Friday, January 29, 2010


My great uncle died.

He came to our house every year for several years.

We are close with his kids and grandkids.

Reading his obituary made me cry.

Although it may mean nothing to you...

It means something to me.

It makes me wonder if he personally will check up on me now...

if he will whisper for me to help others when I have a chance...

if he has more important work now and how much his wife will miss him...

it makes me think of when I am old and gray...

the love and bonds that will be established then...

the eternal blessings and family that will be around me...

for now I will count my blessings and be glad I knew him.

View his obituary here.

Condolences to all of our family no matter how extended they are.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I am craving the sunlight.

I wish it was summer.
I was looking through my facebook pictures. Honestly, to see if it looked like I had gained a lot of weight lately.

Which the scale says I have.

After I went to Boston at least.

Now I eat a bag of carrots for lunch in order to rectify what I have done.

We ate out three times a day, and I ate like it was all you can eat buffet every time.

Winter months storage.

Seriously Brit.

So thats what I am thinking about right now as I plan for tomorrow's dime lesson which I am getting observed on.

I am going out there with my outfit.

A button up from gap with ruffles, its a blue light stripe long sleeved.

A cardigan button up that is brown from gap.

A pair of brown stretchish gauchos from who knows where, my mom bought them for my interview for my BYU operator job 4 years ago :) JCPenny maybe?

A pair of darker blue tights, but a bright dark blue, with boots....

I was thinking a messy bun for hair do.

Now that I have bangs I am so adventurous.

Watch out, the next day I'll wear my zebra print shoes.

I just told you what I am wearing tomorrow.

I have issues.

Today I made Alfredo with fettuccine.
With wheat bread cut in triangles broiled with mozzarella cheese butter and garlic salt on top.

I was so excited for Brad to get home and eat.

Then I tasted the alfredo. It was old and sour.

I had already warmed it up and been ready and waiting for Brad to get home.

Plan B

Cooked some sausage that is straight from a pig my dad had killed, so it has very little grease juice...and its delish.

Brad showed up.

Tasted the alfredo for me, cuz I said I was on my period and things taste funny to me when I am on my period...

He said it tasted like I put lemon juice in it.

I didn't

So I continued with the spaghetti.

Threw in some yummy sauce from the storage of sauces.

Realized it had black and green olives in it and big chunks of tomatoes. Yuck!

Realized I didn't have enough sauce for all the meat I had.

Needed tomato paste....or sauce..
Had none.

Threw in Tomato Soup.

Threw in some water.

Became too runny.

Threw in some sour cream.

Sooooo good.

So so so so sso so so so good.

I recommend fettuccine with spaghetti sauce with sour cream and a bit burned bread with mozzarella and garlic salt and butter.

Now Im back to eating a bag of carrots at lunch.

Oh and last night Brad said to me...

"I want a baby."

I said, "You do not."

He said, "Yes I do"

I said, "Right now."

He said, "Ya."

I said, "Really?"

He said, "No not really right now, but I really want one."

I told him we have to wait a few years.

He frowned.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Too much...

Sometimes I feel like just typing something on here would be too much....

But its not that hard.
Just type.

People will still read it.

I think....

Student teaching is going well.

Brad is doing great.

We both got our hair done. We are waiting for Brad's military haircut to now grow out.

I got bangs.

And blonder..

And cut shorter.

Not too short.
Just a few inches.

Nobody will even notice that part.

I'm about ready to start lead teaching and I'm not sure I am ready.

But I never will be ready.

I have so much to learn.

I always inner panic.

I need to work on that.

I only panic because I am worried what the other teachers will think of my teaching.

Anyway, life is good...

Brooke's birthday is today.

Tanner is in the hospital, but recovering, thank goodness.

And I hope all of you are well as well.

Ps I am still madly in love with Brad.

PPS Half my family stayed in my apartment for over 4 hours. It was crammed.

PPSS I love my family.


PPPSS Boston was awesome.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I keep trying..

I keep trying to share videos with you but for some odd reason..

I'm delayed.

They are delayed.

Upload problems.

Today we had a small incident.

One little girl came to me and stood next to me until I was not talking to someone else.

She then said, "Um...Ryan (fictional name) wiped a booger on my chair, and I really don't want to sit on it. He is so gross.

I said, "Okay what if I got a clorox bleach wipe and wiped down your chair, then would you sit in it?"

She said, "Well, we don't really know where the booger is."

I said, "Well what if I wipe down the entire area?"

She said, "No, I don't, he is disgusting. Can I just be by you?"

So I wiped down the entire area, and said, "Oh I just saw the booger. I got it. You should be fine now, and Ryan, don't wipe things on other people."

I handled it like it was second nature. But now when I think about it, its funny.

