Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I have one left.

I have one wisdom tooth left to extract. It hurts. It gives me a sore throat.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Let's play a did you know? game.
Excuse me if I am bragging about my husband's family....I dont mean to brag, just inform.
Did you know...Brad's uncle Steve Clark is running for Provo Mayor?
Did you know...Brad's good friend Zane's dad is also running for Provo Mayor, John Curtis?
Did you know...a BYU student also is running.
I dont know who I want to support. Family first I believe.....Who knows?

On a serious note..
Steve Clark is the father of Stephanie Clark Nielson. Also known as Nie Nie.
Read about Nie Nie and the Recovery here.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


POst. All of you. Start posting. Just post. I like hearing about your lives. I like it a lot.
Tanner and Amanda
Christina and Jared
Jeff and Kristie
Lisa Heaton
Megan Lavin
Anna and Dante
Kellie Wentz
Kristi Neil
Tara P.
Seraph J.
of you

Thursday, July 23, 2009

July is turning into August

I feel like I have to post about something dramatic and exciting now. Probably because all my previous posts have been about what they call the most important days of anyone's life.

Strangely its like I have been pumping out the exciting news for so long Im in withdrawals. Its like I have to say something exciting about my life now or I will be a boring old married person.

Stuff like...

Im pregnant!!!

But im not.

So that would be a bad joke.

I guess the most exciting things that have happened have been that...

  • my toe that is right next to my baby toe has a toe nail that is too long. Its too long and I wear slip on shoes that are tight and that toe nail has created a cut in my other toe right next to it.
  • I lost the original wedding certificate that the temple gave me. I decided to use my brown bag today to match with my brown gauchos that my mom bought me when I was an incoming freshman....anyway. Brown bag. Found the certificate. Felt so good inside.
  • Brad and I made salsa for FHE together......and we are still eating it a week and a half later. And its really good. Makes me crave eggs, just so I can eat the salsa on it.

  • Last night we went to return some wedding gifts to Walmart. They don't give you cash unless you have a receipt. Frankly we didnt have a receipt for 20 things. So...they were going to give us a gift card. Which we expected. Then the man hit the wrong button and had to accidentally give us cash. Way blessing. $98.52 is way better in cash then on a gift card. So thank you Wal-mart man. And thank you all of you who got us gifts. Like 8 pillows.
  • I ran into a lady from the Womens shelter where I used to volunteer. She has 4 kids. One handicapped and an abusive unemployed ex-husband. She is starting her second year of nursing school in her 30's. She attends the temple regularly. The first picture is her little girl at my swim party. They still remember it. They still love it. They said they were touched I invited them. I love them.
  • Our bed is on little plastic stands to make it higher. All of the legs on the bed have broken through the stand except one. Its really funny when it happens. The whole bed collapses on that side and it sounds like a gunshot. I like it. Its fun. Except we only have one left that will break. Oh and I didnt like it so much when I got under the bed yesterday and saw that my printer was holding our bed up now. I fixed that. So now its funny again.

  • We got the internet at our house...I mean apartment. I just have to figure out how to make it wireless, because right now the cable is in a wierd place and there is a cord going across our kitchen that is about 2 feet off the ground. We just step over it. But I know I gotta change it before I forget about it and send our laptop and modem flying. The man who set up our internet was interesting...he thought me marrying Brad was a mistake because he wants to go to med school and that is just too much time away from my 'hubby' is what he kept calling him. He said he is perfectly happy being a cable guy for the rest of his life so he doesnt have to go to school to support his wife. So.... that was awesome.
  • But most importantly...I am so happy. I can say as a newlywed that being married is not really that hard. Its easier and better than dating. Maybe my perspective will change...but Im going to try and never make my perspective change. Im never going to give advice to engaged couples saying....being married is hard. NO! Its the view that changes it. I am madly in love with Brad Clark and he is a real man because he apologizes. Apologizes just in case he did something wrong. But he usually didnt do something wrong, which makes me just like him more. Like....Love...... :) And for the record...he is a great husband because he is WILLIng to go through medical school to do what he loves and support his family. So...comcast man....shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Reception in Standrod

Tomorrow I have that reception in Standrod. You know the one that is 3 weeks after you get married.
Im excited to actually eat some chocolate fountain this time.

