Sunday, July 21, 2013

Clark Time in Atlanta Georgia

(I wrote this a few days ago, but the pictures wouldn't upload...)

As Brad works in the ER....I sit and contemplate whether I should keep shopping online (GAP is having an amazing sale for cardholders-YIKES-but at least I got Miles' church clothes for the next 6 months as his were getting a little crotch cutting) or catch up with my blogging. Brad is on his 6th 12 hour shift in 6 days. That's right. He's insane. Somehow he thought it would be a good idea to sign up for 7   12 hour shifts in 7 days. Hallelujah his last one is tomorrow. His only through the night shift. I don't know how I'm going to be a doctor's wife...I'm scared of my own shadow at night.

Hence why I am going to spend the night at my friend's house during that shift. If I don't I'll stay up all night with every light on in the house with Brad's gun on my night stand. I'm just a freak, and I have seen too many take downs in this neighborhood. Okay, well truly only one, but that was enough. And my neighbor told me last night there were cop cars out and cops looking for somebody. Awesome.

I mean, I got scared in Provo, but man I need a dog something serious. A huge big scary terrorizing blood thirsty dog. That is good with kids....those don't go together do they?

Anyway, Brad gets paid a huge amount of $200.00 for his time in the ER. That's $2.38/hour guys. But its 100% for the experience. And they put him to work. I don't know if I can tell you about anything in writing that goes on there, but he likes the action. Bones sticking out, weirdos left and right, all sorts of body parts cut up and mangled. That's his bread and butter. I sound like I enjoy it too...not exactly. I have to close my eyes when someone is getting beat up on T.V. I don't like any type of violence or blood. I get queasy and my heart hurts for them. Even on T.V. I'm a sensitive Sally. (Sally is my sister....I'm not calling her sensitive by any means-it was the best alliteration I could think of-moving on)

So let's go back in time when the Clarks travelled to Georgia. Let me begin with our choice of flying with Spirit Airlines. Kick me in the butt....I'll never do that again...actually I probably will because we are poor and they fly real cheap. I read all the rules online-as I have a baby and I wanted to make sure I was keeping them. They only let you have a personal item/paying ticket holder. So basically a purse. So we decided to check a bag, as there was no way in H we were going to fit all of my stuff-Miles' stuff and Brad's stuff in 2 personal items. And we barely fit all of our shiz in that one checked bag. And we paid 40$ for it. We got to the airport-in Dallas mind you-we drove the 5 hours and slept at our friends house the night before-long trip.

So...we get to the airport and we had called ahead which made our checked bag 20 one way instead of 70 one way. Good call Brittany. We see this Indian guy in his perfect Indian accent talking to an airport worker, "Theeese argh der personal iteems"-as he pointed to his wife and 4 children each with a bag that was bigger than their bodies. She said, "No sir, those need to be checked."

As Brad and I stood in line we listened to the conversation and giggled our way through the line. Suckers. Suckers to Spirit Poo Airlines. So they probably saved roughly $1000.00 flying Spirit. Then they had to check all those bags, and ride on a crappy plane. Shoulda flew Delta Ya'll.

So we get on the plane with our backpacks (personal items) and somehow I managed to take my purse, all chucked full of crap. And Miles, and we forgot his stroller....we are genius parents. The lady 2 rows behind us asks the flight attendant to get her something to wipe the seat off. The flight attendant, a male I might add, says, "Um its not my job to clean the seats." Oh please.....they then continued on a battle together and she ended it by saying, "Ya your job sucks." He turned around and said, "No my job is the greatest job in the world." STOP right there and think a minute....she is criticizing his job while she is flying Spirit Airlines. Her job must not be that great either because this would be the absolute LAST airline I would EVER if her job is so fantastic....why is she flying this crappy airline, with crappy customer service? I will never complain about southwest again. PHew.

We thought the flight was going to be a disaster. We were so prepared to be so tired and managing the cheek the entire time...

Pleasant surprise. Slept 90% of the flight. So did Brad. I just read a book on my phone, and played games...which my Bishop told me today that we shouldn't play games that go nowhere. Brad just looked at me. 

So we couldn't bring a pack and play-well we could but it would cost another 40$ so we thought we would just buy one there. Brad seriously tried to talk me out of it and have Miles sleep here....

