Friday, February 4, 2011

Sick is a verb. Action verb.

You see one time in church at my family ward, little brother who is 9 know but he was 7 at the time was sitting next to me, the speaker said, "Faith is a verb." Then I heard Ian mutter under his breath...."Action verb". Like he was annoyed the speaker didn't say that. Now Ian is a breed of his own. For instance check out my you tube channel with Ian's nine hour lego videos that Brad recorded. Well that's a story on its own. You see I recorded Ian and lost the video...then Ian busted into tears and needed a two day recoop to re set up. It was tragic. Not to mention every time I went home he would say..."Can you video me today?" Like 18 times a day.
Anyway brittanyhhansen youtube channel.
So back to the point of my story. Sick is a state of being...I am sick. So it can be a noun or an adjective. But I believe currently it is an action verb. To me. I am sicking all the time. Its always on the weekend. I'm getting to the point where for breakfast I swallow a whole garlic section. A trick my friend taught me.
Clove...not section. Wow the medicine makes me feel weird. Brad does research where they dissect pregnant mice and it has to be at midnight for some odd he gets back home at 2 AM.
I would like to see what he does.
ANyway I'm done being sick

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This morning began with tears..

I went outside to my Passat. Backed it out of the garage, and was going perfectly straight, my mirror was far away from the other car, the new tenants downstairs. Then I heard it, a small crunch. I began to shake. My stomach was in my mouth. My heart sank to my feet. I felt totally frozen. I got out of the car, ran inside and had my hands over my mouth. Brad saw my face and said, "Whatever you did, its okay honey."

That should have helped...but it didn't. I just began to cry and he grabbed me and held my head in his shoulders.
"What happened?"
"I hit their car."

"It's okay Brit, its okay, you are okay that is what matters."

"No its really bad, and I feel so stupid"
He looked at it, and said, "Oh babe! That's nothing, you are fine, I'll leave a note, call insurance everything, you just go to work."

See their car was parked on a small angle, so when I looked I didn't see their back end over their line. Me thinking I was going perfectly straight...I was, and scooted across their car a little bit with my car.
My car has zero damage, theirs has a small dent and black smudge, since their car is white.

I was too scared to finish backing out. Brad did that for me.
It ruined my day, I felt like I couldn't even teach. I couldn't even talk. I teared up all day long.

How could I be so stupid. I tried to think of stupid things other people had done to make me feel better.
All I could come up with are things that I did that were stupid. Like when I backed up a car into a pole, garbage can, and got the truck stuck in 3 feet of snow in a borrow pit.

I couldn't think of one stupid thing Brad has done. Proving that I am therefore the only idiot on this planet. To make things even better, when I got home I had this brilliant idea of making them cookies for backing into their car. I went to the store bought some supplies and a heart cookie cutter. Their door is down a long set of stairs right below my door. I dropped my bag of supplies and they tumbled down the stairs, the cookie cutter sliding right under the gap of their door. Great!!!!!! I just need to stay inside today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So then I began the panic phase. I knew they weren't home, but I had no idea when they would be home so I got right to work, I picked up all the stuff, then I went into my house and got two rulers and taped them together and to top it off I taped a sharpie to the end of that. I then went down to the bottom of their stairs and smashed my face against the tile and slid my contraption under their door trying to reach the cookie cutter.

Awesome, if I can't reach it they will come home and think what the heck is this cookie cutter doing? Then I will give them cookies and they will put it all together. I am just a true and blue spaz, thats what they will think of me if they don't already.

I slid the cookie cutter every which way, and after about 5 minutes of pure sweating I got it, ran upstairs and shut my door and locked it, hoping they wouldn't venture in and begin yelling and swearing at me for hitting their car.

I made cookies, they were hard....of course nothing can go right for me in this day its already bad luckified.

I put them at their door, and prayed they wouldn't hate me, and that maybe they wouldn't try the hard cookies and just accept the gesture as kind. My panic attacks inside of me have eased a little, but I still feel like a moron, idiot and moron as I texted Brad 19 times today.

I'm going to bed early hoping tomorrow will be one of those days where its like "How can so many good things happen to me in one day" kinda day.

Brad reminded me of why I married him today, he doesn't freak out and get mad. He is just chill and its okay...even when in my mind, its not! It is the end of the world!

He said, "Its just a possession, you are alive, that is the most important thing."
And then I he human?