Thursday, October 30, 2008

Oh looking back.

So I was thinking about where I was three years ago this time. Why was I thinking about it? Oh because I have nothing else to think about...No really I was thinking about it because I was remembering at this time of the year last year, then I skipped another year, then I decided to jump back one more year. So thats how. Oh and the picture above was taken just a couple of weeks ago, in my prom dress(i posted that ..dont you worry Ill post about that Laters.)
So here are some things to think about.

Senior In High School vs. Junior in College
Seventeen vs. Twenty (duh you could have figured that one out yourself)
Dancing a lot like every day in some structured way :) vs. Not dancing at all except once in awhile when I turn on my Ipod speaker and when I go to random dance stores so that I can look at Halloween Costumes.
Being a cheerleader vs. Cheering for no teams at all.
Really Muscular vs. Not muscular at all
Building floats vs. Not building championship floats for the Homecoming Parade
Drove a Dodge Diesel 10m/gal with a wiiiinch (thats how my dad says it) ( A winch is a mechanical device that is used to pull in (wind up) or let out (wind out) or otherwise adjust the "tension" of a rope or wire rope (also called "cable" or "wire cable"). this winch could pull out other cars of the ditches, snow..anything..thanks wikipedia)
with twine holding on the headlight (if you dont know what twine is look at this website vs. a very small very gas friendly car
went to a school with one Hallway vs. going to a college with 100s of buildings with millions of halls.
Only had 14 siblings vs. My now 15 siblings
only had 6 sisters vs. my now 7 sisters.
Woke up every morning to my parents making gormet breakfast for us vs. Waking up to a bare kitchen with only the smell of dirty dishes.
Went to lunch at the lunchroom with Jason Vs. Emailing Jason because he is in Ukraine.
Riding a yellow school bus to games vs. Riding a UTA bus to BYU
Reading a book a day vs. Only reading a book when I have no homework
Trying to get the highest grade in Chemistry vs. Trying to pass Language Development
Falling asleep in History Vs. Falling asleep in Doctrine and Covenants
Watching my friends pass other friends out in class vs. realizing that is the dumbest thing ever.
Coming home to my sisters Sally and Echo vs. Coming home to my sister Brooke
Sleeping in front of the fireplace vs. Never even doing those things
Having cookouts and campouts vs. Never doing that except when I go home

Realizing this may be getting boring for you...Ill stop.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Where WErE YOu!!?? Oh El Paso.

If you give a three year old a camera..
If you give a three year old a camera..They are going to want to take pictures of their shadows...
If you give a three year old a camera they are going to take pictures of their friends. (Justus)
If you give a three year old a camera they are going to want to capture the uncaptured. (King's shirt)
If you give a three year old a camera...they are going to take close ups, of their mama. (Tracy Wilson)
If you give a three year old a camera..they are going to take pictures of their prized possessions. (Strider no pedal bike)
If you give a three year old a camera...they are going to want to take pictures of you..and other three year olds.
If you give a three year old a camera..they are going to make the photo appealing so all will want to see their photos..
If you give a three year old a camera...they are going to want to take pictures of their feet..on accident.

The trip to El Paso, Texas was more than I had ever dreamed of. All these amazing things happened to me. I found a hundred dollar bill. I got hunted down by the border control by the Mexican border. I lost my left pinky toe. I fell in love with an Albertson's worker. Okay these might be lies. Yeah they are lies. But! it was so great to see the Wilsons again, and just a little recap of the Wilsons. I nannyed (nannied?) for them in the summer of 2007. I saw them again in Dec 2007, then march 2008, now oct 2008. We try to hit it about every six months. It seems to be working nicely. They need to come to Utah next time. Right Wilsons? the triplets are 3 now. Trevor Bryce and Reid. Here is a small glimpse of what we experienced together. :)

ANd when I have control....we get out the leashes. (there is supposed to be a video here..come back later for the video...working progress)

A little of this went on in Ruidoso New Mexico.
Some of this went on with the 10 second timer in my room happened.
Oh my miracle. Three sets of eyes looking at me. Gorgeous.
Two pictures out of about 15 that all three of them were looking. Reids face...priceless.

Some of occured when Reid kept stealing my pillow and shoes and pretending he was eating them.

We rode bikes to visit the 'scary house'

Sometimes people go too far, but this is.....really creative.

You know this went all the day long. 'Danny watch me, Danny I'm a big boy!" (they call me danny due to their beginning speech issues when they couldnt pronounce brittany, now they can..they just still use danny)

The Wilsons decided it would be nice to take me to this beautiful park of sand. Similar to snow, except warm and uncapturable in beauty.

I took these pictures (except the one of myself) and it was super great to play with my camera's lighting settings and capture all sorts of neat stuff. But like i said..uncapturable.

