Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Don't want to brag...

So I must tell you what that hideous picture is...

It started with us getting married 2 years ago....So we had to go on an anniversary trip this year.

This is about to get onto the freeway in Provo, headed to our first pit stop.

I need to apologize for the following pictures. Facebook doesn't let you save as image anymore, so I had to screen shot...and I didn't feel like cropping. That would have overwhelmed my blogging capabilities today.
Brad felt the need to lift me here......strangely enough. My aunt thought it was someone else and not Brad and she freaked out when she saw these pictures.

This is the end of the canyon part. But little did we know that the part was coming up where we ran completely out of water and the scorcher was out. (SUN) Also, this was my favorite part hiking out of the canyon through a river!!

This was my problem THE ENTIRE HIKE. No butt, and mesh G's and polyester pants. Okay Greg, I'll wear swim shorts next time!!!

I probably should have taken my helmet off for this photo op.

K I'm going to tell you this and it probably won't be as funny, kinda one of those had to be there moments, or maybe it will be hilarious to you either way. I'll just get to the point. ISN'T THIS HELMET ON BRAD FREAKIN FUNNY PEE YOUR PANTS FUNNY????!!!!  Everytime it tipped sideways, I just bursted into laughter. He looked so funny. He got sick of me laughing right in his face, so I started to just laugh behind his back. He looked so cute too. So I had to tell him that everytime laughs shot out of my mouth when he looked at me with a sideways helmet that was bright construction orange.

I am positive that this is the first time I have seen Brad actually scared to do something. He is always good at everything, but this was scary. I think watching him go first helped me to not be scared. I liked his voice at the bottom of the 40 foot repel, saying, "Good job, muffin." Then I would yell back, YA Muffin TOP right now with these Meshy G's hangin out!!!  
 So did I tell you that this was to start our trip to Vegas? Well it did, and we were tired, because we slept in Brooke's car. It is a  Acura MDX and I just felt stuffy in there.  I threw a fit because I didn't want to sleep on the tarp, because of rodents crawling into bed with me, and I didn't want to steal Brooke and Aaron's tent, and we forgot ours....and we had to wake up in 4 hours anyway so we just slept in the car. At first it was completely a scorcher humid disaster, then the wind picked up and Brad froze to death, but I didn't because my window didn't roll down. Anyway, I felt like I was just covered in red sand the whole time, and my car still is!!

But that trip was successful and thank you Sally's boy toy Greg for taking us!!!

Now on to the real anniversary trip!!
Delicious food.
Gaining 5 pounds!!!!
 First we stopped at Hash House A Go Go. 
Man Vs. Food episode special.
Brad of course got what he got...and it was good.
Enough food to feed a family.
It was like a breaded chicken on top of biscuits and some cheese deliciousness sauce.
Did I mention we had a restaurant.com coupon?? Well we did, and it only cost 2.00, so that means we got 48 dollars worth of food for. 15 dolla!!! Awesome!!
I had to get the pancake served on a platter of course!!

Oh my heck I gotta hurry and finish this post, Brad is getting annoyed.
Here is our SWEET SUITE. Gotta play on that word, of course.

Of course we had a view of the Belliagio waters. Of course!! So beautiful!
Here is our other part of the room....Bed with a flat screen...Sorry if its awkward..maybe it wasn't and now it is....its our 2 year..its not like that anymore...actually it still is. Wow I just made this overboard awkward. 

We somehow have made it to Vegas for our honeymoon, one year and now TWO YEAR! But I'm not sure we will make it there for 3 year!! But we will sure try! Every time I have wanted to go to the temple in Vegas, this time we made it! It was beautiful and I love to see the temple and I could never imagine this would be my life for ever with Brad!! But it is the greatest!!

Our last night we wanted to just go all out so we visited the Cheesecake factory, and we couldn't decide on a cheesecake so of course we had to each get one.....gym the next morning, no worries...

We had a wonderful anniversary, next year I am going to make it a tad shorter, Saturday to Thursday is quite the trip, but it was gone before I knew it and I loved every minute of it. Of course I made Brad take me to the outlets where I JCREWED IT up. :) Who knows what that means, I spent like 30 dollars and got a necklace and a dress, so ya I spent a fortune! 

So I bet you are still wondering what this is?
Well, see we put our bodies outside by the poolside for a few hours, and since Brad is a palomino, (albino horse) he fried!!! I also put some tanning lotion on him and that seemed to fry him even worse from the scorcher, (that is what I have named the sun if you didn't know) anyway this is a WEEK LATER. So after we got home he started to blister on his stomach so so so bad, and when he got in the shower his blisters would all fill up with water. It was so awesome how big those pockets of water were. He will never use my tanning lotion again!! Also I hope you enjoy looking at Brad in a towel.    
Brad is officially mad at me for taking forever to post this. Sometimes he just doesn't appreciate journaling.
Did I fail to mention that Brad did awesome on his MCAT so here is a burning party we had with friends.
I know its impossible to see anything, key in point, they are holding MCAT papers...thats all you need to know.

Also, now we are in the interviewing stage. And with that comes more expenses and anxiety. So I have attached a donation box to the end of this blogpost. JK, I wish.

Anniversary: Success
Tan for Bradley: Fail

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Love the festivities.

I'm going to start this post with a picture. Obviously. You figured that out. If you can guess what this is. I will personally kiss you on the cheek. Do you even want that? Oh well. Try to guess. I tell you in a few weeks when I have time to post on my blog again.

Remember how I have tons of time now? Well truth is...I don't. You see, Sally thought it would be a good idea to work at a snow cone shack during this summer while I am not working. Problem is, I picked up a summer school job teaching Kindergarten kids who aren't ready for K and K kids who aren't ready for first grade. And, problem is, I am trying to get ready for swiss days....so ya..time is limited. Well I live in the shack, and summer school is stressful because I'm trying to get these kids somewhat on level. Teacher stress. You know that.

Let's stop talking about stress. Let's talk about the fourth of July. This is a mixture that we put together before we nuked it.

That's what I call liquid nitrogen. Nuked.
 Being completely nuked. I don't know if 10 year olds can run the nuker. But they did. I am sure this is illegal, so I won't divulge any evidence of the situation. Clark family bbq.
You have to use Styrofoam, otherwise...your cup would freeze and break...but it freezes anyway.
Best ice cream I've ever had. Gets all milkshaky after. Love it.
We left the party extremely happy. I saw one of my student's that was Brad's cousin's child, and that was fun, and it's good to try to get to know everyone.

After that party, we went to this party at my sister's house in Midway. Jeremy (married to sis Hannah) bought legit fireworks. Midway on fourth of July, best fireworks ever! Not even kidding.

Lance and Tosha have a perfect backyard. Enough of my family live down here now..its like...why even go anywhere else????? We kinda leave people in Standrod hangin though.
Stay tuned for the mystery picture truth!