Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Wellp we did have the entire family for Christmas, which reminded me of the talent show song Brad, Aaron and I sang, with wigs. There was our final line in the song that was very true. But you will have to wait for the specialty of that to come around.

For now, watch Ian my good man open his presents.

Let me tell you about a small folded notebook paper I saw on the table next to the couches, where we normally store santa's cookies. Ian is very big into Santa, and even at one point he asked me why Hannah was getting the red bags out. I told him Santa emailed her and asked that she prepare it a little so he wouldn't have to do so much work.

He thought that answer was sufficient.

But the notebook paper I found folded said this.

I have been angry these past months. I will be sleeping by the stockings, so I hope you put in some star wars legos. Love, Ian. P.S. Do you still use Rudolph?

And can you understand this?

Then he wrote in the Star Wars symbols he memorized and now writes in. He memorized all of the alphabet and now can write in his own little Star Wars language.

I say he major in linguistics.

Or humor, because his letter made me laugh so hard.

Later in the night I read his letter again.

He had crossed out 'I will be sleeping by the stockings.' Possibly because someone told him he couldn't.

Oh Ian, you make days like Christmas beautiful.

Happy New Year's Eve.


Well as you all probably are aware, I have a brother named Lad. He is quite cute, with such a great attitude :) He comes home from school and gets right to his homework, he is up before my parents and is never late for the bus. He also loves Bradley Clark to death. He is always right next to his side. But Mr. Lad is soft hearted, but aren't we all? During the longest Phase 10 game of my life, Lad and Brad were playing 'shoot each other' with the nerf gun.

Lad was shooting at Brad and missed, and hit Landon right in the eye.

Brad immediately burst into an outburst of bursting laughter.

Landon yelled, "Gosh Lad you hit me right in the eye, OUCH!"

Lad got that look on his face, and said holding back tears, "I did....didn't mean to." Then he burst into tears and buried his face in the couch.

Brad still laughing, because he thought it was a great shot.

Landon grabbed Lad and held him while he cried, assuring him that it was ok.

Brad still laughing.

Brad thinking Lad had a great shot all the while.

So Lad has a soft little heart.

But as you may all NOT know...Brad and I chose Lad in a random drawing I had at work. My co-worker picked the names and I wrote them down.

We got Lad....well watch the video :)
And Happy New Year's Eve Eve!

My Christmas surprise.

Well Christmas came and went this year didn't it?

I wasn't able to say Merry Christmas without the day just being gone before my eyes.

Gosh we had such a fun break. On the way to our house we drive by my Grandma's house. He said, there is a cow in the road. I said no..thats a miniature pony. He said, "NO WAY!" I said, Brad dear, you have been married to me for six months tomorrow, and you knew me eight months before that and you didn't know my grandma loves mini ponies? So he said, I want a picture....Alrighty Bradley.

But now we are back in Provo. Back to reality.

No more huge showers. Huge rooms. With a wii.

No more screamin babies.

No more food cooked to perfection.

No more bacon that was right from a pig that my dad bought and killed. Or had killed I guess.

No more sausage burritos from that same piggy.

No more ice cream shakes everyday, or two a day.

No more phase ten.

No more Risk.

No more sleepin in to 11:30

No more Christmas Eve programs

No more Hansen Family talent shows.

So my Christmas surprise...

Is to give you all a small video glimpse of each sibling opening their presents.

So you can see...

what it is like...to be a Hansen.

Or a Hansen by default (marrying a Hansen).
Here is Christmas morning. We sit and wait and stare at these red bags with our names on them, for hours, days, what seems like months.

So we will start from the beginning.


Well first let me start with the information you need to understand this chaotic disaster.

We start from the youngest to oldest. Always...but this Christmas we were confused, because there was five nieces to worry about as well.

So I will start with those little chaps first.

I missed Halle and Ashtyn because they are still in the non-excited about Christmas phase. Sophie is Tanner's little girl and she is just barely emerging out of that stage. So please ignore my annoying laughs and grunts throughout all the videos..including this one.