He was dead serious....and I was just so annoyed that he would actually want him to sleep in that. If the  lid fell on him? Or if he pulled it down and cut all his fingers off....Or I have heard too many stories about people being trapped in trunks and suffocating. 
So we bought one for 40$ and left it there, it seemed more efficient than bringing ours and still paying the same amount, why not have one at Mike and Janeen's permanently?  
Especially after eating all that Georgia food.

Peanut Butter Banana French toast.
He ate one of those loaves. 

Mike and Miles. They bonded. Miles really liked him. Janeen took some warming up.

Mike has a friend who works for CNN, and instead of taking the lame tour and paying. He took us right in the scences. And we met some people....that are on TV. That's cool right?

We decided to talk a little walk after visiting CNN.

Mike and Janeen are both doctors in their residency in Atlanta. Mike is an orthopedist, and Janeen is  Family Practice Resident. Chief resident I might add. They are pretty cool stuff.

Like I said we visited some seriously good food places.
 Like Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q in Atlanta, Georgia. Oh my good.
Miles has become quite the vocal little tyke. He yells, and man he will flip his body around so fast to watch people walking by. Such a curious cat. You have to keep everything out of his reach because he has a quick grab, and an even quicker swipe.

Brad got Frito Pie in a Fritos bag. He was in food heaven.

Mine was delicious, I cleaned my plate and licked it.
Just kidding, Brad gets mad at me when I lick I usually finger clean it swipe it with my finger and get all the juices. Okay I sound like a homeless person.

Gelato, in an absolute tropical storm.

It was delish of course.

One day I had a lot of time to kill, so I went to this massive million story mall, and Miles and I walked around forever, and I felt like I needed to buy something so I bought a sweater at Banana Republic that I kind of like..I hate it when I do that.

Most of the time we just hung out and tried to contain Miles in the house.

Janeen and I walked to a park one day, and talked while Miles sat in this swing for almost 2 exaggeration. 

This pizza place was amazing. Sure wish I can remember the name :)
You eat in this kitchen and we were going to stay but then we couldn't hear each other think.

This is a video...but Miles spent a lot of time chasing around DJ Rumba. (Parks and Rec) its really called a Rumba vacuum that cleans the floors, and Tom on Parks and Rec adds an Ipod to the top. So clever.

Our next eating place was called Six Feet Under, across from a graveyard.

We gained 12 pounds together after this trip...can you see why?

Six Feet Under.....

I liked the atmosphere, but they only had high tables so we double stacked a high chair...kinda tipsy.

And they had boobs on wings. Janeen needs it in her office to promote breastfeeding she said.
Also, I downloaded and introduced Janeen to Instagram. She is a pro now. Mike also joined the club.

My salad was amazing. I didn't think I could down it, but I did!

Brad got the Fried Chicken tacos. He wasn't impressed. He's a food diva.

Janeen did her best to entertain and bond with this crazy, picking up everything he threw, and trying to entertain him left and right.

Oh yes we visited the Atlanta Aquarium which apparently has the biggest tank in the world.

Miles loved watching the fish and creatures. He is so curious so of course he felt like he was inside of Baby Einstein Ocean (I don't even know if there is one about Oceans).

This was crazy,we were right next to these fellows. Ocean life is always amazing.

Here we are going through the biggest tank in the world. It was the last thing we did so we were kinda done. Should have done it first. We stood on a conveyer belt while it took us through the tunnel.

So impressive.

I am not a fan of packed places, nor am I a fan of people getting too close to you to see them feed sea otters. One little boy said excuse me, clear up until he was in front of me. Maybe if it was a shark feeding I would record every second of it, not sea otters people....thats a 5 minute video that you are never going to watch again.

Oh yes, Brad was such a kind heart and he stayed home with Miles while we went to a late night FREE concert at a park nearby and watch Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. I loved it. Such a good concert.

Sunday we visited a park and had some Father's Day time.

Miles loves being outside, and we think he finally started warming up to Janeen.

Janeen tried to do a pull up....and she needed this is why this awkward picture happened.

Miles LOVES swings.

The whole clan. Can you believe the green. Holy smokes I miss that being in Lubbock.

While Mike and Janeen were working we visited the Coke Factory.

I took this for my mom, she loves Norman Rockwell.

