Monday, August 26, 2013 crisis

So I turned 25 on the 3rd of August. I thought I would be sad about being so old. I still feel 20, then I look at my wedding pictures. When I was 20. I look young, beautiful and naive. Now I worry too much. Not to mention...skinny and tan. And my hair hadn't all fallen out.
Oh the woes. But you know what, I am happier now. I love my husband more. And I love my baby.
Who by the way, is growing up.
My birthday started off right with the SHARE FAIR. Its an annual thing we do here in our Stake in Lubbock, where everybody donates for 3 days, brings their junk to the church, and then we all go on one day and take that junk that we think is treasure. Like a yard sale. A free yard sale.
Last year I came home with a breast pump, bumbo, bread maker, drill for Brad. A load of diapers, Miles' Gap blessing outfit, and lots more odds and ends.
This year I came home with like 50 pieces of felt, gesso (art supply), 4 Melissa and Doug puzzles-like new, about 20 records-a lot of Elvis, and other classics. 10 or so board books for Miles, some nice plates, swimming suit for Miles next summer, a bike helmet for kids that come over and ride our little trikes when we go on walks, and lots of other odds and ends.  So that was a birthday starting off right!

Here Miles is waiting for the fun to begin!

We went to a little diner called The Egg and I, here in Lubbock after the share fair for Breakfast-Brad planned out my entire was a busy one! I think its good...but I have one problem with it..they use fake butter in the eggs, and I can taste it...its like a butter spray or something..and it tastes horrible, and I asked them to put NONE of it on my food, and they still did, and they gave me bacon instead of sausage, and they gave Brad completely the wrong meal, and didn't really apologize for it. So....the food is good, but honestly.....I can make it better at home, we just go there, so we DONT have to make it at home. And I'm not sure why I just reviewed that restaurant when I was talking about my birthday.
Then we came home and....
Brad gave me my present.
He made it sound like this entire time my present was going to be the worst ever. I was expecting like a weight loss DVD by the way he described how mad I was going to be.
But instead it was probably the best and most thoughtful present I have ever gotten.

It says, Today we are going to Drop it like its HOT and go on a shopping SPREE, and spend $ 100 (I wish Grand). This has been a tough PATCH in our lives so I hope this gives you a riesen to not skittdaddle. 
By rough patch he means (poor/broke/zero money/zilch).

Then he had a card that had a lovely note in it that made me tear up, and it had a 100 dollar bill in it. He said I could buy nothing on sale and nothing for Miles.
Then we all took a 3 hour nap. Best present ever.
Then we dropped Miles off at the babysitter, and ventured to the mall, where I spend all and OVER my 100$ budget. I got 2 shirts, and 2 tank tops. So you know how much they cost. Yikes, but I wanted something I loved, and I wanted something that was flattering, and I wanted something that I could never buy on a normal day. But right when we walked into the mall I thought, man, Miles really needs shoes. But...then Brad said, "Brit! No!"
I spend all my extra money on him....and I like it that way.
Brad was so cute, he shopped with me, which he normally hates, he found shirts and pants for me, and held them up and said, "Babe this would look cute."
He NEVER does this sort of thing. NEVER EVER EVER. 
He always stresses me out when we go shopping, because he follows me around and makes me hurry.
He did not do this, but at first I felt the stress and then I got used to having a real shopping buddy.
And it felt really nice to just buy what I wanted, and not look or worry about the price tag.
Sometimes I think, crap...I should have used that money for something I really needed, but then I am reminded that it is okay to have nice things once in awhile and that was my present. Thats just the frugality coming out in me.
After our shopping spree we ate my favorite food, and I realize the light makes my nose look ginormica in this picture, but as usual the waiter put this in front of Brad first, thinking it was his. Always makes us chuckle.

Of course I ate that entire thing, with no problem. I can eat meat like its nobodies business, and for some reason....I never get sick of it. (Says the obese overweight eating too much lady)
Afterwards we went to our friends (the Anderson's house and had a little party). 
Where we got a Sams cake and it was disgusting. Never do that. There is a reason they are only $12.

