Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'd Like You all To Meet My Boyfriend.

First comment I would like to make is....his shirt is not purple. But his earplugs are and  his guitar looks like it is. But its blue. I was corrected. the light reflects off the earplugs and makes his shirt look purple, its grey... I seriously have always wanted to spell grey, gray. It just makes so much more sense.  Regardless of the spelling of grey... I would like to completely introduce you to Brad. I know you have gotten bits and pieces of him, but let me tell you a few important things. In this video I have here I kinda thought you might be able to see the crowd so I swung the camera around, when that part comes up just close your eyes or look at the picture of your great great great grandparents that you know you have next to your desktop. (I know Brooke has one...of at least our might not be by her desktop but just know she has one).  And...sorry this is the only image of him being the drummer...It really is hard to capture him as a drummer. You try  holding the camera above your head and pushing the button in the middle of sweaty chaos. I need to invent a extenda-viewfinder. And an extenda-arm to push the button. Oh its a tripod. I need that. I was picturing a long tube similar to that of a vacuum cleaner tube that you deattach, and vacuum with. I pictured that hooked to the viewfinder and then to my eye. Shows how advanced I am. Anwyay...Brad as a drummer. This is my best one, all the other ones of him as a drummer he wasn't even in them.

 So another item of necessary information is that I captured a smile from Bradley. None of our pictures will ever be smiling because of his chewing gum to the beat habit. That's a habit we dont even want to try to break. Breaking habits for Brad would be like for me to stop taking pictures of myself. Impossible. I should go through my archives and post a blog of all the pictures I have taken of myself. You will find me in Canada, Texas, Peru, United States, everywhere. Except places I haven't been. Back to Brad. He doesn't smile, so I captured in this video an actual smile of his. I almost said smile of  him. That could mean something more than I wanted it to. So thank you to the person in the middle who helped him smile. I am pretty sure it was the guy will clown looking shoes and way too tight of jeans that were totally girly and a v-neck shirt that had butterflies on it. Also the swoop hair do. Thank you Emos for supporting Brad's band, and making him smile. Minus the butterflies, everything was true. He didn't make me smile, I just stared. Rude probably. No, its what he obviously wants if he walks around like that. 

Wow I could have just said, this is Brad, in his band. But instead I wrote this huge long dissertation of boringness. Wow Brooke just came in and reminded me of all the work we need to do for Amanda's shower. Lucky you, this blog of boringness ( I like that better, alliteration in it is nice) will be shorter now. is some news. You know how I said Brad doesn't read my blog? He did. And now he threatens me to build his own blog and I quote 'murder you on it' okay, he might have said something different, but its on my facebook wall, you can look at it if you need the exact quote. But then, he tried to comment on my blogpost and couldn't even figure that I dropped all worry of him creating a blog and trying to 'destroy my dignity' (I am really good with alliteration today and I like it). So, I guess forever this will be my blog talking about Brad. Don't take forever as a hint or anything. I just smiled. Ha. now to the more gushy lovey stuff. Everytime Brad has a concert he doesn't really invite anyone, and he barely invites me. Just because he doesn't like to announce his talents to the world and come off as...obsessed with himself. (Even though, we all know he is...jk ....I promise he isnt..I am, he isnt. It has to be that way or we wouldnt be together). But I wouldn't miss it, even if I feel like his face is so far away from me in the crowd and everytime I try to get closer to the stage somebody hits me in the face with a swinging arm, or turns around into me and elbows me into the chest. I almost said the other word for chest, but then I stopped and remembered this is a family blog, and I wouldn't ever want it to be blocked on BYU campus. Yikes. So I go to his concerts and I see him in his element and think of how lucky I am to have such a talented, kind, and hot guy. (I put hot last so you will know that is not the most important thing you single ladies). So now that the mushy stuff is over, I can tell you what he got me...for .... VDAY!! 

