Thursday, November 26, 2009


In school we are not supposed to shh the kids. Im the worst at it, its just so natural to go shhshshshshshshhs when they are driving y0ou crazy.

Brad says he hates his freckles. I just shhhhhh him.

Developmentally inappropriate.

I should tell him that he is so adorable, and he needs to stop saying that, because it hurts my feelings when expresses things that are negative about himself.

Shhh Brad, everyone reading this blog loves your freckles

Faith is sometimes insecure about her fur. I reassure her. She is adorable.


Maybe Im five weeks late with this post. Maybe I could pretend it is for Thanksgiving that we went up and got wood. But.. I am actually in California for Thanksgiving. .. As much as I love Brad's family. One will always be overly attached to their own family. One will always be obsessed and attached by genetics to their own family. I wont go into more detail about Thanksgiving. We will save that topic for later. First Thanksgiving away from home. First time I have had Thanksgiving Dinner on a ceramic plate compared to the norm paper plate. Okay, Im boring myself. Back to wood. Hey guys lets go get wood for the fireplace. Alright, lets go. Lets leave the people with the most muscles at home. Like Sally, and lets take scrawny Brittany with love handles. Oh yes, perfect idea. We did bring the brawny kids too, no worries. Landon and Brad, carrying a log don't worry Brad slipped and fell and they both were nearly seriously injured in the roll away dropped log. He always tries to act like he is happy for pictures. Look at me Im so happy while I work. Let me start whistling to prove it to you. Good heck, I carried a few of those, and my trap felt like it was dissolving under the weight. It was begging me to drop the log and die. Then disintegrate into the ground. Brad's trap is huge, because obviously I would not lay eyes on a guy unless he had huge traps....right, that was the first thing on my Mormon what I want in a guy list. And trust me, I had that list. Little Laddy loved the work, although his logs were a bit smaller than ours.. Ethan is going to be a real heartbreaker. Or I believe he already is. He was into a forced marriage in front of the school doors when he was in first grade, only way we found out about it was from Chandler who was in Kindergarten at the time. He came home saying, "Ethan got married today!!" It was a great joke for about 10 years. Chandler mentioned to me that he needed a facebook picture. I tried several times, but he was too shy to ever...pose. So instead I was caught with pictures like this one here. Whoa, knock my socks off, is it fall? Cuz the beauty that lies BEHIND Brad gives me the clues that it is. Brad he is stunning. This is going to be the only picture you are going to get of me, due to the gentlemen I was traveling with having no interest in picking up the camera. Brad never brings work clothes, so its always fun rounding some up. Like these nice levi's of Landon's. I always love mountain trips. I get to reevaluate why I love Standrod so much. Solace from the busy streets and college party town. If you didn't know, Provo was votest most sober college in the US. Imagine that. Next was like Notre Dame. That could be a lie, but it was somebody like that. BYU rocks.
Landon forgot to put on the cap of the anti-freeze, makes me really trust him as he looks at Brad's new car and says the leak is fine. When I was taking a picture of this he said, "DONT TAKE A PICTURE OF THIS." He probably didn't want the blog to know his problem. Little secret for you, Brad is sportin the levi's really well there in the shadows of Landon. The trip up there is always relaxing and fulfilling. You can tell its fall from all the grays and deep copper. Gorgeous. What? You don't think so? Visit those mountains and smell the blue spruce and feel the fall chill. I love home. Maybe it will turn into a big city so Brad can become a doctor there? I'll keep dreaming.

Monday, November 16, 2009

In the literal sense.

We watched some videos, that do the literal view of the music video, just search literal total eclipse of the heart on you tube and you will die laughing.

As I was uploading pictures for christmas presents to a website...I realized that some of my pictures could be literally evaluated.

Like taken for what is really happening, not just saying, oh that is atheistically pleasing.

Brad is thinking- Freak Brittany, I know you were on that wedding diet, but hate to break it to ya, I think you gained weight since I last picked you up.
Brittany is thinking-Brad you must me so in love with me.
Well it was a blustery day in the town of SLC, and the groom felt a strong desire to wear the veil. The picture after this you will see the bride slowly lift off the ground and float away.

Yes, I love looking at the temple too Brad.-Brittany
Our kids will love this shot, they will really tell how we were feeling that day.


Friday, November 13, 2009


I stole all of the following fotos from my beautiful cousin Tess's blog.

Honestly its the cutest post.

She went to Standrod to visit.

All of you know that I am from Standrod.

I stole a few of the pics, but if you want to see the entirety of her post of steps of how to get pine nuts.

Go to this link. CLICK HERE.

Beware, she has the cutest baby ever.

Seriously. Ever.

But I guess mainly from her blog, I took these three pictures because..
Well its pretty self explanatory. This is my Grandpa. He has taught me so many good things. At one point I bore my testimony and in it I said, I know I am supposed to read the scriptures over and over again.