Now we have Hannah's children. She has three adorable girls. She lives in AZ with her husband Jeremy, who is now a practicing dentist! Someday I will make it to their spot, with a practicing doctor as a husband. Sometimes Brad and I joke around. I will grab him by the shoulders and fake plead with him, "You are going to be a doctor, right? Right? Right?" Then I will fall to the bed and say, "Oh no, I thought I was going to marry a doctor." Sigh...then he will tickle me silly. And I will tickle him, because usually I win in those battles.

Anyway, here is the Skinner Family. Maddie is the oldest with the Muppets video, Molly is sitting on Jeremy's lap and Halle is eating a jumprope. Hannah is videoing, every once in a while you will hear her voice, and I even confused it with my voice, so you may too.

And I believe Remi opened presents before hand so she didn't really have any, but she did recieve the huge doll house along with Maddie, Faith already has one that I actually got for Christmas, identical to these you see in the picture above. So Tosha's oldest, Remi, you will see here below in Faith's video.

Faith recieved many more gifts, but I didn't record her opening her bag, yet a glimpse of her plethora of presents. But the bag was mostly clothes...BORING.
So I guess you have to wait to hear what I got for Christmas....and see it for yourself :)

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh the Beauty

We are finally done. School is out, and we celebrated by driving up to my friend's reception in Burley, Idaho.

Brad got out of the car at Walmart and said, "It smells funny here."

Ya Brad, every town in Idaho has its different smells.

Mink farms, dairy farms, alfalfa farms...you name it. We got it.

We went into Walmart and saw many people we knew there. All doing the same thing.

Getting a present for Kayla before the reception.

Kayla was absolutely beautiful.
We were best friends for so long.....since we were like 5. Yep kindergarten we fell deeply in friend love. I believe we had matching Dalmatian dog bone best/friends necklaces. You know, the bone split in half, she had one, I had the other. Kept us bonded. Forever bonded.
She looks so radiant next to me..I need a hair job...Maybe thats why I trimmed my own hair this morning over the toilet...it looks fresher, but the color is drab. Kayla does hair, and permanent makeup for a living. Maybe I should take her up on it.

Brad was so happy to be there. :) I made him wear the dreaded polo. He doesn't love polos. He only loves t-shirts. But boy do I love his freckles and dimples. Enough to let him wear a t-shirt and jeans to a reception. Maybe next time.
These are my high school mates. Now all of us are married except Jason. He is on the far right. Any girls need an awesome stylish hard worker, smarter than freak kid? Also he does animation...and he served in Ukraine. Just call 1-800-Jason. Jason and Eric were my closest friends my Senior year, we were in Chemistry together with a bunch of juniors, we all fought for the highest score. It was fun, We all got over 100 percent. Competition does that to you.
Faith and Summer cheesing the perfect cheese. My mom told Faith to 'shhh' in church. Faith responded with, "DONT SAY THAT WORD" and a little hit to my mom's knee.

I also was trying to get her to take a nap with my mom and I, my mom kept telling her to shhh, and I was trying to talk to her about being nicer to Molly (her niece who is 2), she responded with listening for awhile then she said, "I dont like this room." Very well put for a two year old who is getting hammered with dont do this, do this, be quiet. She frankly just didn't like the room...
We told Molly to give us her poker face. She was very quick to do this. Over and over again.

Merry Christmas, and prepare yourself for my upcoming surprise of a lifetime.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I realized that I am a very practical person.

I don't wear heels in snow.

I don't wear excessive jewelry.

I don't wear too much hair wear.

I don't cook extravegently but for special occasions.

I love tshirts and sweats.

I am average at most sports....except raquetball, Im terrible and very jumpy.

I am going to be a teacher, if that's not practical nothing is.

I ate eggs for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, and ice cream for dinner.

Thats super practical.

I have studied a total 8 hours for this history exam.

I said to Brad as he walked in, "IM SICK OF NATIONALISM"

Really, then I heard noise outside and in my mind I imagined Ghandi's followers pushing for peace and their own independence in India. I was sure they were rebels of Africa. I was sure they were Germans looking for Jews.

Then I realized...I'm too involved with this history exam. I just need to take a chill pill.

Also, the other night I got...mad? Frustrated ... I'm not sure what, at Brad.

For not helping me around the house enough.

I told him I didn't want to always have to 'tell him' what to do.

I made him feel bad so in the end I apologized and said nevermind.