So....this might be a little...uh....too much for the blog, but its cute and funny. (Both boring words that I usually avoid). So the previous boyfriend whom I cannot name for various reasons..and I pray inside of me that he does not read my blog...YIKES if he does. Okay he got me a pillow, a soft pillow that is blue. before I met Brad I was crying to Landon (I am trying to make this sound as totally cool as possible...but if it gets a little cheesy for you..Im sorry). I was crying to Landon and Landon said something to me that helped me move on immensely. He said, Brittany a new love will replace the old. two days later I met Brad. Oh looky there, Landon can see the future. So Brad knew that story and so one of his presents for V day was a pillow case that he had custom made :) It has a picture of us on it, and when he gave it to me he said...A new love, will cover up the old. So it was a pillow case representing him, that would cover the pillow of my previous bf. OH MY so cheesy, but yet so thoughtful. But there is no way I could sleep on I hung the pillow case on my wall. Its the big one, that looks like a piece of fabric hanging on my wall with purple thumb tacks. I just realized you cant see the thumb tacks..even better.

So in closing, (its like I am giving a sermon about my dissertation for my doctorate my dreams!) I am glad that I could share with you Brad's skills. I am glad I am his girlfriend. Probably the gf of his dreams. (He might not read this post if I dont tell him about it..which I wont) I'll just wait for the phone call of...WHAT WERE YOU THINKING WHEN YOU RUINED MY LIFE WITH THAT POST!!! jk, he wouldnt say that. He likes me too much. There I go, being obsessed with myself. 

Back to the point.

Who wouldn't want Brad as your boy to be your 'more than a friend'?

Probably lots of guys would want him too. 


You can't have him.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

What happened in Boise?

Oh look community of bloggers, I finally posted something about what I promised I would post. I am not a failure. I also lost my memory cards for a few moments (I previously told you that) then I found them again, and that inspired me to load all of my pictures on to my hard drive. I had three memory cards left to do this with and only accomplished one, in two hours. It just takes forever. I dont even know why. Maybe its me, (probably not) maybe its my computer, (more likely) or maybe its bad luck (probably this one for sure).

