Thursday, July 10, 2014


I disappeared. I disappeared for awhile there didn't I? Wow. Its been almost 2 full months since I posted. That may be a blogging record for me. Not the kind I want to set. But I'm about to get you all up to speed on our last 2 months. You see there is this thing called Step. Step is a test that sucks all light from your soul, and then slits your throat. Thats really the best way of describing it. But somehow you survive the light sucking, and the throat slitting. Its a miracle really. And I'm not here to complain about step. I am just explaining to you where I went for 2 months. Well actually no, June was spent in blissful bliss, frolicking around the country (Countries) and gaining back any light that was sucked from us. If you can make it through 2nd year of med school with an aspiring surgeon. You can make it through anything. We went on a cruise! Which I was actually not looking forward to. (I know how lame of me to be worried about leaving my child for a week) That is all I could think about-all the stories of kids losing an arm while their parents were away on some trip. mom came out and eased my worries a little, and she brought Faith who played with him and helped my mom out, and it was a break from my mom's day to day life with my autistic brother Ammon-so it worked out.

 So Brad surprised me on Vday with this cruise as my gift, anniversary gift, and post step gift. I know husbands are always normally gone 8-5 right? And that's fine, thats normal. And some are even gone more than that-but it wasn't that he was gone 8-5, home for dinner for an hour, then gone 6-10 every single day even Saturday and Sunday. It was just that he carried with him such an indescribable burden with him. This feeling of everything rides on this test. He wants to be an orthopedic surgeon (or some type of surgeon but he says its ortho 100%) and you have to do well on the test to be competitive, so if he doesn't do well, there is no other options, he has to do well, or basically he will be unhappy doing something else that isn't per-say his 'dream'. Its not pretentious its just what he wants, he loves, and he wants to do something he loves. 

So...everything rides on that, if he loved ortho and it wasn't competitive then he wouldn't have to score so well, and then he wouldn't be as stressed I would say. So the level of stress is what he carried, and naturally I carried it as well. So all along I knew the Lord would take care of us, and has a plan for us, so I just had faith that it would all work out. I don't think it put a 'toll' on our relationship, but it definitely made me feel like my relationship was different, kinda one sided I would say-as I had Mr. Jello Brain for a husband. He would come home and I would try to pillow talk and several times I would be mid sentence and wahlah he would jump, like the sleep jump. Twitching would have you. Mid-sentence! I mean...who is that tired? Who falls asleep when I say, "How was stu-!TWITCH!-dying?" He does. He did pre-Step. But don't worry. We remembered why we like each other spending every single second together for 8 days straight. PS We got his Step scores back yesterday, and phew....we are VERY happy with his score and he will after able to be competitive as an orthopedic surgeon.

 So, all that stress for nothing. Actually, I am pretty sure he needed the stress to keep him going, and I needed the stress to age me 5 years so people stop asking for my ID when I try to buy wine. (I have never bought wine in my life.) Mostly just when I am walking through a casino is the only time its happened to me, and I love it. But seriously, we are so blessed and we know that, and we contribute it to all the prayers and fasting of our family members and loved ones.
Our cruise left from Galveston, so we just took the quick 9 hour drive down there and boarded our ship. We put our swimsuits on then had someone take this pic of us, then realized we didn't have time to swim so we promptly changed back into our dinner clothes. Cruise newbies. 

