Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Miles 2 years old!

I guess I have been putting this off for some reason. Not because I don't want to do it, but just because I don't want him to keep growing. I feel like I am overwhelmed with trying to remember each adorable thing he does, I can't remember him when he was 1, I only remember him right now, and I have to empty the pictures off my phone, and my computer because I try to remember him by taking thousands of videos and pictures. Man...it makes me sad to think of him growing up right before my eyes. 

Before I talk about my little cheeky bear, lets take a walk through his second year of life.
September 2013-started getting into everything (been walking for 3 months but started being so energetic)

October 2013-camping-longest night of my life-where we also froze. He loved being outside.
November 2013-loves to be silly, taking dad's hat and putting it back on dad.
 December 2013-Christmas was a little overwhelming and he had no idea what was going on, but he hit anyone who tried to get on his car.

 Jan 2014-having 5 guys with friends

 Feb 2014-I cant be sure but I think he was sick in this picture.

March 2014-March he broke my heart and went to nursery, but also made church not so dreadful-just chasing him around most of the time. Now he could enjoy it too.
April 2014-we travelled to AZ for Brads conference. He slept in this dainty mini crib and was recovering from croup.

April 2014-loves all sorts of games with dad, including their "MOM you forgot some laundry" Then I tickle him and he thinks its hilarious.
May 2014-Playing with bestie William at the park, where they found a mud puddle shortly after and William got drenched and Miles laughed his head off at him but wouldnt get in.

June 2014-visiting Utah for our summer break, lovin on the green grass (Lubbock doesn't have that)
June 2014 Saying goodbye to him before our cruise-he wasn't really into it.
July 2014-4th of July Parade in Lubbock-he loved all the eeeohs
July 2014-he started getting the hang of picking up candy but mostly picked up trash and brought it to us.
August 2014-ran my triathlon and he spent a week or more of awful puking and sickness from Utah-probably from drinking all of the pool water at Lava.
late August 2014-Family pictures

late Aug 2014

September 15, 2014-you know how you try to get a picture of them smiling holding the 2 perfectly-well that didn't happen-not even close.

September 15, 2014

So after that walk through his year. I have hopefully documented his stages in thousands of videos that fill up my hard drives-but I guess I will talk about what he does now. What makes him unique and special. What makes him Miles. What makes him my little punkies. 
I call him, toosh, cheeky bear loves, cheeks, baby bearsies, baby bear, punkies, punks,  (short for pumpkin (i think)) babies, babes, baby, love, lovesies. 
He says so many things, but he didn't talk a lot of sense until just recently. He mostly just jumbled. But he started saying ya when he was 1 year old, but we were a little concerned and I work with him a lot on words and talking, and we talk a lot when we are together, but ultimately I just came to the conclusion that he will talk eventually, and not that he doesnt talk, he jibberishes like you would not believe. He thinks he is carrying on a whole conversation with you, but actually understanding him is a different story. So, I think he has a mix of Brad and I's personality-hes feisty and quick to anger like me, but yet he's chill and solemn at times like Brad. I think he doesn't talk a lot, and that's his personality. Like Brad. My next child will be speaking in sentences at 18 months and we wont get them to stop-like me. 
Regardless here is his repertoire of words/phrases:
mom, dad, rock, shoe, apple, apple gaga (sauce), apple juice, gahgee (any sport), ball, watamelon, he calls all bugs "bee" but not because we dont try to tell him otherwise, but because they buzz and he makes the bee sound for buzzing, wawa (water), car, gahguy (pretty much everything he cant pronounce) his favorite thing to say and we copy it and laugh about it all the time- "ohhhhhh guhguy", beebuh (Jesus) gug (Greg my brother in law) Abby, Gaga (William), all wet, (and of course the obvious) uh oh, no, ya, yep, and most recently-yesh (it seems to me he has a double lisp) So instead of saying snake, he says "Shhhake" So for s sounds he says shhh. Its cute right now, and will be until he is like....five. :) (Brad also had this from watching home videos-so we weren't surprised upon hearing it)
He has a night light big gnome in his room and he turns it on and off and says, "Buhbye gnome" Hi! gnome!" He says moon, and he says all the animal sounds and has been for quite some time. He also calls a lot of things by their sound/song- Star he calls "up above" (twinkle twinkle little star) Bus he calls "round and round" (Wheels on the bus) And of course all ambulances-fire trucks-police cars-construction trucks with light up lights he calls eee ohs. Buh bye ee oh. He also says, "Shhee Shee (I see)______ then whatever he sees. When he wants Brad to take him to me, he says Shee Shee Mommy. And sometimes I think he says more than we know because of his dang double lisp. Which is adorable (and developmentally ok until they are like 6-and usually it is from the anatomy of their mouth-my school's speech pathologist taught me that because I had a sweet boy who had it in Kindergarten)
He knows these letters very well-and I'm not just saying this-trust me I am an absolute pro when it comes to testing children with their letters-I have showed him these letters in all different contexts-next to other letters, and out of order, in writing them, in foam letters, in fabric letters, in magnetic letters, recognizing them when we are out and about-so he knows them, and everyday he learns more and more. 
A, I, Y, E, O, B, C, S

and he says M ish for Mileshhh (Like I said he has a shhh sound for s)

