Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy 3!

Three years. Can you believe it!?!? We are currently in Vegas soakin up the sun and I just wanted to remember my thoughts on Brad and I's three years.

I always say, I don't know how we would have managed a baby in our first year of marriage. I feel like we have grown so much in 3 years. We are soul mates man. Just soul mates. He knows what I need and love, and I try to do my best at being the wife he could always dream of.... and I def. know what he needs and loves.

And my wildest dream was to be with someone that was perfect for me for eternity. And that is what I got. Now enough of this sappy stuff!!! Check out our happy pics ;)

Happy 3rd year Bradley Bear! 
Love you!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Daddy Bradley

Father's Day was pretty eventful for us.

I wanted Brad to eat a good breakfast, since I work and if I make him a lunch its a miracle.
But now that I don't work (best thing ever to have no work anxiety) I can make breakfast.
So I made him waffles.
And our church is at 11, but somehow we were still late. Weird. 
Brad and I are going to be parents, and I think its pretty clear we are naive. I mean I know about kids, my mom had 16, and I was number 7, so clearly I am aware of HOW, and WHY you do things. But, never has it been my kid. I thought this day was WAY far away, so I'm unprepared I think.
The other day it hit me, "I'm nowhere near ready for this." 
I should have waited like till Brad was done with Medschool, then residency, then we had 23o48q239084u20394823098n dollars in savings.

But then I realized I would be 40....
I think I'm getting scared. That's normal though right? 
First baby jitters? 
Clueless as H*ll jitters.
Hopefully we are good parents, but how can we know jitters.
Here we go jitters.

So for Father's Day I wrote an amazing card about how great of a dad he is going to be then I got him a toddler mitt for his little guy. You know he just is dying to use that mitt. Newborn baby M will just have that on right away. And I will be throwing him a bigger than baby basketball. I think I am terrified that Brad is just in this and then when the baby comes he will be like, "Catch ya later suckers!" 
But he assures me he is in it for good.
Of course he is, but who knows maybe our baby will be a total screamer, and Brad will be so stressed studying all the time and never want to be around little screamer.
Okay now I'm just typing all my fears. Easy Brittany.
He is so excited......can't you tell from his dimps?

Happy F day Brad!
Or as Brad's mom texted me, "Hey do you have that pattern for the d-bag?"
(diaper bag)
Ya I have that pattern, I know what normal sizable d-bags are like.

Shower Me

Now I'm giving a disclaimer.
Or water logged.
I have only gained about 22 pounds (which is normal I hear) but it doesn't feel normal. It feels fat. So....just know that I am aware I am swollen, and you can talk about how I'm chubs, but I promise you I know ;)

I was so blessed to have 3 showers!! Liz Lambert (Brad's aunt) hosted one, that was the Clark side, and of course the support was amazing and I am so grateful for everyone!
Chelsea made me this beautiful quilt.

Sally took some die hard quality pictures! But, I guess I wasn't posing ;)

You can see that we were very active. Now do you see that blue bag, with the hanger and the outfit? Lori gave that to me, and I guess Rachelle (Brad's mom) gave it to her when she had her baby. So she gave me the same bag, pretty crazy.

There we go! Some focus. Good job Sal!

These ladies were so nice to come, Cindy is Brad's other aunt, but the other girls had never even met me and they got me gifts and everything!


Shower number 2!
My good friends, Erica Tanner, Heather Myers, and Nicole Richards threw me this one, and I was in a sauna sweat the entire time.

But it was so fun!

In this picture I am showin g's, swollen and sweaty, but I was so happy to be there!

Great friends came, and the food was amazing!

UGH! I look horrid, and there is cute pregnant Brittany Nelson right next to me lookin SO NON SWOLLEN! But I should have sported the black I guess ;)

It doesn't help that I am with all skinny gorgeous girls!

Here are the shower throwers! Good job and Thank you girls!

Baby Shower Number 3! Family and Westridge School friends!
Summer, mom and Sally put this one on for me.

I loved the decorations!

My mom brought enough food for 40 because I was SURE no more than that would come...but we got lucky and more than 40 came and we ran out!

 Mom got me these cute vintage blocks that say my baby's name!!! Which I may disclose.......

This is Jemma, Summers little girl. She was obsessed with the blocks.

My sister Faith kept saying, "When is the baby coming?"
Apparently, she thought when we went for the 20 week ultra sound that we were bringing the baby home, and apparently when we had a BABY shower, she thought the baby was coming.

She was a little disappointed.

See that pack n play!! Such a blessing thank you JULIE!
All the presents were so wonderful. 
So wonderful I have them all in Brad's guitar room, and I can't bring myself to go through them because it means my baby showers are over, and I just don't feel like saying goodbye to friends and family in Utah yet, so you may feel I am strange for not wanting to, but come on, give me time, I'm going through some MAJOR life changes right now. All at once.

Like I ended my career. (for now)

I'm having a baby boy.

And we are moving to Lubbock, Texas.

My husband is starting Medical School.

So that was 4 major life changes. That are all happening at once.
Some people schedule better.
Not us.

Sister support! Thanks girls!! Faith helped the most as you can tell! 
Summer is 4 weeks ahead of me bless her soul for throwing this entire thing. I'm not sure I could manage that. 

Westridge Friends!


Patrice! My best Kindergarten team member!

Sally, Syd and Tess, Cousins!

Faith was so mad to be in this picture.

Clearly only Sally and I really wanted to be in the pic.

Thank you to all the people who love and support me!