So do I feel sad that I am 25, no...but maybe when 30 comes along I will feel something. I feel so blessed to be married to such a thoughtful husband, and we are so grateful that this new year has brought us our sweet Miles. Bring on 26. Not really though.
See all about my birthday song last year ALL ALONE

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The giggles..

This video made me pee my pants. 
We were at our friends house and they pulled out the costume box.
Miles fit perfectly into this one.
Miles right before he turned 11 months. Laugh my bum off.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Miles growing up...again...11 Months

Somehow the time is just getting away from me. 
One day he is born, the next he is 11 months old.
Next month I know I'm going to cry.
I'm going to cry because my first little baby is 1.
Oh how he has changed.
He is SO full of energy, so curious. If he hears something he has to see what it is.
He will crane his neck, and lean his entire body over to see another baby, or to see a puppy, or something exciting.
He still chews on EVERYTHING.
Poor little guy is getting 5 teeth all at once right now. One on the bottom and 4 on the top! We just keep him loaded up with medicine. We were letting him chew on cold celery and he will carry it around with him all day, but it was all bloody. Poor baby.
We went to the doctor last month and he was 30% for weight (that dropped A LOT) but she wasn't worried because he started walking so early, that made him trim down. His head was 40% (so all you people who have told me he has a big head...he doesn't). His height was 70%! So we are glad he is going to be a tall bean pole-not so much a football player right now. Mommy's got you all geared up for basketball anyway.
Daddy wants baseball, and golf. Mommy thinks you are going to be a well rounded athletic child. Soccer, basketball, football, baseball, golf, volleyball, you will play them all. (Minus tennis-your parents are terrible at tennis baby love).

Miles can do patty cake, wave byebye (for like 3 months now, I just am mentioning again) he JUST started blowing kisses-FINALLY-I swear he sings EIEIO from Old MacDonald. . 
He says "doe" after we say Let's Go!
He plays peek a boo constantly, and sometimes with himself in the mirror, going out of view and then back into view. Cracks me up.
He follows me around everywhere and is pulling on everything, throwing everything, pulling everything out of the cupboards and drawers.
The other day we had cut a bunch of coupons out of a coupon book, and he would pick them up and put them in one hand and walk around, then he would drop one, lean over pick it up with his empty hand and stuff it into his full hand full of coupons. I thought it was funny, but he does it with EVERYTHING. He will stuff all the socks in one hand. His favorite thing to carry around is a sock. So weird. He also always puts something in his mouth and walks around. Like a rubber duck, where only the head fits in his mouth. Such a little dorky pants. 

Lately he loves dance parties. We turned Britney Spears on Itunes yesterday and just danced for about an hour. I would put him down and he would start to cry, then I would try to get him to dance by himself. He just rocks back and forth. Cutest ever. He laughs so hard when we hold him and dance around the room. He will hear music in the distance and randomly start dancing. 
When we are in stores together and he is in the shopping cart. He will reach out and grab everything.
Then I just keep going hoping he will let go, but he doesn't and so by the end of my shopping trip I have 15 things in my cart that he put in. I also just stick him in the big part of the cart, and he plays with everything in the cart, so when we get up to check out-half the tags are soaking wet and won't scan. Thank you Mr. Miles.

He makes all these funny sounds that Brad and I always laugh and try to duplicate.
Like he will say 'oh' but it will go up on the end so its like oooooooooowwwwhhhh.
Hard to explain. But so cute.

He won't sit still for anything, and he basically just closes his eyes when he sees my camera, just to avoid the flash.

So most of our pictures look like this. Sensitive eyes.
He can play alone and he will read a book for like 5 minutes at a time, talking and flipping the pages, its so cute. He has started getting up on his head and feet, like he is about to do a summersault, but then he just looks at us while he is upside down. Its a new exciting thing for him....(or he's absolutely nuts).
Speaking of nuts, like all little boys we have to full restrain him when we change his diaper, or he will just not leave himself alone. How his parts are still intact is beyond me.
Apparently that is normal for little boys, pulling and stretching themselves to the absolute extreme.
We just say, "Oh ouchie! Don't do that! That will give you an ouchie!"

