Sunday, May 31, 2009


f you were wondering...or worried. Im just here in Maryland. With my sister and brother in law. Our days have been filled with stuff. Filled. For instance, I just got back from the movies. We saw Night at the Museum 2. Maddie is my niece and Maddie likes to yell in movies. Yell things like "OH NO!!" Or, "WHAT IS HAPPENING" Or "oh no oh no oh no" She sat on the edge of her fold up chair the entire time. When they kissed she said she was so sick of waiting. 
Tuesday we just hung out when we flew in. Wednesday we went to the Mall and picked out a buildabear. Thats an experience of a lifetime that I recommend to everyone. And if you don't have kids, just lie and say you do, they will never know. Thats what we did. Just kidding. We got it for Faith. She is turning two in June. Then Thursday we went to DC. It rained. Rain Rain. Friday we went to the Washington D.C. temple in the morning, and afterwards we went to a strawberry farm. Where the strawberries melted in your mouth. Melted. Like Ice. But better.
Of course Sometimes I forget I am getting married. Married in 28 days. The hills are alive. Alive. You see here Sum, Sally, Maddie Molly, and Echo. And Strawberries. Lots of them. This is Maddie. She likes to yell. Yell in Theaters. She also picked strawberries. In shirts her mom didnt care about. Its a good thing too. This here is the new baby. She looks a bit funny here...... Maybe Maryland makes us happier. Probably. But probably not walking around for hours.
We rode this trailer hooked to a tractor. 
Our driver was the happiest old man in the world.
Molly was the only one who diligently held the baskets.
She also was pretty serious about this strawberry picking thing.
Summer made Halle this head band. This baby is a trooper. Didnt even wake up the entire four hour baseball game.
Pretty sure we are going to Gettysburg later today. 

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Just Matched Right Up

Sorry it has been a week since I posted. Things are gross and busy. Gross like, oh find envelopes. Oh Im going to Maryland and my invitations aren't going to be printed in time. Gross like...the groom has to do all of them (with help of course). He loves it though. He loves that I wrote him a to-do list. Just so long as it involves no vacuuming. Which won't be a problem, because neither of us own a vacuum. Not a necessity for college students. . . . .

And if it makes you feel better, we are done scanning in pictures. Thank goodness.
Brad scanned for three hours one night. Without saving. Then the program froze. And we lost the pictures. Then we went to get cereal. Cookie Crisp for me. Reeses Puffs for Bradley. Sometimes I call him Bradley. Like when he says something inappropriate. Or when he isn't listening. So that's only a few hundred times a day. Just kidding, that isn't even possible.

I am not sure if he knows how big my bows were when I was little.

I'm not sure he realizes that I may be traumatized from it.
I can still remember my mom preparing me for school everyday. She would have us prepare the hair stuff. So I knew what I was doing. I knew I was picking a bow out of that bottom wooden drawer full of fluffly frilly bows. I knew what I was getting into.
He seems okay with it though. He also had problems. Like wearing his pants a tad bit too high.
But we are happy. He likes me, I like him..its a great settlement. I wish my hair was longer, he wishes he didn't have freckles. And together we console each other.
But really, I don't think he knows what he is getting into.

Well sometimes I think he does.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Little did I know..

In December we visited the Salt Lake temple. I was scared of taking pictures on temple grounds with this dude I only knew a month so I didnt take any pictures. Just one of myself on the way there and then one of him. That dude.

He was helping me study for my D&C exam that was coming up. He was so nice. (Is so nice). I think I got an 80 something. Which is good for me. The temple was perfect. I love the SLC temple. Love it so much I think I will..
Get married in it. Thats right. Get married in that temple. SO we are getting married in that temple in 40 days. 1 month 9 days. Perfect huh? Perfecto.

Little did we know we would marry each other when we went and did baptisms on that cold day in December. Little did we know we would be getting married 7 months later. Hmmm

A sorta different feeling it is to get married. A sorta, whoa, I gotta make my husband dinner and pay married people bills.

But trust me, it's great to feel like the happiest people in the world.
Even if Brad can't really dance.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mas Engagements . . . . .

Just die and go to heaven with this picture.
If love doesn't exist, then I don't exist, and Brad is a rock. A tired and hungry rock that wants me to stop blogging.
But I thought you should see some of our favorites. The first ones were just a glimpse.
Because love should be bliss. Bliss with yellow.
Yes Brad. I will marry you tomorrow. Call the temple, see if they have any openings.


