Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Things I tend to normally hate..

Before I dip deep into the pictures of Christmas, which you will experience later this week, I will dip into things that I hate. On a normal day to day basis. Well I always hate the dentist, but love that my tooth doesnt hurt anymore, but that is a different topic. For now, lets talk about things Brittany hates. (Now when I say hate, I think if I was starving or naked, I wouldnt hate these things, so its not like a pure hate, just a hate because I can, and I do.) I really dislike frizzy hair, especially today, its driving me mad, no matter how many times I lick it down, it still comes up. I put so much hair oil in...it looks a bit greasy. Don't worry, its not, I showered last night, after I dominated in a game of monopoly.

Oh lets talk about monopoly. So if you want a really awesome way to play, play like you put all your money that you spend on everything, properties, fees....you know in the free parking middle pile. All the money you earn from GO and drawing cards, you take from the bank. This way we screw over the bank, and the bank is poor. This pile will get very big, and whoever wins it, pretty much dominates, until someone else wins it. So maybe you hate this way to play, but I love it. Anyway, that was probably the boringest thing I have ever written on my blog, and I apologize.

So I will get back to the point of this post. Its a pre-Christmas post, so you know Im not dead or giving up on my blog, because Im not, its the best journal I have ever kept. Although you never get to know about my real personal life on here, ha oh well, that part you probably dont really care about anyway. Just gossip. Wow I am just really great at not getting to the point today. SO...all of these pictures are from Christmas, but...none actually giving away what our Christmas actually looks like, I'll get to that laters.
So normally I really dislike Midriffs, I just think they are completely gross. Unless you are working out and wearing just a sports bra, then I guess its not even a midriff,because it doesnt even begin to cover your mid'dle. But in this case, I think midriffs are beautifully cute.

She doesnt even know that her adorable belly is showing. Well, it did, and rarely is it NOT showing. But in her case, I love midriffs. Sister in law Amanda, you where a belly shirt whenever you want. Because we love it.

BREAK, take a breather, feel free to get a cookie, or saltine if you lack cookies in your house.

So in mostly every single case I love my Nana. Ha, that sounds terrible. I always love my Nana, she is my dad's moma. So I normally always hate purple, always. Never am I like, oh I think I will go purchase a purple hair thing for my hair, oh hey maybe today I'll go pick up a purple pair of pants. No, I stay clear of that color, for myself. And mostly I steer clear of people who wear the color purple. Ha, jk. That may be a bit over board. Okay, so..here is the kicker. Ya, I know time to move on and get to the point again. In this one case, I loved the color purple.

My Nana, wearing purple. Handing us our family history to add to our binder of what soon will be 5 trillion binders of family history. One person, could never complete one's family history in a lifetime. Not even in two lifetimes.
Here is a back view to get the full effect of the purple sweater. So in my Nana's case, I love purple, because its her favorite color...and we share the same birthday, so I have to love it.

Okay now here we go with the kicker of the post of Brittany. Tomatoes. I always hate them, the only case I have ever eaten them is when Sally promises to eat a piece of onion if I will eat a piece of tomato. We then both enjoy each others misery by watching the other eat something that we love, but the other hates and the pain on her face when she eats an onion, and the disgust in my lips when I eat a tomato. Its interesting how we love each other so much, but yet cannot have the same taste buds, as much as we try to force it upon the other. But I really hate tomatoes. No matter what anyone does I will hate tomatoes. But...I love the tomatoes in my cellar. Love them. (by love I do not mean that I eat, because I DO NOT EAT TOMATOES. only if I am starved on day 12 of no food).