He always carries around his little teddy and gives him loves, by hugging and kissing. Melts my heart.
The other night at my soccer game, he was behind the plastic wall (imagine like a hockey game) and I ran over and he was smiling so big and he clenches his fists and smiles and grits his teeth and shakes when he gets excited, its so funny. Its like he can't manage his excitement. I love it.
We have a back yard that is as big as your bathroom (jk its bigger) and we have a back door that is glass, so we can see out there, and he thinks its so great when he can see us but the door is closed, and he comes over with a double dimple grin and pounds on the window so hard smiling as big as ever.
I don't think you can see through anymore with all the little handprint smudges.

When I think about how tired he makes me, or how busy he is, or how my house literally looks like we dumped everything all over the floors at the end of the day, I think "wow this is hard work". But when I think about him smiling and laughing as I dance and swing him around, I could just cry, because he is mine, and I love him more than my heart can contain.

These 11 months have been the best in my life, and ya, having a baby was rough-the whole process, but you know, I'm going to do it again, because this little champ was worth it. And I tell him how much I love him everyday, and I will for the rest of our lives. (Brad tells me I need to not be so clingy when he gets married-or that could get weird) So no matter his amount of energy, or energy sucking I should say, he is the cutest thing. And when he comes over to me after dumping his millionth bucket of toys and dragging it across the room, and lays his head on my chest briefly before he goes about his business again, I melt, I melt and sometimes its all I can do to keep from crying, because he loves me, and he appreciates me for keeping him alive. And he may hit me rapidly with both hands excitedly to show me, but those moments of sweetness make my heart just drizzle down to my stomach. Oh I love him.

He sleeps through the night-besides this teething spazy time, he wakes up once and is so distraught I feed him and he basically just nurses himself back to sleep for comfort. He goes to bed at 8 and wakes up at 9, he's a little dream. And oh how my life has changed when I get more than 3 hour chunks of sleep.

He goes back and forth between 1 and 2 naps, when he takes 2 he is a happier child, but sometimes he just takes a monster 3 hour nap in the middle of the day. We are easy going and just go with the flow, if he isn't cranky or tired we stay awake, and power through the morning nap.

Lately my favorite thing has been to let him wake up and start singing and talking to himself, as I watch him on the video monitor, he just lays down and plays with his blankie, or plays with his toes, singing and talking all the while. He says, ba ba ba ba, buh buh buh duh.

He loves animals with all his heart, and gets so excited and scared at the same time. He pats them and kisses them and will book it across the entire park to see a dog that looks so terrifying.
He won't wear shoes and always takes them off, but he is walking everywhere so I feel bad letting him be shoeless everywhere we go, but man, I cannot keep shoes on him.

The other day I was so sick and I laid on the couch and let him hold my phone and watch baby einstein. I woke up here and there, but he laid by me for like 2 hours. I woke up and he had my shorts drawstring in his mouth and it was soaking wet, and he was just watching his baby einstein. Saved me. 
It was a good cuddle day.

His hair is getting so long and only behind his ears and on the top, time for a chop chop, we will see how that goes today when we go over to our friend Carissa's house and she helps us.
Now we have what I like to call: the series of Miles trying to keep his eyes open for the picture despite the blinding flash.

Oh you almost had it little friend.

Valiant effort here.

And a little peek.....not quite there, but almost have it...

And we couldn't come through.

Well we just need to keep trying.

Oh there we go a little pupil showing.

And its a wrap.....after several attempts, Miles Clark was unable to come through with eyes.

