Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I love..

I thought I would document the things I am in love with, or at least for this phase of life. I heard that thinking of/expressing things you love makes you happier. And I am here to tell you, after doing this blog I keep thinking of things I love all day long. And believe me, I'm happy.
The triplets. Left to right, Bryce Reid Trever. I got them these Cabella guns for Christmas. I do love the triplets and their whole family! Even Emma (the dog)
This really happened, and wasn't organized. Then Brooke snapped a pic. Im so glad she did that because this picture exemplifies what is happening when they sit on your lap..they all are thinking and doing different things. It gets complicated.
My house. I love my house because 1. it is in the middle of nowhere, 2. I can go somewhere and be alone for a long period of time with nobody finding me. 3. If you get bored due to no Dish/ whatever that is called, or no cell service...window washing is a week long process.
Track. I loved it. So many memories. So many tears. So much pain. So many medals. So many losses. I loved it. Not real sure why they wrapped my leg that day..I do remember it was cramping a lot, and the stuff they put on it made it burn really bad and leave welts, but I really like how tough it makes me look.
Bread. I do not eat much of this, and not eating it makes me crave it and love it.
I love tamales of any kind. Hot Tamales. Mexican Tamales. I love it.
I think I have plenty of people to go to when I am in a fret. Thats why I love my dearest family so much.
Sisters. (sorry brothers)MOre specifically Summer and Echo. We always seem to get pics together and leave Sally out which we dont mean to do. But These are the sisters I grew up with, went to school with, now miss.
Sisters, but most specifically Sally. I always have terrible nightmares that I'll lose her. Probably because we look so alike in this picture. I guess growing up with her was fun, but being at college without her stinks. (Sal dont cry when reading this)
Sisters. Sorry TOsh you didnt make it in this one. Maybe because it was your wedding day. So a shout out to Hannah and Brooke, Hannah is so willing to do anything for me and listen to me and I cannot even begin to explain how her example has helped me and not to mention her two beautiful girls. Brooke, where to start with her..she is always thinking of me and checking up on me, and she is an absolute delight to live with. She is always chipper and outgoing, which I love. Tosh is such a good mom and has a love for cooking and I really admire that in her.
I know my camera is gone, but I love it. I love it so much because of all the beautiful pictures it took.
Basketball. I forget all my troubles completely playing this sport.
These books. I am 6 down..three more to go.
Light Blue/Teal. I cannot express how happy these things make me.
I love butterflies. So teal and butterflies is an excellent combo.
PL. Or as some people say, pink lemonade.

So these are things I love. Tune in next time for things I don't love.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Remarkably I found my last name on a headstone, don't fret, I'm alive.
This was supposed to be silent, at the Tomb of the Unknown, but we wanted a picture.
I loved this shot, because the Washington Monument was peeping through the trees.
Maddie wore these glasses all day, people would walk by and say, "Look at that lil' girls glasses." Then I would laugh and say, "they are so cute aren't they!" They would just awkwardly nod then walk away.

This shot I also love, it shows how straight the lines were.

My feet on the soil of the graves. I wanted sure proof I was there.
Another perfect shot, with my perfect camera, which is in the hands of a stranger right this instant.
Arlington went well, as you can see. Seeing all these graves took me back to the wars of our country. I wont get all soapy and tell you how much I respect them and such, but I will say that I have been reading a little about World War II and the soldiers who fought in these wars were all heros even though they prefer not to be called heros, they deserve every bit of respect one could possibly give. I also had no idea how huge and massive and extensive and endless these gravesites were. God Bless America.

Stop 2: Abe Lincoln

Obviously I could not contain my excitement.

We decided to do this. Too bad they decided to be in our picture as well.
Um... We told her to pose...she did this.

So I clearly wanted to see three things and only three things. 1, white house. Done. 2, Lincoln Memorial. Done. 3, Arlington almost done.
Why these three.... hmmm well I always look at peoples pictures of D.C. and these are the things that I most clearly remember. I remember when my cousin Ashley went to D.C. she sent back a picture of her by Abe, I loved it and scrapbooked it. I actually was like ten, so I cut all the way around her body, cutting Abe out. Then realized she was pretty important in the picture, but so was Abe. So I then 'taped' it back together. So, that embarrassing moment made me desire to have my pic in front of Abe.

The White House

Before the trip. The bug in the picture, thats Maddie.Hiding the terrible fence. Imagine me, sticking my camera through this fence to avoid the gargantuous thing.
That fence. I was so bothered by it.

They said, "Brittany, its not going to be as big as you expected." So clearly I was prepared for that. What they needed to say was, "Brittany, there is going to be a lot of wierdos out front, and there is going to be a huge fence which will ruin your view, and the grass probably is fake."

Tea Party/ A Girl's Dream

Just getting over the excitement of this wonderous tea party.
Cookies which I never had the chance to try, but if you want to ask Maddie about it, she had like six.
Madeline at her finest moment.
Now these I tried. Good. Don't you just want to grab the bowl and dump it into your mouth?
So its true, we had a tea party in Maryland. If you have seen Hannah's blog, you would see a bit different side of the tea party, so I thought I would give you my side. I obviously saw more to this tea party because I had a lovely camera. These pictures were actually taken by myself with Jeremy and Hannah's camera. These girls were so excited. Numerous tea sets joined us, and very proper elegance was demonstrated by these toddlers. I rather enjoyed it myself. I think I ate the whole bowl of skittles and wedding mints myself.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Grateful Days: In memory of my Lumix (camera)

Just my camera and I hanging out. Like good ol' times.
So I am back from Maryland. It was a blast with Hannah and Jeremy and Molly and Maddie. We went to Washington D.C. Where I have never been before, and saw my top three places. white house, Lincoln Memorial, and Arlington Cemetery. On the way home I misplaced my wonderful lovely camera. Sad but true. I am still hoping some nice person will turn it into the lost and found and then the airlines will contact me. Let's just say I am dreaming big. I really have a lot to be grateful for though. Let's see I think I will make a list.
1. Julie and Calvin
2. why julie and calvin? they fill up my gas deprived car, they feed me sometimes and--they gave me a freakin sewing machine! (which slowly caused the pain of my missing camera to diminish)
3. The roommate that left the sewing machine behind clearly underestimating the value behind the So-deeply wonderful SInger.
So there are three things I am grateful for, despite the lost camera. I still am hoping it will turn up.