Monday, October 17, 2011


Some days are downer days.
Today is one of those days. I am still trying to figure out what it is?
Brad coughing all night....
Bad scary dreams.....
Not doing anything for fall break because Brad has work and school....
Finding out we have to pay tuition......
I am not sure what combo of these things make it downer.
I refused to go to the gym. I know that is what I usually do, instead I chose to paint.
Haven't gotten out my paints in years....
I'm not sure what it is with me, even when I was painting I'm just like "WHY AM I DOING THIS!!"
I'm so terrible.
I suck at this.
Why am I even trying?

What is wrong with my body/mind....??
Do I need a vacation....

On a happier note, I am presenting at a training tomorrow, because I came up with this creative tech way to teach...I'll tell you about it later..and I'll you teachers will use it :)

Next thing you know, I will be publishing a paper about it.

Maybe that is my problem, I need to look at the good in life.
Like how my sky in my paining finally looks like a sky and not a blob of paint.
Like how Brad bends over backwards for me.
Like how I have a job that I love.
Like how this year is much more relaxing than last year.
Like how I already know what I am going to get Brad for Christmas.
Like how we have this deal that we can't eat out on week nights and we haven't broke it for 3 weeks!!!
Like how I only have a 3 day week this week :)
Positive. I guess that is the solution to my downer day.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Get out of the HOUSE!!!

 We needed to get out of the house Saturday. We were just being bums and it was rainy and dreary outside. Brad did go shoot guns in the morning...but I just didn't feel like doing anything. But we decided to get in the car and see where it took us.
NYPD Pizza in Draper.
I was happy to go, eat some pizza, I wasn't sure where the Honda would take us next, but I knew Brad would come up with some places.
I used to not like Buffalo flavored pizza, but one time I ate it when I had strep and I couldn't really taste it, but I could taste it more than anything else, so now I love it, because that little taste was put into my bod, now I love it.

The Honda took us to Guitar Center.......It's quite the paradise for Bradley Bear. He walks around dreams about all this equipment and guitars, then we leave. This has happened at least 3 times, but this time we bought something!!!!

Two guitar stands. 10 dollars. Steal!!
Brad has this obsession with Man Vs. Food places. Here is a little waffle place across from Pioneer Park that Mr. Man Vs. Food went to.
It was small but so rich and divine. Way better than the Awful Waffle here in Provo. This one had these sugar clumps that caramelized and became heaven and bliss in your mouth.

We packed our Saturday, and (best website ever) now tells me that we are very close to going over our restaurant/ fast food budget.

That is why I held off on eating out today, and yesterday. Thai food is going to have to wait until Saturday again. (We have this new eating out rule, once a week!)
So far we have saved a couple hundred a month!!!!! We are eater outers. keeps me real focused when it comes to being strict about the budget.
Try it.
OH a little update on Brad's medical school life....
So far he has been invited to four interviews.
Texas Tech El Paso: DONE
Texas Tech Lubbock: DONE
Ohio State: Halloween Day
U of U: NOVEMBER (We found out about this interview today...quite exciting)
I will let you know of any other exciting updates.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I made him..

I was craving Hamburgers....
So my hamburger outlet.....
Of course it is my outlet.
Oh it was so good....
Brad made me run 4 miles that night.
And I know what you are thinking....Brittany is a diagnosed exaggerator.
But for real, we did run this much. I even downsized it.
Brad said we ran about 4 1/2 miles.
Geez, I'll never go to In N oUt AGAIN!!!!
Who am I kidding?
Brad has this grow out his hair thing.....he wants it to look like a beach babe....I love him and all, but I am hoping this turns out okay.
Its beyond delicious.
Brad always thinks he can see fat deposits in his neck after he eats at places like this.....
You think with how smart he is, he would know that isn't possible...I don't think??
For fat to be there within an hour, before the food has even begun to digest...
Did you know nutrients are absorbed when your food is traveling through your intestines? At least that is what I understood from Brad telling me things.

Tomorrow is Friday.
This is when I love thinking about the weekend, relax, lots of baths, lots of reading my book.
Not when you are married to a psycho who is NOT a home body!!! AND has to pack every minute with activities.
Maybe he will be mad at me for calling him a psycho, but after he realizes that he has a package in the mail from He will love me again.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Back in the Old Days

When I was single...I wrote in my journal every day. Every day. I have written maybe 3 pages in my journal since I got married. 2 years. So I decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Marriage will not defile my journal writing skills.