He still goes by: cheeky, baby bear, pumpkin bear, cheeky bear, cheeky loves, baby bear cheeky pants, and basically any combo using the words above. 
He is starting to climb off of things by turning around and dropping to the floor, sometimes he is successful, sometimes he has scrapes and bruises from his failed attempts. He will do anything to get to Brad when he is playing his guitar. He will cling at your legs when you are eating, he always wants to try whatever you have, and he will come back for more depending on what it is. 
He is not shy but the other Sunday at church we teach Primary and we kept the door open because its a sauna, and my friend was out there beckoning to him to come out and he was holding on to my leg so tight and he would not let go and he kept peeking out from my leg smiling to see her, but I drug him around as I tried to help Brad teach primary.
His favorite games are "I'm gonna get cha" Where we chase him around as he runs away from us and we tickle him when we catch him.
"Who wants a pizza!?" Where Brad spins a pillow on his finger and Miles puts his hand there and lets it hit his hand over and over as it spins.
Dance parties.
Mom and Dad stacking blocks up really high and he hits them over, then tries to help stack them.
Pulling everything out of bags, cupboards and dragging them around the room forever.

He is my sweetie heart, and we are so happy he is ours.
Happy 11 months baby cheeky bear love.
(Like I said, we have some nice name combos goin on for him)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Best foods for my baby: Free printable for your fridge!

Again, I wanted a printable for my crazy brain. When my baby is hungry and I can't think of one healthy thing to feed him. I just made this to put on my fridge.
I researched all different websites and added my own favorites.
Just remember to be careful of allergies- and when your baby can eat what.
You can research online when they can eat what, I just wanted a better-more visible printable. That I can just think about healthy food choices for him and I on a daily basis.
THIS is an awesome resource for when you can feed your baby what-and an awesome website with all sorts of feeding your baby information.
But enjoy my cute printable :)
Isn't that so crisp and clean!?!!?
I love it.
Simple but perfect and colorful.
Print this, laminate it, and feed your baby healthy foods!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Ideas for Playtime with my 8-12 Month Old Printable

I always have a hard time coming up with things for my little guy to do with me. I mean...I feel like I'm home all day with him, and sometimes...we just get bored of the same ole same ole. I have all these things in my house, but I never THINK to get them out and play with them. And if I have learned anything from my baby bear, its that he likes new and exciting things. I spent a few hours researching all the different activities, and I chose my favorite, and I also added my own. I created this because there was nothing like it online-that I could find. I just needed something to look at, when my brain is fried and I can't think of anything to do in the moment! Enjoy printing this and taping it to your fridge! I just wanted a list on my fridge, so I'm sharing it with you!
Great ideas for playtime with your toddler, 1 year old, 2 year old, even younger!
But remember: do these activities with supervision, as some of them pose possible dangers, and should only be done with an adult.

Someday I'll be..

Someday I'll be caught up and on time with my posts. But for now, I am happily entertaining Miles all day.
Maybe I should document some things we did this summer?
I've had plenty of time to blog, but lately during Miles' naps I just want to read my book and fall asleep in bed. Is that so bad? No..because the time that I am going to be able to do that is short. Next thing I know he will be 3 and I will have a baby again. Then he will be six and I'll have two babies and him. So three babies. No naps then. 
May as well cherish my napping.
We spent our time in Utah with friends and family.
Erica let us swim at her pool. We love any chance we can get to swim.

It makes us happy, and tired inside.

Something about swimming is just pure bliss for little baby cheeky bear.

He skipped his naps for this pool time...and it was WORTH it.
We spent a lot of time outside at Grandma Rachelle's house. And we spent a lot of time with Aunt Chelsea.

Miles was so sweet and gave Alex a big love. He just laid on his chest for a few seconds. So sweet. Makes your heart melt.

Guilty. But this is his favorite activity at Grandma Rachelle's house.

Bath time with Chels!

Say what? I'm a little nakee noo noo?

We went swimming on our 4th year anniversary to try to carry on the Vegas tradition.
This time we have a little baby bear with us. And we stayed in Provo. And we swam at Erica's.

But Brad and I got an awesome date night together. Where we went to Happy Sumo, our absolute favorite.

I myself got three rolls and pounded them without a prob.

