Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Meet My Siblings Day 5: Meet Chandler

So I have been MIA for awhile. We went to Dallas to visit our dear friends and Brad's sister Lindsay for Brad's spring break. Then Miles came back so sick, and we spent our days busy busy....I don't even know doing what. 
Days have just been flying by: which is so good....because I'm ready for warm summer swim time.
Now you may have thought oh Brittany forgot she had a blog, but I didn't and in fact when I don't post I get that sinky heart stomach feeling that is probably anxiety that I have a huge to do list, and the blog is just LAST. That's just how it rolls. 
So now Brad just folded all the laundry, now here's to hoping I can put it away right now and not in the next few days/weeks. The last laundry folded is still on my dresser, but its dwindling because I keep picking clothes from that pile. I have clothes problems. I love washing and drying clothes, folding is not even bad. But putting away just kicks me in the bum. 
Back to Chandler. This post is the most past due I still have to post Miles Six month info and stats, and Dallas trip. Which I can do! I just am lazy with my blog right now okay. 

Chandler is my little blonde brother and in my mind, him and Ethan go together like salt n peppa.
Chandler has blonde hair and Ethan has brown, so its perfecto. 
They have always fought like crazy.
Still do.
Chandler is a star! He was on America's Funniest Home videos, pulling a sword out of his diaper.
He won 2nd! Woot woot!
That's how I love to remember Chandler, him and Ethan putting bottles in their underwear pretending they were rockets.
Since leaving home 7 years ago (oh my gosh I'm getting old) I have to try to keep my relationships with my siblings at home. 
I have memories of them on holidays and weekend home trips (which don't happen anymore).
So I have a hard time making memories now, but I know that Chandler used to be a little squirt who nobody wanted on their basketball team and now he will be the first chosen. 
Chandler is such a selfless person. He has been the Ammon babysitter for so long.
He watches Ammon all the time. He takes care of him and hangs out with him all the time.
Chandler was in the Ammon videos (previously posted), helping him read the cards.
Chandler is always the hard worker that doesn't complain, he takes care of the job and Ammon is the hardest job usually.

Chandler and Miles Dec 2012
(he just got back from Early morning bball-wasn't that excited bout a picture)

This is at a a wedding...........Landon's...whoooo lost my mind for a minute and couldn't remember.
Pepper on left, Salt on right.

Far left Chandler/Salt then Ethan/Peppa (far right is prego me and prego Summer)

(Here is Chandler showing his care taking skills with holding Ammon in far left-I am peeking out behind him -prego)

Chandler also has leg problems.
He was born so BOW legged. I remember him in his little diaper running through the dirt outside and making a huge dirt devil. He was SO bow legged if you held up his pants they were bow legged too!
He has had several surgeries and one just recently on that silly leg, hopefully it can get straightened out!
He ran everywhere, and he had the best dinosaur impressions.
Last year I was asking him what he wanted for his birthday, and he kept saying he didn't know, then after about a 45 minute conversation I finally got it out of him that he wanted Nike Socks. They are expensive and special bball socks, so its not that lame.
But those conversations are things that remind me of why I love my siblings so much.
I love spending time with individual siblings. So often we are a conglomerate and its nice to get to know each one individually not as a whole, if that makes sense. 
Chandler is such a good friend to everyone, and he is the younger brother under Ethan (who can be a meany to him even now) and he takes it well. I love his blonde hair and blue eyes, and I love his willingness to do anything you ask.
He helped me so much over Christmas with Miles, and he didn't complain one bit, he played with Miles and was so nice, and I love playing games and getting to know him better. It really is like I have missed 7 years of his life and just whoop he is in high school now, and not a little runt anymore.
Chandler: So kind, girl magnet, crooked leg, Ammon care taker, athletic, blonde brother that I love so much!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Baby Miles Six Months Pictures

I realize this is an overload of pictures, but it was difficult to choose just a few to post, and like I have said before, the lady who lost her home to fire, only had the pictures on her blog, so I don't feel bad about it.
Sweet Julie took his newborns, and I asked her to do his six months, (he won't be six months till the 15th but she was going to be gone and I wanted them BEFORE he was six months-and perfect timing me wanted to post them on my blog when he was SIX months, but I couldn't wait and my mom really wanted to see them!) and she will be doing his 1yr, 2 yr and 3yr and sadly we won't be here for his 4 yr or she would be doing those!
I love her pictures, they are simple and just the views I want of my baby-real life.
www.wahoomoments.com Lubbock Photographer
If you go to her website under portraits you will see Miles nakee noo noo in front of a guitar. So cute.
She didn't disappoint this time!
But Miles is a good model.