They always had performances and singers going non-stop, so we were frequent attenders to the shows and what have you.
We learned quick that the sit down dinners were fabulous and did not even compare to the buffet that was open all the time.
We attended many comedies. We went to the non-family friendly one and realized really quick we weren't in love with listening to the F word every other word. No joke, how does a person complete a sentence with that many F words. I didn't think it was possible, or funny at all. So we stuck to family friendly.
We went to several shows, and one time Brad wanted to go to the magic show and I was so tired, he told me he was going to go get us seats, and I could get ready then come down. I fell asleep and didn't wake up until the show had already started and by that time it was so dark in the theater and I couldn't find him, and it was mayhem and we had a small tussle because he was mad at me, then I got mad at him for getting mad at me for being exhausted, and then we were newlyweds again :). Actually no...because we fought a lot more as newlyweds than we do now. 
I usually ordered 1 or 2 appetizers every meal, then 1 or 2 entrees, then 1 or 2 desserts. Only once did I order 3 entrees. Just because I wanted to try all the crazy food. I tried alligator, shark, and I tried cow and fish and shrimp and lobster several times over ;). The portions were pretty small so I didn't feel too bad, plus my stomach was so stretched out by the end that was like a normal amount of food for me. 
Our ports visited Cozumel, Mexico, Belize, and Roatan Honduras.
In Mexico we swam with dolphins, which was way too expensive in my opinion for what we got. I thought we would be swimming in a cove with wild dolphins they roped in and we could do as we please, but no it was very structured with trainers and 1 dolphin and very money driven obviously as a freakin picture cost $30, but I watched families pay over $300 dollars for their precious pictures and I just said to myself-I will remember the moment I kissed a dolphin. Belize we got on a small boat and jumped off in the middle of the ocean and snorkeled with a guide I couldn't understand and he swam too fast for my looking needs. I got my salt intake for the next 3 years because sometimes I forgot I was snorkeling and I just would breathe through my nose, then that would fog my mask so I would take it off then I would rinse it then somehow putting the snorkel back in required me getting insane amounts of salt water in my mouth. 
In Honduras we got a cab with some random couple, and went to a restaurant in Honduras and ate the REAL non touristy Honduran food, because that is where Brad served his mission.  Then we went back to a beach and got completely sun burned because somehow the sun just was our next door neighbor that day, so hot.

We spent the nights of our cruising at shows, and on the Serenity deck where no kids are allowed, in the hot tub just talking to each other or strangers. We talked and talked, and some days we watched movies in bed in our room, and some days we just laid out all day. So basically it was wonderful on so many different levels. I didn't miss Miles too much the first 4/5 days, then by day 5 I would see a baby and hold back tears. I just got so....emotional about it, and I don't know why. I missed him, and I needed him more than anything. I knew this before but he is just part of me now and if I don't have his little grimy hands and too long of fingernails scratching my face and grabbing my cheeks and kissing my lips I get sad. So yes, it was a wonderful break from real life. It was a break and everybody needs those, couples need those. So it was worth the money, time, and leaving Miles to take an amazing trip with my amazing husband. 

PS I will add pictures later because we mostly took pics on Brads phone :) and I only have mine right now!

Citrus Lane June Box Review

I was out of town all of June so this is a little late, but I receive the Citrus Lane Box Subscription for my 22 month old baby boy. I love getting this box more than anything, it is such a pick up to receive a box full of wonderful things you barely paid anything for, and then you have all these top of the line items, toys, skin care, food, for your baby.

I love Citrus Lane and I recommend it to almost EVERYONE I talk to that has kids. It just is a wonderful thing to be a part of. You get quality items for half price, and its affordable. I have found my favorite toys, skincare, food items, books, and brands because of Citrus Lane. 

Here is a little price info:
1 Month: $29/month Free shipping, 
3 Months: $24/month Free shipping, 
6 Months: $21/month Free shipping,
12 Months: $19/month Free shipping.

You can get your first box for $14.50. Robbery.
Just to try it, you can get over $50 worth of goods for $14.50! Sell your old stuff on Ebay once a month and its paid for! That's what I am all about!
This box specifically is valued at $58.25 (which is the discounted Amazon Prime price) and you are going to pay $14.50 for it! A steal, a complete steal. Now sometimes you may get things you don't want or need, and in that case why don't you just keep a little gift stash that you paid nothing for!? My gift stash doesn't last long, and guess what? I give amazing expensive gifts because of Citrus Lane. And mostly I keep everything because its just too good to give away. And I really like getting crisp new things. It must be a disorder :)

This box featured so many wonderful items:
Zoo Straw Bottle from Skip Hop
Wet Bag from Bumkins
Mighty 4 Bars from Plum Organics
Pouch Puzzle from Mudpuppy
Special Offer from Third Love

And the included list.

