Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We went on a

The other weekend my cohort and all their lovely loved ones decided to go on a little Halloween cruise.

On the Provo River.

Sounds exciting?

It wasn't but, it was fun to meet everybody's spouses or boyfriends...or just to hang out.
As we jumped in the car to go to the cruise, we discovered it dead. Due to my once a week ritual of leaving the lights on. I wouldn't be Brittany, if I didn't do something to cause unperfectness. So we took the scooter. I froze my little nose.
Here is my cohort group. I felt unnaturally squashed as I squatted.
From the left we have Dee, who is a doll and could be our mom. But she went back to school :). Then we have Amber and her first date. Then we have Teresa and Kristin who went together. Then we have Taylor who has his arms on Abbey, (His date) Then we have Erica and her husband. He is nine feet taller. Then we have Camry and her date. Then we have Marie and her husband. Obviously me and Brad are in the lower left corner. Sorry if you just read that and lost all care and love for my blog. That was boring as heck.

Here we are on the lovely cruise. Notice the excitement of the cruise. Or the stunned feeling of the flash.

Here was a captain. He kept going out of pirate character. That alone helped me decide I was never coming back here. And if I did, I was taking three year olds.
I guess it wasn't that bad. Brad and I got to sit across from each other and gaze in each others eyes as we looked at lit up pumpkins.

Or I thought it was nice. Maybe my date didn't love it as much....Somehow I organized a get together after that would make up for our lame cruise.
Who couldn't love it? Well it was a bit crowded and since my spouse was too full from JCW's while golfing...he didn't eat anything. But I got a full of calories dripping in grease chicken burger, and a shake.
These two were just sitting across from us. I decided to take their pre engagements. They look nice. Abbey wears that coat faithfully, keeps her warm for lame cruises.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


As time rolls on by, I keep getting these weird bugs. They last like 10 hours. Today it was a weird flu. I told Brad it was the Swine. He offered me anything I wanted.

Hot tamales.

That's it.

And after I ate half the box. . .
My tongue felt burnt. But I was happy.
I was thinking today how come I don't have more close friends.

I decided it is because of all my sisters.

I think I have said that before.

My sisters have my heart. I have no room for any other girls.

Jk all of you that consider yourself my girly friend.

I really forgot the point of this post.

Oh ya.

Brad and I have all these great plans for Halloween.

Carve Pumpkins, go to Halloween parties, make scary ghost rice krispy treats with the marshmellows of orange and white he made me buy months ago, and go to a haunted house.

Well we haven't done any, and sadly I don't really have time to do any of them.

He does the dishes, while I do homework.

I did my first 'observed' lesson plan today.

It went well, I thought.

Still have a lot to learn and work on.

We know what we want to be for Halloween, of course its secret.

But we haven't finalized our costumes yet.

Just know my hair is going to be green.

And Brad never stops texting me Chuck Norris jokes. Thanks Jeff and Travis.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Do I look...

Lately I feel like I am gaining weight. You know that feeling you get when no matter what you wear, how you look in the mirror, or how you compare yourself to everyone else, you still feel hefty?

Then there are those days when you are like, dang I am skinny whinny over here. Check me out.

So I decided instead of going all day everyday from 7-11Pm, I want to try something. Maybe waking up earlier to work out, run, do something. Maybe that will make me feel better about myself. I am always eating as fast as possible, and usually it is a granola bar and an apple.

I took 5 tests last week.

Brad took a handful too.

It was a stress week.

This morning I woke up after a dream that my dad had 3 wives. None of them resembled my mom. One was Dolly Parton looking, the other a hispanic lady, who was very sweet, but no one understood her, and then another lady who was very homely and scary and always kept her ratty hair over her face.

I found out my dad was a plyg because I was playing this game when somebody referred to me as their sister. I said, "NO WAY I am NOT your sister." Then they got frusterated and took me back to the compound where my dad kept all his wives.

Sally was there, and she SWORE it was totally normal and fine.

I was the only one who was dying inside from this chaotic mess of breaking every law and sinning beyond any sins I had ever experienced. This was a nightmare. But nobody seemed to think it was but me. Sally thought it was great. I kept trying to talk sense into her, my dad finally kicked me out of the compound and I took Faith with me, and she was a devil possessed child.

Anyway, I cried in my dream. And I was telling Brad about it in the morning, and I told him I cried in my dream.

He said, "What's new."

Referring that I cry all the time in real life.

I pretended to be mad.