Im such a pushover.

But then while I finished the dishes, he disappeared and he had made the bed.

He is so nice. That's love.

He heard me. And really we are just so busy that its nice to not be going going going going when we get home, and we don't really feel like cleaning.

But we already live in a dump, at least it can be a clean dump. Oxymoron.

Then the next day he said, "Brit I'm taking out the garbage without you asking."

He heard me.

Then today he said, "Oh look I picked this up without you asking."

Then I handed him a kit kat.

Jk, he doesn't need material reinforcement, he just needs me to notice that he is trying.

I told him that I know when he lived with guys they could let it go for months.

I told him we aren't doing that.

He heard me :)

So it was a discussion that has turned into this joke sorta, which I like about him, he doesn't hold grudges or complain.

"Look Brit, I did this without asking."

Back to practical.

Dishes have piled up, Christmas gifts need to be mailed, cards need to be made, and 4 finals still press my mind.

Ps half my thank you cards got mailed back to me.

Puke in my face.

Sorry Im six months out.

I posted them here, just in case you are deprived and needed proof that I was doing it.

But I had over 200 to send out.

Cut me some slack.....no excuses, punch me in the gut for being a procrastinator.

But thats just another reason I'm practical.

They are postcards....:)

Monday, December 14, 2009

I told you...

I know I told you I did some things...

But I forgot to give proof.

Ps Today I took two finals and wrote a final paper. Well I havent started the paper yet, but I am hoping to momentarily. Its only 6 pm on the first day of finals and I have 2 out of 7 finals DONE, and one paper about to get hustled.

First off..lets start with this..

Any guesses?

What you have no idea?

Well I will hint you up.

It's made out of candy.

No it is not the inside of a platypus's body.

Okay, another hint.

It's made out of starbursts.

Lots and oodles of them.

Oh you got it. It is a plant cell.

Sally and Echo made it for a project.

Well it was Echo's project.

And her partners bought the starbursts, and she made it.

I would say her partners got the better end of the deal.

It seems as if it was a lot of work. And, that would be yummy to eat afterwards...just wrap them in little wrappers tootsie roll style when you are done. Although you will have to consider the hand massaging they have gone through.... But that would be your lifetime supply of starbursts.

I told you we saw the Bar J Wranglers. I told you. I was afraid to stand by Brad, cuz I would cover up the Bar J. So I just hugged the Bar J.
They held this pose for me, so we could never forget it...never ever....he yodeled so good.
This is the jersey I have previously discussed. The jersey that Brad found out about, and asked for before Christmas. The little stink.
This is what I wore to Sally's birthday celebration. Landon is trying to grap the tie on this picture...sorry if it disturbs you. Ps, Brad dislikes my cowboy boots, but Im at the point where i Just dont care. Thats a great point to be at. He says he doesnt mind them when I cover them with my pants, but in this case I didnt want to get the bottoms of my pjs wet with snow....duh Brad. Deal with it.

So...aside from all of that wonderful info....

5 finals left and this monster paper.

Kiss me on the head and wish me luck.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


I have the greatest surprise for you for Christmas.

Just wait.

You will love it.

It will start the day after Christmas, and continue many days after that.

Just know you will be getting to know the Hansen Family Christmas procedure a lot better when I'm through.

Prepare yourself.

This is my family at Adam-ondi-ahmin. Not all of us. But ...the drivers. Echo...she wasn't happy about the family picture :)

We drove until my dad said he was seeing giraffes.

Then I drove. In the middle of the night in Wyoming. I decided it was time for me to be done driving when the 200 mph wind and snow came to visit.

I loved that trip.

I love my family.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Desperate Housewife.

How can I keep up with it?

At times I feel like my clean laundry sits for a week....or more.

At times I feel like I only do something because it HAS to be done.

Dishes, laundry, cleaning, vacuuming, showering...

It is ridiculous.

I know how good it feels to do things before they have to be done.

Like turning in assignments a week early.

Or starting on your final project a week before its due, because you have 6 other finals to worry about...just puke that one out too...right?

Life is too short to do things right away.

I stopped working at the helicopter school...

Kinda sad...

Two years...

Lots of new friends I met there..