Hes obsessed with: Soccer, and baseball, and all types of balls, he didn't have a football (that was true to size-until his birthday and he has been sleeping with it ever since. He sleeps with a ball every night. He cries to play gahgee with dad every night. He screams gahgee as we drag him away from the tball. He can hit the tball so far, and he is starting to break things with his tball skills.
He puts my shin guards on weekly, and just walks around in them and sometimes he puts my cleats on as well. In fact, he loves putting on all my shoes, including heels.

He runs everywhere, and he even has a trot he does mostly everywhere as well. He is sorta spazzy, which I would say is from me but I can show you Brad's home videos and I will say its from Brad-the only difference is he grew out of his spaz phase, and I am still in mine, for example I was standing in heels the other day talking and all the sudden just standing there I tripped (how that is possible I don't know) and I had to grab my friend to stabilize myself. All she said, was "wow-what happened?" So I hope he has Brad's spazziness, meaning he will grow out of it. But he is really like me in that when he is running into the kitchen he hits his arm on the wall, and says "Ow." Then I do the exact same thing walking. So....ya. Spazzes for life.  He can kick a soccer ball like nobody's business, and loves dad to say, "He lines up for the free kick!" He says, "Nooo" when I try to say it, or play with him. Dad's game. Not mine. He loves being tickled and chased, and I do that to him all day long and so he is always peeking around corners smiling in the chase me smile-then I stop what I am doing and get him. He loves playing with his cars and trucks and he got a whole haul of them for his birthday (I just bought a used lot of like 300 on Ebay, and didn't even give him all of them) But he could play with them all day. He is so good at cleaning up, he loves picking everything up and putting it away, and I never have to ask him more than once, he just does it. His nursery leaders tell me the same thing, he is just a clean freak I guess (NOT) He eats his breakfast on the couch everyday-waffle-fruit (usually blackberries-his favorite food) and yogurt drink. While he plays cars/watches cartoons in between.

So right here I wrote another book, and then I went back to add pictures and the book I wrote was not there...so I am sad, and cranky about it, and I wrote all these amazing things he does and whatever but maybe it would have offended someone so it was meant to be that it got deleted. I don't know I have to tell myself that to feel better about the 3 hours I spent on it during his nap time. Precious golden time. Either way here I am typing it again.

Birthday party!

On the day of his birthday I decided to forget everything I needed to make the cake. So I ran to Costco to pick up pictures, then  I ran to United to get him Balloons, one Football (gahkee) and one sports Happy Birthday one (which I could have just stopped there and that would have completed his birthday. We see them every time we go to United and he asks for them) then as we were driving home we pass the Eeeohs every time we drive home, so this day I decided I should give him the best birthday excitement of all time.  We visited it the fire station, his second time ever. The fireman are always so nice and act like he is the celebrity, and they let him drive, turn on the lights, look through the heat finder of people binoculars thingy, and overall they are the nicest people on earth. (Well I have yet to meet a meanie head)

He of course was star struck. He just stood here for awhile, and I have some joys in my life, and one of them is seeing him being overjoyed at small things, small free things like visiting a fire station.

This probably could have been the point where we stopped for his birthday because he was seriously the happiest person in the world. But he doesn't show it, he is his father's son when it comes to emotions (well sometimes-except tantrums, I think he is my son when it comes to anger) he just had a stone cold face the entire time, and I kept telling the firefighters he is obsessed with fire trucks and he says, "Hi EEohs" Everytime we pass, and then "Bye Eeohs" when he can't see them anymore, and if he sees one he gasps a huge gasp and says, OHHHH Eeoh! He also gets distraught when the garage door is down of the eeohs, on rainy or bad weather days. Winter is going to be rough when we drive by, he also asks to see the Eeohs even when we aren't going to drive by, so sometimes I will detour just so he can see them. He can spot an eeoh miles away. (I really like when I use his name, not as his name) Speaking of which a girl at the grocery store asked me his name and I told her and she said, "Is that his real name? Not a nickname"
First off, nobody has a nickname like Miles-if they have a nickname it is one syllable or easy to say, Miles is not a nick name. Mile, could be a nickname, or MY, or MYMY, or some people call him Miley-that is a nick name.
I responded with, "Nope, believe it or not, its his REAL name."
What a horrible mother I am giving him a name like that. (?)
No my friends, Everglade, is a terrible name, not Miles.