Coke tasting PARTY!!! we went to a Braves game...
It was sprinkling and we got there early because we were going to eat. 
The game was supposed to start at 7 PM. We got there around 6 PM.
We ate, then we waited......

We waited and waited with a 9 month old baby, who loves to crawl and explore and nurse.

We ate these huge hotdogs with cole slaw and they were delish....but the game finally started at 11 PM.
Miles fell in and out of sleep, but mostly didn't sleep, just whined from 10-1AM. I was really glad when we got home at 2 AM. I'm glad we stayed though because it was a walk off home run. SO worth it, it would have been really lame if it ended in a loss for the Braves. After such a long wait, in bucket the rain....with a baby. Good news is, it was his second MLB game, and he didn't puke or diarrhea his guts the first one. So it was a success.

Flight home was also a success and his crying was limited and he slept some.
Thank you Clarks and Atlanta for a successful trip. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Miles 9 &10 Months

So I am SUPER behind with his monthly posts, so I thought I would do a 9 and 10 combo meal. Because my computer has been OUT OF COMMISSION. Well actually Miles sucked on the end of my charger, and it stopped working. So...I got a new one in the mail yesterday! Wahoo! 

Well the most exciting news for Miles is HE IS WALKING!!!! (Ignore that I am on the phone at the time with my mom)

He started standing up at 8 months, then he learned how to stand up by himself and it was just days after that that he started taking steps.
He actually took his first steps with Erica, at a thrown together softball game, so both Brad and I missed it.
He seems to do all of his first things when we aren't present-or not by our doing.
His first giggles was with Echo at Thanksgiving when he was just 2 months old...
Brad was there, I was in the other room and I came in.
And his first steps were with Erica. 
He loves his parents :)
So I took his nine month pictures a little late because we were in Georgia visiting Brad's brother and sister in law, Mike and Janeen whom I love and got to know so much better on that trip (which I need to post about-don't worry its on my mile long to do list).
Oh my baby. He is just growing up too fast.
I wrote a lot of things done to talk about last month, and they all mesh together with this 10 month, so I guess it doesn't really matter 'when' he did these things...just that he is doing them.

He is always full of energy. He sings himself to sleep, and he sings in his sleep! Cracks me up. When we were in Utah he was asleep, and had just started to clap his hands together and he was clapping in his sleep. Makes me laugh so hard. Who claps in their sleep? A baby, a cute little baby who just learned how to clap.

This face kills me. He is a tease and a ham. He always blows raspberries, and he will do it for hours at a time. If someone toots, he will do it, if he hears a truck he will do it. If someone says, "Oh what a cute little baby," he will do it. 

Brad and I always turn on music in the kitchen when we are eating or cooking and we dance around and dance with each other. Mostly Brad pretends to be some provocative Thunder from Down Under dancer, which is hilarious and also weird, but Miles started dancing and he basically just sways back and forth and claps his hands. But he will be playing and minding his own business then hear music and start swaying back and forth, then just keep playing. Sweetie pie.

He still sees my camera and just squints to prevent being blinded. Probably a sign I take too many pictures of him.

Sometimes I get lucky and get a good one.
He has started playing peek a boo. FINALLY I've been playing that with him for forever!
He does it to the people behind him on the plane, he does it if he finds a blanket on the floor. He even does it repeatedly when no one is even playing with him.
 He puts it over his eyes or head-usually not even covering his eyes, and then pulls it down quick. He will do it 100 times. Usually its me that gives up.
He also does patty cake and I caught him marking it with an M-on his own!

He seriously loves to move. If I am laying on the ground he will just come over and climb and crawl all over me, just for the new challenge. And he will probably rip my hair out just for fun too.
These monthly photo shoots are getting difficult. He won't sit still and he climbs everywhere.
I had to have Brad help me.

This is what it came to. Full restraints.

He has started to say mamama, he said da da a long time ago.

But when he gets hurt or he is hungry he just says mamamama. Sometimes it even sounds like momee.
Melts my heart the little cheek.

When he gets excited he will shake or clench his fists and smile.
Like when dad comes home he will get so excited he will shake and smile and lunge at him.
These 10 month pictures I waited till the end of the day (So the lighting is terrible) and he was was like 10 pm. And So Brad said, oh lets let him watch baby einstein then he will hold still for the pictures.
Because he was ripping and tearing and wouldn't sit still.