But if you are interested in going to helicopter school its a phenomonel school. There website is suncrestaviation.com..

And I actually set up their google search..so you can find them on google too.

I'm sad to leave..but as I was scanning in documents today I realized...this isn't what I love to do.

I love to teach.

I don't love the scanner sucking in papers and me having to unsuck them when the sucker gets jammed.

I don't love not having children to talk to and help cut out their turkey for Thanksgiving.

I don't love not having Mrs. Cwark be uttered 2 billion times a day.

I don't love not having to tell them to stop sliding on the ice.

I don't love it.

I liked it, for the people...

But I love teaching for the line of work, and for the children.

I should make a list of..you should be a teacher if....quotes

You should be a teacher..

If you love gluing.

If you get excited about grading things.

If you love copying off 30 clean color pages, and then passing them out.

If you love calling on people.

If you love standing up in front of small children to share information with them.

If you love making children laugh.

If you love stapling, paper clipping, and being organized in a planner sorta way.

If you love thinking about things that you could do with a book.

If you love it when the light goes on in little people's minds.

Little people as in ... children...not midgets.

If you do not fit into everyone of those categories....then you are out. You can't be a teacher.


You could, but those things are such a fundamental part of teaching.

As I think about teaching, I think what got me here.

What got me a semester away from being a full blown teacher?

What got me to take that praxis and pass it :)

And score the highest in math.

What got me there?

I believe it was these guys.

I spent countless hours teaching sally, shad gave up quickly, but sometimes I would coheres Landon and Echo to be involved too...

We would come home from school and I would teach them for hours more. I would make Sally do what I was doing in my homework. My mom bought me play school. I had a whiteboard. I had all the equiptment. I planned and copied and stapled homework days before. I usually only had one diligent student.

The bunny pictured above.

Or Sally.

Maybe that is why she is on 25 scholarships, and scored double my score on the ACT.

Maybe...but I won't take credit.

I loved teaching when I was 5 on..so its in my blood.


Doesn't mean its naturally easy..

Its still a lot of work.

At times I will get the feeling like I am losing management of the class, I get panicky inside...and think, they aren't listening, they hate me, they are bored, they can't hear me....and my heart beats faster and I begin to perspire and worry inside.

Then I try some management tool and it doesnt work...

So I begin to lose consciousness and I begin to tear up..

Then I try another one and it works!

So...I learn...

and I grow.


I know teaching is a great career, but I know I want to do more.

I want to publish studies, I want to teach people how to be teachers.

I'm afraid I can only do that if I go to grad school.

And that may come..

But for now I will let life take me where it wants...

And that is teaching little ones.

Maybe I will teach for awhile, then have a family and not teach...

Then I will go to grad school, or maybe I will go to grad school while Brad is in Med school.

Life will be bliss whatever I do.

Cuz I am with...

Mr. Clark

So...I could be a desperate housewife forever..

Except I wouldn't be desperate...

Actually I would.

Desperate for him.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Disaster Face.

Brad is a disaster face right now.

He guesses everything I am going to get him for Christmas!!!

Im just about out!!!

Nothing I get him will be a surprise.

Except one thing.

And if he guesses it...Im doomed.

First he guessed the Real Salt Lake jersey.

Now he wears it all the time.

Next we were in costco and he threw in the kb socks that we all love so much.

I threw them out.

He said, "What are you doin?"

I said, "That's your Christmas present you stink disaster face".

He laughed.

He thought it was hilarious.
Then we were walking through the place where they have the little counters of clothes.
He found a jacket, white, element.

Great I thought, how can I pretend Im not getting him a jacket?

Then he tried it on and asked for it.

I said, oh perfect there goes another gift except I was getting you a gray one.

He put it back and said, "Just get me white okay? Please? Thank you!"


I never knew how hard it would be to hide presents once you were married.

Well most married people wouldn't have a problem with it, because their kitchen isn't their living room, guest room, and family room.

And their bedroom isn't their office, closet, bathroom, and entertainment center.

Entertainment center because we watch movies on our laptops.

Not...anything else. Gosh what were you thinkin?

So, I guess what Im getting at, is ..if, our apartment was bigger, it would be better.

I could hide stuff from him.

I have no clue what he is getting me.