My eye hurts like its some freak accident.

Unexplainable, but I don't sleep at night, and I blink with pain.

I told Brad I can't think of a more reoccurring pain, besides if it hurt every time I took a breath, versus blinking.

He offers the usual, "I'm sorry".

I'm going to Boston this weekend.

Spur of the moment decision that's for sure.

Brad, me and his mom are going to visit his sister who works at Harvard.

I can't wait, the weather insists upon freezing weather.

I am giving a lesson tomorrow in regards to Martin Luther King Jr. the freedom activist, talking about how we all are different. But all of us are white, so I gotta work on something besides race.

I'll think about it, most likely all night, and usually I run it through my head eighteen times.

But I think that's what teachers do.

Today my teacher's doctor called her. She has a torn meniscus.


One little girl calls me Mrs. Clock.

Another calls me Mrs. Clarks.

At least I have graduated from 'teacher, teacher'.

Well, as the month flies by I try to remember to serve others.

As that was my new year's thingy.

Its going pretty well so far.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Three photos from me.

I thought I would share with you three Christmas photos today.

Things that I forget how happy those Christmas days are until I look at days like this, and look back at days like those.

Not that days like this are bad, they just aren't as joy filled as those Christmas days.

Photo #1

Mr. Sexy Pants opening his presents. I got him sheets to replace our flannel sheet. Ya thats right, we had one sheet. Now we have the beauty of matching pillowcases and sheets. With a plural sheet for ya there. This purchase was something he guessed, he just threw out random guesses all the time,and he got most of them. I only surprised him on the tire pressure checker.
Madelyn was Mary, and due to my lack of staff while organizing the Christmas program, I was the set designer, script writer, narrator, producer, exucuative producer, and yada yada but most importantly I was the costume designer, and as you can see, we were going for the modern day birth of Christ story. I called it, Awesome.
The entire cast at its fullest. Molly was a wise man, wearing cheetah print, but...she wanted to be an angel like the rest of the world. Baby Jesus is actually a girl, and Tosha's baby girl, but you do what you can with what you have.

Have a great day, and remember if you are a parent that your time is most valuable to your children, and remember if you are a child to thank your parents because their time was valuable and they spent it on you.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


As time goes on. I realize that I don't have time to finish my Christmas videos. But I promise even though I made it through like 4, I will show you the rest in due time.

But student teaching began yesterday.

And you know what that means.

Stress. Brink of tears. Stress.

Its not that I worry about not being able to do it. I worry about not doing it right, not doing it well enough, and gosh I'm terrible at this.

But enough said, I like going to Hobble Creek. It's nice, and the kids are cute.

One girl is at least a head taller than everyone and beautiful, my teacher and I have both decided she will be a model.

I'm in love with teaching, I'm in love with thinking of my own ideas.

Now I have discovered I want to open my own pre-school ages 3-5 when we go to med school.

Thats my latest discovery of life.

My next latest discovery is that I want kids, to see what they will look like. And to hold them, and to kiss them, and to teach them.

But after I do all of that and they are screaming while I am trying to flirt with seems like I won't really be so happy with them.

So I need more time with Brad.

And of course with student teaching.

I'm currently at work...wishing I was at home.

I'm not sure how I am going to student teach then rush off to work right after I stuff my face with food...

But I guess I will know what is too much.

Brad is doing well.

Just trying to finish his Phsyiaosdfkjalsdkfajsldkfjasdfj degree.

Then off he goes to med school.

Me willingly going with him, because I can't wait to move out of Provo for a new breeze of air, and because I love him.

Other than that, our Christmas festivities included fam pics, sledding, sledding behind trucks, hot pots with naked people, midway new years celebration, Zermatt resort for Brad's work Christmas dinner, family talent show, family basketball: twice, sleeping on air mattresses, and recently I got a dead leg.

You know those knees to the thigh.


Playing bball with guys in the Richards Building on campus.

I'm not old, I'm just faster than them so they have to knee me in the thigh.

Oh....Ps, the blog picture is a blast from the past.

Last year, my first ever attended concert of Brad's.

I was getting ready and contemplated not going.

I'm so glad I did.

Now we are married.

My mom did the nicest thing ever.

She made shepard's pie and sent it with Landon from Standrod. He handed it to me and I said, "What?"

He said, "Mom knew Brad had never had it, so she made it and sent it with me"

Wow, I love my mom.

Especially because I don't have any food, nor time to make dinner.

So thank you angel mom.

But, I hope everyone had a splendid happy Christmas.

Mine was...because I didn't have to write any lesson plans, or be observed, or be told what I did well and didn't do was just chill and chill.


First post of 20 10

I refuse to say 2000 ten

I will say twenty ten.