Tracy took some great action shots of my excitment.

Just spent the morning crying..

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Extreme Thumb

Because I have 3 tests this week and dont feel justified to spend my free time blogging... And am working more than I can think about. I thought I would steal a blog post from my dear friend Brittany Walker. Now...Brittany is....yes she is a red head. But more than that she and I share the first name Brittany, so its basically like I am blogging...right? OKay here click HERE for the link to the post I want you to see.

Happy Halloween!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Can I show her off?

Whoa Summer. Summer action. Summer fun. Summer is creatively incredible.
Summer Sariah Hansen.
Let me make this an easy read for you.
She is amazing.
She has chocolate fountains.
She did this.
Click here to see this post.
My name is mentioned.
I have contracted her to do my wedding.
The entire thing.
She is right.
I do need to find a man first.
But just know...if you plan on missing my reception...DONT..or you will miss this
Click here again if you missed clicking up there.
Much love.
Summer has talent.
Not America. But Summer.

Oh Lance. Look to your Right.

Here is something you need to get involved in. So, let me give you a heads up first. Lance Arnout. He is my brother in law. He sleeps. And when he sleeps he talks. Not only does he talk, but he offers advice, has his own storyline (which he has maintained for 10 years) and people have filmed him. Now you might he really asleep? I cannot believe he is asleep. Trust me, he is asleep. I have witnessed this, and my sister witnesses it every night. He talks, in his sleep. Now you need to watch the youtube videos. His name is Lancy Lou, in his sleep. These videos were taken by his roommates....years ago..Shout out to Aaron Loewer and others...Hi Aaron. (glad to know you have made progress know..)

Click here to view the videos.
Or just view them on my blog to the right.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


My teeth hurt. Two midterms friday. One monday. I want to do a post about something great. But Im ill. Sorry...I hope nobody has been drastically devastated due to my lack of posts.

Friday, October 3, 2008

A taste of scraps.

Explanation: I love to make cards for people. Never have I documented these card makings. I love to make books for people. Never have I documented these either. My sister inspires here to see summers makings. Scrapbook professionals inspire me. Now I will show you what I made.
Quick Brief on the Card
It is for one of my dearest friends in the universe. Benj.
He is taking the Lsat. I prepared this card for him..tonight..I started at 10:15PM. I ended at 12:46 AM.
He hopefully will not read my blog in the morning before he takes his test.
I dont think he ever reads my that shouldnt be a problem.
Man that would be terrible if he saw the card on my blog before I even put it on his doorstep, for him to receive minutes before his test that determines his life.

there is a sentence within the card..ill help you...benj..
Benj relax....
here is my interactive part. .. . you open the card and pull this thingy out....benj relax bcuz. (because)
inside relax bcuz you.. comes
just open the card...and see.....benj relax bcuz you
are...........benj relax bcuz you this is taking FOREVER
M! Benj relax bcuz you are M...which stands for..
marvelous, mostly all brain, mortal and most important, my favorite
heart brit. Love brit. Normally I write inside the card..but this time....I thought he isnt going to want to sit and read a card...he might not even open it. Ha, we will see.
Finale. I should write a book about the steps in making this card. choices. Choices. this ribbon, no tear it apart, re glue, re do. ddldldldlld I made my letters YOU because I didnt like any of the lettering I had. :) see that stitching....needle and thread :) there is also some more zig zag needle and thread by the 'are'
You thought I just whipped this out. . . . .. .... Messes do occur. Enter my room at your own RISK.

Brittany+Dentist=Three teeth gone.

Awake. Advice. Dont be awake when they rip your wisdom teeth out of your brain.
When in pain. Advice. Dont grab the Dentist's arm when he is pulling on your teeth.
Rite Aid. Advice. Dont go to Rite Aid when you just got three wisdom teeth pulled and really want your pills so you can stop being in pain. They take forever.
Tools. Advice. Do not skip the dentist, no matter how bad you hate it, for more than a couple months...def. not three years. Or you will have seven fillings done in the same day as your wisdom teeth are being pulled. Oh and tools. I set the record for how many people could be watching, how many tools could be in my mouth, and how many sweat beads were trickling down my back.
Hours. Advice. Try not to make an appointment at the dentist for more than two hours consecutive. Def. not three hours.
Floss.Advice. You know, just floss all the time. That seems to be the solution.
Blood. Advice. Do not drool on the Dentist's counter a strip of blood. Its embarrassing. And they have to disinfect it.
Awake. Advice. Really dont be awake. Because you feel your mouth pool with blood. Your tongue is numb because you had 16 shots throughout your mouth, and a couple more after you grabbed the dentists arm..but just dont be awake.