But I really wasn't. Because its true.

I get so busy, so stressed, and have 3 papers and 50 kajillion text book pages to write, and plan lesson plans to teach in the third grade class that I am in....that I just break down about the stupidest things.

Then I am telling Brad, I am just crying because I am stressed. Because stress makes me cry. Its like I don't know what else to do when all my body can't do what it needs to do.

I got my first test score back, 92. Did they expect for us to get good grades when there is 4 other tests to think about? I dont know, but I sure tried.

So with all the stress, Brad is so nice to me.

I try to remind him that I am a Senior, and its supposed to be hard.

And sometimes when I have to go to work, I just take a 20 minute nap, then drag myself to work in this groggy state.

So one can see how I consider myself hefty.

My intramural bball team got moved up from 15th to 7th in the power rankings. We are in the lower division, but we are ranked overall divisions. haha, we are probably too good for our division. Hope we can make it through tourneys when we get moved up to a higher division.

Brad's intramural team ffball team one barely last night. It was a lucky pass. With no time on the clocky.

I love intramurals. They make me not feel so hefty, and they make me happy.

Plus its fall. And fall means it has a slight chill to it.

Brad taught me how to play raquetball today. I got discouraged easily, then I said out loud, "Just because I haven't mastered this sport in 15 minutes, does not mean I am a failure."

Then I decided I want my own raquet, that will help me love it all the more.

I wish I was a student forever. Free facilities. Free intramurals. Free computer use. Free life.

I am working on my thank you cards. I have so many to send out. I have already probably sent out over half. Writing them hurts my hand.

But getting married was so worth it.

For a second I envyed Brooke because she gets to get married again.

I just wanna marry Brad again. Maybe we will move to a new country, pretend we arent married, then get to know everyone, then fake get engaged, then fake get married and get all the presents and attention again.

Oh but I could have a baby, then we could get all the presents and attention again.

But then we would have screaming and disciplining to deal with. So maybe...I'll wait on that one.

No worries. I love babies. :)

We are going to Midway tonight to visit and watch the game.

The lovey love birds will be up there.

Brooke and Aaron.

They should name their first baby, Braaron.
I like it.

Unisex name.

I am going to name my first baby Friar John.


Friday, October 16, 2009

While I was there.

While I was in Peru, A lot of interesting things happened to me. Things that I don't feel the need to discuss in deep detail. But I know that these things have forever shaped who I am, and my testimony. I guess I can't get some of it out of my mind lately. I thought a good way to express it would be through my blog.

I mean, I have a great husband, but he knows the story, hes heard it many times, and surprisingly even references back to my Peru experiences sometimes.

But sometimes, writing helps me understand what happened to me.

And in all my turmoil and four tests and confusion this week. I keep feeling detached to anything going on here....and thinking of real struggles that I encountered in Peru.

Things that changed my life forever.

Things that made me look at myself in the mirror and be grateful for the prayers for me by those at home.

Grateful that I had a home. And a family, that no matter how much garbage went on, no matter how many lies were told, no matter how many divorces happened, no matter how much tragedy, I had a family who loved me. I had parents that focused their attention on me, and trusted me when I told them "Im going to Peru".

I wasn't alone when I was in Peru, I had the volunteers, the orphans, the host family, and many many others thinking about me. But this little guy, he maybe had a few people who cared about him. A handful. If he got hurt, he maybe had somebody acknowledge it, but me if I get hurt, I have the prayers of anyone I ask, and don't ask. I have hundreds of caring people around me who would probably help me out.

So thinking about worldly items that I have compared to the Peruvians. . . I also have been thinking about friendships, connections, opportunities, and lifestyle I have compared to Peruvians. (This is with the exception of some Peruvians). But in this city, there were very few that had left the city itself their entire life, due to lack of funds. I guess money is the main aspect network is so much stronger, and I want to give what I have to someone back there.

But if I did, would they know what to do with it. Because to them, life is day to day. But to me, its worry about the future constantly because there are thousands of opportunities awaiting me, but to them, the crop is awaiting them, or the next 50 dollars a month they make.. . if that.
So today, as I prepare for my tests, I guess I consider myself grateful that I have the opportunity to take tests, and to be here at BYU, and most importantly that I have a chance to travel, experience, and make my own decisions with the world at my hands, the world at my possibility.

Writing this post makes me want to be a teacher in some far away Africa, while Brad takes his profession there as a doctor, we could just go on a service expedition.

But there I go again, not living in the moment. Not living in today.

