Friday, August 27, 2010

Looks like its today again....

Another day went by...somehow days fly. Today I woke up just right before I was supposed to be at school. I thought that Brad set my alarm..he's nice like that and usually sets it, but today he didn't. Anyway, I made it here. Now its nearly six and I am putting my little weekend feeder in my fish tank hoping (goldy) that's his/her name for now. What I just realized is my fish is going to have a different AM and PM name...oh well. He can be a two names fish. 

Lindsay is in town, she is Brad sister. Last night we walked to Spoon Me at 10:45 PM. Lindsay was tired and she said she was sick of the guy next to her on the plane asking her...
"Is it business or pleasure?"

She said she wanted to say, "Shut up and I'm putting in my IPOD".

Sorry we went to spoon me like within a three day period, but we like it. We like low calories that taste good. At least I do, I'm off sugar again. I just have no ability to hold back. I just eat and eat and eat it.
Unless I'm off it, then I lose 10 pounds and feel so much better.

Try it for a month or so, I did it for about 2 months and lost 10! But gained it back as soon as I picked up on it again. I love doing it, cuz I lose my taste for it....except BTSC thats Better than Sex Cake, I forget I'm on a no sugar diet when I see that cake.

Today we are celebrating at Los Hermanos with Lindsay and Brad, and Rachelle and Chelsea.

I really can't wait.

Wanted you to see my Reader's Campground sign that Chelsea made. I also have a tent in my little campground....hence where the genius idea of reader's campground came from.

And this is my five minute get ready hair do and outfit. Super cute huh? I thought so. Sarcasm noted.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Taking a Time Out

Sometimes I just sit at my desk at school and laugh. Like a evil laugh. Ahhahhahaha I have you now...
JK, I never do that.

But sometimes I do get bored. You see I was part I am full time Kindergarten!! (I left APX) So I just sit and stare at my classroom, imagining when the 22 little joys get here and I will never sit again. My fish is still living....I am waiting for my class to help me name him. We gotta name the fish ya know?
He's super happy. The crab and tetra fish died within 24 hours of buying them. So I returned them to Walmart in ziploc bags. I'm excited for school to start. But so excited to name our class fish. I haven't decided what its sex should be yet. You know I gotta have that ready or the kids will eat me alive with...
its a boy because...
its a girl because...
I have the greatest kids.

Yesterday I was testing them and one kid leaned back in his chair and kind of groaned...
I said, "What's the matter?"
He said, "UH! I just can't stop thinking about chocolate cake."
I then said, "Oh my, I love chocolate cake. Now you have me thinking about it."

School starts soon and its all I think about.
Yesterday we went to spoon me after the volunteering at the clinic (mostly I don't do much) and Brad's aunt Pam came. She took 10 days to drive to Provo from Myrtle Beach. And her and her daughter Elizabeth went through 20 lessons of Mandarin. She told me that one lesson was about what you would say if a person knocked on your door at your hotel room and you opened the door what would you say...

She said she struggled with that one because she couldn't get past the fact that she was just supposed to let someone in she didn't even know in a foreign country...She said you are supposed to say CHING CHING or something. Which means...come in.

She said when she first took Mandarin lessons she thought she was on candid camera. All the sounds and moaning and chirping couldn't be a real language.

Then I threw my spoon up in the lamp fixture.

Then I decided to throw Chelsea's up, and I was laughing so hard about CHing Ching...I over threw it and it hit Aunt Pam in the face.

Then I realized I was too laugh drunk to throw anymore spoons.

Already I have a tally marks of children who call me Mrs. Clock.
It's cool and hipper than Mrs. Clark. Think I could always wear clock paraphernalia. 

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Shout Out

Back to school night was tonight. Man I was on my feet all day. So much thanks to the following individuals.
And by default, or not by choice...Paisley.

Chels....she basically lives in the classroom with me.
She made my entire word wall...holy smokes it was like 4 hours of work.
Sally....she made all the crayons today. So much work. Not just art masterpiece crayons.

