Saturday, March 26, 2011

Took a break

Sometimes life gets super hard. And fast. It goes fast and you realize its March and your husbands baby sister gets married and you are in Texas visiting the 2 year old triplets who are six and then you realize they aren't babies anymore and its sad.

And the dog Emma isn't 3 anymore. She is 7, and in dog years that is 49. She is old and has hip problems!! WHat? What happened to my rambunctious friend that would jump up in my arms!?!?!

And since when did they play Wii? Where are the diapers? Man, time flies, and I thought oh goodness I need to savor life more. I need to go on walks, I need to get a dog, I need to call people more talk about old times, and what's happening now. I have this problem...I always look to the future, what is coming next. Now I just need to slow down and look at right now.

And Right now I am watching 3 6 year olds jump over rolling logs and they act as if they are really doing it. We were in the car driving today and they said, "We are Jewish." I said, " No you go to a Jewish school but you aren't Jewish."
Bryce: Oh, we are Mexican.
Me: No. You are American and Canadian.
Reid: What are you?
Me: I'm American
Trevor: I don't even know what Jewish means.
Me: It is a religion, like Catholic, Mormons, Methodist, it means you believe in God.
Bryce: Ya we believe in God and Jesus.
Reid: Yes, I believe in God, Jesus, and Santa.

I thought to myself, oh great, when you realize Santa isn't really are you going to think God and Jesus aren't real......? We will find out I guess!

I'll enjoy 85 degrees while Utah enjoys random bursts of snow, wind and rain.