What, A garbage pit, thats not a tomato? Okay I know, this is the garbage pit in our garage, where we throw our garbage before we take it and burn it in the fire pit like a half of a half of a mile from our house. LIke a really big fire pit, next time Im home Ill take pictures of it burning, its like a huge bonfire, in a pit. Anyway, peeping behind this garbage is ..... a door. A door in which our cellar is located. Now, before we built our house, our cellar and house were seperate, then we built around and onto our house in which we connected the house and cellar. Sweet. Good job parents. So this cellar is OLD! And I dont even know whats in there. Creepy stuff.
Pull string light. You know you gotta have it, because you gotta get outta there before you turn off the light...cuz its a bit creepy. And cold.
So there is another door, because I believe someone built on to the cellar...blah anyway its a feat with cement cold steps..And I hope there is no rodents in there..there is no way there is because..
we store apples and potatoes and water heaters..rodents would eat the food. These are some of our nine water heaters. I dont really know how many we have..seven, eight? nine? Something like that. ARe you wondering what in the world tomatoes have to do with our cellar yet? HA! Okay so we had a garden, then it started to get real cold in september. So..my mom took all her tomato plants and HUNG them in her cellar. And on Christmas day we were eating tomatoes that were ripe in August, and have lasted four more months. Crazy? I think so.
Hanging tomatoes. Hanging...ripe in August. Eating them STILL in december. Tricks of the mom. I actually do not know where she became of this knowledge to do this.. But our cellar is always cold and dark..and they survive. On the vine. So whenever my mom needs tomatoes..she just goes and picks them from her vine. She doesnt even water them. They just suck nutrients from the vines.

While we are looking at this picture, I have a small story. See that window in the middle of the picture. Its the only window, and its pretty hard to get open, but when it opens, it opens like a cupboard would open and it comes toward you and up. Anyway, the cellar door locks from the outside. To lock stuff in? To lock my brother Tanner in? I dk. I really dk. So....Landon and I got locked in when I was a small girl. That window would be easy to reach now...probably still would need a boost to get up there. But..Landon and I sat and thought about how to get out for a few moments...then realized that if we cleared away a spot, he could boost me up and I could shimmy out. Well..that window is small, and it was tight for me then. But now if I got locked in I would need some explosives to get out. But I could just live off tomatoes...I guess..YUCKERS. I would eat the apples first. Then work on the potatoes..anyway, somebody would eventually find me. I remember dropping out of the window...face first into mud. Awesome. It was a long drop to me then too. Oh memories of the cellar. Back to the tomatoes.
Are you amazed? So you see why I would love the tomatoes in my cellar! (NOT FOR MY CONSUMING PURPOSES, but for my mothers creativity, and whoever else contributed, I dont really know)
So come to Standrod and grab a tomato.

Midriffs, Purple, and Tomato. If you hate em, its okay, if you still hate them after this post...its okay..so do I.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Freak Brittany

I guess maybe I need to post on my blog so people know I am surviving. Breathing. Coping. Well I have yet to say IM DONE WITH FINALS, or post on my facebook status, Brittany is..so glad that she took seven tests and still managed to do awesome on cram studying, or Brittany is so glad she can now relax because are over. Or Brittany is so sick of people putting personal things on their facebook status, it totally ruins communicating. Or Brittany is tired. Or Brittany doesnt get enough sleep. I dont know about any of you but I love learning about things NOT through facebook. I hope that I find out through word of mouth, even if it is six months late.
Maybe I need to calm down a little bit. Not let school and work stress me out so much. Maybe, just maybe I need to watch more TV, compared to none. Maybe I need to go visit somebody more, or go caroling. I always felt awkward caroling. I cant sing, and its always been strange to me to knock on peoples doors and sing a song. Okay maybe its just me, but I dont know. Moving on. I need to relax. And maybe its because I have one final left, and I just don't feel like even after I take that I will be relaxed. I still work, I still have to do my laundry, I still have to go to school in like 3 weeks, and the process (if you are from canada, please pronounce PRO-CEss, not pracess) will continue, start over. My co-worker told me something really disheartening today. We always want to finish high school, then finish college, we are always looking forward to the next step, but it never gets better, the desire to complete the step never ends, we always wanna go forward, we want a boyfriend, but once we get a bf we wanna get married and then we will be really happy, but then we need to have kids to get even happier in life, but once we have kids we need more. Gosh, its just a pracess isn't it. So at that point I just wanted to say, okay I'm done, I'm just going to go home and sleep. Because I have a no sleep headache. My calves cramped up so bad last night. Ouch.