And him...he shows up when all the work is almost over.

Jk he did write Clark in all of my books. With that boy handwriting guys have you know?
I accepted it with welcome arms. I'm not too stingy. Plus he is so nice to even step foot in all of that cutting and gluing and writing room.
Ps, isn't his DI outfit rockin!?!?!

He did so well at the DI.

You will have to tune in next time for how to make a classroom look awesome in less than 3 days, and how to find hot deals at the DI.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oh Baby Wrap Me

So remember how I told you I make baby wraps.....ya here is one at its finest work. 
This is my niece Jemma. She loved it :)

I sold 4 at the farmers market on Saturday!! Wooohoooozey! I had only sold 1 up to that point. They are great knit fabric and great for gifts or for yourself you know.
Chelsea and I make them and sell them for 15 bucks!

15 bucks!!! You can't even get anything for 15 bucks at a baby store.

So here I am, telling you about my little expo of baby wraps. I need to get a small business loan so I can make about 5000 of them, then sell them at something more intense than a farmer's market. 

So, I feel happy about my progress.

I feel that my baby and your baby needs a baby wrap.
Not that I have one, but as Faith told me a few days ago, "Brittany you need a baby in your house!"

And I said, "where does a baby come from?"

She said, "The doctor."

Then she said, "Don't have a baby tiger though, those are mean."

Not sure how she figured I could have a tiger.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I wanted to count my blessings. You know kinda rack them up and see what I've got here.
Won 500 dollars cash from Mary Kay. No strings attached.
Bought Brad's car for 1200, lasted us a year and hopefully many more.
Sold my car with a dead engine for 900.
Got involved with a reasearch project for extra cash.
Got mailed another research proposal makin gover 100 dollars a month.
A lady knocked on my door to tutor paying me daily when I was unemployed.
Sold baby wraps and cards at the farmers market when I was unemployed making over 100 dollars.
Sent over 3 wedding presents over a year late when I was unemployed, valuing over 300 dollars.
Saved over 500 dollars in my drawer when I was unemployed. Took it to the bank the day before rent was due.
Got a job with apx alarm with awesome benefits.
Got a job with Westridge school which is one minute from my house.
Brad got a 500 dollar scholarship.
We sold all of our books for more than we bought them for making over 300 dollars when I was unemployed.
Brad found 2 brand next to new suits at the DI for 40 dollars together.
Didn't buy groceries for weeks but in turn were fed by friends, family, and people we barely knew.
Prayed and cried and prayed and cried. And made it. We made it. Now I am double employed, and school starts so soon.
Now we find out that Brad graduates December 2011. Instead of April 2012.
So we are blessed. And sometimes I forget how blessed. I suggest all of you count those blessings, and when it gets real bad, don't think about how bad it is for everyone else, just think about your life, because in my moment its tragic to me, and I could care less about anyone else's trials, because mine were mine, and mine were hard to me, but yet think about your trials compared with your blessings.
I lost my car to a stupid mistake, and had no job, but it all worked out, and in the meantime I had more than enough blessings to keep me afloat. I forgot so quickly, but looking back I needed those trials, they are what made me better. Not that I am perfect. I am not. But I suggest to you, to count those blessings, they should be more important to you than the trials.
Food for thought.
God loves us.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Roll on

As I started my new job at A P X alarms, I felt fulfilled that I was finally doing something productive, worth while. A job. I may have been a bit over qualified, but it is fun. It is so happy and wonderful.

Today I was notified that I am going to be the new Kindergarten teacher at Westridge Elementary. About 1 mile away from my house. And where all of Tresa and Jon's kids go to school (my aunt and uncle).

I couldn't be happier. I will keep my job at APX and work part time as a Kindergarten teacher. I feel so lucky and happy!! Now I will be ultra busy! I start school in 12 days!!! And I have an empty curriculum book and an empty classroom!! Life may be a crazy crazy havoc, but I have a great husband and great friends and family that are going to come over and help me set up right????

