Thursday, January 27, 2011

Life as I knew it.

As time flies by, I still think about blogging. I think about what I could say. So I am going to give you a small piece of my mind right now. I have an attractive husband. Pardon my bragging.

I have stinkin cute nieces. 

She really can't get cuter.
Tanning is awesome, makes me look like I have clear skin. 
Its deceiving and I love it.

I love birthdays.
Ian, Brooke, and Sophie.
All at once.
That's what we do in my family combine birthdays. If they are all in the month, that counts. Done, have a party. Pick a date in the middle of all of them, and its a party.
Ian liked the present I got him. He is nine.
Here is his email to me.

when are you geting my present?


my party is Saturday & you still haven't got my present  should have it by now.get it  now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Demanding, and somewhat cute....

Sorry Tiera, this picture doesn't really do it for you.
But Faith, I love the way you talk, I love the way you call all dogs 'you lil rascal!' And I love the way you say, "Hey hey hey Brit, I gotta tell ya somethin." 
"You know yesterday? Well, yesterday Rosie had puppies."
Me: Faith that was like three months ago.
Faith: "Huh, I know I tricked ya!"
So cute. I love skyping with her. 
This is our friend who currently lives with my parents...long story why, but he is a sweetheart. My mom says he will just wake up in the night and wash all the dishes by hand. That's 11 people's dishes he is washing. That's a lot. Sweet heart.

This is Shad, my little brother, notice he has grown since I was home. His shoe size is size hugeo.
But he is pretty nice.

You just listened to what I was thinking.
Now I'm thinking I need to do my report cards. But I feel like eating spring rolls from Costco and laying on the lovesac with Brad while he watches the new office....
Who knows what I will choose...????

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What's that you say?

Ya, I am a four weeker. I haven't posted for four weeks. But in my world, if I miss something I just move on. So I am moving on. You see, I haven't been very photogenic lately....I am a leper, and I haven't wanted to talk about anything because I haven't jumped at the idea of being a leper and talking about it, but I think I have come to terms, and I am okay with it, maybe because I found a temp cure, meaning I don't know if it will work forever but it is working for now.
Christmas went well, that's all you really need to know... like I said, I'm moving on from the past.

 This is what my students got me............perfume, Lightning McQueen, Kleenex, socks, gift cards, and presents galore. 
 Christmas Eve, I spent with Brad's family...we spent it shopping, visiting the PIE in Salt Lake, and visiting Temple Square.
 Here we are, eating away at the PIE. 

And for our long Martin Luther weekend we decided to travel with friends to Vegas....we saw this show.
 Actually we just saw our husbands....and that was close enough to what we would have gotten at Chippendales anyway.
We visited the most famous Pawn Stars they were not there.

But we were.
We ate at the Rio buffet...more than any of us could handle.
 But this was my favorite plate, out of the six plates I got.
 Brad still hasn't eaten since.
And there is my fifteen second catch up.

Oh yes, my short term remedy for my spots.
It helps them and it makes me tan. Great combo.