Saturday, April 24, 2010

I did it!!

This week has been so busy.
Brad has finished up finals. I finished up student teaching and spent the week working and cleaning and packing.
Who knew that a two room apartment could hold so much stuff? Seriously.
Then Thursday we moved out. We moved into Brad's mom's garage.

We are sleeping on her floor.
But we did buy a Cal King mattress, box springs, and frame for 100.00 on KSL. Great purchase. Now I don't wake up that much because Brad is bumping me, or hitting me in the face.
It was so much work to move out. Then I had two basketball games. We lost them both! But then I graduated on Friday!! I was so sleep deprived and dead tired. I had to wake up at six, after going to bed at midnight and packing and moving all day and playing two games of bball. Talk about tired. So...
I made it!!!!

I am a college graduate.

Summer actually graduated with me. It was fun to walk with her. 

I loved having family and all my friends surrounding me.

As I went to go walk to go sit down, I was like, wow this is it.
I made it!

I am now a teacher.

Can you believe that?

All the people who love and support me were there, and some couldn't make it!
We celebrated with a little lunch afterwords.
At Brad's mom's house! This is Sal throwing Faith, and Tiera (Landon's new fiance).
These are my beloved classmates...or those that we could find!
After the bbq Brad went to work.
And I took a three hour nap.
And then I went to the shower.
The dual shower.

Summer's baby shower, and Tiera's surprise bridal shower. 
Tiera had no idea. She had just met President Uchdorf and Monson and Sister Beck at Grant Bangerter's funeral, the man who married Brad and I, below post. And she was overwhelmed. Then she thought she was coming to her future sis in law's baby shower (and she was). So she began to cry when she saw her sister and mom there. 
Whoooof I'm running out of breath.
Paisley is my cousin Tess's daughter.She was the star of my pictures.
Summer opened presents...and Faith was all over that. Summer opened some diapers and Faith screamed in ahhh, and everyone was like, "Do you know what those are." Faith said, "Diapers for the baby's bum!" Of course she knew, she was just ultra excited!
The posters were super cute, Tiera's friends made the one for her, and Sally, Tess, Chels and I made the one for Summer.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Man Who Married Us

W. Grant Bangerter  
This man married Brad and I, on this day.

He has a power I will never forget. He married my siblings. He was in a wheelchair and then they escorted him to his seat while he proceeded to the ceremony.

He is such an amazing man. My mom grew up next to his family in Alpine, and he passed away Sunday at the age of 91. That means that when he married me he was 91.

I remember when my grandma took me to his house about 2 years ago. I asked him if he would be the person to marry me and my husband.

He said, "Well you better hurry!! I'm not lastin much longer! Do you have a man in mind?"

I said, "No, I better find one, and quick!"

I am so glad I had the opportunity to be a part of his life, and his grandchildren as well.

I love them all.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Survey Glitch

The glitch in the survey is fixed. If you started a survey and were unable to finish it, you can now. Yay! Sorry for the confusion.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

B. Lovely Jewelry

My sister Brooke makes jewelry. It is gorgeous! Please take this survey for a chance to win a piece of her jewelry. (There was a small hiccup in the survey. It is fixed now for anyone that could not get through it. Sorry!)

Friday, April 16, 2010

What will I do...

Today was my last day of student teaching.
Love/hate relationship

I am graduating a week from today.

Everybody asks me what I'm going to do if I don't get a teaching job.

And really, I stress about it constantly.

Everyone says there are no jobs out there.

But, I keep praying and I feel like its going to work.

But, I feel like if I am not a teacher...full time that is, then I will substitute teach...and maybe open a little pre-school in my new house.

I think that would be fun! Then I would have 4-5 four year olds, versus 20-30 five year olds. I can see that as enchanting. 

Also, I have started to write articles for my sister's barefoot butter business.

Articles to improve her business.

That people read to find links to her blog.

It was fun actually, to maybe show that I can make a difference in her sales by my writing.

And maybe, just maybe get better at it, you know better at writing.

So check out this article I wrote about why oregano oil helps your feet.