I guess I should study, and stop thinking about Peru.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Her worst nightmare.

We went on this double date with Landon and his 'friend'. It was their first date ever, and I decided about half way through, that it was her worst date ever.


I planned the trip, fitting to my needs.

I wanted to go to Park City Outlets, because I wanted a new watch at fossil outlet.

Due to me getting placed into a classroom this be a baby student teacher, and I need to see the time regularly, and I cant be checkin my cellular device in a room full of cell phone hungry babies.

Yes, I got placed in a classroom.

Third grade to be exact.

Which I'm happy with, because I am carpooling with my the same school. It is in Lehi. Alpine school district. Maybe I'll student teach in Nebo??? Ya I will, maybe I will get a nice school where the teacher likes her student teacher, and the little baby students don't spit spit wods at me.

Like Brad did to his student teacher.

Or maybe they won't yell "BORING"
at me...

like Brad did to his student teachers.

Great. I'm in for a treat.

We always tease that because Brad was a bully and difficult child, he will know how to deal with my students who are difficult and he will offer me good advice, and also...he will know how to handle our bully and difficult children who are exact replicas of him.

Back to her worst nightmare.
The date.

Well I planned the fit my needs.

And we fulfilled those needs, and walked away with a watch, which I wondered if I wreally need it. :) (alliteration)

And it was their first date, and me and Brad's cagillionth.

And we are married.

First date with a married couple, BAD IDEA, they talk about gross stuff comfortably, while the date and the datee are in shock because it is their first date...

First date with Brittany, who is abnormally blunt, and talks too much.

So...for her, I teased throughout the date that it was a date she was going to call all her friends about, and say that it was a disaster.

Wait. As if that wasn't enough, Landon forgot his wallet.

Landon is my brother, and he is taking this girl on the first date, and Brad has to pay for everyone, for everything.

Great first impression Landon, you know she is gonna come back runnin to ya after this one.

And....Landon was always running around being awkward.

So, that's another great reason why the date was a disaster.

Oh and also, I kept taking pictures of them.

But, we did eat at Dairy Keen.... in Heber. And that was perfect. Well, at least for me.

Brad slipped Landon a twenty before we went in, just so it wasn't awkward at the ordering station.

Nice Brad.

Brad is nice.

After that, we went to a movie. G-Force.

In which turned out relatively well....I laughed a few times.

Brad thought the whitey tightey part was funny....

I thought, "I look like Paris Hilton's chihuahua" was funny...

So for Brad and I it was a perfect married date.

Tune in next time for 'How to Ruin a Date Successfully'

Friday, October 9, 2009


I almost forgot about this picture.
Then when I saw the plaid, I melted.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

N to the ews.

I couldn't make my post about news again thats boring. But really I do have news.

Lots of it.

Yesterday I broke. We broke. We are now broke.

MacBook Pro 13 inch is now in my hands.

Don't even bother to ask how much.

I didn't sleep last night thinking that it cost the same as my first car.

And half of my second car.

And probably nothing compared to what my third car will cost, because hopefully at that point my saturn will last 20 more years and we can afford a Ferrari with gold plated stallions all over it.

That is if Brad can pass Chemistry.

Jk honey, you will, and that was a bad joke if you are sad.....

But remember, Chemistry is only a speck on the eternal string of life.

Back to other readers besides Brad.

But I had to protect my relationship if he happened to read this.

So MacbookPRO.

Oh ya, Im living a dream. A dream of love and bliss with my macbook pro.

I just bought a computer case on etsy. Sorry it was the last one.

I probably could have made it myself, but in order for that to happen
1. Dad would have had to repair the sewing machine cord Ammon cut with scissors.
2. I would have had to purchase fabric.
3. I would have waited for the fabric in the mail.
4. I would have had to buy a zipper, and then go through heck trying to put it in, just like in sewing class.
5. I would have to wait for the sewing machine to catch a ride with somebody coming to Provo from Standrod.
6. I would have had to spent a couple hours in front of the sewing maching in order to just figure out how I was going to start.
7. The initial product would have taken a total of 13 weeks to complete.

So you see why it is most important that I just purchased a cute one on etsy.

Thats enough about that.

Other news.

I was in severe pinching back pain yesterday night. I asked Brad to come and punch my back while I was at work. He pushed really hard on it everywhere. It was still pinching. I had an eight o clock class this morning me, I was not sitting still and I was done 'toughing it'.

Chiropractor at 11AM.