After my testimony he said, "Brit you know why you read your scriptures over and over again? The scriptures never change but you do."

Now I have never forgotten that.

Due to my grandpa not really ever speaking out like that towards me I guess. Not really slamming advice down my throat, he just usually flicks my ear and is on with it. He is the greatest guy. Ask him about the time he buried 8 kids in grain in the silo and had to dig them out before they suffocated. Its a moving story.
And this...I would have to say Prunella thinks she is a dog, cuz she always knocks on the door and they let her in. You think Im joking. Here...animals of any kind are welcome.
Do animals like organized chaos. Well if you look to the right you will see my Grandpas collection of old fashioned egg beaters. Great bday gift for him, just go the dI and round up some 1.00 egg beaters. He loves them, and hangs them all on the wall. My grandma has no problem with pictures of all her 98 grankids. I am probably off by a few numbers but when she has 14 kids, all but 2 with over 5 kids. It adds up folks. In 3rd grade we are learning that folks means peoples. So this may be chaos, but its granmas.

Sorry for posting 2 in one day, but I woke up early, and now ....I feel this strong desire to tell you about my grandparents...all in one day.

Ps. I take the PRaxis manana.

Oh deer in the headlights.

My head.

Last night was Brad's flag football game. In the rain. He made the awesomest touchdown ever. He ran it in from like the 40 yd line. He may or may not tell me Im lying, but seriously it was a long run where the guy missed his flag and the game was so close, and I was so happy. Ahhhh I was so happy. I stood under the umbrella with my friend Heather who became my friend because she is a gem and is dating Brad's friend. I hope they get married, so we can be friends forever. Anyway, we have been friends for awhile, because we kinda just clicked when we met. We are doing a lesson on friends for our lesson plan whatever thingy, and I thought of Heather when I thought of what a friend is.

I made a list of the things Heather or a friend does.

Now I have been thinking about this a lot.

Friends really listen when you are talking, like really, they look at you, make expressions to go with your comments, and make comments about what you are saying, not their own personal experiences.

Friends tell you that you look good, and tell you its okay if you say, I look like crap, then they say, Oh no you don't I think you look fine!

Friends share blankets, and umbrellas, and last pieces of gum.

Friends cook you meals when you are over at their house.

Friends throw parties and don't charge you.

Brad don't get mad at me for that one. Please oh please.

Friends come to your bridal shower.

Friends come to your receptions.

Friends listen to you.

Oh wait I already put that one.

Friends share their worries, concerns, and stories with you.

Friends have you on speed dial.

Friends have you in their phone book.

Friends have you on facebook, and comment on your pictures and status.

Enough of the friend list.

I have so much in my head, and sometimes its good to just get some of it out so my headache will go away.

Most importantly, Heather has been my friend for awhile and she is throwing a bday party for her boyfriend at her parents house. Brad told me about it last night.

I said, oh ya lets totally go Im excited! Then he said, ya you can see all of Greg Olsen's paintings.

I said, oh do they have lots in their house.

He said, ya lots of orginals.

I said, oh thats so cool, do they know him.

He looked at me and laughed.

He said, Heather's dad is Greg Olsen.

I said, Brad, Greg Olsen is like.....the awesomest painter. Everybody in the church knows him.

He said, I know.


He said, I thought you knew.

I said, When I was little my grandma would have me look at Greg Olsen's paintings so I could be a better painter.

He said, I know.

I was like.....Greg Olsen to me is like Babe Ruth to you.

He said, I know.

I told Heather this story and she laughed.

She said, I'll show you his studio.

Then I said, You are my best friend ever.

Well maybe not, that would scare her off, and make her think im only her friend because her dad is Greg Olsen.

She is the cutest ever.

I think we all have seen this one.

So tonight I will be ultra happy and try to contain myself while I am standing in his studio.

I hope Heather doesn't read this. She will think I am a creepy creep.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Isn't She

Isn't she just a doll?

I can almost hear her saying, "Brinee".

Or whispering it when she realizes I'm asleep.

Then falling asleep next to my bed while I am asleep in my bed.

As if she is waiting for me to play.

I just left her Sunday, and I miss her already, even though I was done with her calling my name and begging me to 'come here'. I love that girl. Love her to death.

Baby sister Faith at 2 years old. Taken for the tenth time at the school when all the older kids had their school pictures too. Mom said she cheesed it too much, and this is only a half cheese. Sounds normal for Faith.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Is that bad?

I'm at the point where I feel completely inadequate to be a teacher. I am getting pulled in forty different directions.

Is that bad?

Im at the point where my house is driving me crazy. I feel like I live in a box. I can't store anything, and I have no room for clothes, food, nor extra blankets.

Is that bad?

Im at the point where I feel so overwhelmed, if I think about what I have to do to get to the end of the week, tears brim my eyes.

Is that bad?