Well we went to Boise, Idaho and nothing too exciting happened. Until you look back at the photos, and you will see that a few very exciting things happened.
Happening #1
Yep, Murray is my uncle. He is my dad's little brother by like ten months. Meaning they are the same age for two months, but you could have figured that out on your own..maybe not though. So despite his lovely face and my double chin of ugliness. Well I wouldn't call it a double chin, its more like a cottage cheese chin. Like dimples all over that could replica my leg when I squeeze it. (Or sometimes even when I don't squeeze it. But don't you even dare tell Brad I'm not perfect, because he really thinks I am) Back to Murray, wow sorry Murray, I really didn't mean to tangent on you like that. That was disrespectful of me. So..Murray is my uncle. Probably the closest uncle to me of my dads brothers. Ya, he is, not even probably about it. He is similar to my dad in a few ways, but his voice is different and I can tell Murray's voice immediately when I hear it. And really, I have never heard a voice like his. So, if you don't think he is strikingly handsome in this picture, then I apologize because I wanted to post it of him and I. I know that I say oh I'll talk about my uncle Murray later, but really right now is perfect. And although this post is supposed to be about Boise. Murray is such a huge part of Boise. Can you please understand that? K, wow. So Murray has lived in Boise for as long as I can remember and he is married to Raquel. Who is a kisser, and I told Brad she was gonna kiss him probably. She didn't but she did mention it to him. Well don't worry he is a kisser too, I would know. (too much information?..oh well) So Murray and I and Landon grew up together. We would always drive down in Murrays big truck to Boise to stay with him and Raquel before and after they had kids, we would sleep in their big bed with them and play the fishing game on the way up. Now people, the fishing game..its great. Its a hand held game where you fish, you reel it in, and I cant remember the sayings it says to you, but they are awesome. AND! It vibrates when you catch a fish. Who doesnt wanna play that game. Okay, so then when I woke up Sat morning after half sleeping on the floor and half sleeping on the bed...that sounds bad, i wasnt half on the bed and on the floor, i actually spent half the night on the floor and the other half on the bed. Actually more of the half was on the floor. Tangent. Okay so I woke up Sat morn and went and laid down on their bed, and its not huge anymore. I just learned the dif between lie and lay. Lay is for objects, and lie is for people. I think. So I want to go lie down. Where as I would say, oh let me lay down the law here people. Ya Im right. Wow, glad I learned something in English. Okay. So..Murray, I feel super close to him and he is incredible and we all slept on his floor. One picture took me 30 minutes. Wow, I need to speed myself up here. Hw is awaiting. Okay here we go to ....
Oh wait, one story. So Aaron (brooke's man) came in when we first got there and said, Oh I have to take my shoes off, I have been shovelin manure, in a joke, And murray of course, really takes his shoes off because of manure because of the farm work he does and Aaron had no idea, we didnt fill them in about anything, except me telling Brad Aunt Raquel kisses. So it was kinda funny, maybe you had to be there sorta thing. Maybe I could have retold a little better. Anyway you get the story, thats what matters.
Happening #2
Rock Band, with Wii. Yes we played rockband until I passed out on the floor asleep and Raquel passed out asleep on the couch and the little kids were still playing at two in the morning, and then something possessed the little ones to put in star wars. Talk about a party with 10 year olds. Here we have Bradley, who could pass for a ten year old in this picture...(good thing he doesn't have interest in my blog, or I could be a single woman for saying that) then Chandler who is my little brother who is eleven I think...Then Aaron who does not look ten but yet a dashing thirty! Then Carter and Gabriel. Who clearly are youngins. So..a family entertainment using technology and music as the content integrated here. (Can you tell I write lesson plans in my sleep? Well I do)
Happening #3
honey, the guitar looks too small for you, and you look too involved in this game, is this why you beat me in mario carts? And is this why you always win those hockey games you play with your friends when I'm doing my homework. Or when I am making your book. This is why you are really good at games, because you said you lived on this healthy for you? Is this bad for me because you will consider me a game and have this predictable outcome everytime a problem arises? Maybe I have analyzed this a few sentences too long. I'll move on. Good thing you are good with guitars and rock band, or you wouldnt fit in with my family. At all. Goodness. Im relieved you are. So its a positive thing. Great.
Happening #4
Brad saw that I was taking the picture and in order to not look caught off guard, retarded, or too involved in the wii game that it could be detrimental to his health, he did a peace sign, which is so cool. So cool. Then we have Chandler, who is in between levels on Rock band. He is too good for easy, but not quite good enough for intermediate. This causes problems, cuz he is really bored when he does easy, but fails the whole song when he does intermediate.Then little Shay, she just sang her heart out, and when the words came on 'Im a smoker Im a winner' we kinda cringed that our cute 7 year old was singing this, but its a family activity right? Right. So Murray just chilled in that seat, then I went and sat on him. Thats the first picture. Sorry I never was good at 'put this in chronological order'.
Happening #5
Now we have Brooke and Aaron...whom love to sing together. In fact Aaron did a nice job of screaming at times when it was extremely necessary to scream. Everyone thought it was totally normal.
Happening #6
This is Raquel. She is my kissing aunt I was talking about earlier. She is 8 or so years younger than Murray. :) Perfect for each other. She works as a nurse for like 15 hours straight, then came home and partied with us. She is awesome and I love her. Now Gabe runs around in his underwear, but who wouldnt if they could say their brain wasnt completely developed yet and socially saw no harm in it. I know I would. Sorry too much information again. I didn't really mean to get his bootie so perfectly in this picture but he threw himself back in a backwards summersault right when i pushed the click button.
Happening #7
Now you see the real reason we went to Boise. Sally's bball tournament. State Tournament. So right here in this action shot, she got fouled. And her arms are blurred. I know blurry pictures are fashionable at times. But I really love this one. She did amazing in her game and had 20 something points and was an incredible Senior in those last minutes of game time for her last game ever. They lost but to me, she won. And she is a state champion.
Happening #8
Landon was there and he sat by me, then Brad took my spot and sat by him. Sometimes I think they fight over me, or side against me. Or just leave me out completely and talk about mission stuff. Landon you are hot. Remember that, but not too much remembering.
Happening #9

Uh Brad and I...This is Brad's half-hearted smile photo, and its my, wow I cant hold a camera steady when you are touching my face with your face photo. Brad had monsters on his shirt, which Faith kept pointing to and saying "BOO!" Like she knew they were monsters, or we told her they were monsters and she knew that monsters say of the two. Or maybe something totally different that I have failed to analyze.

Happening #10Sally!! Another action shot of wonderfulness. She likes to drive it in. The girls on the other team were like 6'3''. Seriously probably weighed 200 pounds too. Sally guarded her well. So well that she stopped scoring.

