Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Our days

Our days consist of play play play. Throw some sleep in for mom and baby and you've got a day.
Really truly we are busy somehow... we always have something to go to! And if not we find somewhere to go because seriously-a toddler and a small house can only go together for so many hours!!
Sometimes I think where did my baby go!?! He is always all over the place. Sometimes if he is doing something he is not supposed to be doing I will say, "Miles..." With that tone of voice, and he will automatically just start shaking his head and saying na na na na. Ha! He knows whats coming! He knows he's being naughty making a bad choice.
So we decided to visit our friends in Ft. Worth and get out of windy dirtville city. Literally just google image 'lubbock dust' and you will see where I live. Honest. Everyday if you go outside your nostrils and lungs are coated with a nice layer of red dirt. So I booked a cheap ghetto motel where there were some spousal fights right outside our door all night, and I learned some new terms and swear combos and we were off to have a blast!

Heather is queen of treats and theming her house for holidays. So we ate this pazookie and almost died of sweetness. So delicious. This is after cheescake factory where our waiter was a complete bozo, I mean it was just plain bad. Heather didn't get her dressing for her salad until we were all done eating. I didn't get my lemonade until we were ready to walk out the door. Everyone was begging me to complain because they didn't want to, and I feel like I'm always that person, and I didn't want to get our waiter fired, but then I realized...he did do a terrible job. And the worst part was...when we mentioned all the things we were missing he just said, "Ok." LIKE UM HELLO!!!!! Say sorry or something! Then he blamed the bar for my lemonade.  So we walked away with 2 cheesecake slices (the huge ones). By we I mean me, because everyone else bailed out while I talked to the manager. So awkward, but I guess I thrive off of awkward situations.

So this is post cheescake factory, and delicious to die for better than BJ's Pazookie.

We ventured out to the Ft. Worth Zoo, and man its a little boy's dream.

Cohen is Heather and Kevin's oldest, and then they have baby Jane who is an angel on earth. Serious. Or maybe she is just a girl. Cohen had a little crush on me, but who can blame him...I'm a baby spoiler, and I love giving kisses and loves.

This is by far my favorite part of the zoo. Bird feeder sticks and a room full of birds.
Miles would hold this out then the bird would grab it, and he would yank it back quickly then laugh grunt and do it again. 

He was scared, intrigued by these birdies.

And right after this attempt at touching the bird flapped its wings in our faces and was off.

Everything becomes so much more exciting when you have a child. Its like you lost your excitement for the little things, and they bring it back to you.

Serious, Lubbock needs just this bird part.
We also took some amazing pictures in a photo booth, but I can't find them anywhere So sad. But I can look at them online as much as I want. 
It was a blast.

Afterwards, Cohen wouldn't take a nap, so he came out and sat on my lap and was out cold. Crush.

We also visited Aunt Lindsay on our trip and had the best pizza (I think) ever. Or I was starving. One of the two. The best part about it was they told us the wait would be an hour and a half, and they had really nice couches and I had the ipad full of entertainment for Miles, and Linds and Brad kept saying...
"Are you sure you don't want to go somewhere else." Something in my gut told me 'no way jose you need to stay and eat this divine pizza' So we stayed and it was literally a 10 minute wait. Liars, or really bad at time.

Just recently I decided to SPLURGE and get bubble bath for Miles. (We joke because we are poor and living on loans, so anything that is not a necessity is a splurge. And we pee our pants sometimes because I come home with bandaids, and call it a splurge, knowing that I can just wrap toilet paper and scotch tape around it and save money). LOL!!!!! Oh to find humor in the little things these days. So bubble bath is the first thing he wants. He has this little language. He knows a lot of words but instead of saying bububa for bubbles, he just points to the bubbles and says 'ehm' And I try to say, "What do you want." Then he says, "ehm" again. Pointing like, come on mom you know what I want, don't play stupid here. Then I say, say bubbles. And he says 'bububa' And we are golden. Sometimes he will say the word without encouragement, but we are 50/50 right now. 

The science spectrum here is my best friend. Seriously. Need to kill 2 hours. Bam. Need to wear my child out completely. Bam. Need him to catch a lot of germs. Bam. I think he mostly likes that he can see himself on the tv on this one.

And I would like to think he loves pretend driving in this..but mostly that steering wheel makes a wretched sound when you turn it, kinda like a witch scream. So he thinks its the most hilarious thing ever to witch scream our ears to death. 

