Sunday, September 26, 2010


Well I got this new mascara, and I love it. (I'm not wearing it in this photo) It is seriously a revolution. My eyes are still so pop out there by the end of the day. And I need all the help I can get. Kindergarten gives me bags under my eyes. Don't get me wrong. I love them like crazy, but wow, they just know how to make my nerves be gone. Or high...? Or whatever happens to nerves.

Anyway, I am always stuck on one mascara, but Drew Barrymore sold me out. No really she sold Sally and Echo, and then I saw how great it was and bought one myself. Love it. Live by it. And when mascara is your staple make gotta have it last.  

Anyway, I get really excited about the cool brush, and putting this mascara if you are interested in an incredible mascara, get this one. Loreal lash blast volume, or length, or for a few dollars more, both. I got length and swear by it.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Smells like...


It was so nice to get away. Get some old school (that means from my old school) football and friends to visit.

They lost, but Shad played great....
and Ethan stood so good on the sidelines (he is a freshman so doesn't play much on Varsity, but he is the QB for JV, and Shad is the center.)

Lad lost some teeth. Brad asked him how he was eating an apple. He said, "On the side." Then he calmly continued to chew his apple on the side of his mouth. Totally normal for teeth losing peoples.
Hannah came up for her 10th year! HOly Smokes! My five year is next year. Its crazy to think that I am so old, but yet Hannah is older and still feels like she is young.

Halle learned the ways of relaxing in Standrod quite quickly. She didn't mess around.

I said, "Hey Brad let's go check out the garden."
He said, "Okay."
Then we lost each other.
I found some bunnies in the carrots. 
The carrot rows were bigger than my house. Actually three of my houses.
My dad picked me an entire huge box of carrots, and I said, "Well I didn't want a whole row."
Then he said, "Does it look like I gave you a whole row?"
And I said, "No it looks like you did not pick any from this mass of carrots."
Faith lost her bag of M and Ms like eight times in this garden. 
I also watched our kitty catch a mouse and eat it alive.
We left home with our tires saggin due to the weight of veggies.

If you are in need of anything in this category....
cabbage bigger than your body
peppers of many kind
garlic chives
and other random things that you may need...
let me know I will give them to you for free. In any quantity. 
Life size cabbages

Brad found himself here.
Bikes, fourwheelers, puppies, horses, and unlimited steak and scones.

His true home.
Only if we could make a living there. Apparently Standrod has no plans for a med school. 
Stupid I think.

Teaching is going well. Sometimes I wish I was superwoman, but I'm not so I have to go home not having everything done that I wanted to. I'm about ready to hire my own aid so that I can do everything that I want to. But, I'll figure it out and I am so happy doing it! 

Brad is doing well in school. He is shadowing a surgeon, which he loves, volunteering at a clinic, going to school full time, and working part time. Also, somehow he manages to play his guitar non-stop and practice the song he wrote me for my birthday. I love him to death. But you all know that, and I get annoyed when wives tell their blog readers they love their husband ninety million times a day. You know that duh! And if you are single its just like I rub it in your face even more.
But I do love him to death. Today he said to me, "Brit, I love you."
I said, "Yep, I know."
He said, "No really, you are everything to me."
I said, "Yep I know, love u too baby face lover cake."
I wish I was always that confident about stuff....maybe its just today.

OH! He is playin my song right now. I love it. Someday he will let me record him singing it, but probably never. 
"So let's lay in bed all day long, maybe I'll write you another song." 
Just trying to give you a piece of it's literary genius. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Yes, I feel as if I have dropped off the face of the Earth. But, I am still alive. I am so happy. Brad says he loves how happy I am. Although, I am a tired, exhausted happy...I am finally doing what I want. Some days I think...what in the world am I doing trying to manage 45 Kindergarteners a day? Why am I doing this to myself. 

But then one shy boy tells me that he likes how cute I dress.

Then I remember its because I love them all so dearly.

It's been crazy getting ready for swiss days. We helped Brooke make jewelry then we sold for two days straight. Yikes! It was ultra fun, but so tiring. I missed church the next day from a wretched sore throat and a head cold. Probably was a mix of having millions of kids yelling 'teacher teacher'. Or maybe it was doing tons of girls faces with no hand sanitizer. Combo meal of both. Yum.

So here we are preparing for Swissy days by making jewels for Brooke. We were all so in love with our chores of gluing and putting JUMP rings on.
I've found that in kindergarten words have to be written like they sound/mean. UP down. You know what I'm talkin about. 

Chels and I wish we could sell our baby wraps at swiss days...but instead we will just dream of one day making them for that event. For now....we actually saw a girl wearing our baby wrap there!! Yahoo padoo!!!

Remember how Brad got me Jack Johnson tickets for my birthday??
I love Jack, and Brad. But Jack in concert is epically classically wonderful.
Mr. Freckles all over his body liked Jack just as much as I did. 
Did you know, wait this may be too much info, but did you know that Brad has freckles from his head to his waist. Then they stop, and start again at his knees. So weird. I just noticed it the other day....its a great discovery. They are sparse in between those areas, but quite thick every where else.

There were drunk guys dancing in front of us. I never wanted to forget it, so I took this picture to help remind me.

Brad convinced me to drive up to Squaw Peak on a Sunday.

I'm not a romantic for long drives. I think they are meant to be slept away while the husband drives. But I did rather enjoy this one. The entire way I kept thinking in my head that our tire was going to blow and off the cliff we would go. But then I thought, at least we would die together. Gorey I know.

Brad thought this picture looked fake.
Just kidding he didn't even look at it.
I'm assuming he would say that though.
This is without the flash.

This is with the flash.
I like the secret w/o the flash better.
Don't you?
It looks like the lake is really the sky. But really the lake is the lake and the sky is the sky and the black is the city.
Don't let me confuse you.
Yesterday I looked at Brad at night and said, "Can you believe we have been married a year?"
He said, "Nope." (He's not much of an expounder when it comes to...why do you love me questions.)
I said, "Well we feel like newlyweds still, except you don't not complain like you used to."
He said, "Ya, I used to sit and watch you do something for hours just to be with you, now I say see ya later I'm going to watch football."
Then I said, "I know, but just pretend that we are still newlyweds."
Then I dream about him holding a baby and that always turns into me saying, "I think we could do it right now."
Then he says, "In your dreams the baby probably doesn't poop and cry all night."
And I say, "No it is quiet."
Then he says, "Okay do you still want a baby?"

And I say, "No not yet."
This squaw peak picture above is crazy and windy and blurry but yet beautiful, perfect example of my life. Cheery O until next time.