Happening #11Foul shots are awesome.. Because everything is still except the ball and the hands. I love them. Little room for failure. Sally is perfect and how can you mess up a shot where everyone is still?
Happening #12So they lost and this is Sally's I'm trying not to cry face. They did win Academic State Champs. Due to having the highest GPA. Which is incredible and congrats.
Happening #13Obviously I tried to console her. Obviously she just wanted me to go away. As for this picture quality. I like it. It shows a lot going on. A lot more than you would ever know unless you knew the story. Coach has helped her become as good as she is, and he is sitting next to her. Me..I have been her closest and bestest sister since day one, and then Summer is waiting to have her turn of sympathy. And....I can't even explain how wonderful relationships between family are. Just try to imagine.
Happening #14
I didn't know she made this face. It was just her way of saying, I dont really want to smile for this picture, but I am. And, I was pretty sure I smiled a little too much after a loss. I should have shown anger or sorrow. My bad.

Happening #15
Now this is the whole family. That came...Minus my parents. Do I really have to type all their names? Can you just pretend like you know them all? Are you going to remember if I write them all out this time? K Fine!! I'll do it. LEFT to Right. Faith, Brooke, Me, Echo, Summer, Chandler, Sally, Landon, Ethan. There we are, in all our Hansen beauty. Oh my photographer was the last hope and choice, as fifteen other people were taking pictures. And she was like nine. And...yah she was a trooper though.

Hot Happening #16

Yes this happened. Now I would like to say he is way photogenic, but I swear he is so much hotter in real life. Maybe thats just me. Maybe I like to see his facial expressions that make me think him hot. Sorry if I am making you throw up in your mouth. Sorry. But he is....he is hot.

Happening #17

He has this problem though, its saggy pants problem. he sags them because he doesn't really buy his size, which creates issues. Here we are in JCPenny after the game because Brooke had to buy tights to wear to churcho the next day. Brad my dearest. Let's find you some pants that fit you better. Ya? No? Okay sag your pants, and lets get a chain to hang out your front pocket around to your back.
Happening #18

Echo and Brad again.  You would think they were dating, probably so did everyone in the store. Brad can pass for a ten year old and Echo could pass for an 18 year old, so...they probably are dating, and I just dont know it. I'm creeping myself out.

Happening # ALL DONE

Of course the only close ups of myself are ones I take myself of myself with my own camera. Of course I am ending on this, because I am respectably done with this post.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Did You THink? Did I think?

It's so crazy to look back on my Feb 2008 and compare it with my Feb 2009. I wish I would have written more, just like I should be writing now. Let me introduce you to this excerpt.
Feb 20, 2008
Well looks like I have news. Not married people news, like I'm Pregnant! Or Im getting Married!! But single person news. I got accepted to my major. Early Childhood Education, now I will be done with school 3 semesters from now, excluding my semester of student teaching. So 2 years and I can step into the adult world. This was enthralling news but lets just say under a table that I was not surprised. Although I also somewhat got accepted on my study abroad. Alternate, meaning that if some Welsh speaking person decides they want to go to Wales, they have heads up over they will contact me if there is any spots..well only like 7 students get to go if its a pretty small program. But!! My travels will not die if I dont go to Wales on a study abroad.