Thanks for all your prayers and encouraging words throughout this long and tiresome summer :) It has been a trail of happiness.

Friday, August 6, 2010


Sometimes after my birthday I have withdrawals...I wanna go back to the day all about me. It's natural right? I hope so. I had the best birthday from eating four donuts from Krispy Kremes. To hitting range balls in 100 degree weather, to eating at Cafe Paesan and Brad having all my family there waiting for me to surprise me. It was the best surprise. I love their food too. So it was a great birthday. Then we came to my house after and Chelsea had done all my dishes and made me cupcakes that read Happy Birthday Brittany!

So things continued to get better. But now you are wondering what Brad got me...right?

Well lately I always say, I want Krispy Kremes. Let's go. And it is usually 11 PM and Brad is are crazy.

So he got me those..

Such a good surprise. I still haven't eaten the Happy B-day one he made someone write on there.

Well if you are aware I love baths. I love everything about them. I love soaking in there for over an hour. I love reading in there. I love running the water while I am hunched around it splashing it on myself. I love pouring in Epsom Salts to relax my sore muscles. I love it. And at my last apartment I didn't have a bathtub. So anytime I would go anywhere I would ask to get in their tub (if I was staying the night at my sisters or something). So if I love baths, you know my grandma gave me a bath pillow one year. Its pink and blow up and it suctions to the bathtub. And you know I have a bathrobe. But it was thin old and yucky. So Brad got one that is so lush for my birthday. It actually was expensive too, you know you just don't spend money on bathrobes, unless your wife is obsessed with bath related items.
So it is towel on the inside (HUGE PLUS) and cloth soft soft soft on the outside, and it even has these cute borders.
Around the sleeves and pockets. So Brad told me to check the pockets. There was a Ross Gift Card in one, and there was supposed to be an Old Navy one in the other, but since I told him I was going to Gap, he went to Old Navy and I decided to go to Old Navy too, and we ran into each other there and he got mad at me for ruining his other pocket surprise.
Then he said, check the inside pocket. Who knew this robe had an inside pocket.
And inside it were...
Jack Johnson tickets.

I love that man. And I love his songs. And so does Brad. Last year for my birthday Brad wrote me a wonderful song and sang it to me, but...sadly he didn't do that this year :(. But this was a concert full of songs. And we are going this next Friday.

My birthday was a hit, and I was so glad I got to share it with friends and family.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Birthday Dreams..

If I could have an ideal birthday, my bedroom would become this..
Pottery Barn, it never goes wrong.

But I doubt that would happen.

I would be dressed in JCREW and this gold glitter skirt. Total cost of outfit 1,345.00 or something like that.
OH MY HEck...
Brad left me, but he just got back and brought me Krispy Kremes...
I have sure been cravin those. But then he left me again to go get milk for my hot doughnuts. 
So I can finish this post.
I have no idea what we are doing today. No stinkin idea.
Last night we went to Happy Sumo for my birthday dinner with Brad's Mom. But the Bachelorette was on and I thought it was ultra boring. So we had to go really early! 

Anyway, I hope this birthday just continues and continues.
So happy birthday to me! 

Monday, August 2, 2010

I cannot live without it.

This snow cone place. Oh my gosh. I have to have at least 3 a week. Seriously. We have used about 3 of our free ones, from buying ten, you get a free one. Ridiculous. 

But so summerish. And so good. I recommend it. On canyon road, Provo. Go, and don't be disappointed. 

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Welcome to the new month!! Today was such an amazing day at church. I bore my testimony, and I feel like a testimony is so powerful, and you really realize how much strength people have, and you yourself can have. But I just wanted to remind everyone that you need to serve others, and what a more perfect way than indexing. I made a goal to index at least one page every Sunday. I think you should make that goal too. Not only will it bring you closer to the Lord, but it will help you be excited about the Lord's work, and gospel.

So start today, make it a habit, and love it.

It's important, and what a great way to spend your Sunday.