To tell the truth, I want it now, on my feet everyday.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


You know, Moab seems to be very popular and I had no idea. There were so many Canadians. Everywhere.

Or maybe Brad just kept calling them Canadians.

I don't know.
I believed him when he said they were from Canada though.
John, Brad's mission buddy brought the tent, and a stove...and a lot of other things...

But I brought the sausage.


My dad had this pig killed and I'm not kidding you its so good.

So, sleeping in our ten man tent was awesome, especially since Brad and I had a air mattress.
Until I woke up with severe pain in my back.

And Brad whispering, "Sorry that the air mattress is flat."

May as well brought my cement pad to sleep on.
Chels and Meredith came with us. As you can see from this picture, they gained on me.
I figured it would be a good idea to snap a photo of Brad, to send to his Grammy in California.

Or just because to prove that he was modifying his garments.
The arch would have been a lot better if we were the only ones there....
But, apparently its really popular. I had no idea.
Well I can't say Brad enjoyed this as much as I did, and his hair smelled like smoke drenched with sweat.
No offense Brad.
Oh, after the hike we went shooting, who woulda knew it could be so thrilling.

I didn't even aim, just BOOM BOOM BOOM.

Brad has this idea that he wants a 9 Mm Glock.

I have this idea that I want to keep that idea stewing for a long time before we actually do buy it.
This is John, Brad's mission buddy. He happens to be the funniest person on earth. I have yet to meet someone funnier.

So the trip was successful.

We started planning all these trips, and Chels' boyfriend, who is Merideth's brother, is on his mission. She is going to marry him. And I believe her. She was sad though, because she wants us to wait until he gets home. Which will be this summer! Chels its so soon!! Then our lives can begin!

I can't wait to meet he will be a relative. 

I'm on my last week of student teaching. 

I have my graduation announcements printed. 
I graduate next Friday, 8 Am.

I have two days left of student teaching.

Then I will never say student teaching again on this blog.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Senior Pictures

My friend Natalie took my senior pictures....which one should I use for my announcements?

There was an emergency situation with my photographer and she couldn't do my pictures today, and I desperately needed them done today before we go to Moab, and I get busy next week again, so I called up Natalie, and she was such a gem.

Now you will want her for your photographer. 

She did so great.

So great I even took a picture of her.

Isn't she a doll?

I made her take this of me...for memories sake.

As I filter..

I am going through old pictures...and as I do that.

I am overwhelmed with gratefulness. 

That I and Brad..

Were raised so well.

That we have the ability to know right from wrong.

And as I look at his pictures when he was little. I think, "Wow, I married that little kid."

He is taking a physics test right now.

Who knew he would be so stinkin smart.

I am also grateful that he had such a wonderful mother.

She worked so much while he was growing up, to support the kids.

And I know, if it wasn't for her, he wouldn't be the man he is.

She did an excellent job with all her children.

Let me brag.
Mike, the oldest is at Med school, with his wife who is also in Med school at Texas Tech.

Lindsay, is a genius. She works for Harvard in a lab discovering the cure for Parkinson's. I went there, she is making new proteins and all this stuff that is over my head. She also is about to finish up school at UMass.

And my Brad, well you all know how great he is, but he is in undergrad and is Pre-Med planning to attend University of Texas Medical School or Texas Tech like his Dad, Uncle, Mom, brother and sister-in law.

And little baby Chels you see above, she is graduating from nursing school in May.

Although they are a medical family...they are the greatest family. 

And I am so grateful for all of them. Especially my husband.

Now, I am grateful I had the opportunity to mother, and be part of such an amazing family where my mother taught me how to mother. 

I was the baby of the family at one point. But, I know that my excellent examples of my family members has made me who I am. Should I brag about all of them? Well, I already have several times.

But, I'll do it quick.
Brooke: Married to a man who has his doctorate and works for the church, she is an incredible photographer, she can cook anything gourmet, and obviously is the master at mothering, being the oldest. She graduated from BYU, did track basketball at 3 colleges, and looks 23 at 30.

Tosha graduated in neuroscience, has her own all natural makeup business. And recently developed a new line of foot cream, which don't worry I will be telling you about later. She has two girls, and is married to a pharmaceutical rep. She served a mission in Ecuador and speaks Spanish.