I just keep my ears, eyes, and curiousness to myself.

Sometimes when I'm mad at him, I just file through his baby pictures.

I think of how cute he was as a young kid, then I try to imagine our children combined.

I get really happy.

And I love him again.

Not that I didn't love him before. I just....
Well..there you go. I just look at this and melt.

He isn't a disaster face at all.

He is the cutest human being ever born.

Last night we were watching Julie and Julia or something.

Mah kinda movie. So so movie.

I liked it kinda sometimes, but didn't like the ending.

Anyway, it was her 30th birthday, and I said to Brad, "I can't wait till I turn 30."

And he said, "Why because we will have money?"
Then I got all excited about that too, and kissed him on the face.

"Oh ya I forgot we will have money someday!, but no because we will have kids!!"-Me


But as Christmas is nearing...

I can only think about one thing...





And warm things......things like days. Warm days.

Oh mahahahahahaha!!
I remember why I started writing this post! It was to tell you I got my student teaching placement that will begin first thing in January!!

Hobble Creek Elementary!


I can't wait....to hear Mrs. Cwark again.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Make me up.

Some of you may or may not remember this picture.

Well it is a picture of my face.


Most importantly, it is a picture of my face at my sister's make up show.

Oh boring, Mary Kay make up?

No, she makes it.

Its not just something she threw together in her mixing pot either.

Tosha, my sister...

has two beautiful daughters.

And with her family, primary president job, and making makeup she has tons of spare time.

Just kidding about that spare time part.

Well she makes skincare and makeup products.

I used bare minerals.

She said, oh I made this all natural mineral foundation, try it.

So I did.

I still have my half full container of bare minerals, because...I hated it compared to her makeup.

She also makes lip gloss, anti aging cream, face cleanser, toner, and she sells a clay mask, which is what made me so pretty above.

Now she has a blog, with a great feature, you can purchase her products using paypal right from her site.

I can vouch for the anti aging cream..
because I use it, and its incredible.
Let me file you through the ingredients...Purified Water, aloe vera gel, organic coconut oil and shea butter, vegetable glycerin, stearic acid, emulsifying wax, organic borage seed oil, rice bran oil, calendula oil, organic green tea extract, lecithin, rosemary oil extract, borax, grapefuit seed extract, xanthum gum, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, citric acid organic sweet orange oil, msnuks oil, organic oils of palmarosa, geranium, clove but, fennel and lemongrass.


I put this on my face every night, and the best part is..I crawl into bed moisturized, but also...Brad says, "mmm you smell good."

So it doesn't stink.

And my face....oh my face is so soft and so delicately beautiful when I wake up.

Then I splash a little of the 7 and 8 mix foundation on my face to cover up red...and some of the
wonderful lip gloss that you see pictured above.
Don't you love this label...some people like her green label better. Not me, I like this cutesy one.
These are her toner and cleansers. This is the darling green label I was talking about....

In all her products....I love the makeup, anti-aging night cream and lip gloss the best. But feel free to buy them and browse what she has to say about the products here...
I love her product.

I love her.

But the greatest part is that she makes these from home with her expertise of minerals, essential oils, organic, and all natural things.

She's incredible.

So check out her blog.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Its strange to think that I am becoming so many things this year.

A bride.

A wife.

And a teacher.

As I left my third graders today I was flooded with licorice, donuts, flower for my hair, notes, cards, candy, and one boy asked me everyday what my favorite treat was.

I was suspicious of his questions.

The day before he left he asked me again.

I changed from cinnamon bears, cupcakes with pink frosting, to finally the day before it was a sprinkled donut with chocolate frosting.

The next day....

I received that sprinkled chocolate icing donut.

At what point can anyone say teachers do nothing.

After many notes of, "WE WILL MISS YOU."

I realized, maybe all my reading with them, teaching them, getting mad at them for being mean to their friends, or telling them it was okay to cry sometimes, did do something.

Did help them.

Helped them.

I had no idea they remembered the things I had told them, had helped them learn...

No idea their parents would go get me my favorite treat.

I think the pay is terrible.

Who doesn't?

But its worth it.

Its worth those tight hugs they gave me today.

The voices that said, Oh my gosh, please don't go, can I just hug you all the way to your car?"