Writing lesson plans is a drag.

Is that bad?

My teacher said if we don't like writing lesson plans then to choose a new major. I contemplated switching only because the format is tedious, and lengthy.

Is that bad?

If I lose a few friends for writing this, I dont even care.

Is that bad?

I graduate in April, and every part of me wants to find a reason to stay in school.

Is that bad?

I am continually thinking about how to get skinnier.

Is that bad?

You think everything is perfect on blogs. I proved you wrong.

Is that bad?

Brad just got a new car, and Im mad that mine has a huge hole in it now.

Is that bad?

Im just bad.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Wreck and not Wreck

Well, its true. A car wreck is what happened. Some special individuals in front of us were not paying attention and they just bammed right next to the nice fellows in front of them. They busted their radiator, Im sure of it, because anti-freeze was everywhere.

The problem with this whole situation is that we were on our way to New York.

We were on our way to the Real Soccer game. Pronounced REE-AL. not real. but REE, like pioneer woman, then AL, like the guy who is in charge of AL's toy barn on toy story.

And we had 15 tickets. Only four of which we were using. The other 11 were waiting for us at the stadium. Oh perfect.

So we were so close to the exit. So close. And then it happened. We did NOT get ticketed for driving too close, because the peoples in front of us did not even push on their brakes. They just hit em.

We had no warning. We hit them going like 10. Or something. Still a good hit.

Enough to do this.


So the officer declared it their fault so I thought, oh perfect, my insurance wont have to pay for this.

But really.

I called the other day, and those peoples who caused the wreck.

Didn't really have insurance. Faulty insurance card.

And as the procedure goes, there is basically nothing I can do about it.

So we made it to the way or another.

The convo with my dad was interesting.

Dad, we got in a wreck.(me)

(told him the details)

Its funny how Sally was just saying before we hit him, how her and Landon almost got in a wreck yesterday. THen BAM we hit em. (Me)


Yes, but they are fine. (BRIT)

WHy are they in the car with you (DAD)

uh cuz they came with us to the game (Brit, feeling extremely ......)

Okay, let me talk to them. (DAD)

Thank you dad. I'm fine, thanks for asking. Hand over the phone.

Maybe thats just typical parents. Care more about the ones that are 18 and under than the ones that are 21 and up. Or maybe, its because he feels that I am responsible enough that I can handle my own experiences. And that Sally and Echo need to console with him in order to be accepting of their surroundings. Or maybe I'm just ....weirdo.

Anyway, the game was great.


By one.
won by one.

What a play on words.

We ended up giving two of our tickets to the guys who got hit. By the car that we hit.

They were nice folks.

Folks, means peoples.

Sally and Echo did come as a matter of fact. And safe they were, and happy to take a break from Provo.

I can't imagine spending my time with a more car wrecking good handling guy ever. If that didn't make sense to you, it was good to see Brad's skills.

After the game we went and saw Tess's little doll face. Paisley. She loves to open mouth smile. It was Halloween and for the moment, I loved handing out candy. Loved it. Tresa was a little worried that I gave someone a handful instead of one. Due to millions of children coming, and us having to put up a ''out of candy'' sign later.

I guess the wreck, wasn't a wreck after all. Just a spooky Halloween REEal game....

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Participated

I had something to do with Halloween.

We went to this little party Brad's friends put on.

I guess thats bad to say, Brad's friends......

Our friends?


Thing One and Thing Two were there. They were nice. And Thing 1 is Brad's best friend.

Brad loved Dr. Seuss. Lie. Aj, the real life person dressed up as Thing 1, is Brad's best friend.
Scott could also make the qualification for Brad's best friend. Rebbie, his date, was white trash, and obviously Pregnant. Very pregnant. They tried to make an announcement for me that I was pregnant. I could have proved them wrong real fast with details of terrible cramps causing me to miss class, but thats grossy girl stuff and I decided to just smile and laugh and say..ya...
Brad made his own costume. I was way impressed. I didn't think it was going to be that awesome. His tight spandex made me want to keep touching his legs, but thats just my mom making me do that. She always rubs fabric that soft and silky. My grandma said she did it when she was little too. So....hereditary, or acquired from example. Either one. In this picture we have John Smith, Peter Pan, White Trash Mullet creep, I cant remember what Eli is, Thing 1 and Brad the bee. Why was Brad a bee you ask?
Cuz I was a flower. Don't even think that we were cutesy and clean, its deeper. Only if you get it will you get it. Did that make sense?
I made my costume too. Some people thought I was a lioness. Then they saw Brad and they got it. They put things together.

So I did participate in Halloween.

I promise.
Even though this day was not Halloween but yet the day before...
Halloween... which was the next day was more of a horror than I ever imagined.

Real Soccer Game, Car wreck on the way there.

Just found out today the people who's fault it was gave a faulty insurance card. Yay. Sarcastic.