Sunday, September 22, 2013


Before we talk about Miles' birthday...Let me first announce the creation of a wonderful and dream come true Boutique I created and brought my friend Abby to the team with me.
Backyard Boutique!!
This has been months in the making and I am SO relieved and excited it is finally happening.
Cannot wait for November 23rd, to see all the vendors and crafters, and shoppers and say....I did this! I made creative artistic people get together and join hands and sing together in bliss!! Okay maybe not like that...but I am so happy to have a dream come true and this Boutique to really be happening. Done with one thing and on to the next big thing is my life theme right now...But did you really expect me to stop teaching and just lay around and do nothing!?!?!?!?!!!? NO!!! I say NO!!! So heres to an amazing Boutique that I can't wait for!!!

So it has been exactly one week since Miles' birthday, and it really took me some time to recover.
You will see from the following pictures....
We went with the jungle theme...because he loves  animals... so much it hurts. Like he cries when we leave a puppy. 
Brad blew these up with our air mattress manual pump. Brad got mad at me after the party and said he didn't have a weekend. Well honey-I didn't have a month so....yes its my fault. And I'm really sorry.

These bad boys were the problem. 
I worked on these for about a month and a half straight. I love the way they turned out.
My grandma is a phenomenal oil painter-I just learned a few tricks from her.
The zebra-oh I couldn't get the zebra to work out. I think I spent about 20 wasted hours on the zebra, then one night as I woke up at 3 AM, it all came to me what I needed to do, and she finally came together. Little stinker. I really wanted to paint these for Miles, he mostly loves cats and dogs and hasn't really came in contact with a lion on the street, but he watches Baby Einstein, and he loves the animal ones the best.
When I was planning what to do for the party...I thought, ya I'll make a cake, I'll make some cute animal cookies, I'll do party favors, decorations, water bottle labels, the paintings..this will be great.
Then it all hit me like a cement truck. Full of cement.

These turned out adorable though.
You just use Royal Icing, and a ziplock bag to decorate.

Abby my friend made the cupcakes-luckily-I couldn't have done these too...that would have just put me over the top. As if I wasn't over the top already.

Abby and I thought these sixlets were such a brilliant idea-12.00 later, they turned out cute and I had 12.00 of sixlets leftover after the party.

Oh I also printed all his monthly pictures, and made a jungle banner.

Oh and I printed and made party hats...

And I printed pictures for his month to month frame.

We covered the wall to make the children feel like a real jungle.

The streamers were a must. 

He loved the party hat...Not.

This is so weird how these videos upload, but whatever....

He ate like 4 bites then just demolished it.


Cute guilty.

Here is a close up of his 1.

And we survived.
The Jones Family, The Wildings, and the Andersons came for the fun.
The birthday boy himself.

The guests and party time.

Riggs came and things started to get Craaazy.

Because Miles started eating his shoe.

I feel like he grew up before my eyes.

Well technically speaking-he did grow up before my thats a dumb expression. He grew up so fast my eyes didn't see it is my amended expression.

I really wanted him to wear the party hat.
He really didn't want to.

So glad Abby did.

Koyle was also a happy participant in the party hat department.

Riggs was excited at first then dropped out.

Oh hi cookies.

Singing time.

He was really confused.

Party time, party time.....

Destroy time...

Sorry I know you saw these, but I took pics with my phone and my we are getting double action.

He was so serious about it. So serious.

Present time!!!

Look at the goods.
OH my goodness I almost forgot...I made a pinata. From scratch.
Or a balloon.

It is a lion...if you couldn't tell.

If I can get Brad out of bball shorts and a sports team shirt...its a true was not one of these days.

Pinata time!

The lion took a severe beating.

Miles went for the bat when the candy was down.

This was too much for him..he was completely confused and had no idea we were doing all of this for him..someday he will know.

Previously I forgot to put these tractors from my parents into the picture.

Oh how much work this was...and I couldn't face it again until today :). I needed some recovering time. Because all I thought about was birthday and I needed a week to not think about this week I thought about watching Hulu, and taking was awesome.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Miles 1 Year Photos

I had Miles' 1 Year pictures done yesterday. I'm in love with them. And you know me, I post everything in case I lose all my pictures on my hard drive in a fire or something. My safety unit is my blog :) Credit to Julie at
I love those little eyes. Blue and slanty. So cute.
I bought him an adorable sweater to wear for his 1 year old pics...I tried it on him the morning of and it didn't fit-so big on him. Skinny arms pants. So this was my go to outfit. I pulled the tags off of everything and we got it!

I love his white blonde hair.

I love that he wouldn't sit still even for a second, and he made his way around the entire park.

Somehow we managed to get him to hold the one for just a split second. The rest of the tries, he was throwing it.

Oh when did he grow up?

I just can't handle his cuteness, and this picture is my favorite. You may have seen it on my instagram. Just pinch me I'm so in love with him.

I made this cake and this cake stand. I love how precious.

This is pre tip over.

Still pre tip over.

Post tip over because I had to put it back on the stand-hence the chocolate underneath showing.
He just decided to tip it on over, thinking that was a brilliant idea.

He even clapped for himself. Too many knocking down blocks for him.

Its like when he throws our Iphones and claps for himself.
We can't get mad at him-we created that. magazine photo. Seriously. My photographer is amazing.

He dug right in.

He kept wisping his little finger in the frosting and licking it.

He didn't even notice us.

Then he started digging in.

Just thinking Yum Yum.

Don't bother me.

Then he decided to run for the lake.

We herded him back.

He loved every minute of this.

And tipped the cake over again.

So proud of himself.

Then he really picked it up and tossed it.

And he started putting his feet in it.

It was a sight to behold.

Then he attacked it full force. 

Double fist. Best part is it was in his diaper. Like IN his diaper. I do not know how cake feels in your leg crevasses.... 

It was joyous.


Mom let me just go to town on this cake.

And it wasn't even my birthday...

I get to do it again on my birthday.
This post took awhile as my baby bear woke up puking in his crib. 
As I sat by him when he was in the tub I thought what a precious moment this is. He kept looking over at me as he was playing, he would smile and get excited. My heart would melt as he would puke and puke until nothing came out.  Then he would sit and read his bath book and talk and talk and talk, flipping the pages, and even giggling. Oh man, he is such a sweetheart. Then he looks up at me and kinda laughs and smiles at me. Then we got out. Then we got dressed. Then he puked all over me and himself. Then we took another bath. Then we got out, got dressed, and then he puked all over me and himself. After our eighth time draining the tub, we finally puked mostly everything, but kept puking just pedialyte after that. 11:00 PM Brad came home from the Tech football game, and held him over the sink as he kept puking nothing, and then I am here, finishing this post. Here is to a night hoping he sleeps and doesn't feel miserable.
Love him. My poor cheek bear, breaks my heart when he is sick.