It all started when Brad found this picture on his phone, and we couldn't remember when or where it was taken. We found out the date, but had no idea what we were doing on that date. So I went to my blog, nothing. And that is all I had. I need to document better. So journal writing is how I will do that. Plus marriage at first goes by so fast....and I like to remember things, but I think they aren't that interesting at the moment....
But later its so great to go back and say...OH YA!!!!
I remember.
Remember.. I love that word.

Basically what I am getting at is a wanted a new journal. All my journals are half way full, but I needed a fresh start, something to motivate me to write it in. So I looked online, I looked at Deseret Book, I even reserved a book at Barnes and Noble, you know the old fashioned Italian Leather Handmade Journals....but then I started looking at the other ones, and this one stole my heart.
Oh wow....doesn't that just send a surge of adorableness through your soul??????
My ancestors are def, going to appreciate my birdie style here.
They are going to brag about their GREAT GREAT GREAT x10 great Grandma who had style with her journals.
If you don't think this is to die for cute....the pages kill you with cuteness.

Apologies for my unmanicured (NOT A WORD) finger.
Welp I gotta go.
Brad is singing about a hickie on my neck and its really a bug bite.
I need to punch him.
And I have to write in my journal.
Can I write about sad things, even when the pages are so happy?
Did I tell you Brad wrote me a song for my birthday and just sang it to me 2 days ago.
He said it wasn't right.
I don't care. It's always right when he writes songs for me.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Characteristics of the Monkey

Nothing too excited happened today. You know the ush (short for usual).

We drew pictures of our families.
Did the normal center time.
It's red ribbon week, so today was wear your clothes backwards day. I didn't get into it.
But tomorrow, is wear your fav sports team to school day. I had the kids guess what I would wear...
Texas (that's all they could guess, they knew no teams)
A few of them kept yelling soccer, with the hopes that I would say, "YES THAT'S IT! THAT IS MY FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM, SOCCER!"
Oh five year olds.
But my favorite was a little sweet soft spoken boy...
He raised his hand and said: Cincinnati Braves?
Welp sure sonny. If that were the right team mascot combo.
But you will have to stay tuned for what my favorite team is.
In the mean time, does this monkey one of my student's drew have some interesting characteristics???

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Sabbath, Keepin it Real Holy

Today after conference, we decided to have a party. Landon and T (Tiera, t for short, well now I just made it long) came over for 2nd session. We went to the park and had our own little baseball game. That's where the holy comes in. You see, my family believes that sports is okay on Sunday, if you are doing wholesome togetherness. I won't get in to that, and you can enjoy these pics and just be filled full of joy after conference.

Which by the way, I loved and I don't think I have shared my testimonial on my blog ever, but maybe someday.

 Brad says I lunge and reach for the ball too much. Then he said, "We will work on that."
Oh okay Brad, since I'm going pro soon, let's work on that lunge, get my swing perfect. I didn't realize how majestic the mountains are at Rock Canyon (which is just right across the street from our house).
 Brad, EVERY SUNDAY, begs me to go to the park (and every day) to throw the baseball with him. But me.....never having played baseball, am not his favorite partner in baseball. But we own 3 mitts, 3 bats and ten or so baseballs. Brad has sport fetishes. (THAT IS A WORD!) He is on baseball right now.
 We had a full team, Brad played pitcher for both teams. The teams were, me, sally and T. Against Brad and Landon, so yeah, full teams. Then Chel and Alex showed up, Alex got back from Africa, so Chel has a husband again. YAY!
 We had a few rules. Like boys had to hit it past the bases for it not to be a foul ball. But they rarely did that. Mostly they hit it over our heads by about 20 feet. No matter how far we scooted back.
Boys had two outs, 3 strikes, we had 3 outs, and 4 strikes. We were up by 17 before the boys played their last, at the bottom of the 3rd inning (look at me and my baseball talk, so cute). 35 to 34 was the final score.....BOYS!!!!! So typical. We couldn't pull through, but that was such a good day today. So much joy.
 Then Brad and I filtered through all his mission stuff after watching The Best Two Years, it was memory lane. Then I took a bath while Brad and I played Would you Rather....
His Best: Would you rather me be and doctor and infertile, or be an ice cream man and be fertile, and you have to work the rest of your life.

I chose ice cream man, because I want my own kids.
My Best: Would you rather have no toilet or have no shaving cream. He chose shaving cream because he doesn't mind soap. So really that was my lamest.
(Most of ours included too personal, detailed, or just down right ridiculous, and TMI)

Now I just set my alarm and it says I am going to get 8 hours and 3 minutes if I go right now. So I think I'll go.