Then we walked around riverwoods, and I like to get new....well anniversary married stuff. So I did while Brad waited outside. Its a fun tradition.
We then went to the chocolate, and Nickel City, and then took a drive and made out....
I'm such a weenie head, in my younger years I wouldn't be freaked out in a canyon, now I'm sure there is 20394234 homeless creepers up there. 

We debated and debated if we were going to go overnight. But I'm still nursing and Miles was nowhere near sleeping straight through the night, so I didn't want to do that to anyone, so we just stayed at Brad's Mom's house, and it was just perfect. I always said I wanted to do something big for every anniversary, but with kids its just....really hard. Nursing baby 500xs harder.

Nursing/crazy/mobile/energetic baby 23094823049238xs harder. 

We went to get shave ice at least 6 times, I worked there and now Echo works there, and since she worked every day and she is going on a mission, thats basically the only way we can see her.

We decided enough was enough and we got Miles a new guitar. This is the only one Walmart had, and we weren't about to go anywhere else. I'm not a big fan of buying stuff with disney characters all over it, but we settled.   

A little Sunday picture. 

We drove up to my parents house in Standrod, Utah. It's so beautiful there, and I never want to leave.
We were greeted by our favorite cousins!!

Miles with Baby Finn, (My brother Landon's baby) and Parker (1 month older than Miles) My sister Summer's little boy. I was singing if you are happy and you know it, (Miles favorite song) and he was clapping along and the other babies just thought I was crazy.

They didn't think I was funny.

We have this built in swing, mostly for my autistic little brother, but Miles loved it-despite his scared face.

Grandma Carolyn (my mom's mom) held little Miles, he tried to escape as quick as he could.

We celebrated Echo's birthday, that little stink, all grown up and going on a mission and making me cry.

We went on a little drive with Grandpa. Miles loves his Grandpa and gives him loves and kisses.

Oh Faith's little puppy. Miles couldn't get enough of him, but the puppy thought he could just jump right up and lick Miles every chance he got, Miles would cringe, and then giggle. He LOVES puppies.

My sister Summer was throwing Parker up and up and he was laughing, and it was such a beautiful view. Oh man I love my family, and Standrod. So beautiful.
As I have moved away, I appreciate my family so much, I love them so much, I think of how much they mean to me, and how much I miss them when I am gone. They are everything to me. And when I say my family, I mean Brad's family too. Six months is a long time to be away from people you love, but when you have a baby, its like...they are a new person when your family sees them again. 
Don't even get me started on Echo going on a mission. I just cry. But mostly because I'm proud of her, and also because...its hard to think of not Snapchatting her all day. Or her being a sure comment on all my Instagram pictures. STOP Brittany! Just stop thinking about it. There is Email, and Skype, and oh my Argentina take good care of her.

Chandler started throwing Miles, and man I love his little chub belly.

Hi little cheeky baby bear. You are so good at clapping.

Uh night time. 

Not while there is a party going on!

Oh hey Parker! Miles is such a social thing, he would try to interact with Parker but, Parker just tried to get away.

Baseball is always a must at my house.

Ian, batter's up!

Brad such an amazing pitcher.

To the right.
Goodness gracious. My parents really do live in paradise.

To the left. Bless the scenery.

This is Mr. Miles giving Parker a big wet one. 

Trampoline time. Faith picks out her own outfits. But she has nice taste. Floral teal leggings with a red t-shirt. Pure genius. If only I could dress with her confidence. Her puppy jumped up and bit her bum and she drug him around and he wouldn't unclench and it put some little teeth holes in her leggings!

Back to Provo we went, and we went on lots of walks.

Lots of Park time.

Lots of Walking practice.

Chels and I decided to make festive shirts the night before Fourth of July!

We went to the Freedom Festival and the parade.

We sat by Brad's Clark family.

They are the nicest.

We had such a blast, Brad golfed with his cousins and uncles and that's why he is Rudolph in this picture. He thinks his nose is immune to skin cancer.

We made the trek up to Logan to see my family again and go to the Logan car show.

Lad loved all the cars, and knew more than I did for sure.

He wanted a picture in front of all the cars.

This is my future car. Oh baby, so cute. I love it.