 I knew this was going to take forever. 

Hannah has three girls, graduated from BYU, married to a dentist, lives in Arizona. Wonderful at sewing, cooking, mothering, baking, designing and everything else she does.

Tanner, married to Amanda who has the curliest hair in the world. Attends Dixie, 6'5'' Awesome at basketball, super smart, also good at anything he does, can oil paint excellently, is awesome at calligraphy and is going to graduate in psychology soon.

Summer: HEAVY WITH CHILD. She is married to AJ who graduated in Agriculture Science at Utah State and now runs his dad's farm in Oakley, Idaho. Summer is freakin amazing at scrapbooking, she can also design anything, she knows everything about making stuff, she made marshmellows for Brooke's wedding...who does that. Ya I just made some marshmellows....I didn't even know that was possible. She did track and basketball at SVU, and is walking with me in APRIL AT BYU!! WAHOO!

Landon: Going to SUU, is engaged to a track star at UVU that Sally hooked him up with. He is awesome at football, hence why he is on the team at SUU. He loves being around people and he has this knack for children, all children love him. He will do anything you ask him and he will even sleep on your hard  tile kitchen floor.

Me: Pshhhh you know everything about me.

Sally: Graduated from high school with a 4.0 and 33 on her ACT. She was athlete of the year or whatever for pretty much every sport. She got full tuition and everything else for academic and athletic and is on the track team at UVU. She is so forgiving, kind, beautiful, and determined, recently she is taking a drawing class and its fun to watch her be the best at everything, even drawing. Random.

Shad: Shadeey....he is awesome at Madden football, he is still in high school, but he will serve a mission and excel in all he does. He currently takes care of horses, puppies, kitties, and all the kids at home. He is a hard worker and is always making his own money and buying his own things.

Echo: She is skinny tall and modelish. She is still in high school but great at basketball, track, and volleyball. She loves kids and spends so much time reading its ridiculous. She wants to be a Kindergarten teacher or Pediatrician. I told her to make more money. :)

Ethan: He is super athletic, still in junior high, soft hearted, good at every sport, good at mowing the lawn with earplugs, takes care of the younger siblings and is also great at Madden football.

Chandler: Always taking care of Ammon for my mom. Athletic, can run fast, kind to most little kids :), and will always hang out with you. When I was still in high school he would come in my room when he was little and stand by my door, obviously scared, and then I would say, "Oh come on, you can sleep in here." He would run up jump in bed and be right to sleep. He also has a knack for making people laugh.

Ammon: So sweet, but so quick at running too. I tell my parents if you can just get him to run around the track and not go off course, he will win everything. He will cuddle right up to you, he is so smart, before he was 1 he knew all his ABCs and would put them in order constantly. He doesn't communicate but he does show love and concern for others.

Ian: Mr. Smarty Pants, memorized the entire star wars language from flash cards. So brilliant, always on the go, loves dressing up and playing with Lad. He loves Spiderman, superheros, and Star Wars of course.

Lad: So cuddly and cute, has his very own personality, loves hanging out with Brad and Landon, hard worker, passionate about so many things. He plays with Ian and takes care of Faith. He is so diligent in doing his schoolwork at only just five.

Faith: She is a whole blog, not just a post, but she deserves her own site. She is so independent, mature and sophisticated for a two year old. She talks better than most five year olds, and has her own opinion about everything. I told her I would put the toy dinosaur in her basket and calmly she said, "No don't do that, he will eat all of the candy." Oh, naturally, sorry I even suggested it. She wasn't interested in Easter, more in swinging. Which created the best quote from Brad. 

I was trying to get Faith to come get Easter eggs and she said, Come watch me swing!

Brad said under his breath and walking to go get eggs, "Some kids just aren't motivated."

So Faith, she is a little angel, the last one, we feel like she got all the genes...a combo. She loves to be drawn on and to draw on herself. My mom gave up trying.

Now you see why I am grateful, because my mom, and mom-in law raised such wonderful families, that I get to be a part of. So thanks guys.