Monday, April 28, 2008


Benj in his new birthday suit :) I was not hinting anything, I think he knows that.
K so I know Benj just had a post, but this one is classic, and I have to share it with the world. Everyone probably underestimates Benj's carefree attitude. I thought the above picture would exemplify it a little better, but more so this story. So I dedicate this post directly to Benj. This is probably a memory branded in my mind for life. I had just finished a final and he was in 230 Clyde studying of course, when he texted me to just come over and see him. HA! We were in the exit of the Clyde discussing matters, and (I am making this story short for certain purposes) a young fellow walked through in order to exit. Benj was standing at the door facing me with his back to the door, and I was about 5 feet away leaning against the wall. Anyway, this young fellow was pushing the door Benj wasn't leaning on and he was ready to exit, as it looked as if Benj and I were in a "FIGHT!" Ha! So Benj turns to him as he is exiting, with a solemn look on his face and says, "Im so depressed." Clearly this fellow was an engineering student, I dont think I will say anymore about his appearance. The fellow then shrugged his shoulders with a worried look on his face. The conversation went on, but the words, "I'm so depressed" were said at least ten times. It is hard to capture Benj's solemn face in words, and the look of the concerned student's face. He said, well I dont know really what to tell you, obviously thinking Benj was really in deep depression. All this while I am feeling extremely awkward trying to get Benj to just tell him he is just kidding because this guy is so worried for us. Benj then points to me and says, She tried to help. I am laughing, but feeling embarrassed for myself and Benj. Benj is maintaining a depressed unhappy face this entire time and keeps looking down like he is really depressed. Then the guy feels the awkwardness because Benj continues to explain how depressed he is, and how he has no solutions. I think one time he even said, "I need pills." Hahahahahaha. So after about 3 long minutes of this guy not just leaving and instead listening to Benj say how depressed he is Benj decides to collapse on the floor. He lays there on his back staring at the ceiling and says in a deeply depressed voice, "Im so depressed." So this poor fellow who probably thinks Benj really needs some help says, "talk to friends and family." He then awkwardly bolts out the door. So this has exceeded my embarrassment and I too collapse next to Benj due to laughter. Let's remember that Benj is now 24 because his birthday was APril 20. :)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

School, Eye, Tulips and Sally the jumper

The small lump is the hematoma. NIce.
Sally and her lovely date Jonathan. Ignore the bunny ears, or are those horns? You choose. Look how nice, they match!

Prom with Salster
Thanksgiving Point (TUlip festival)
Benj and I Tulip Festival
Yes, this happened. Then Benj saw a guy in a BRIGHT GREEN NEON Jacket and said, Oh no I think that is a 'guy'. I guess that was a scare. SO we stopped. BUt the guy was just a normal average guy. Except he did have that neon jacket on.

So its true, the rumors are true. School is out. Game plan for Brittany? Hmmm.. probably work all spring and summer long. Actually, I am going to Maryland to visit Hannah on Wednesday, and that will be a joy. But, I now only have 3 semesters of school left! Then one semester of student teaching. Then into the real world. Maybe I will get my Tesol Minor to stay another semester. Who knows. SO I was playing basketball and this girl decided elbowing me would be a good idea. Then my vessel in my eye decided it would be a even better idea to burst six days after I got elbowed. So, this little hematoma was formed...and it def. was a self evaluating moment. I had to make sure I had the confidence just to go out in public. Everyone thought Benj did it. He didn't. We attended Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival which was so fun! The pictures explain everything. Tulips were cold so they went to bed early for the night but it was still so fun to spend time with Benj, Lori and Loren, and Brooke and Lance. How nice it is to have such good company with the tulips! So I came home for the weekend and didnt tell Sally I was coming to her prom even though she really wanted me to come, I had told her I wasnt coming. So I was walking down the hall in the school and I heard her talking to her deliciously gorgeous date and they were the first ones in line for tickets although nobody was at the desk. So I said before she could see me, "I'll be taking your tickets tonight." She then RAN to me and screamed and popped the button on her dress (which wasnt the last time that happened throughout the night, there was much jumping and screaming on her part) and she enveloped me in a huge huge hug and then im sure she kissed me. :) Anyway she was excited. So, this was an adventure. Summer, Mom, Echo, and I set up the Chocolate fountain which looked delightful. Everyonce in awhile while sitting there we would get up and start dancing out of control. I think summer has the mass of those pictures. Oh goodness that was fun. Sally was jumping and probably poppin buttons and snaps and zippers on that dress of hers. She jumped in the actual picture because I saw some trampolines mini ones, and thought, yes that will do. SO she jumped to see me, she jumped in her picture, she jumped while dancing, she jumped in promenade, she jumps at school, she jumps in track, she just jumps. Well, I think that after all these exciting moments I should go to sleep. Especially since I can read for fun now. It's better than nice.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Benj's Birthday Bash