I just chose some random ones...My favorites are in this bunch...but Im not telling you which ones Im using.
Maybe this one...Im going for the dramatic parking garage look. You know its totally us.
Brad stares into her eyes and remembers the first time they church. Then he remembers Brittany dominating him in football. Then he remembers how he ignored her flirting. Then he smiles at his own ingenuity.

Okay I know...I know this is kinda cheesy. But I really was laughing, I didn't pose this I promise. That's why I like it. It's 'natural', like grow your hair out on your legs natural, like organic pomegranate blue juice natural.

Maybe I love this one? Maybe I love it because I edited (all by myself) a hair that I didn't like, that was going wild. Am I supposed to tell you that though?
Maybe I love this one. Maybe I love it because it shows Im the aggressor. Jk, thats not why I love it. I love it because Brad is still looking at me like I am his world. Just like in this picture.
Look mom, Im getting married to this guy. This guy who makes my heart throb a million beats in one millasecond. Mom, seriously I think I should dye my hair lighter too.
This one? No? You don't like the overwhelming feeling of joy you get from this one? What! You don't get joy from this one? What! You don't feel like we even look like we are in love?!?!?!? Well, news flash... We do love each other.
See, I told you we love each other. I told you.
"Hey Bradley?", Brittany says with a slur in her voice. "Yes Brittany?" Bradley responds with such urgency to recieve the question. "Should we get married?," she asks with profound surety. "Okay," replies Bradley.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Guess what!

I got my engagements taken on Saturday. I now have every picture that was taken on my 3 2gb jump drives. Do you want to see them now? Or wait until you get an invite? You decide. Oh and if you don't have facebook and look at my blog, post your address here so we can send you an invite. :) I'll ask you again don't worry.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Birthday To Him

He had a birthday shout hooray. One year older...whatever. He is 22 now. Speaks french and eats cake. And guess what folks? This is in my new apartment. My new apartment that has ants, no microwave, and an absence of a kitchen table. You would be surprised how much you use microwaves and kitchen tables. I suggest trying to take them away from your house, and see how you fare.

We are just a little poor so a table and microwave are on the LAST of our to buy list. But they are on it...dont worry. If the pioneers still survived without a table and a microwave, so can we.

Except using the stove causes things like burns. On my thumb.

We thought Landon was going to get us a table for his birthday, but he didnt.

But we made him a cake.

That absence of frosting was for our friend Brian, whom...doesnt like frosting.
Lisa and Brian are married. Lisa was my friend in high school and Brian is her husband. Now his name is the same as my dad's name, Brian Hansen. Funny huh? This seems to be the only photo I caught of them. Don't even ask me how it looks so great, I just push buttons.
We decided to take some quick engagement shots while we were in the process. What? You dont like this one?

What about this you like this one? You know, signature, hand on chest, show the ring picture. Everybody has one. Everybody thats married. You know you have one.

Do you like this one? It could have been good, I think something is wrong..Maybe my failed attempt to match Brad with my hair thingy on my wrist? Or his face, is something wrong with his face? I thought it went well our mock engagement session. PS, we only have 50 days left. For rizzle. Ro FIzzle.

If you forgot: I am engaged to Brad Clark. I love him. I am marrying him. June 27th 2009, Salt Lake City Temple.

Yes thats right all of you. Marriage. Its great. But not so great. Just get married once. Not fun to plan all the junkity junk. Oh and I highlighted my hairo. Can you tello?
I am a criminal.
A criminal of love.

That is what Brad was thinking right there.
Oh and I have my thumb in a glass of water right now....IT BURNSSSSSSsssssssssssss.
Peace out.
Another P.S. We are getting our engagments taken tomorrow. For serious. I'll show you them soon :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

When He was Smart.

I thought I would take advantage of the opportunity I have to give you what is going to be a glimpse into our vedding video. Sorry I wanted to use alliteration, and be german at the same time. Hence the vedding, if you didnt get that. Text me and I'll tell you the joke.

If you remember me telling you about Brad and his 95 on his anatomy test...its because of these glasses.

He could double use them as magnifying glasses, to kill little bugs. Mr. Groesbeck was a lucky man to have this intelligent Bradley in his class.
I think this is the picture that made me fall deeply in love with his face. Don't worry our kids will be adorable. He always tries to double this look when he wants something. Something like twizzlers, or a new Nintendo game, or a new shirt at DI/Savers.

I let him have what he wants everytime when he makes this face.

But really who wouldn't? He is adorable.

If I dont post for awhile its because Im recovering from my injuries due to the security breeching into his computer for these pictures...........

but you know it was totally worth it.

Im marrying his face.