Zoo Straw Bottle from Skip Hop $10.45 on Amazon 
I'm actually glad I am posting this late because I can really talk about these items. I mean REALLY talk about them. Every mom loves a new crisp sippy cup, because you know they get nasty. The babies carry them around everywhere and they just get washed 6,000 times, and so a new fresh one is like gold. And this one has become our constant companion. We take it everywhere. It has a velcro strap to hook to your purse, your arm, your stroller, your child's arm, your bike, your diaper bag, your belt buckle-you get the gist- and I love it.

It pops the straw right out and then closes again for NO leaking. And guess what my 22 month old figured it out in all of 5 seconds. He actually loves it, it makes him feel like he is independent and capable of opening and closing his drink. Score.

Wet Bag from Bumkins $14.84 on Amazon
You can get different prints on Amazon for different prices, but my print specifically was Mickey and this was a 'get to choose' item. Citrus lane usually lets you choose one item, or the color, or the type, and they send you an email and its a sneak peak to your box, and when I saw this one I loved it-and I also didn't realize it was going to be so big, and so useful! We go to the pool A LOT, and Texas is very hot so we go to the pool, then we usually change our little guy into normal clothes after, because he is in a swim diaper, and because he has this ability to turn blue and freeze to death even if it 109 degrees outside. So we get him out of the wet clothes ASAP after swimming, and usually we would wrap his wet clothes up in a towel and everything in our bag would be wet by the time we got home anyway. NOT ANYMORE!!!!! This bag is massive, and it holds all of our swimming suits and could hold more. I love it. I don't know how I lived without it. Since getting it we have been swimming 3 times and have used it and loved it every time.

Its big. You could almost fit a little human in it. But don't. Please don't. Just wet clothes please.

Mighty 4 Bars from Plum Organics $1.32 (.66/bar) on Amazon 
Plum products come frequently and I really love Plum, and these didn't disappoint. I could barely take a picture before Miles devoured them. I'm a sucker for all natural stuff-don't give me any of that other junk unless I'm really splurging on a fried donut, or Red Vines or something. Plus a $1.00 coupon as well. 

Pouch Puzzle from Mudpuppy $11.64 on Amazon
These varied in price, mine specifically on Amazon was over $20.00 but I took the Under the Sea Pouch Puzzle and priced it that way. This is a tad bit old for my 22 month old, it is a 12 piece puzzle, but I thought it was cute how it was in a zip plastic bag, and could be an easy travel piece also, the box tends to get ruined quick and this is durable and I loved the print of the Forest Friends. I'm a sucker for puzzles and games for kids (teaching Kindergarten gave me an outrageous collection) so this will be perfect for a center for my 3 year old preschoolers I teach starting in the Fall. 

Special offer from Third Love Valued at $20.00
This is a $20 off a $40 purchase coupon at Third Love. Third Love is a Bra/Lingerie company that sells all types of bras and even in half sizes. It matches your measurements perfectly to what bra size you need. Now as a mom we fluctuate bra sizes like nobodies business. So all my bras are strectched out from nursing and being pregnant, so I am up for a new bra for sure! So I will be testing these bras out for $20 for sure. Sometimes Citrus Lane includes coupons and deals, and sometimes I use them and sometimes I don't. I usually don't use them if they are 20% off or something, but this time I think I will, and I already know what bra I want and desperately need, but they don't have my exact thats a bummer and I'm willing to wait for it!  

This box is valued at $58.25!!!! HOLY SMOKES. So you can pay $14.50 and get the similar items every month, or you can just try it, and participate in the amazingness and then you will be sold and subscribe. I promise. I love it and I know you will too.

                    Using this link CLICK HERE TO GET 1/2 OFF YOUR FIRST BOX

Monday, May 19, 2014

Citrus Lane Subscription May Box Review

Since several of my friends and family have asked me about Citrus Lane/I tell them about it-I decided to review Miles' monthly box. A perfect month to review because it has been one of my favorites so far. 
So just a little price info on the subscription box: 
1 Month: $29/month Free shipping, 
3 Months: $24/month Free shipping, 
6 Months: $21/month Free shipping,
12 Months: $19/month Free shipping.