You know the good thing about two receptions is you get to learn from your mistakes.

Meaning....I didn't eat any this time...and Im going to this time.

I ate one strawberry then kissed Brad. I am pretty sure I barely ate that day.

Brad bought me McDonalds on the way to the temple that morning.

Which we later found out made him overdraft on his bank account.

All 4 dollars of it.

I did eat some pizza somebody had at my last reception.

That was good.

So many people ask me about how is married life.

"So Brittany, how is it being married."- Random person

"Horrible, I used to be able to do whatever I wanted, now I have to answer to someone else."-Brittany


It's the best ever in the universe.

We def. are both happier humans.

People are always dropping advice....you know advice like, "Don't ever let him sleep on the couch, work out your differences before you go to bed."

I just say back, "We don't have a couch."

Then they say to Brad, "Well make sure you help load the dishwasher."

Then I say, "We don't have a dishwasher."

Then they say, "Well make sure you take long baths when you get stressed."

Then I say, "I don't have a bathtub but our neighbors do, and now I understand don't covet what your neighbor has...like their bathtub and couch."

Then I say, but I love our two room apt with only the very essentials included.

My mom.

She taught me how to fend for myself, and provide for my husband.

Like she fended (word?) for herself, husband, and 16 kids.

So she is fending (word?) for 16 more than I am.

So I count my blessings.

One by one.

First one....Brad.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Looks Like I am Married.

So Im married now. All the countdown, all the preparation. All the tears, all the worry, and now Im married. Married life is great. Being engaged was so.....gotta do this gotta do this, oh better go do that, oh shoot I forgot to do that. Now...we just chill and its nice. We still have another reception in Standrod on the 18th, which I hope all of you will be attending..right right???

What am I supposed to say after being married............

Know that I love it.

Know that it feels a bit weird sometimes, and I start to look around and make sure I am really alive and living and not in some freaky dream.

Im already like an old married person.
Married people are old, have babies. Im just 20.
But Im happier than I ever have been.


We travelled all over the place. We first stayed in Provo, then the next day drove to Vegas. In Vegas we stayed from Sunday to Wednesday. On Wednesday Brad's brother Mike was married to Janeen in St. Geroge. From there we went to Solana Beach California. We visited beaches, and watched fireworks at the Del Mar County fair, visited the San Diego Temple, then drove on to Magic Mountain Six Flags. Wow! That was so fun.

You know because Brad is five we showed up at 10:30 AM (opening) and didnt leave the park until 10 PM (closing). You know we went on our favorite rollercoasters over 5 times each. You know I bought 2 slushy lemonades, 1 dippin dots, 2 panda express meals all for a total of 42.97. And you know we brought in a crushed waterbottle and then uncrushed it and filled it full of nice germy drinking fountain water, which is....warm.

But my favorite ride was Goliath.

Maybe it was because of that massive drop that puts you right into a tunnel. Maybe it was because it didnt go upside down but rather sideways a lot. Maybe it was because I had the worst headache all day long and it didnt rattle my brain. Maybe its because at one part all the blood is at your feet and you struggle not to black out. Im not sure. But it was my favorite.

Brad's favorite was tatsu. I hated it. I like feeling secure. I know that electronically something could go wrong and open all the seats and send hundreds of helpless bodies with lives they want to keep living but have to end because some 14 year old rollercoaster runner hit the wrong button. I dont want that to happen. Thats why I like sitting down happy rollercoasters. I especially like ones that have a seatbelt to secure you even more. I like those a lot. I can enjoy those. And not just frantically cling to the harness over my shoulders. But Tatsu didnt have that seat belt, and to make matters worse, if it did come undone. You are dead. No chance of survival because you are sitting down. Because really its probably the only FLYING rollercoaster ever. And its really scary. Even after six times I was still terrified of it. Terrified. My hands produced about a gallon of milk of sweat :)

Maybe Im a baby. But I dont like to feel like I am going to die when I am on my honeymoon. If anything I want to live. A lot live. Because Brad is hot and he is now my husband. And he loves tatsu and me.......Right Brad?