Benj's Birthday Party at Heaton's Pool.
Julie is a professor! What? NO? PRofessors cant jump! Whatever she so can jump, and she is a professor.
Benj and his roommates and Mikel. Jared, Cody, Benj, Eric, Mikel.
Pool talk time.Benj doing this. Julie's face explains the coolness of this flip.

Benj sitting by his presents. 24 years old. 24 presents.
After opening them, wearing the goods. He was hugging them to show them how much he loved them :)

Benj decided to stretch half way through due to the intensity of the present overload.

Benj and I on his real birthday, sunday :)

So Benj's month is April. HIs day is April 20. So Here is a post for him showing him how much we all appreciate his goodness. ALso, how much I love to spend time with him, but I dont have to post that on my blog, but i just did anyway. ANd it gave us a really good reason to get together, eat food, and swim. :) Happy Birthday Benj.

Being a part of BYU

So I decided that this story was too priceless to not record. So at work on April 22,2008 I answered a call and then the fun just immediately happened. Ha! I will do the call in dialog to get the full effect.
me-ByU operator.
caller-Hi I have been trying to call the Europe Center and every time I call Elder Adams answers and then the call is cut off. I don't know what to do!
Me-Okay I will try to place the call for if that is what you would like?
Caller-OH yes that will be wonderful! I'm so grateful for you operator! I have been trying all morning and all day yesterday. You have no idea how much time and effort this has taken out of my day. He answers every time, but I just dont know what the problem is.
Me: Okay I will see how I can help.
( I then get all her information in order to place the international call)
Caller: can you stay on the line until he answers and we are talking?
ME: sure I would just love to
I place the call, I add her to the call then it begins the funky ring that you know what Im talking about if you have ever called Europe.
So the ringing continues then I hear a muffled "Elder Adams" then a distinct beep representing the answering machine.
The caller then says frantically "operator! operator! are you still there?"
Me: yes I am still here (knowing we are on this Elder Adams' answering machine)
Caller: see this is what happens everytime i call and Im so frustrated. It cuts out everytime.
Me: Well I think that we are on Elder Adams' answering machine.
caller: What? How?
Me: well did you hear him say, Elder Adams, then when it beeped you are supposed to leave a message?
Caller: (obviously so confused) well this is strange
Me: Um, I think you can leave your message now. I was clearly laughing pretty loud while I was saying this. And if you have heard me laugh while talking...imagine it.
Caller abruptly says: Elder Adams, Hello..I have been trying to call you all morning.....
Me: Disconnect myself and laugh uncontrollably.
Now remember my job description is saving people one call at a time.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

April!! Oh my!!

This actually was a poster for Sally, then Ian colored it...during the game...pretty intense.
Brooke and Benj

Well it seems to be April already! Everything is winding down. Cold weather, school, projects, and me of course. I am winding down ready to collapse and cry. Ha! Just kidding. But I feel a bit overwhelmed with school but as soon as my two biggest projects are over. . . . I should be okay. So For the month of march much happened...but mainly you just need to know that I am exceeding the limit of happiness. (Oh this flower is one of the lilies that Benj gave me for Valentines day, and I woke up a couple days after V-day...and this is what I saw, so I got out my camera and just started snapping, oh how thoughtful of him to get my FAVORITE flower!)I just got back from Texas where I watched over not the triplets but another family (who were friends of the triplets). Soon I will get some pictures up of this. Anyway, so I missed a week of school and now I am just trying to catch up. I think I am way too slow though. I have done an exceptional amount of reading though. Not textbooks, do not worry I am not falling into that nerdy classification. Also, some exciting things coming up later this month...potential backpacking trip with Benj!, and directly after that I will go to Maryland for a week to visit Hannah and Jeremy and the girls, while Benj will reside in Africa for two weeks! So...something big that happened!! I moved in with Brooke!! We dont see each other too often, but I keep the kitchen clean (since I do eat) and she is happy. Also we attended Sally's state b-ball game, so I thought I would include a few pics.