Using this link you can get a one time box for $14.50! That is robbery! You can try it for literally no risk.
You can try it out for a month-no subscription-no commitment, and cancel if its not to your liking. I tried it out from a friend's link, and here I am, in love.

So, that being said they are affordable even for the med student's wifey like me. And...if you don't believe me, wait and see as I post all the things I got this month.

My box is specific to my child, so you put in your child, and what age they are, and you will get gender and age appropriate items.

And for me, I love getting all of these new hip things for my little one, but the best part for me is the surprise-I mean come on! Who doesn't love a complete surprise!!?? Its like Christmas every month. And it makes my week every time my Citrus Lane box comes. I have NEVER been disappointed with a box, sometimes I am not 100% happy with an item, but when that happens, I give it as a gift, and let me tell you, I have a baby shower/birthday party to go to at least once a week! And my gifts don't disappoint because they are usually Melissa & Doug, Hape, Skip Hop or Green Toys!  So if you are hesitant that you won't like an item-don't fret! I have a stash of gifts that essentially I didn't even pay for because they came in my box, and they weren't just right for me or Miles so I pass them on and they are brand new in the wrapper! So its a win win. (But this RARELY happens, I usually love everything in the box, and I never get duplicates) Also if you are a seller on Amazon-thats another great way to make some money back if you don't love an item. Just last month I did the mystery box through Citrus Lane and I got 2 items I already had, and so I just put them on Amazon and wahlah! Paid for my entire Mystery Box-and I kept the other 6 items! 

Also, you get to try all these products that you may have never heard of, or aren't in your normal shopping stores, and my cupboards are full of Citrus Lane dishes, and my toy boxes are full of Citrus Lane Toys, and my baby toiletries are full of all natural baby products from Citrus Lane, and guess what!? I found my favorite brands and things from doing Citrus Lane! And I have passed on some great product knowledge to my friends and family who were looking for the perfect item. 

Now I am going to list the prices as found on Amazon Prime, and it always turns out to be an amazing deal even with the amazon discount price-so that is another selling point for anyone who is on the fence! The retail price point is probably almost double what you can find it on for Amazon Prime, so if you don't have Amazon Prime, then you aren't in anyway going to find these products for that price. Totaling $53.84 in value (discount price points). Well take my breath away! If you are thinking about getting a box for starters at $14.50, thats almost $40 in product for free. 

May Box

Parthenon Sand Mold and Track Roller from Hape Toys
Hero from Goodbyn
Wooden Puzzle from Melissa and Doug
Fresh Feet Wipes for Kids from Jasmine Seven
Snack from Back to Nature
25% off from

Fresh Feet Wipes for Kids from Jasmine Seven $6.95 Amazon Prime
These sanitizing wipes always come in handy, and because of Citrus Lane-I never have to buy any type of hand sanitizer wipe because they send something every once in awhile-a few months back I got a big container of wipes, and they JUST ran out so its just perfect. Also, something I love about Citrus Lane is they always send natural, organic, and recycled products. Which I am all OVER! So these are 99% natural and alcohol free. And they are compact-so I can throw them in my purse, and they smell amazing. They say feet in the title, but on the package it says for hands and feet!

Parthenon Track Roller from Hape Toys $7.99 Amazon Prime
How perfect for summer! I was just thinking-man I need more sand toys for Miles, because all of our parks are sand, and lately he has been taking his shoes off to use as a shovel! And what boy doesn't love something that rolls, and makes a print, and you drag it through mud and sand! Hello perfect boy toy! These are Hape brand which are high quality unique toys. And obviously we have green, but I saw the little girls who subscribe had pink!

Sand Mold from Hape Toys $5.63 Amazon Prime
In addition to the roller-we received this sand mold, which is another great addition to our sand toys. Everyone needs a sand mold.