The students that cried and shied away and nearly made me cry.

Goodness, I'll miss them singing Michael Jackson and obsessing over Twilight.

I'll miss them telling me I look great, or terrible.

But aside from that..

It was Sally's birthday yesterday.

Pizza pie cafe. Cheap, but good. Loved so many things about it.
Brad said to me, I'm just going to spray hairspray in my hair and see what happens. It turned into a very hot mohawk.
Sal's friend who is on the UVU track team with her got her a little birthday surprise. The problem was...he brought out six spoons. There was only five of us...so clearly I used two spoons to shovel in faster than everyone else.
I made her this card. She died with how cute the button stickers that said, sal were. She lost her breath, then screamed and jumped at how cute the letters were.

I decorated this cake.


Its gorgeous don't cha think?

okay...it says HB...sal

HB means happy birthday, which took the 4.0 GPA college student on 15 scholarships about 1 minute to figure out...

Nobody ever gets that.

Its okay.

I joke decorated this...Then i frosted it and gave it to her, for reals frosted it.

Mr. Study Face had to study during the time being....about protein and cheese probably...
I guess I used to be more of a studier. Now I am a lessonplanwriterer.
Landon was caught in the act with his girlyfriend.
Are they really dating?

I'm really not sure what their status is.

But I guess they are together now, if they weren't before, because I just made it...
Brooke and I went together and got this adorable black dress for Sally, As you can see she is standing in the finest part of my house. You see the donated couch, rug, bookcase, and red picture holder thingy. Not gifts, just donated generously.
Why are you studying again? He is faking.

Really he is about to watch the office.

Jk he really was studying.

PS I cant wait to spend Christmas break with this doll face.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Slipping Away.

The other day I was thinking to myself..wow my newlywed times are slipping away.

We already passed our first Halloween and Thanksgiving together..

Now we are about to pass our first Christmas together.

And today I bore my testimony for the first time in front of Brad.

Weird that I have known him for over a year and I just got to this point.

Of course he has heard it before through my example and words.

And the fact that I always tell him what we are going to be like with our kids.

And how if they want to stay home from school I'll make sure I know what they are learning so I can teach them there when they fake sick like he did half his childhood.

Then they can choose me...or their teacher to teach them. And trust me, they will want their teacher after 5 minutes with me.

I just think I should write a more detailed journal...so my kids will know exactly what I went through in these first few months.

But it seems like the last thing I wanna do when I'm so happy with Brad is sit down and write about what made me so happy, or you can insert the word mad in there too if you want.

This morning he said something to me like this, "I can't wait to have kids with the woman I love. When we have kids I'm going to call you 'sexy mama'.

I said, "You already call me that."

He said, "I know."

Oh great, our kids will think sexy is beautiful or something. Then when they are five they are going to call the other kid they have a crush on a sexy daddy, or a sexy mama.

Now, some people would think that the statement about Brad saying he can't wait to have kids with the woman he loves is romantic, but also boring. But whats great is when he says things like that, I know he means them. Because he doesn't overdo the lovey dovey stuff.

He gives me just the right dosage of that kinda prescription drug.

Isn't that cute?

Well now that all of you have already clicked off my blog because of this soapy lovey dovey blog post.

Time goes so fast...and someone said to me that love isn't enough to get you through life.

But I think it is.

But it depends on your personal definition of love.

If you think love is kissing and texting and sharing happy moments together, then maybe it won't be enough.

But if you think love is getting off work to be with each other, or sacrificing your feelings to make the one you 'love' happier, or giving up your time, to do something to help them, or supporting them in their decisions, instead of controlling them or if you think love is staying together no matter what trials arise, no matter how much money you don't have, or if you think love is choosing your spouse over your family no matter what, or if you think its working every problem out instead of being stubborn and holding on to the problem and making it bigger than it is, or if you think it is lifting up that spouse no matter the time of day, night, or hour, or if you think love is sacrificing your time frame for them, to make them happier, or if you think it is giving up your dreams and hopes in order to be with them because that has become your new hope and dream...to be with them...

Then you should be okay.

you should be able to make it on love alone.