Maybe I need faith. And Faith.

I wish I could relax, eat ice cream and sit in my high chair.
Not just any high chair, Eddie Bauer high chair.
"Oh the life, I cannot even seem to grasp the drama I begin to create by being so wonderful."-Faith
Like um, life is like hard, and I like need to like kinda like maybe freak out every once in awhile like, dont you think so?
Oh yeah just maybe I should be more easy going.
And this is content and this is how faith is content. I need faith, or maybe I need to be more like Faith. Sorry if I am confusing you.

I should just squak when I need something, or don't want someone touching me. (Its usually Landon trying to poke me in the ribs, or tickle my feet).

Oh I should just lay down on the floor and give up, give up on everything. My life is hard, people draw on me, People pick on me, people tease me for my bigger than normal ears, people try to pick me up and swing me upside down, and I am done. I am so done.
But then again, life is okay sometimes. Ice cream in my hair happens, but I guess I can just smile for the camera because life is okay.

I have a final left. I need to take it. I also need to sleep, so if you try to call me I may be in hibernation. Oh and Tosha told me to just get my final over with. I think thats a good idea. Five hours is enough for studying I think.

Oh and if you thought these pictures were still from Thanksgiving, they are not. I am not that desperate. Gosh, give me a chance, I moved on from Thanksgiving. But plan on seeing Christmas pictures for at least six months.


Friday, December 12, 2008

Hey Baby Lets go to Vegas..

You would think I would run out of things to say to you. But, if you know me at all you will know that I talk. More than I think probably. I talk a lot. So I can let that talking blabber onto the page. And Im glad I decided to write, instead of worrying about who wants to read it and who doesnt. As long as I am happy right? So as far as I know Im probably the least amount of TV watcher ever in AMerica. When I go home I love to watch movies, old movies, black and white movies. But here I just fail to find the time, or desire. If I have an hour Im not going to plop down on the couch and flip channels, sorry. I am probably going to lay on my bed and stare at the ceiling. Or sit and stare at the wall. If you want to debate this...Dont because its true. Landon can vouch for me. He hears me come home, then comes in my room and sees me performing this act. I usually say to him "I could be doing anything right now, I just need to lay here though." I dont know why but getting off work at five then going to work again at six, sometimes drains me. Sometimes. I dont do it everyday, but I do go to class with that, NOT ANYMORE TILL JAN!!! YAHOO FOR SCHOOL! The first of the week I am great. The first two times I am great. But the third time is usually what sends me through a loop.

So yesterday was the operator party. 1 AM it started. Roughly 3:15ish it finished. There was all sorts of talents, sword fighting, singing, clogging, video skills, jokes, snorting even, Sleep didnt hit me till 4 am. Woke up at 7:30. Rolled on the floor to army crawl to my closet to find some jeans instead of the turqoise short sweats I was wearing. I froze to death in those 3 1/2 hours, and normally I get under my other blanket, but last night it was like I was so out of it, I didn't even know where I was. When my alarm went off, I thought it was BYU info calling me telling me I was late. (normally only time I am late is when I miss my alarm) But I didnt even work in the morning, I had a final. A very relaxing final. I think my granola cereal is bad for me. Maybe because its all I eat. Hmm. It hurts my stomach. I should stop eating it.