Snack from Back to Nature $1.33/bag Amazon Prime (24 pack online)
Now I'm not a huge fan of snacks in the box, but these I can't complain about, snacks in the box are rare, I think I have only had about 3 snacks and I have been a subscriber for about a year. But these came a little bit crumbled. So I gave Citrus Lane a ring, and within 1 minute of being on the phone, they said they have a new bag of cookies sent out to me. So if you know me personally-I am a little bit obsessed with customer service. I didn't really need a new bag of cookies sent to me, but I just needed to know what they would do-because I have NEVER not EVER had a problem with anything in the box. So this being the first time, it was my first chance to see what they would do, and they apologized, and took care of it, with no-uh its just a bag of cookies attitude. I was impressed. Nice job Citrus Lane. PS, these cookies are delicious, and contain no artificial preservatives, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, flavors or colors. Nice. Completely my kind of snack-er....treat. :)

Wooden Puzzle from Melissa and Doug $9.99 Amazon Prime
Now this...this sings to my soul right here. I am a Melissa and Doug fan through and through, and the best part about this is we got to choose our own about a month ago, so no it wasn't a complete surprise, but I LOVE that they let the subscribers do that, because it just so happens that my little boy is OBSESSED with fire trucks, and airplanes, and trains, and boats, and buses, and anything that has wheels, so I loved that I could choose this month, and it was a tough choice they gave us, we had to choose between about 6 different Melissa and Doug puzzles, and since I spend a small fortune buying them at TJ MAXX for Christmas, Easter, and Birthdays, I was happy I could choose one for the box.

Hero from Goodbyn $21.95 Retail
So this is a product I almost cried while opening it, but seriously, its shiny and glossy, and BPA free, dishwasher safe and cute and now when we go on picnics we won't have mushy sandwiches and plastic baggies galore. And this isn't even on shelves yet!!! Its a new product completely. And I am sold!

It has 3 compartments, 2 containers for dips, and a nice secure lid.

And its big enough to fit plenty of food. My hand is in this picture to show you my nicely done Mother's day manicure (my first one ever) and the size point. 

25% off from

Now this is normal for Citrus Lane to include some sort of coupon or freebie online. Last month I got a free card from, I whipped it out and paid .40 cents for postage, and it was valued at $4.00, I probably won't use this coupon, but its great for people that maybe want to try getting all natural snacks through an online source. Now I didn't include the value on this-but hey if you do it you could save some serious cash!

Oh look I snuck my Mother's Day pedicure in as well (not my first one). Miles played with this puzzle forever, and usually I love Citrus Lane box days, because my child gets a new toy and is engaged for a long time! 

I am excited for all of these new products, totaling $53.84 (discount price) and I am so excited for you to try them as well, because you will fall in love, and its pretty much like getting a lot of things free, and  you will probably find all of your favorite products from Citrus Lane.
Use this Link to join for $14.50/month

Monday, May 5, 2014

We Meet Again

We have just been so busy around here...but that's not always true because I have tons of time to blog, but my life with a toddler has just sorta been chaotic. If we stay at home all day, and I have goals to do the laundry and dishes, Miles' bedroom, and every other room gets trashed. So I have to prepare myself for that. If I make dinner, same sorta trade off. You trade off getting one thing done, only to have another thing to do when you are done with the other thing. I always say, "Oh my goodness thank you for helping me!" (As he picks up my pile of 40 folded shirts and hands it to me, unfolding every last one). Then under my breath I say, "not". Ha, he loves to help, he loves to bring you something and thinks he is helping. He brings me my laptop over the tile regularly, barely clinging to it, and I catch it right before it slips right out of his hands to its demise.

