Saturday, June 18, 2011

What you have all been waiting for!!!

Who and where did we see? That's what you wanna know right?
This was your clue. And yes you may have guessed Vail, CO and you were right!!!!!!!!!!

Now for the celebs we saw.
Of course the triplets! The triplets I was a nanny for in El Paso, TX back in 2007. Wow so long ago. They were just cute babies. Now they are all grown up and think kisses are gross.
Back in 07 when Trevor would kiss me. Now they scream and yell and think it's so Weird!!
What fun we had in Texas!! This is Bryce. Look at those cheeks! Oh it hurts me that they are grown up. But they say the greatest things at six.
And they confessed to me that they like Brad better. He can throw the ball with them at the park. He can talk about manly stuff. He can build their legos.
Vail is so gorgeous in the summer. I like it in the winter, but just adore it in the summer.
Tracy called us and said, Come up for a weekend we will be in Vail for awhile.
SO OF COURSE! They are moving to Chicago, so I don't know how I'm going to deal with them being so far away. They live in a beautiful area so quaint and posh. Can't wait to visit them there.
They have a family condo in Vail so we just traveled the journey right on up that hill.
OF course we had twizzlers for brad, sour gummy worms for me. And I ate too much on that trip. Period.
We went on a gorgeous hike. Trevor of course wanted to go so far up. He never wants to stop. He is bigger and just more "BOY" than Bryce and Reid. Some things never change.
Hike was wonderful and we were passing hard core hikers with boots and everything. Love it! Six year olds are intense. On the way down the boys just kept fallin on their bums and sliding down on the steep parts. Tracy told Reid that he was going to have to change his clothes and he said, "Why Mom, the dirt is brown and so are my shorts"
He was like head to toe in dust and dirt.
We then rode up the Gondala and had the best brisket sandwiches. Yum! We forgot to use our food vouchers that we bought a thousand feet below. OF COURSE WE DID!!! (Of course is like my new favorite word! Totally I'm 16 again!!! Like ya!)
Brad taught them the ways of the world.

We got to do all sorts of fun stuff at the top. Bouncy bungie cords with snow all around us!!
Rock climb and ring a siren at the top. Time ourselves and see how we improved from our 1st 2nd and 3rd climb.
Then OF COURSE we spent time walking all around the Vail village.
Don't worry. I'll tell you real celebs we saw. No offense cute Tracy and Triplets.
You guys are adorable too.

Shock and AWE....
Have any of you seen Gilmore Girls???

Have any of you seen rugged dreamy Luke?

Well have you seen THE EVENT?

Basically I love these two shows. Basically when we were the only ones in a crepe cafe and Scott Patterson from Gilmore Girls, and The Event walked in with his not good looking GFriend. I started to second guess reality. 
Why was Luke in this crepe shop with me?????
Why wasn't he fighting off bad guys on The Event????
So out of body experience.

He was with her. And I would have to say he looked terrible. He was on crutches and had a big brace. But she was so mismatched. She had on a camo hat and a bright colored shirt with tight black pants. I was like, wow, style is obsolete I guess.
Brad wouldn't let me get a pic with him because he looked like he was in so much pain and miserable, but I loved the fact that I saw him. 
In real person!
Welp thats all OF COURSE!!!

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Lisa said...

I can't believe you saw him Brittany. He is a dream... :) And shame on Brad for not letting you try for a picture. Once in a lifetime for sure!