Monday, January 28, 2008

We did this for Sally. All for Sally. My face could be improved here know this had to be posted either way.
We went to the Oakland Temple on Sunday. So pretty and peaceful.
Oh we just drove through this massive storm. So I stuck my camera out the window and snapped a shot. WOW!
These are my friends who went with me to California, Benj, Me, Jared and Natalie
This man was singing at the top of his lungs. So Natalie took a picture of me rigidly standing there.
This picture is pretty obvious. Ghiradelli square, me.
Walking on the dock to the boat which would take us to Alcatraz!!!!
Alcatraz view rolling in on the boat.

California Weekend

Friday, January 25, 2008

Life in 2008

So I thought that I would post something about my life now because more people look at this than I thought. So a little about what I am doing now... I am going to BYU my major is Early Childhood Education, potentially I would like to get my Master's degree and do something in the field of Child development, or maybe even teach at a University level, I really dont know how much schooling I will get, it all depends on where I end up, how long I stay single, and other situations that really dont matter because I dont know what is going to happen at this point. I will get as much school as I can. Anyway, so 15 credits, then I have a job at Gymboree clothing store, which I love and is a great change of pace, then also I still work at BYU information for the past 2 years. I will be a junior after this semester!! So crazy how time just goes away so quickly. I am enjoying the college life although sometimes I think I need to do more homework, but then I talk to other college students and we are all pretty much the same, procrastinators. So then I feel a bit better. So I pretty much have a full plate, but I do really well with a full plate, but the end of the semester I shut down for a couple of days just to gain myself again. Anyway, so I applied to a STUDY ABROAD!!!! In Cardiff, Wales UK. It is summer semester for 7 weeks. So I hope that I get accepted number one, number two I hope that because I have two jobs I can make enough to go. I know that it will be completely worth every dime of my working. My car and bike I will lock up so nothing happens to them, because they are my assets and I do need them to be okay. So aside from school and work, I kinda forget who I am and what I like to do, and to myself I am always thinking "Oh I will do this when I graduate when I have time". I love to read and over Christmas break I read 12 or so books, because they werent textbooks and it was the nicest thing in the world. But as soon as school starts life shuts down and I dont have one minute to read a book and even if I did I would feel guilty for not reading my textbook, but in reality it does not matter because I do not end up reading that textbook either way so maybe I should just read books for my enjoyment anyway. So that is probably why I need the couple days after the semester to remember who I am again. I did go to San Francisco for MLKing day with a bunch of friends. That was a super good break, we went to Alcatraz, Pier 39, and Chinatown. Lots of people there that need to get off the street, but then again they make it entertaining to walk on the streets. I also am on a city league volleyball team with Kristie Hansen and Brooke, and basketball will probably start soon, so thats something I love to do once a week. I also applied to my major, ECE, last week and the likelihood of getting accepted to ECE is like getting trampled by an elephant in Provo. So we will see how that goes. From just reviewing this blog it looks like my life is going well and I have many blessings and nothing to complain about. Cheers!