Brad is getting closer and closer to test day. That means he is getting more more more valuable. You know like those celebs that you never see come out of their house and the one picture the paparazzi has of them is all blurry and like 5 miles away. That's how I am starting to feel about Brad. Our moments together are fleeting and blurry. But we cherish them. The other night I paid a babysitter (which is like unheard of-come on trade groups for date night??? Be frugal Brittany come on). But seriously if my co-op falls through, I need that date. I look forward to getting out and doing fun things with my husband where one of us isn't wrangling our child. When we go out to eat, one of us is mostly engaged with Miles for the duration of the time. So its not really a date, its more of a decision to put ourselves in a stressful, draining situation for an hour, just for some hot pizza, spur of the moment. A date is pure and uninterrupted bliss of eating without wiping, cleaning, apologizing to the people around you, feeding, cleaning up spilled drink, asking for another for k, another cup, another spoon, another straw, more napkins. And eventually walking out with food all over you, sweating, probably have some claw marks on your face as you try to keep your child's limbs from hitting nearly every person at each table you walk by. I feel like I am also describing plane rides. Why is it that kids reach out and touch people at random? Is that just innate? Were we born like that? And some sicko taught us it was unacceptable and really its normal, and kids have it all right?

Well regardless, we hired a babysitter. It was pure joy. I get so happy on those dates. We went swimming at the Tech pool for a work out, then sat in the hot tub together. We pretended we were dating although any idiot could tell we were married if they really watched us, and people watched, well Brad tried to talk to me, and I never listen while I am enthralled in people watching.

Then, we got ready in the family bathroom-because we can. I realized as I was removing my swimsuit-I forgot my undies. My undergarments. My g-ments. As Brad and I call them. Shiiiiiiiii. If I go home thats a 20 minute detour in my already time crunched night. And we were ready to pass out from eating lunch at noon and it was almost 8 PM and we just swam for a workout. And we knew if we went somewhere nice we would have to I agreed to just go commando. Throughout the rest of the night, Brad would just say out loud-"commando" Pshh! I didn't mean to. He also would just randomly start laughing and say, "This is really funny, how do you forget everything?" He thinks its humorous how I can't remember movies, or anything really. I'm just forgetful and it has only gotten so much worse since I had Miles. So my underwear took the brunt on this one-or I guess I did, for having no undies.
Miles is a play mania, he loves to play-but it only lasts a few minutes at most, so I can go through like 15 activities in 20 minutes. Then I still have 2 hours left.

Brad is really good at playing-as you can see. He will play this game for hours. Get on back, fall off get back on.

We love IBC. I am sure I have like 30 different pictures of this.

Miles has this thing, that if you are on the computer or ipad, he climbs up and sits right on your lap, and he will climb up all over your face, and use any means to get there. Then he just plops down like you wanted him there, and he starts terrorizing you of course, slamming the keyboard and getting mad when you try to make him stop.

Miles LOVES watching videos of himself so we find ourselves taking videos just thinking he's going to love watching this later. Sometimes its our last resort, last defense for him.

I got this ball for him at Walmart after  him pointing to it like 15 times, I finally gave in. And he loves it, and we play with it all day long. Sometimes I get hit in the face with it, when I am not expecting it. Its so awesome.
We took a little trip to Arizona because Brad presented at a conference-two of my sisters live there-Hannah and Sally, it was way fun to see them and my mom and brothers (Shad and Ethan) came as well!
We stayed in the Westin Kierland Resort and it had an amazing pool and we asked for a pack and play and got this adorable fancy mini crib. I remembered how painful it is to sleep in the same room as Miles. He wakes up a lot and knows you are there and won't stop crying until you get him out and he is sleeping in between us. On our full bed because they ran out of King beds-and I would have got into the other full bed with him, but seriously I have zero brain function at 3 AM. 

So he cuddled with us all night. Such a stinker. Not to mention he had croup on Sunday night and we left Wednesday-he had to get a steriod shot and needed to go to the ER but it was earlier enough in the morning that I just stayed up with him all night until the doc opened (we have learned our lesson and after a scolding from the doc-we will now visit the ER if our child isn't breathing). So he was still recovering from that, and when he is sick I am just a pushover and let him sleep on me.

Uncle Greg is the best for playing-he helped Miles hang from this bar and Miles was so strong and hung for so long!