And behold....the mother of all. Firetruck time. Miles loves firetrucks and as a parent its very hard for me not to spoil him senseless when it comes to these things. But seriously I need to video his face when we see one driving. Its star struck big time. He says weee oh weee oh anytime he sees any type of flashing lights. 

This has kept us busy in this warm but windy season. The indoor Tech pool. If only it were warmer. Miles becomes a frozen little ball of bones when we take him here. His little lips turn blue and he chatters the few teeth he has. So it only lasts about an hour.

We were driving home from swimming and the fire station by our house had its door open. So we stopped in and asked if we could take a gander. This is Miles first seeing it up close. He stood there staring and not moving for about 2 whole minutes. Which is quite a remarkable thing if you know him. Baby Einstein is the only thing that can get him to hold still. And licorice. (He is Brad's child)

You can see his little head right here below the steering wheel. Those fireman were seriously the nicest guys ever. Once I told Brad I thought firemen were sexy. You know ripped muscles with black on their faces saving lives with an ax and helmet. Movies portray things so much better than they really are. You catch my drift....he won't let me live it down and even gave my phone number to a few of them. I joke I joke.  (Side note: I actually am not really attracted to firemen, and I have a great marriage I just respect them a lot, and think what they do is amazing my true fantasy career man is a doctor-and so wow, good thing I married Brad he's a dream boat.) 

He is funny because he doesn't really smile and jump around when he is excited he just is in awe, and takes it on in, and tried to talk on the walkie talkie, and drive the truck. So serious, but such a dream come true for him. He kept running around the fire trucks looking at everything they had to offer. 

The fireman said to Miles, "You want to go on top of the firetruck?" Miles quickly said, "ya". Then the fireman reached out his arms and Miles dove into his arms from mine. They walked up on top and Miles did not utter a word the entire time. Just staring at us down below as we waved. (Yes that's Brad in his jersey which he claims is white trash, but I really like how it shows his muscular freckled arms.)
So sweet and really almost made me tear up looking back at how happy he was. Silently happy, but mostly in shock. 

I bought this t ball thing for him awhile ago and had it in storage and just remembered it, and Brad said, "I think he is too young for tball." Nonsense. We haven't laughed so hard in a long time. 1 out of 50 he hits the ball dead on and it goes flying. The other 49 times he swings and the whole thing goes flying.

He pauses as he thinks about whats to come.. 

This here my friends is his Mecca. His gold mine. His forbidden fruit. 
Brad's gadgets for his electric guitar. They light up and change the sound of the guitar while he is playing. And in his mouth here is what Brad puts on his finger to change the sounds. Who knows the name of it. But....its guaranteed 5 minutes of play while I do whatever I need to in our spare room, then I bribe him to get out of there before he gets to the precious amp where the knobs are endless.

He seriously cannot handle not being able to push the cart. We have to have a lieu of snacks and treats to make it through and then we let him in the final shopping moments.

Sometimes there are just moments in my everyday life that make me stop the hustle and bustle and realize that man. . I love these two. They are my everything, and no matter what dust bowl I am in, or what level of poorness, and suffering, they are mine. Forever. And man, I can just live with that.

Bubble time. Splurge. Lol.

It may look like he hates the bubbles, but he does. He was actually mad that he couldn't look at my phone, while in the tub. I'm truly so mean. But, on that note, he loves watching videos of himself, and laughs so hard at them.

My newest trip while shopping and splurging is giving Miles a toy while I take my time. In this case I did buy that puzzle for him because I had to. And its going in his Easter basket.

This is not Brad. This is Jaden, a fellow med student friend! We went to their house for Caleb's bday party. He turned 3 and had a bouncy house.

And they have a trampoline and this made me decide its time for a haircut.

Hello to my life. My life with a toddler. Every achievement is so exciting and thrilling, and every downfall is extremely traumatic and probably the end of the world. 
Well you have visited our days and as we stay busy and keep Miles and all of his craziness busy as well. 
He has quite the personality. He sings in the car. He throws an amazing tantrum by flinging himself on the floor and screaming like he is dying. He tries to share but its really difficult for him. But usually he ends up taking the toy to the child in the end. So he does love people. He has curly blonde hair that you may see shorter soon!!! We will see. 
Now I am off to start Brad's 2 day spring break with him. Hello happiness.