Sprained ligaments on the ribs/spine.



But I'll make it.

The chiropractor knows my family well and he said, Brittany BOO! Did you get in a car wreck!! This is whiplash!!! I said, "ya the truck of a guy who hit me in bball." Thats a car wreck. Im a little smart car and he was a semi hauling stinky cows.

Oh goodness, I'm sure I will survive after a few appointments.

He said not to bend my head without it being in square with my back.

That's nearly impossible without a neck/back brace.

Don't forget General Conference news.

They said, "Just make sure you don't take pictures inside."
Oh great. I so wanted to take a picture of President Monson high fiving little kids afterwards.

I'll just etch it into my memory.
Chell Chelly. Brad's little sister. Who is in nursing school. Who was eight feet tall this day.
Do I look like I slept on Brad's shoulder trying so hard to take notes and stay awake??
I told him I wanted a picture of the temple with him in it....Obviously I was intimidated by all the people and have no skills, otherwise the temple would have been to the side, and not coming out of his head, but ah well.
It rained and was slippery. The old lady wouldn't let us go down the stairs, she said they were wet. I said, "Oh so you are just protecting us?" She didn't laugh.
For so many lovely reasons I love this picture. I don't know why they were laughing, maybe cuz it was the second picture, and I said after the first picture, "Brad is being stupid, SMILE!"

And I love it, because its genuine laughter.

I love President Monson, Brad loves Elder Holland a lot too.

We love them all don't worry.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


102 reasons why I love Brad.

just kidding.

That would bore all of you to death.

More like.

We have been married for 102 days.

I asked Brad why he loved me yesterday, he said, "because you made soup and cookies."
Then he laughed as I poked at him and said, "NO" It can't have anything to do with food!
(That's a house rule. No saying you love me because I make you food.)

Then he said, "because you take care of me."

Fine, that will pass Mr. Brad.

But really, I look at how much we have grown since we got married.

A lot.

102 days a lot and three inches.

I also felt so down today because I'm so scared of teaching.

Scared that I will bore my little chicks.

Scared that I won't know how to teach that one kid who doesn't get it.

Scared that I will just be flat out horrible.

And he sat me down and listed all these reasons why I was a good teacher. He told me all these examples of how he knew.

That's why I love him.

At least I know I will have enough jewelry to entertain my own two year old child.

For now I can please 2 year old sibling Faith...

And yes, thats my ghetto kitchen.

And yes, thats my mom cooking for us :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


That's right I have news. News for all of you who have stayed updated on my sister's lives.

My oldest sister is now engaged.

Engaged to be married.

Married to Aaron Loewer, a Canadian. Finally he can get his citizenship in America.


Maybe that's why he is marrying her...


Brooke and Aaron have been through a lot with me. As they were dating before I even met Brad. Before I even knew what marriage was.

They have been dating ever since I was in diapers.

Actually it probably only feels like that.

Here we have me and Brad, and some other randoms, and Brooke and Aaron, little did they know that in this 2009 picture, they would be getting married in the same month, a day after in 2010!

Ps, This is the day Brad told me he loved me.

Young people are blissfully ignorant.

That's what my bishop told me.

I guess I'm still ignorant to how hard and difficult marriage is, because I love it.

Aaron really doesn't care about citizenship, he really loves her!!

I know he does, because he wrote her a poem, and hiked through a blizzard in the mountains to propose.

Well, its up to Brooke to show her ring, I can't take care of all the public announcements for her.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Brittany...wants her husband back.

That is what my facebook status would say.

But facebook isn't personal.

And my blog kinda is.

More than facebook right?

Welcome to October, PS.

And sorry you have to look at wedding pictures.
But, I can't let them die.
I love them too much, I love that day too much, I love him too much.

Brad is really sick.

And I am at the point where these items:
Vitamin C
Sinus Pills
Snack Pack Puddings of all flavors
honey lemon sucking thingys
and honey mixed with lemon water put in the microwave
are worthless.

He is still so sick.

His sore throat makes him not be able to eat nor drink anything but his first bite, then he is done, because it hurts so bad.

I just want him back.

I want him to talk to me again, instead of staring at the wall.

I want him to be able to walk up a hill again.

I want him to want to go in with me when we go to the grocery store.

I want him to not make me cry when he tells me how bad it hurts.

Gosh, that last line...that was way too personal.

But I just feel like I want to take half of his sore throat. Then it wont hurt him as much.

I don't know if that is normal.

I wish we had a bath tub.