Wow.... Now let me introduce you to this excerpt.
Feb 24-2009
Still not pregnant or married! OR ENGAGED!!!!! JFYI (Just for your information)Little did I know I would be a junior in Early Childhood Education right now, and hey look I have no news, and Heck Im still not married, but ... Just know I wont be serving a mission come August 3, 2009 when I turn 21. Oh its for various reasons..I guess mainly I want to graduate first. And I dont feel particularly prompted to serve a mission right now. So now that that is off my chest. Yes off my chest. I can go on with talking about myself, and not my chest specifically. I guess this is why mainly. Him. Don't even tell him his hair looks thin, he will get really angered. :)
I first would like to say that yes I did partcipate in State Bball, here is my sister summers blogpost about it, if you dont believe me. CLICK HEREAnyway, we did sleep on Murray and Raquels floor, I will include pictures, I promise, just like Brad's vday present. I promise. And my promises mean something I swear. No I dont swear. Yah I guess I do in my dreams. I recently had a dream Saturday night where two guys knocked on my bedroom door and I went to the door and they had mustaches and looked to be of the Mexican origin. Yes orgin. Anyway, dream, then back to life. So my dream..I answered the door with, "What in the H do you want?" That was only the beginning of my swearing dream, and I know there will be more to come. But...I think in the end of my dream after one man of Mexican origin ate the other man alive, while I escaped in the Dodge truck with twine holding on the headlight, ya I think that's where I realized this was not real life, NUMBER 1 I was swearing..and I dont really swear all that much. NUMBER 2, 2 men are not going to just knock on my bedroom door, what about the front door? And if they wanted to kill me, wouldn't they just come in? Duh. NUMBER 3 Man eating a whole man in the process of him turning into a monster, a green monster...ya not real. NUMBER 4 I wasnt even sleeping in my bed while having this dream, I was sleeping in my sister Echo's bed. Did I just talk about my dream for like 15 lines? My bad. Back to my current life. I will stop tangenting. Thats not a word, because it has a squiggle line. So..I just spent two hours doing an assignment, then I lost it. Then I redid it in 15 minutes cuz I was so mad. I just kept saying, in this lab, out loud...THE ECONOMY IS FAILING AND SO IS THE FREAKIN INTERNET. Great. Internet down. Brittany's life over. To prove that the internet is failing, look at the picture I uploaded, this is the best one after like twenty minutes of reposting it. Lame i know. I guess I should introduce you to my typical day. ha, like you all wanted to know it. You do. Trust me.
Monday: Brad picks me up at 7:30AM (blahk) Why do I do this? Well...I hate parking on campus and I dont have a sticker and I dont have class until nine and this way I can procrastinate my assignment until the morning it is due. I just wrote due as do, then I changed it to prove I really am a college student. Anyway, Brad has class at eight and has a parking sticker and nobody goes to class early like Brad so we always get parking, and I don't like not seeing him for longer than like..uh four hours. Well, maybe more some days when he doesn't gel his hair. Jk. Jk. He doesn't read this, thank goodness. Who really reads this anyway? Who makes it this far? Without skimming. Ya probably nobody. Thats okay. Therapeutic this is. So I'm only at 7:30 am, wow I suck at hurrying. So we walk to class together holding hands, lame huh? I told him I would never hold hands with him when we both have backpacks on, but its just sooooo HARD to be abstinent from holding hands. So both of us have class separate class until noon. Then we go home and eat lunch together, then he goes to work, and I usually do homework until I have class again. Or sleep. Usually sleep. This is boring me, I'm changing subjects. I read a whole book today in like 2 hours. Abraham Lincolns Biography. Did you know he didnt like to be called Abe. Respect him. Ha! He was incredible. Absolutely. Without him and Grant, we would have lost. Seriously. Why am I saying we, what if my reader is a Confederate? Whoopsy.
I am reading a lot of books. Thank you Children's Literature Class. I love it. I love reading. If Brad didn't exist I would just go home everyday and forget my social life, forget to eat and read. Read until I slept, then wake and read again. What is the typing limit for a blog post. Freak I long surpassed it. I guess to talk about my day...Brad consumes it. Landon and Brooke exist in there, as well as class. But mainly if I am not in class then I am with Brad, last night we went to the hot pots in Midway, better to go at night so you dont know what is going on in the pond like festers. Oh I sleep good when I go there. Way good. I really like them. I guess my days are spontaneously wonderful and I am super happy with my life. Ha, maybe I should have posted. I am happy!!!!!!!! But I didnt. So now you read this to find out through context clues and foreshadowing if I 'really' am happy. Shmmmmahhh. I am. So. So. So. Except when computers freeze. I hate that.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Did you see this post coming?!??! Ha, well basically I should be posting about VDAY presents right now, but since I'm not, I'll post about my V-day man. The reason why I havent taken pictures of the item I made him for VDAY is because I lost one of my four 2gb memory cards, and that sickened me. I couldnt even look at my camera for fear that I had lost all those pictures. But...then I found it plugged into my digital picture frame which landon gave me and I love, and I love him for that too. Anyway, so I found it, but now Brad and I are driving to Tremonton to meet up with Brooke and Aaron to then go on to Sally's state bball. So here I am reassuring all of you that I will show you at some point. I promise.

Back to my love life. Ha! SO Brad and I spent V-day together, and its funny how things work out. And anyway I should be posting about something exciting that im doing but really im not really doing anything that exciting. I just ate a footlong at subway, and that five dollar any footlong is a genius because subway was packed. I couldnt even see the floor there were so many feet. I got a chicken terriaki. So good.SOOOO good. This is dumb. Ha, that I am writing about this. My brakes in my car are going bad...bought some for Landon to change...but he hasn't yet. Typical guy, always taking forever. Jk. That isn't typical guy, thats typical girl. Sorry girls. So here I go to BOise Idaho. Wish me luck. I'll say hello to Murray and Raquel, as we will be sleepin on their floor. (Hope I get to sleep on a cot, jic there is rats).