As we entered the car of course the sports balloon was sucked out and you know how you chase after balloons? Well I was holding Miles, and my keys and I couldn't wrap my head around chasing after this balloon which was still pretty much dragging on the ground...I thought any second now its going to be ripped up into the sky, but it didn't it sagged across the street, and then I was like, OKAY I totally could have gotten that like 50 times, but is it too late now? And so we just stared at it and I thought Miles would be sad but he as I held him and we looked at the floating $5 balloon he whispered, "Buhbye" Like it was such a good parting. Like it was meant to be, like he understood that balloon needed to be free.

So upon returning home from the grocery store ( I made the cake the day before) I started making frosting realizing I needed like 10xs the amount of powdered sugar. So Miles being in his crib for 1 1/2 hours and still kicking the wall like crazy, I decided to grab him and run back to United.

Then we got home around 2:30 and he was so tired so I just went ahead and put him in his crib, everytime I put him in he says, "Buhbye". I kiss him and tousle his hair then say buhbye back. Sometimes when he is playing in a room I will come in and he will close the door on me and say, "Buhbye" Like Mom please leave I don't need you. So I usually do, he never does anything mischievous he just goes back to playing (I have a video monitor in his room). 

I woke him up singing happy birthday, and gave him his favorite breakfast.

Someday I'll do a blog post of all of these pictures I have, the flash on my camera does not sit well with his eyelids.


Blackberries: Fav food EVER.
Frozen Kirkland Waffle
Yogurt Drink

On the couch.

I wanted to go low key this year, so this was the extend of my decor. I made that banner last year, and changed the stickers from jungle animals to bikes to fit the transportation theme.

I had a hard time deciding on the cake, so I went to Hobby Lobby hoping for some inspiration and this was the only firetruck sticker I could find, and I thought it was PERFECT for the cake. So I painted some kabob sticks white and hung some fuzzy streamers behind it and placed the red 2 candle and 2 long white stick candles behind the cake. (Yes I know he had to blow out three candles but I couldn't just let him blow out 1)

I bought car wrapping paper on Amazon for $15 dollars. It only wrapped this much. I really wonder where I got confused thinking I was getting a Costco sized roll. At the dollar store I found pretty much the same vehicle wrapping paper, double the quantity, for $1. 
I am frugal and I research and find the best deal 99% of the time. This wrapping paper falls into the 1% of the time. And I always forget about the 1$ store.

Here he is with his pizza on a fork, because he had just woken up from his nap right before the party (at 6 PM) we are on a late nap schedule.
If you want a flashback Friday. Holy smokes he had NO hair. And he has not had a hair cut yet in his life. This is just all he had.

Amazing what 1 year can do. Hair!

Pizza mouth.

Although I need to crop out the water spout, I kinda like it.

He carried this present around the whole party.

We have been preparing for birthdays, ever since my birthday in August he has been singing it, and now he full on sings it to himself. TO MILE I guess is who he really is singing it to.

He got some great presents, and it didn't feel like I had gotten him that much then....I went into the closet one day and realized...wow, I'm probably good for his birthday. I was so excited for it though so I started in like June.

His friends mostly unwrapped all his presents. He just thought it was great everyone was there.
Next year......we may just do a family party.
I say that every year.

Chaos is the only way.

A little friend kept taking his presents away from him and he kept hitting them and Brad kept putting him in time out. I want to say, he stands up for himself, and that's what I like about him, I also want to say, we are working on hitting.

So pictured here you will see a truck that carries 40 CARS!! A Texas Tech soft Football (which we have slept with pretty much every night) Fire truck hoodie, which I realized is not my style and returned it-I bought it so I don't feel bad about it-I'm really crazy when it comes to liking clothes. I want to like things like that, but then when Brad says "Put a jacket on him" That wasn't the one I reached for.......like 10 times, so I told Brad I was returning it and he said, "Ya I knew that wasn't your style." I'm not like rich or anything, but I have a very basic no nonsense style, I like solids, stripes, and certain things, but anyway, I have a picky style. NUF said.

 You also will see Alpha-Bots which Grandma got him. They are letters that transform, and honestly he hasn't gotten into the transforming yet, but he loves these stinkin things and puts them back in their plastic container spot (Which most people throw away) and taking them out again.
Also we got him a doodle pad, which surprisingly are very expensive-who knew? You know the magnetic writer things. Also he got a Melissa and Doug Vehicles Sticker book, and A ball shooter from Abby & Co, and A lego Motorcycle Police Bike, and a set of 5 Hot Wheels, and a BOX of Ebay Lot Hot Wheels.

He was PRetty Happy.

And very possessive of his toys.

He was awake in this goodnight picture I took. Its the flash. Even if it doesn't flash, he pre closes his eyes.

We invited all of his friends over and they sat at our mini picnic table, and it took me like 3 days to get rid of all the crumbs and ice cream spilled. 

Until next birthday, because as of late, thats how my blogging is going.