His cousins would carry him when he needed to be carried and it cracked me up because Halle would carry him all the time and he would just succumb to her carrying, and she is just a tad bigger so it looked hilarious. One time at the splash pad he went on the playground and Halle brought him back and he was saying "hot" "hot" "hot" And Halle said, "Its burning his feet" Haha! So cute.

We got to meet uncle Shad for the first time! And for some reason Miles had the worst gas, so he kept ripping farts and Shad thought it was hilarious!

Jeremy and Hannah have a massive lawn mower and Miles got to ride on it and that meant that was all he wanted to do the rest of the time we were there, he would go running to it as soon as we let him outside.

Uncle Jeremy and Miles riding together! I'm jealous of their gorgeous backyard. 

We picked up aunt Sally who is getting her PHD in Chemistry at ASU, and Miles is finally starting to like her :)

Sally lived with me when I was pregnant and was the first one to find out I was pregnant besides Brad of course. She witnessed the miracle of pregnancy. IE: Peeing my pants while vomiting my guts out every hour every day for 22 weeks. Pure bliss and joy. If you ever want to know why I'm not pregnant yet, you know expanding my family more yet, ask Sally. It was rough on me, and although I know the child is so worth it. I need more time to regenerate. Or as I have pleaded in my prayers every night: hopefully the next one won't hurt as bad. 

My mom and I eating the day she was flying home.

Hazel and Miles were so cute together, Hazel took care of him like she has since he was little. So precious.

I think Hazel wore that dress everyday we were there. LOL. Talk about getting use out of laundry.

Swimming with Hannah and her girls at our pool. It was not heated so we hit up the hot tub afterwards.

Splash pad fun! I am mad at myself for not taking a cousins picture, but this was during the time Miles was supposed to be sleeping so he was pretty much a zombie. We had to wake him up to go to the splash pad, in the 15 minute drive in the car, he completely konked out. Because Brad had taken him swimming all morning while I went shopping, so he was just pooped.

As he has gotten older I have become more relaxed, oh we don't have a dry swimsuit so we will just wear our shorts.

We hung out at the hotel together, and Miles took showers for like 45 minutes because he played with all the different bottles in the shower. He loves playing bowling with bottles. His hand acts as the bowling ball.

These are snap chat pictures-that I save to remember our little cuddles together.

Miles is cuddleable, you just have to get him in the right moment, sometimes in the middle of the night he wakes up crying and I go in and hold him and sit on our big chair with a foot rest and we both fall asleep like we used to when we were nursing. Sometimes I put him in a show and I cuddle with him on the couch and I fall asleep. Sometimes he just comes over and gives me a hug and a kiss and we have a fleeting cuddle.

Here is Brad right after his presentation-he said it went well and we were so blessed to have this opportunity!

Stella, chubbiest baby ever.

Splash pad portrait.

We went out to eat and got a babysitter, it was this hipster place, where it said "grass fed bison burger". So I got tacos, and the burger was delicious-I had a few bites of Brad's in a trade off for a taco.

Here we are altogether, Sally is married but Greg had a test he needed to prepare for, medical school-I know the feeling. Jeremy and Hannah are married and have 5 little girls. Crazy at their house!

Miles took a little spin on this motorcycle. 5 girls and a motorcycle!

We had such a blast with our cousins, and Maddie is at school so she is missing from this picture. I always ache when I am around family because I wish we lived closer. I wish Miles could play with these girls everyday, but reality has it that we live thousands of miles away.
Airport fun, we found a macho fan that could blow your clothes off.

We had such a fun time in Arizona and it was a good vacation to venture on. I am excited to spend the month of May at home, and hoping that we can prepare for the crazy month of June, where we will be going to 4 different countries, and 3 different states!!! All in time for Brad to start his 3rd year of medical school on July 1st. Time is flying, and I was thinking about leaving Lubbock in two years and I got so sad, this is our home now, this is where all of our friends are (minus a few besties scattered around) and this is what I know. But, if residency takes us somewhere new we will be excited and ready for the new adventure. I just cannot believe there are only 2 years left of Medical school at Texas Tech, and then we are starting a real life-away from student life. So absolutely crazy. I will savor these last 2 years here!