I call liquid nitrogen. Nuked.
 Being completely nuked. I don't know if 10 year olds can run the nuker. But they did. I am sure this is illegal, so I won't divulge any evidence of the situation. Clark family bbq.
You have to use Styrofoam, otherwise...your cup would freeze and break...but it freezes anyway.
Best ice cream I've ever had. Gets all milkshaky after. Love it.
We left the party extremely happy. I saw one of my student's that was Brad's cousin's child, and that was fun, and it's good to try to get to know everyone.

After that party, we went to this party at my sister's house in Midway. Jeremy (married to sis Hannah) bought legit fireworks. Midway on fourth of July, best fireworks ever! Not even kidding.

Lance and Tosha have a perfect backyard. Enough of my family live down here now..its like...why even go anywhere else????? We kinda leave people in Standrod hangin though.
Stay tuned for the mystery picture truth!

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