I really wanted some Mommy and Me moments with him. Just natural real life things I do with him.
And we got it.

I have officially decided that he gets his squinty smile eyes from me.

I didn't do this with the newborns because I was just not feeling it.
But this time I gave up my care and went for it...
Despite my feelings of 'still don't look how I want to, six months post baby'.
But I have kinda accepted that I will never be a bikini model.

I LOVE this basket, he was grouchy and I took his clothes off and put him in this and he was loving it.
May have helped that I was singing every song and dancing like crazy in front of him.

He was sitting and loving every minute of this basket and then he just wooop

Pulled himself up and almost capsized the ship.

This is the same blanket and basket that we used for his newborns, I tried to use a lot of the same props.

Here is the blanket and basket in his newborns.
And I'm sentimental like that.

My mom gave us this stacker toy, and I thought it would be an awesome way to show how busy body he is.

And I was right.

Cannot stop.

Gotta get it.

Reaching and reaching.

My wonderful aunt gave me these, and they are colorful balls that he loves.

And I love how he puts everything to his mouth.

Thats our stage right now.

Another true to life is the drool constantly all over him.
I love it, and I love that you can see it all over his chest and moobs.

I didn't think he was that chubby until I looked at these pictures.

He's turning into quite the porker.

But we like em fat!

More to love.

Brad is constantly putting his big hat on him, so I thought it would be cute to get some adorable pictures of it.

And these are my favorite I think..

He loves the hat so much.

And can take it off in a second and play with it.

I set it over there and he tried to get it.

And he reached and reached.

Then he got up on his hands and knees from sitting position (which he just started doing).
Then he crashed on his face and cried and cried. So we changed props.

My mom also got me these vintage blocks.

Which make for an adorable decoration in his room and picture!

He always throws his arms back when he is excited, and I love that she caught that!

This is the bear Brad gave me when we were first dating (like first month of knowing each other)
and its really cheezy to give a girl a bear, but he won it with Chelsea playing some game in Reno, NV on their way to CA for Thanksgiving.

It will probably make every photo shoot now.
Oh Mr. Miles, six months and you are just a whole new baby.

This is THE PERFECT example of him. He gets something, grunts, makes this face and tries to attack it with his mouth. He is a siberian tiger. Or a dragon ripping up its prey. Okay..its just a bball.

Same mitt and baseball...

Same blankie from his newborns. To me he looks nothing like himself in this newborn and he looks redheaded!

We could have just thrown anything in there and he would have been adorable I'm pretty sure.

Who knew a blankie could make a baby so CUTE.

This is true to life, he loves chewing on everything and anything.

I think this is my favorite picture. He was looking up at me with that adorable face.

Mom seriously, stop.

Okay mom, that is just disgusting.
Get used to it Mr. Miles.


Had to get him naked, just like his newborns!!!

And here we go with more of my favorites.

Love his bum.

Chelsea made this adorable quilt for him. And these are so perfect.


Here we go with Sentimental Mom again.
I have to.

He loves any type of ball. (Notice my name on the ball..haha)

He fell again trying to get the ball, and he started to cry and we were all done, but I really wanted to see that face forever, so I asked Julie to keep going.

So glad I did.

I know its a little mean.

But I couldn't help it.

That face will now forever be mine.
I didn't want to forget it. It breaks my heart but makes me smile at the same time.

Love you Miles. Stop growing up so fast.
And I can hear you singing in your crib, which means your nap is over and I'll come get you before the singing turns to crying.