And trying to get the camera.

So these are my 10 month pictures. Vegged out baby einstein lover.

Such a good picture right?? NO.

Ha, hand on crotch, eyes closed from flash. High quality picture here.

So this photo shoot is terrible, but bear with me. 
This little babe throws a mean tantrum when he is tired and something goes awry. 
He does have a little temper and sometimes I wonder what the future will bring.
Especially when he gets so mad he bites his hand and clenches his fists.
Oh the temper.

He also is very vocal, always singing and talking. Makes church a real treat.
He also will throw something when he gets mad (this is only when he is over tired-normally he doesn't throw tantrums if I keep his sleep in check-but vacationing a lot over month 9 and 10 caused for a lot of sleep deprivation. 

When you put food on his high chair tray, he just thinks its fun to take his hand and power wipe it back and forth till everything is off of the tray, or he hits the tray really hard and watches everything bounce off. Then he gets mad when he has no food to eat. Which has led to me hand feeding the little silly face.

When he smiles his face scrunches up and he gets all squinty.
Like so....
Oh my baby.

(Totally drugged out from BEinstein)
When playing at friends houses he likes to crawl on top of them. 
Kinda like king of the rock type idea.
He is really active and so he gets along well with older kids just because they are also mobile and really active.  And he can't hurt them by crawling on them or trying to touch their face, which he doesn't know how to touch softly so he basically just hits.

He will check something out just by scratching it and observing it. He has to examine and explore everything.
His favorite book is animal sounds. Super retro book. Super simple, But he will just laugh when you read it to him. First book we ever read to him, and he seriously loves it.

He really has the sweetest heart. He will be playing then see me and come over to me and lay his head down on me for just a second. Just giving me a little love.
He does it to someone when he first meets them too, mostly other kids and babies. Oh he is the sweetest. He met our friends adorable little baby Staehli and they full on frenched each other upon meeting, but we think they are going to get married.
Today he kept giving cuddles to his little bear. Oh he melts your heart.

He always has a block or a duck or some toy in his mouth while he crawls around. I don't know what he has going on with the whole mouth thing, but he can't get enough of just something in his mouth at all times. He still loves his binky and mommas milkies.
He is starting to understand certain things we say repeatedly, like
can I have a kiss?-he will lean in and give you a kiss
or do you want some milkies?-he will crawl to me and pull my shirt
or where's Mr. Miles?- he will find something to hide behind and pop out again

He really has trouble with the flash...
He always pushes around the garbage can like a walker...
I threw an old piece of bread away and it was right on top of the garbage and I walked into the kitchen and he was pushing the garbage around while he had the whole piece of bread hanging out of his mouth. Gross.
If you come to my house all the toilet paper rolls will be re-rolled because I think we could have the world record for how fast it can be unrolled. He just hits about four times really quick and wahla! The whole thing is on the ground.

We got him a toy guitar for fun while we were in Utah and he loves it. 
It is already beat to heck, because he loves throwing everything and he carries it around a lot then he throws it and picks it back up again then throws it again.
He loves mirrors, and giving kisses. 
We went to go see my friends baby in the hospital and he kept crawling over and peeking at her on the hospital bed. I of course started crying when I saw her, I'm still emotional and in love with seeing a baby for the first time. I don't know if that will ever get old. Watch me have 2309423 kids. No I'm not my mom. 
So he loves Baby Einstein more than anything else, and its our LAST resort, because I can't handle babies that are addicted to that kind of thing, and he loves it so much and so Brad turned it off and...

The tears came.

It was completely devastating.

And coping just wasn't going to happen.

We couldn't handle the pain.

It was just overwhelming pain inside.

Our little cheek is full of energy and love. He is a busy body who can tear apart my house in minutes. I'm trying to teach him to clean up and help me, so I'll take his hand and have him pick up his toys with me. He gets confused and throws them back out....Like...uh Mom they don't go in there, that's why I keep throwing them everywhere.

I don't even know how to caption this. It could go so many different ways.
Mom, but you said I didn't have to use my car seat anymore! You lied!
You put peas in the applesauce. I'll never forgive you!
I overheard you telling dad you were going to take my binkie away when I turn 2. My only friend-GONE!
They said these two teeth I have are going to fall out. They are the ONLY ONES I HAVE!

I could go on forever.
Love this little monkey.