Because with that kind of love.....somehow together you seem to make it without any money, you seem to make it when you are terribly stressed and full of things to complete.

Some say soul mate...

I just call him mine.

Because I know.....he was meant to be mine.

And I would have never been happier had I not said yes.

Because I realized I still sit waiting for him to get home impatiently and I get butterflies when I see him and hug him. He still makes me so happy...still. Its been almost 6 months...should it still be there? Well it is.

I asked him yesterday, "Should I still be this excited to go on a date with you?"

He said, "I will always be this excited."

He said, "I will always get butterflies when you walk in the room."

So I guess I wrote this post to help me remember how it was six months after being married.

I guess I wrote it because I was overwhelmed by him.

Love from him.

Friday, December 4, 2009


I know a lot of my family members read this. I just thought I would quickly give them reasons why I love them starting with my dad.
Dad- I love you because you are my go to man. I know I can go to you for anything, and I know you will be there for me. And because I inherited your calves.
Mom-You are a miracle. Constantly assisting me and I'm sure all of your other children, its like I demand your attention, and never have I not received it. You are so smart, you know everything about raising kids, and I only hope you will be a phone call away while I raise all my kids.
Brooke- You are so very talented, and I am always so excited to say you are my sister. Not only are you beautiful, but you are so kind to every soul you meet. Always seeing the good in them, never the bad.
Tosha-Another talented sister. And also beautiful. You are smart as a whip, and so good at Spanish :). But also you always listen to me, and find the jokes, you appreciate me, and have always supported and loved me.
Hannah-Once again, talented. But not one soul in my family isn't full of talents. But mostly I love you because of how easy going you are. You are so good with people, and your kids. You would do anything anyone asked of you without complaining. And always feel like you can improve. I may or may not be talking about the cake :) No, but its true in every aspect.
Tanner-You were always so cool to me in high school because of how tall and good at basketball you were. Also, I have always respected you and your advice. And you married Amanda when all odds were against you, you loved her and you kept fighting for her. That may sound stupid, but it was a great example to me that you know what is right and you will fight for it.
Summer-Freak sum bum. Where do I begin with you? You were just older than me, and I always looked up to you. You had this attitude about you like it didn't matter what anyone thought. Whenever I try to wear something new, I worry what people will think of me, then I think of track practice how you just wore tights, and everyone else wore shorts over their tights. So basically not only are you a good example, but you love me no matter what, and you love to laugh and enjoy life. You have been through hard times and you have only taken them and improved. Plus you are freakin talented too. Painting, scrapping, farming...and thats all I can think of right now.
Landon-My dearest and closest brother. Not only have you always been my playmate, but you stood up for me, you would drive to Maryland and back for me if I asked you to. And you wouldn't ask for gas money. You clearly can sleep at my one bedroom house anytime. Sorry you have to sleep on the kitchen floor. We played cars and trucks together, I cried to you when I broke up with boyfriends. I wrote you on your mission. You taught me so much, and kept me going. You are the best. And you became such good friends with Brad, I love that.
Sally-Oh dearest. You are a walking athlete machine. But besides that I could always sense that you knew I loved you to the core. And, we have this connection that I will never have with anyone else. We bond the minute we see each other. Its like we know everything about each other, and just connect. No girl friend will replace you because no matter what...you are the bestest friend. Words cannot even describe you girlyo.
Shad-Shad hands down I love you because the minute I brought Brad home, you were by his side teaching him the ways of the Hansen family. You don't judge people. You clearly just see them as instantly awesome. And I always brag to everyone about your sports knowledge. I like how you are always crackin jokes, and causing everyone to have a good time, whether they want to or not.
Echo-You have always been my baby sister, then Faith came..but you, you I held and rocked and changed your diapers. You were feisty, but we loved that about you. I remember one time Tosh was taking me to get cheer outfits, you wanted to come, mom wouldnt let you and you threw the biggest fit. Screaming and making threats. Feisty or not, you are so smart and read a ton. I love that you want to be a pediatrican. I know you will get there. And, you are skinny and beautiful. I wish I was 15 again, so live it up :)
Ethan-Oh gosh, I loved you when you were a baby. I held you all the time. Got up with you in the night. But right now, I guess I love you because of how well you work, how well you get along with others, how hard you work, how you have never treated me badly, and I always feel like you respect me. Gosh I love you.
Chandler-I remember how animated you were when you were a toddler. Always making dinosaur noises and actions. I loved your bull legs. You and Ethan would play outside for hours in your diapers. I grew to love you so much while you were growing up. Now I love you for your clumsiness, your humor, your willingness to laugh.
Ammon-Wow, you were my little baby. I held you all the time. I fell with you one time on the ice and I smacked my back hard. But you didn't even wake up because I was so scared you were going to get hurt that I didn't even break my fall, I just held you up. You are so precious to me. I know you are trapped inside this autistic brain, but you are so smart, and I love it when you smile and kiss me.
Ian-I love how smart you are. I love your desire to learn and create. I love how you dress up. I love how you play with Lad. I love how you talk so advanced. I love how you always can talk to me. I love you!
Lad-I love how much you love Brad. I really like how you can tell the longest, full of detail stories. I love how you feel like you have to be modest and change in the bathroom even though you are only five. I love how you play the Wii. Makes me laugh how grown up you act.
Faith- You are a doll. Full of life, and energy, sometimes you just run around the room and laugh and sing. You fell asleep next to Brad and I's bed, cuz you wanted to play with us but we are old and too tired. You say, "Come on lemme show you sumfing" You giggle so cute. You are such a tease. Your attitude makes me laugh. I love you.