Sophie and Faith in front of their dream boat.

Lad photo bombing. 

Brad found his dream cars.

Miles walked up to this and put his hand on it, when we weren't paying attention. Notice he has no shoes....I'm the worst at shoes. I just bought some on Ebay because I cannot for the life of me find a pair I like, and that fit him, and that he will keep on. Goshy. 

Chelsea came with us for a little day trip. Luckily it wasn't too hot, and we went to Lewiston to Landon's house afterwards for a bbq.

Landon and Brad-met in the MTC June 2006. We dropped Landon off, and Sally said, I bet your husband is in here right now, then I had a job interview at BYU info that same day. I'll never forget it.
My husband was there. We were just 2 1/2 years away from meeting. Who knew?

Batmobile! Chelsea hiding behind!

Chandler played with Miles on the trampoline at Landon's and got underneath and pushed up on the trampoline and Miles was giggling and crawling all over. He loved it.

Back to Grandmas. We started a routine where Daddy reads a book to baby bear every night.
Some nights I have to substitute.

We braved church and it was only after the 3rd bonk that we decided to go home.

Julie practicing her parenting skills with Miles. Cutest future mom ever!

Miles loved it when Rookie (Erica's dog) barked. He thought it was the most hilarious thing ever.

His absolute favorite thing to do is climb Grandma Rachelle's stairs (and Dolly's in Standrod) and look through the holes at you and play peekaboo.

He loves just ice, and the sugar syrup of course, but we got just ice, so we didn't get heat stroke.

Aunt Echo spent as much as time as she could with Miles.

We visited Brad's friend Tyler Nelson from high school and his little doll baby Staehli is the same age as Miles. They crawled to each other and kissed when they first saw each other. Open mouthed kiss.

It was meant to be.

Miles, Staehli and their little boy Ryat. 

Ryat and Miles, twinners in jean shorts and baseball caps!

Miles has a girlfriend! Gately.

Oh he loves animals. Cats scare me because he hits them and they attack him, so dogs are more resilient and less likely to claw your face off, so I am more at ease when he is around dogs versus cats.

He loves them both equally.

He just thinks anything to do with animals is hilarious and entertaining.

We had to say goodbye to Echo, and I cried. Its like Miles knew he was saying goodbye because he cuddled her and kissed her on the lips like 10 times. Makes me tear up just thinking about how sweet it was.

We made it home. Back into the grind.

Where Mommy and Miles stay busy all day, and the house looks like a tornado at the end of the day because Mommy can't really spend all day picking up after Mr. Rip Tear and Go (a dad quote).

But we have a blast, we swim at friends, at the pool, we read books, watch shows, fold laundry, play blocks, throw balls, chase balls, go on walks..

Using the double feature of the Phil and Teds! Wahoo!
This is our friend William.

You may have noticed we got some family pictures.
I love them (Thank you Alex)

And my little sweetheart just keeps growing up. He turns 1 in a little over a month. 
Time has flown and it has been one of the best years of my life. 
I am so grateful for my eternal family, and my heart cannot contain my love for my little cheeky bear, and my Bradley bear. (I apologize for the spouse pet name, I know that is creepy and weird and you don't want to feel like you are laying next to Brad and I as we kiss goodnight-okay I just made it weirder). 

Things I have been up to:
Consignment sale, its over-so much work, so glad to be done, get a lot of cool stuff including a toy chest and all of Miles' birthday presents for the next 3 years. 
We had our annual stake share fair where I brought home SO many treasures, including Elvis records, Melissa and Doug puzzles, board books, felt for preschool, painting supplies, a new swimsuit for Miles-ALL FREE! 
Today Carissa (lovely wonderful dear friend here in Texas) and I canned peaches together. She has a lot of skills that somehow I never learned and she taught me how to do it, and next time I'll just buy my jars of peaches. (JUST KIDDING) I love the idea of fresh peaches in my jars, and no crappy stuff in with them. 
Tomorrow we have a med school dinner at the park, and Brad started school this week, and we are happy to start his 2nd year of med school together!