So six flags was a success and the 14 year old didnt push the wrong button and I lived.

We came home and it is SOOOOoooooo Nice to be home. I cleaned and arranged all day Thursday and wow it feels good not to live in chaos. We actually are liking our 2 room apartment. Strange but true. Now we just need the internet.....cuz we dont have tv........so internet would be nice. We don't even know what to get, too many options.

Anyway. I guess I did post the links to my wedding pictures...but seriously who has time for that. Here are some of my favs, there are so many........so dont feel like i left out your fav, when really its probably my fav too, I just have trillions of favs. Trillions and billions.

I want to wait until I get the orginals because these are copyrighted from the websites. But just a little preview is still nice. This is how it feels to have 7 baby girls sitting on you. :) Some very unhappy girls. All of them are my nieces except Faith, and she is looking down my shirt...or something..
Brad got cake on my dress. I then decked him and told him it was over. That is a huge lie. Please do not believe my lies.
These are the triplets I nannied for. I love them to death. Love them. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Miss them a lot too.

Faith took off her pants and wanted to get in our 'before the reception' shots. Really, I think she looks better than Brad and I, no offense to Brad.
Tyson did such a great job at our reception and I love having the pictures to look at and try to remember every second of my reception. Complete joy, continuous smiling. Not sure that will happen ever again where I smile ALL day long. ALL DAY, and it makes your cheeks hurt.

Now, Kate with red feather photography did a splendid magnificant job at the temple. I was so pleased with the results. Estatic about the results. When I was little my dad always took us to The Roof to eat. This spot is right next to the restaurant's doors. I remember this spot so well. I always sat there and dreamed of getting married in the Salt Lake Temple. I forever wanted to be married there. Whenever we sang that temple song in Primary I thought of that spot by The Roof and remembered looking down on the temple. My photographer captured my dream with this shot :). So thanks Kate. (Ps, my dream did involve a hot guy too :)

The weather was incredibly cloudy and stormy..........but gorgeous.

The sky was incredible. I had no idea what exquiste beauty would be defined in these pictures.
Our photographer (Kate) kept saying....dramatic....now I see why. The sky....was outlandishly awesome.

Sometimes we would get bored of taking pictures, so Brad would just talk to me. At one point he confessed that he is really spiderman.

It did rain! It poured!!!!! So we have this cute umbrella to save us.

I was scared to sit. Dirty my clean white sparkly dress.
But it didnt get dirty. And I love Brad.
I like to point out errors in my face, the picture or anything else, and I tried not to do that so none of you would notice the bad :).
But in conclusion I know getting married was completely the best decision I have ever made. And what even made it the greatest decision ever was that I was married in the temple to the love of my life.
He came home last night and said, "Being married is awesome". I concure. And say that to me everyday and I will make you spaghetti the rest of your life Bradley.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wedding Pictures....HONEYMOON

Ok, I know Im on my honeymoon. And Im currently very near a beach in my hotel, but...Brad is asleep and I need you to see how gorgeous our wedding pictures are. Brad drove basically all day yesterday to get here. He is incredible. It helps that he has every song on his Ipod memorized so he can sing along. I mean every song. Seriously. Out of thousands. Maybe its hundreds.

My advice to anyone is to go on a honeymoon :)

Anyway, pictures. The umbrella one above us is one of my favorites. MMMMmmmm mmm its cute.

These are just a preview, http://red-featherphoto.com/blog/
they were taken by Kate, she was wonderful and so easy to work with and her pictures are gorgeous!!!

Also our reception photos were so beautiful!!!!!!!!! and they were taken by Tyson Chappell.
Go to chappellshots.com and click on engagements, weddings. You will see me and Brad, then the next page you will find us on the far right. Click again :)