Some people think they have a perfect husband.

Oh wow are they wrong.

I think I hit the jackpot with that perfect husband.

But I'm just bragging.

Last night I went to my sister's makeup show. I'll tell you about that later.

Then I came home to my casa and saw this.

Now some wives would think this wasn't a big deal.
Not me. It is a big deal. Mr. Clark has a huge test today, and last night he spent 8 hours reviewing for it. But in his break, instead of going to blimpie to buy a sammie. He did this.
He left that brush in the sink like he was leaving a statement, "Take that you dirty disgusting dishes that Brittany never does."-Mr. Guitar Lover

He texted me, I left a surprise for you on the table.

I walked in and thought that dishes was what he meant, so I hugged him a lot when he got home.

But really he meant he found my lost ID card in his sexy gap coat. And he had put that id card on the table too, with a note. -I found this and P.s. I did the dishes! :)

The coat he rode down the mountain in at Sundance on Jan 1, 2008.

The coat he was wearing when I confirmed in my own mind that I loved him.

As he rode in front of me I thought, I love him. Even if he does leave me in the dust....or snow...whatever.

At what point do I confess to him that I tricked him into marrying me?

That I took advantage of his extreme perfectness and put on the pretty I'm so great Brittany.

I'll never tell him.

No not never.

But come to think of it, he has seen me at my worst, you know the crying for no reason, makeup running down the face worst?

Ya he has seen that.

Oh and the frizzy no good hair do I wake up in the morning with.

Ya he has seen that.

Oh what bout my sassy attitude. I snap back at him like a mad hippo.

Ya, so he has seen the worst.

I guess I could only hold the I'm so perfect marry me face for a week or so.

But that was enough. I caught em.

Don't let him see this post.

Then he will know all along.

But I guess it could get worse.

I could walk around the house all day with this.

That would scare him to death. Not sure how he would envelop me in his arms and kiss my cheek if I was lookin like this. First of all, my face would be so tight, I wouldn't be able to bring my lips together to kiss his lips.

So he wouldn't be okay with that.

His sister Chels, you know the one that loves kitties, and rescued Doodle....seems to look pretty aweful with it too.

So I guess I'm okay.

Disclaimer: Brad did question my ability to dirty so many dishes in only a few cookings.
Disclaimer: The dishes are his job that he has chosen to uphold. But he chose that himself, I'm not a bosser-arounder. At least not all the time.

P.S. A favorite quotes from the 3rd Graders this week: On monday: Mrs. Cwark, only 24 days till Christmas right?
On Tuesday: Christmas is on the firteeith right?
On Wednesday: I suck at being on camera. One time when I was on camera I made this (demonstrated an extremely ugly face) face. (after I had my camera out videoing my teaching).
Another on Wednesday: No I want Mrs. Cwark to sit by me, not that I don't like you, I just like her more.