Monday, February 22, 2010


Isn't she the cutest thing you have ever seen?

I taught her a song, and my mom called me the other day and said she had it memorized.

I sang it to her maybe three times.

Whenever I get on the phone with her she says, 'Where's Bwad.'

My mom said she got the bottom of the gene pool...

Scraped the bottom.

She got the leftovers my mom says.

The wildest, funniest, craziest, moodiest, cutest, fantastic leftovers.

I guess thats what happens to the 16th child.

If you were curious.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


So in my spare time I created an etsy shop.

Check it out for all of the excitement within it.

And heart me...that way I can keep you posted on my new items.

Wow, I am a business woman!

Click here!

Monday, February 15, 2010

They did it!!

We have been happily married for 233 days. Holy Smokey Bear. Thats a long time. Didn't even know it went by so stinkin fast.
Cutting cake. Oh so delish cake. We have it on our kitchen table right now, Brad saw this picture and ran to take a bite. Pudding in the middle and perfect icing on top. They didn't shove very much I was completely disappointed.
Sisters, sisters, better stay away from those misters. Whatever all of us have a mister now but Sally, Echo and Faith. Faith better not get a mister for at least 18 years. My mom made our scarves and the little girls skirts. Mama's got Talent.

Well didn't I marry the most handsome man ever? This was in the waiting room. No worries Brooke only took an hour to get ready, maybe she cried off her make up. That's what I did.

The ceremony was beautiful. Brooke was beautiful, her dress was beautiful. Aaron wasn't so bad himself. But mostly I love hearing the wedding ceremony, reminds me of mine, and how perfect it was.
There was a dance party at the reception. Faith was so tired but she wanted to dance. Brad was the danceaholic. I rocked out for hours, got sweaty and tired.

Baby Ashtyn and aunt Raquel were so tired after all the dancing and eating and standing. Hannah made the adorable headband.

The wedding festivities are over, and the long weekend is over, but I finally feel like I caught up on sleep. I love naps. Love love love love love sleeping in till ten. That's all going to end tomorrow at 7 Am.

I took two weeks off of work so I could focus on lead teaching, I am so grateful because working nights would bring me to tears every time I left Brad. Its like I go to work all day, then I come home eat in thirty minutes and go to work again. So it will be nice to have a break and finish my Teacher Work Sample. Oh ya, didn't work on it one drop this week.


Saturday, February 13, 2010


My so creative friend Annie made an etsy shop. I can't conclude that she will do requests, but I am sure she will. Check out her adorable pillows and stuff...HERE. My favorite is the 70s pillow. Might need one myself.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


My sister is getting married.

To a mister this weekend.

We love the mister.

He is quite handsome.

It's weird though, because I have always thought that she was role model, my example, but now she is older than me and getting married.

But trust me...its time.

I tease him that he just wants citizenship.

I don't think he thinks its funny.

He may laugh and then quickly and abruptly and awkwardly change the subject.

"Ahhhahaaa funny Brit, anyway how have you guys been"

That sounds like him. Actually just like him.

But, I love my sister Brooke, and I don't think I would treat him nicely if he didn't treat her nicely.

I even bought him some nice lingerie for him.

Actually she wears it, but let's be honest...its for him.

And her because she likes black and gray. Surprisingly she is wearing blue in the above picture, but thats just because we were on a hike, and she didn't care about the shirt, therefore proving my point of her liking black and gray.

Gray. And our friend Julie.

Wow, I was surprised to see this hat with a touch of pink and red, but gray scarf and dark blue jacket that looks gray, and gray scarf. Told you so.

So she is getting married.


In Salt Lake.

I love her to death and am going to her bridal shower tommorow.

My goal is to get her to wear lime green....

Probably a dead goal already.

HA, joke, she always looks classy :)

Ps..I know you want to see this picture of me at ruins in Huancayo Peru.

Duh....I knew you did. Check out that blue sky. Wish we had one of those lately.

Loves....... My trip to Peru.



Cutest thing ever today, the sweetest little girl in the class was telling me about how her and her sister share all their clothes except birthday clothes.