Monday, February 16, 2009

Meet my mama.

So I stole this from Summers blog...And Loved it. Love love loved it. So I really should be typing some papers while here at work..but I'm not. Instead I am reading people's blogs and happy that Tanner and Amanda finally started adding to theirs. So back to my mama. Everyone always assumes that she is just this very organized controlled and happy hunky dorey lady. Well...she's not. She's not at all. Neither is my dad for that matter. They both are spontaneous, go with the flow, okay lets do that kinda people. They have to be. They have to be or they will crumble up and die of exhaustion from trying to be organized. Wow you should see what my mom calls her diaper bag. It has everything from oregano oil to full apples. Probably like 5 apples. She really is an incredible mother. Gosh I could say that a million times over, but it wouldn't really sink until you met her and realized her humor. Just a few quotes from her lately.
Um Mom, what are you going to do when Ammon hits puberty?-Landon (Ammon is my Autistic brother to read more about him and his adventurous life CLICK HERE)
I hope the second coming comes before that happens-Mom

Mom where are my socks?-Shad

Okay, so that last one has happened a million times, sorry to single you out Shad. But I guess from this post, know my mama is the best. And i'm sure all of you think your mama is the best.
You are wrong.

Oh my Vday post is coming next :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Puke in My Face

So...I read books sometimes, okay, all the time. Add my textbooks to this list..and the library is my weakness. Seriously. I have to check books out if I walk in. I have to. Like already 15 books this week. Anyway..I live in Provo, can we just move on from Provo and BYU soon? No? A year left? Oh great. So I was going through some pictures and I wanted to make some statements about some of them. Obviously my statements are different now, than they would be back in September when I got home from Peru, but Peru just makes me think about how lovely life is....even outside of Happy little Mormonville Provo. Come on, everyone knows we are in this bubble of skewed reality. Even if you don't want to admit it. Everyone knows it. Everybody except...(some of my friends, and professors..yIKES!)

