Sunday, August 28, 2011

Is it that time again?

So life is coming to an end because school is starting again. That is really the best description. Don't get me wrong, I still live, but it feels like I am on autopilot. I just let school, kids, and husband control me. Well, that sounds worse than it really is. But time just disappears and I wait for bedtime where I can just shut off. But I don't even shut off then...I am still thinking about all the to do list items I need to do. This year has already been better than last year though. I know what to expect. I know what to stress about and I know what to ignore.

But its about to get hairy. And fuzzy and blurry.
2 classes full of 23 5 year olds. How can that not be a blurry and drenched with exhaustion day?

It will be.

Not to mention that Chelsea and I's business is up and rolling.
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and come to swiss days and see us and all of our glory.

That makes this week a busy nerve racking week.

School starts.
Swiss days on Friday and Saturday.

And I'm thinking about starting a journalling project. OH man it's going to be fun. And it will help me be able to come back and see what I did for a year, instead of looking back at a blur and some pictures with very little memory due to me being on autopilot.

I'll talk about that project later.
For now, just explore our website and think about swiss days, and think about how much handmade glory you can partake in.

Brooke: Jewelry
Tosha: Skincare
Summer: Cute hair clips
Brittany/Chels: baby wraps

Brad: sitting at the music festival for 2 days straight eating bratwursts.

But I let him do what he wants.... because he looks like this.....
I also let him golf 54 holes of golf in 2 days.
Let him....uh I guess I don't really "let him".
It's not like he asks permission. He just knows I don't mind. I guess thats the correct way of saying it.
That's why he has a farmer's tan....

You know we went to Gloria's Little Italy for delicious cake, and its HALF OFF on Saturday nights!!! 
I shouldn't have told you that....less for Brad and I.

Brad always says that he can see his double chin after he eats bad....well, I can always feel my button on my pants getting a little stretched. That's why the solution could only be one thing!!
Wear a stretchy waist skirt.


Our friends had a baby.

That's why when we hang out with them they always do this.
Heather and Kevin Myers. Parents of adorable baby Cohen.

 Brad had 2 interviews at medical schools in Texas. And Chelsea's husband is still in Africa. So we decided we could hike the Y at 11 PM. It was lit up and so beautiful.
Now you have a 4 week re cap. My project is a post a day starting soon. I need some motivation, but I really really want to do it. After Swiss days.

Summer is officially over. I will keep talking about it though.....its like Harry Potter, I never want it to be over.

Oh ya, I forgot my birthday. Well I didn't forget it I just forgot to show it to you.

I turned 23. So old. We had a little party with family at Zupa's. I'm the worst wife. Brad set this all up as a surprise. I said, oh we are going to sushi!!! Thank you so much. He just frowned, no sorry Zupa's.
It was wonderful, I just always open my mouth and make people feel bad.

Did I mention we went to a demolition derby?

 It was the first time ever Brad wore a collared shirt that wasn't a church shirt or a golf shirt. I felt like that was a success in itself.

Now I bribe him to wear it any chance I can get, so far I have been unsuccessful. But he was smokin. And of course always is, but of course that's boring to hear about.

Until next time.