I said, "Oh that is so nice of you."

She said, "Actually we do share birthday clothes, and my Grandma told me that when Jesus sent me he didn't send one mean bone in my body."

I said, "Amen to that."

She really is the most selfless person I have ever met, and she is five.

That's inspiration.

Cherry Pop Refashion Frock GROSGRAIN GIVEAWAY!!!!

Here you go, cutest dress ever!
Cherry Pop Refashion Frock GROSGRAIN GIVEAWAY!!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Next love...

You know today was a good day. I taught sight words by playing popcorn bingo with them....
"Can we eat the popcorn??"
"He ate one!!!"
"Popcorn has no nutrition"
"Popcorn can cut your throat"
"Today is the best day"
"Listen to Mrs. Clark so we can eat the popcorn guys!!!"

I decided today I love traveling and I can't wait to get out of Utah for a graduation trip.....

seeings how that is coming a few months.

Yes, I believe traveling wins the battle for next thing I love... These aren't in any order, don't worry your pants off, I don't love traveling more than the gospel or my family or God.

Don't you worry.

I'm just doing a general list...

My family will make it sometime...
Boston was a nice travel trip...The beach was nice. I like the chilly air on the beach, makes me feel like I have this connection with the beach.....beaches are supposed to be nice and warm and make people happy, but sometimes they don't want to, sometimes they are sad, and that's how I feel sometimes.
This statue at Harvard. Harvard was nice, lots of old buildings...worth the travel.
But mainly this pastry shop was worth the travel. Seriously, I loved it. Loved it with much passion.
I also believe the best place we went to eat was Regina's Pizzeria. Artichoke hearts never tasted so good. I wanted to put this in my pocket and bring it home for all of you, but..........I decided I couldn't keep smelling it in my pocket so I just ate it to save myself from hours and hours of torture as I travelled home to you with it in my pocket.
The subway became a traveling thing we I took advantage of the time to work on my face for my next model shoot.

What? You didn't hear that I was a model...well yes I am...

For the 'Next top Model Teacher' Show....

What? You haven't heard of it??

Just wait, you will. Its a big deal.

Stay tuned.

Ps I still love my first love that I posted about earlier.... (Brad) He is sleeping next to me now....
Breathing in and then out as I drape my legs over his warm body...

Jack Johnson sings to us in the background and I can feel the potsticker noodle residue on my teeth.

This week is Dental Health week...makes me want to floss more.

I'm bad at that.

A dentist is coming tomorrow to talk to us (kids) about how to brush their teeth.

I imagine me in my classroom and having Brad coming in and talking about surgery to my Kindergarteners. . .

Now we are going to watch this video, oh look there is me putting a new kidney in him....

I can't wait till my kids pull their daddy into meet the parents day at school and Brad has freckles and so do my kids, then they see me and say, "Well now we see that _____ got his freckles from his dad." Then I will say, "No, look closely here on my nose, ya come up a little closer I have some.." Then when they get real close I will say "RARRRRRRRR" and jump out and scare them.

And say, "Ya you are right....good guess."
Stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Brittany loves...

In the heat of Vday...
And Vmonth.

We made hearts that said....Brittany loves....then they wrote whatever.

One young lass wrote, Amber (not real name for safety reasons) loves Jesus.

Another girl wrote, Lucy loves Heavenly Father.

So Brittany loves...

Brad. First and foremost I love this being of flesh.

You know he thought I was crying today but really I just cut the onions for the sandwiches I was toasting in the oven and he said this when he walked in....
"Babies (he calls me that some times, its like calling me babe isn't enough of an expression to tell me that I'm all he ever wants and more, he has to call me babies)...are you okay? whats wrong why are you crying?"

I assured him it was just the onions.

He said while grabbing my chin tightly and tipping it toward his freckled face, "Are you sure, you can tell me."

And as my heart melted onto the floor I just said, "I promise, even though I cry every other day, today I am not crying."

So there you have it.

My number one thing...

stay tuned for more things.

Ps: Student teaching is becoming more awesome and harder everyday, next week I lead teach. Pray very hard for me, and all the ADD kids, and all the other kids too.