So I always tried to take pictures of this churchy the square of Huancayo. I always seemed to struggle. Smog, dirt in the air? I dont know. But it was beautiful, and I guess this might be too much personal information, but on my last day there I went to the center by myself. All by myself I took a taxi, and sat in this center, right next to this cathedral, and watched the pigeons and tried to speak Spanish with a lady who knew President Bush, apparently, or maybe I'm just crazy. I didn't take my camera that day, I didn't want to be a tourist anymore. I wanted to feel Peruvian. They almost thought I chacos threw them off. Probably.
Never have I had the need for a watch in America, because my cellphone never leaves my body. Either its in my bra, my pocket, my purse, my bra, or my hand, or against my face, or plugged in next to my bed. Always one reach, button, touch screen away. . . So No need for a watch. Peru, my cell phone had service, but I just shut it off and never attempted even texting. I wanted to be away from that. I almost got one, but then I loved not having one. Instead of like knowing where the person was going to be all the time, you just guessed, and if you were wrong, then you waited for them, and if they never came then you were there for a reason according to fate. I just loved not having direct communication with everyone. It made things so interesting. Like one time we were trying to find the school where we were supposed to learn Spanish and I had a rough address of what we thought it was, but apparently it was in English and the driver didn't know English and I didn't know the Spanish word for Tupac, I am serious I think that was the street name. Ha, anyway..we were lost. So we just drove around forever, then I asked the driver if I could borrow his cell phone just really fast to call and find out what the real address was. He wouldn't have it. He snatched it up from his middle console and clung it to his chest. Like I'm some freaky possessed tourist, gosh I'm not insane. I guess my foreign blue eyes, and foreign blondeish redish brownish hair, and my sugar white straight teeth, and my fancy chaco shoes were too foreign for him, too unreal, I guess I wouldn't trust an outsider either. Oh let me add that all the taxis were like lesbian cars. Sorry that is a stereotype. Sorry all you who google search and find this post, go ahead get mad at me for stereotyping a car lesbian. I just researched the meaning of the word lesbian and did you know it is alluding to the poet Sappho of Lesbos, whose verse deals largely with her emotional relationships with other women? Well its true, and I found that on Thank you So, that was our car, almost identical, except some stickers all over the back, and a huge teddy bear hanging as a rear view decoration, or like a Mary hanging from the mirror, or like a huge massive cross with real rubies on it. Okay maybe not real, but they fooled me. Taxi drivers have rubies. I promise. Okay tangent, obviously I could go on forever. Where is Jana and Megan so we can really get going. I think Jana and Megan are coming to VEESit me in March, which I am way excited for, but I know its just going to be a whole BUNCH of inside Peru jokes, which anyone around us will die and go to h, before listening to that. Ha, Ill pull out my archives of pictures, that will be fun. wahoo. Anyway, back to my story. Well after he declined my cellphone use, I told him to find me a pay phone and waste more of his gas. He was mad, I could tell, but its his own dang fault he was a brand new taxi driver and didn't know tupac was a street we needed. Pay phone found. Jana couldn't figure out how to drop the money it. And the taxi driver seriously hated us because he wouldn't get out and tell her how to put the money in. Maybe he really hated us. Maybe he wanted to hit on me while Jana was out, no I doubt it, because he kept checking his time, and I know what he was thinking (of course he was thinking it in Spanish) he was thinking, Get these white chicks outta my lesbian taxi. Get them out right this instance. If I could tell them how ticked off I am, I would. If I could cut off their United States hair, I would. If I could tell them I don't want their 3 soles. I would. Oh I hate these United States girls. Oh I hate them. They are wasting all my time, I could have had 6 other customers by now. I could have. I am not getting out of my car to show that dumb red head (sorry Jana, I am just assuming what was in his head) how to put money in, isn't she supposed to be smart? I am not getting out of my car or this sugar teethed girl will steal my lesbian taxi, just like she tried to steal my cellphone. Thats what he was thinking. And if I knew his Peruvian cell phone number I would call him and have Brad, or Murray, or Tosha translate for me, and I would ask him about that time he took three white chicks around Huancayo, he would remember, and he would be annoyed. And he would tell just what I said he was thinking. Because I could read his face. Dont worry, I gave him 6 soles, when he only thought he was getting three. This means..even though he hated us all the while, he was cursing us in Spanish, then I nicely handed him those 6 soles and said muchos gracias like 18 times and smiled with my sugar white teeth. I hope he won't curse the next white chicks he gives a ride. That was a really long drawn out story. I apologize. But... I just needed to get it out of my system. Its been sweltering awhile now. I guess the point of this watch picture I started to discuss earlier before I was very distracted was...we didnt use our cellular devices, so about half way through we bought watches 5 soles each, and barbie, which phil called bobby watches. Accent alert. Ha! He was saying barbie, it just came out bobby to us. Anyway..we bought watches, which we couldn't wear at the orphanage anyway, because they ripped them off. I broke mine very quick, like 3 days quick, Jana broke hers much later. Then I just kept the face in my pocket. It served me well. Thank you bobby.
Jana and I went shopping in the mall, it was pretty sweet, it had all sorts of different levels but was way skinny. Like 7 levels. But to avoid further distraction. We found these really awesome people made from styrofoam and plastic and im sure other materials, but they were very strange, and it really made me think about how alone and frightened I would feel if I had to be in that mall in the night time, when these creatures came alive.
This is Ceci. She was like my mom. She didn't cook for me, but she loved me all the same. She gave me this miracle pill, when I had a cold that was so bad I couldn't really get out of bed for a day, and it made me better, I didn't ask what it was, I just trusted her. She had this baby, whom I held as much as possible. This baby was her son by the way. Adrean. I think I spelled that wrong. Ah well. She was so sweet and hugged me all the time. I think her friendly joking manner made me love Peru, made me love her house, made me love it when I danced with her in some Americanized resteraunt. I love her, and sometimes she writes on my facebook wall. I promised her I would fly her to the United States. What should I show her when I finally do? Hmmm?
Now for the most important picture. My substance for the time being. I ate at least ten of these a day, at the orphanage I ate about 6 in the morning with just butta, then nothing the rest of the day till I got home at like whatever time i got home, I cant remember. Bread, and jam. Wow it was so much better than any bread I have had here. I don't know why, maybe it was just food that was somewhat similar to what we have here...Not sure. but I ate it. Probably too much.