Last night I worked out with landon. At golds. I hate golds. Summer earlier posted a expressive note on her blog about Modbe. Here is my experience with Golds Gym. Hell.
I dont swear but I do when I talk about Golds Gym. Its like there is no word in the dictionary that can explain the pain they have caused me. I don't even think it is the oh let me jump down your throat if you aren't a member and tell you that you are getting the best deal they have to offer, and they have never seen their manager give a lower deal. When really Landon and I know this is a load a crap, my brother, other brother, and brother in law are all salesman. Im not retarded, but somehow I fall into it, I fall into the, okayy....iiii Guess I neeedddd a paasss that Im never going to use. I have Byu, I have no time, I would rather eat dirt than play basketball with the cockies at Golds Gym. I take that back I would rather let mice crawl all over me. Thats right, mice. I hate mice and rodents. HEy maybe I hate GOlds because everytime I try to sign up the dude hits on me, Im not that attractive with greasy unwashed hair, too big of hoodie on, with the hood on my head, black under my eyes from not washing my face the night before, and hairy excema infested legs and you are hitting on me? I think you have a problem, not me for looking this gross and going out in public. And better yet, asking me to a drinking party to show me real fun? Real professional. See I dont think it was that. BUt I think it was this:
Brittany pops her tire in Golds Gym Parking Lot.
Brittany is mad that they had pavement broken and she is lucky enough to be the winner to get her tire popped.
Brittany goes into Golds to ask for a possible help with the tire, or maybe like hey see if you guys can help me out with a new tire since your parking lot is a load of rubbish.
Brittany asks politely.
Brittany waits for them to finish trying to swindle somebody into getting a membership.
Brittany is told they cant do anything about the tire.
Brittany asks them to help her change her tire.
Brittany walks out because three strong (idiots) couldnt help her change a tire because they needed to stay and hold down Golds Gym.
Brittany wonders why they spend a FORTUNE to work out and get strong, THEN NEVER USE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry Its been awhile since that happened, but the wound was reopened last night when Landon paid ten dollars for me to bench press 80 pounds a million times and now it hurts to type these letters. (apparently that isnt stopping me from wearing out the keyboard). So I guess I just vented. Got it out. Whoofff.

Now what you all really just want to see. Hey Baby Lets Go to Vegas. When I say Baby, I refer to ...everyone. :)
Echo, you could come with me to Vegas. I like you. Plus you are wearing my senior bball jersey #14, so ya, you can come to Vegas.
Hey Echo, you are a really good rebounder in basketball, rebounders do well in Vegas I hear.
Molly, there is Christmas balls in Vegas too you can break. Dont worry. Hey, Ill even sweep it up for you.
Yes Lad, there is Bingo in Vegas. Lots of it.
Since I already told Lad he could come, I guess Maddie and Ian, you guys can come too. Ian, I know Batman doesn't smile. But once you see Vegas, you will smile.

Sally's team, uh..no you cannot come to vegas.
Sally im still deciding if you can come or not. (#10)
Only if you score 20 points atleast, this game.
This is not scoring sally! You are number ten, you should be scoring right here, not standing and watching someone else try to steal your spot to vegas!

Uh...I told you guys you could come already.
Niece Maddie, yes you can be out of control in Vegas, Ian you keep jumpin in these pictures.
Sister Summer you are totally there, leave the babies at home though. Oh I already told niece Molly she could come, okay baby sister Faith. Fine you can come too. Freak this is a lot of people going to vegas.
Sally, if you want to come, you need to be holding the ball in your hands, and shooting. Then you can come. 20 points remember?
Oh finally, okay you can come, you exceeded the expectation of 20 points, but you have to, because thats you.
Sallys opposing team, No you cannot come to Vegas.
After I told Sally she could come to VEgas with us, she was so happy all over. Winning the game had nothing to do with it. The fact that she is superwoman has nothing to do with her smile either.
Im only going if Sally goes.
And for the pool. I like Pool, cept I lost this game, and every game. Aunt Robin and Sister Echo were so distracting.
I almost forgot Crystal, she's in Florida. She told me she wanted to come. So I'm inviting her for a couple of reasons. Number one. I like her, and I like people who want to travel on trips with me. (she also wants to come to Standrod, I know weird that I finally convinced someone).
But then again, I have already gone, and I really didn't like the night life.
This guy with the fish in his cane, and chica friend with a man face, they were in Vegas too. But if I go again, Ill be okay without them.

OH you will be happy to know this only included 3 pictures from THanksgiving. I think I am moving on.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I still wish..