Maybe I wrote too much. I don't know when to stop typing, I don't know when to stop talking either. Oh well. Don't worry, I'll post about V-day tommorow, or maybe in the middle of the night when I am ready to give him his V-day present. Oh man, if he doesn't love it. I will die. I will die.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ian Superman Song

this is on Youtube, you can search brittanyhhansen and it will come up!!! He found the superman theme song guy on youtube and memorized it, so i recorded him. :)

His dream was to get it on youtube!

Dream come true!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Wanna see my pantry?

So I lived in Standrod for 17 years of my life. I am now 20 (almost 21-if 7 months is almost) and these three years I have felt motherless, starved, and alone. Let's start with motherless.
My mother didn't really mind if I cooked something and didn't clean it up. My mother made me eat all the time, and she made me eat healthy. My mother made sure I took all my vitamins, my mother loved me. She also made sure I slept enough. So I'm motherless.

When I was in my Grandmother's kitchen I saw this sign. My Uncle Jed (my grammas youngest son) thinks he is really funny. I thought it was funny. Basically all of my aunts and uncles don't have to clean up for themselves, but the grandkids do. But you got that...moving on.

So I am motherless. Next point I need to make. Starved. I have lots of food in my cupboards. Isn't cupboard a lovely word, you thing it should be spelled cuboard, but its not. Unless I am a terrible spelling and spell realize like this. Realise. I have food, but I still feel like I need to eat all the time, what a piece of toast with jam and no butter isn't a good dinner. Or a can of cold spaghettios isnt that healthy for breakfast? Wow, I have problems. So I have been eating like this for three years and I'm afraid if I started eating/cooking 3 meals a day I would put on some pounds. Love handles, yuck. Don't tell me you think I look good with love handles. Nobody looks good with love handles. Unless they are under a parachute, but then they look like a parachute. Anyway, I love myself I really do, don't take this wrong.
Uh if I had my Standrod Pantry..I would be healthier, and I would eat happier. Be a happier eater? Whatever Here is my parents pantry.
We have all this powdered milk. We have for years. I think we use it when someone forgets to buy milk at the store. Its not like we can run to the store to get chocolate chips for our cookies. The store is a half hour away, and on dirt roads, and that store has like 6 items which are all over priced. Bottle of water 10.99. Supply and Demand now.
Toliet paper, Campbells, olives (yuck), sugar, flour, huge amounts, doesnt matter if someone eats your food, because it would feed an army. At least for a day.
When we want to get something on the top shelf, we have to put one foot on one side and climb up,and the other foot on the other side, its like 15 feet high. My parents planned it so you would have to climb and get exercise to reach your food, burn calories. No really, they did plan to climb thats why the built them narrow. May I add that hiding spots are great in this pantry, and whenever we had candy we would check the usual spots, then tear the pantry apart if we couldnt find stuff.
Starting from the bottom, thats honey. Lifetime supply for one person no doubt, about a year for my family, maybe less. Cake mixes up from that, thats for all the freakin birthdays we have. Then you see salad dressing. A lot of it. Salsa over from that. Looks like we are running low, only have two. Then you see other stuff. If you wonder how we even keep our pantry remotely clean, its costco. They do it for us. We have a large probably 5,000 purchase from costco that allows us to be motivated for space, so we clean the entire pantry to fit the new supplies. Welcome to my pantry. Or what I wish was my pantry. The barrels of stuff you saw..thats flour and sugar and no beer.

Now dealing with alone. My whole life, I had this.

Now I just have this.
Him. He is my brother. Landon.
Him. He is my other. (Note: He is in band. Picture taken at Velour)
Her. Sister. Brooke. I wish it was summer, and my legs looked tan, and I could wear short shorts. Hello Feb, come on to me July.

Now for a short update of my life. Still in school. Still spending all my time with this opposite sex character.

That may have sounded resentful or mean, it wasn't but he does consume me. No he doesn't eat me consume, just consume my thoughts, time, and texting. Yes I text him all the time when I am not with him. I thought it would die out after 3 months! whoa three months!!!! What are we going to do four our three months anniversary. Watch School of Rock? Drink Inka Kola? Okay. Sometimes I feel like nobody reads down here so I write random probably personal things. Whatever. I guess I should stop talking, typing. And end this post so you all can get back to your normal life. Oh be prepared for the next post. Its probably gonna be about my Grandma. Ya be ready.