I love comments on my blog (CRYSTAL), sometimes it makes me feel like even if only that one person read my post, it was worth it to write it, and take the time to choose the pictures, find something interesting to say about pictures that probably aren't that interesting, post pictures of my family, since that is about all I have going for me. If I didn't have my family I would be a boring boring individual. So, I guess to all of those who do post comments, thank you for giving me the 'umph' to write yet another post, in which I look over as, oh I have seen this a million times. But, I believe some of you haven't ever had 15 siblings, and 5 jillion cousins running around, so its kinda nice for you. You can visit a circus just by looking at my blog. Cheaper too. Gosh maybe I should start charging for you to look at my family secrets. Our biggest secret right now is probably how dirty the house is. Im not sure, haven't been home for a week.
It may be fascinating for some of you to just establish some sort of group in order to come take a tour of my home, meet all my siblings, and maybe even visit my one-hall way highschool. Hmm. Its an idea. Maybe I'll put us up for a reality tv show. But then again, that might drive my family more mad than they already are. I believe I am getting on a tangent here. Some of you (family who don't talk to me on a frequent basis) may want to know about me.
Well I finished up the last of my classes yesterday. And it was my goal to actually stay awake in Doctrine and Covenants, and I DID!!! The girl next to me without an arm didn't even stay awake!! She really doesn't have an arm but she dresses amazing, and very stylish. I dress that coordinated and cute like once a month. And that wears me out to take that long to get ready, and maintain the cuteness attitude all day, some of you know what I am talking about.
Back to life. So I plan to go home for the holidays, people ask me "so are you going home" After the ten trillionth time, I almost want to say, "Hey no, I think my overcrowded bedroom in Provo looking over apartment buildings will be really awesome on Christmas morning, especially all by myself" So yes, I am going home for the holidays, and my mom called me this morning and nobody wants to put lights on the Christmas tree that Landon and Shad cut down. So, like last year I will put the lights on with Echo/Ethan (sorry I cant remember which one of you) helped me twist them around the tree.
Yesterday I was sitting thinking, why am I sitting here studying for finals, they arent for like another week. I should be out not stressing having a wonderful time! IM done with classes, and pretty sure no matter how terrible I do on the exams, there is NO way I will fail any of my classes. So that is something to be proud of. Hey I might even get a couple A's. That would be really awesome. Now you see why I don't write very often. I get distracted and end up talking about something that I could have said in like four words. Finals over, going home. Bam.
Today is the operator 1 AM party. Thats exciting for me, because every year I have wanted to go, but .. I wont go into why I didnt go. This year I am going, and I am bringing healthy food to balance all the unhealthy stuff that will be there. I am going to eat a massive SALAD before I go so that I dont get distracted and eat suga. I don't think I have a talent though. Maybe if I get really brave I'll roll my tongue or something. Wow I dont know.
I'm excited to go home and play ping pong. I like it. I want to be professional. But, tanner will always be better than I. So I am guessing by now you are drifting off to sleep while reading so I will display fotos. Right after I itch my nose. Now I am clicking add pictures icon. Okay I'll stop telling you step by step boringness.

I have a feeling I am going to get carried away with this blog post. Pictures wise. OH I forgot my title was I still wish.. I still wish ...
(I still wish)I could bring some people I really dislike and play football in my backyard with my siblings, to show them whats really up.
I still wish I could be this allstar sports player, hence why football is so fun.
I still wish Provo was this relaxed, people not feeling like they have to go somewhere and do something all the time.
I still wish I can remember why we think it is funny to leave Faith crying, under our porch, on a riding lawnmower. Babysitting gone bad.
I still wish I could go to BYU but live in Standrod, how does that work? hmm..
I still wish I could spend all my time with Mykah, Echo and Sally, and visit the Twin Falls Temple all the time. (Check out my non-tighted legs, freezin in the wind)

I still wish everybody could go to Standrod, and Twin Falls, and heaven of course while we are on the subject.
I still wish I could describe the wonderfulness of the temple to those who don't know it.
I still wish everybody could meet my family.
I still wish I could rock climb really awesome, so awesome that I can climb completely slippery, and slickery walls. Temple walls, but then that would be disrespectful so nevermind.

Oh by the windy (wine-dee) way. All of these fotos are from T-weekend. Still. I know I need to move on.