Friday, March 27, 2009

A creation.

Remember that time I made this?
That was fun to make, but really all it does is collect dust. What about something in which you can eat? Yes yes...try to guess what I made for Brad and I by this picture below.

I even produced it in Brad's kitchen. Crazy huh? SO crazy in there. THe garbage was ridiculous. I had to put it in two sacks. It was overflowing. As you can kinda see in the bottom right of the photo. There was a point when I asked Brad for something to stir it with. He looked at me like I was ridiculous. Absolutely appalled that I would expect something like that to be in his house. Oh great, this is going to be fun.So I made CNS. CnS was good. I made it all from scratch. In a huge deep deep pan. I'll include the recipe at the bottom. I mainly just threw stuff in and hoped it turned out okay. And I have to say..IT's the best CNS I have ever eaten. Ever. Better than any can of CNS better than anything my mom has made, sorry moma. So good. And im not even bragging. Try making CNS without a recipe. Please do not confuse CNS with CNN, totally different. Duh.

CNS. See the CHicken, see the Noodle, see the Soup (CNS). Brandon (Brad's fun, adorable, witty, artistic roommate started EMO dancing when he saw the soup, and I said "YOu can have some".

THis is what I like to call the windmill. (Above) Below I will call that the arms up and shake move. CNS does this to you.

Arms up and SHake.
Brad may want me to note here..that he just got outta the shower. Cuz he looks kinda wetish. He is not mangy gross all the time. Only some of the time. Okay I lied, mostly all the time. The other day he wore sweats to school. Who am I associating myself with? A professional? I think not. Brad...uh....did you say you wanted to be a doctor?? Oh...okay, maybe you should work on that professional aspect a bit and go to bed early and wake up early and wear slacks to school, instead of a soccer jersey from South America, and sweats, from Costco. Okay moving on. Back to CNS.

Look at it. How could you not want to eat this for left overs for weeks after. We did. And it was such a money saver. WOW. Normally Brad hates CNS. HE loved this. OR he did well pretending at least. Now you wanna know how I made it. I'll tell you.

First I threw like 9 pieces of chicken into the huge pot, they were mostly defrosted, but not really. I cut them in random sized pieces before.

They cooked for awhile, I used a fork to flip them. In the process I kinda shredded broke them apart. Sorta. This wasn't just happened. I put sea salt from costco on them.

As they were cooking (Ya i know, multi tasking) I cut up celery, carrots, mushrooms, green onions, and a normal large yellow cheap as dirt onion. I had like the whole thing of celery, 6 carrots, a whole container of mushrooms and a bundle of green onions. Ya, I totally didn't measure anything, just figured it would all work out in the end. It did.

Then...I threw in the onions with the chicken.

The rest was a blur. JK. I'll continue. Twisted some more sea salt on there.

Then I poured in 2 cups of water in which I had crushed up a Chicken Boullion cube and put in the microwave. Not real sure why I put it in the microwave, maybe just a reason to soften it? Who knows. I had no recipe, I just did this.

Let me clarify on the two cups of water. I just used a drinking glass. And I guess I put 1 cube per drinking glass. It was a tall one.

I wanted a lot of soup, so I just poured as much water in as I wanted soup. I put a total of like 7 cubes in probably. I can't remember. But I only put two in to start with.

Then I put the noodles in. Just linguine noodles from walmart, they are like 70 cents. (Don't worry, I had to spell check linguine).

Then I threw in the carrots, I let it get to a boil and I threw in the celery. (I threw hardest veggies in first).

Then at this point. I sat on the floor and cried because this was so easy.

Jk. I realized I needed it to be a bit thicker. So I mixed Corn starch and water. 1 cup. Threw it in. Remember this is one drinking cup.

I'm not a chef here. I just make delicious CNS, that's all you need to know really from this post.

That was conceited. Sorry.

Okay back to CNS.

At this point I realized it was okay to throw in the mushrooms. I did so.

It boiled for awhile longer. Then I just tasted it. Put in the costco MRs. Dash, Costco salt and pepper twisters. A lot. Let it boil more. Then put in the rest of the cubes with water. Then put in 2 more of the corn starch cups. At this point it was a delicious masterpiece.

I threw in the green onions which I had cut all the way down, even the white parts.

So...this was how I made CNS. I maybe got things out of order, but really it doesnt matter. Just use your best judgement. Totally make it. Feed you for months, and ...cheapest ever. Mushrooms were like a dollar, that was way expensive and probably made this meal a tiny bit better, so you could take those out.

If you need any advice about CNS. I'll give it to you.


Lots of carrots

lots of celery

lots of green and yellow onions

lots of noodles

lots of corn starch

lots of chicken

lots of mushrooms

lots of cubes chicken flavored

(remember, how ever much you make, will influence how much you need) Mine made like 50 servings. Not even kidding you.

Make CNS.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


This is me. Sometimes I have great artistic ideas. Like the time we went to flaming gorge. We stopped and ran up this hill. I said, oh lets all get in a line and I will set my camera up on a beer can which i found and self timer will work nicely. Remember this was in 08, when i wasn't very smart.
So the first picture went nice. Then I said, turn around all...
So we did it. And it was nice too.

Then when I thought my idea was perfect..this happened. Totally made it a different aspect of art.

Well they couldn't ruin this one.
this one is pretty flawless.

Sorry it took me a year to post flaming gorge pictures. I ruined one of my film cameras on this trip. Good thing I didn't take my nicer than nice camera. It would have ruined too.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Seriously. Police Beat. This is the 'crime' that goes on around campus. Let me include my favorites. From today's Daily Universe.

A white male wearing only blue and yellow spandex shorts was reported running into cars to scare the occupants at 11PM. He was gone when police arrived.

Oh no, everyone be on the lookout for a man wearing 'only' spandex. He not only is scaring innocent people, but he is breaking the honor code with those spandex of his. That's the biggest violation here.

The body of the cougar statue at LaVEll Edwards Stadium was found sprayed with the phrase "Rent Me" in shaving cream. The eyes were filled with the cream, too.

This one makes you wonder if I made that up, no that is a direct quote from the Daily Universe.
The best part is "The eyes were filled with the cream, too. IS that really going to make it sound like it was a criminal act. ooooohhhwwww the eyes were filled with cream, how criminal of that person.

A female student reported her bumper sticker missing from her vehicle parked in lot 2 that read "Pro Family, Pro Obama"

Okay guys, we told you what lot it was, just in case you saw them and have an idea of what they looked like so we can confine these guys, they are dangerous-Police (No police, they are smart, very smart)

(this one boggles my mind)
A male student reported his motocycle stolen from the SABuilding. He said he found another male in the parking lot with his motorcycle. He said the suspect claimed to have received permission from police to take the "abandoned" bike. The case is currently open for investigation.

"Hey man, thats my bike"-Man with ownership of motorcycle
"Oh Im supposed to take it because its abandoned"-Man stealing motorcycle.
"Oh totally cool, okay see ya"-Man watching his cycle be stolen.

If someone is stealing my motorcycle, I say, Thats mine, and you better give it back now.
If they claim to be police, I then ask to see their 'badge' If they do not have a badge then I grab them throw them down and take my cycle back.

That's all.

A man drinking a bottle of rum in the HFAC was not found by Police.

So he's out there somewhere? Oh no, he's dangerous, thanks for warning me.

I am not making fun. Not really.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Should I?

I'm debating something huge right now. Hair color. Right now it looks...blah. Kinda like in between. I haven't dyed it all over for...14 months. See this post I haven't highlighted it for... 11 months. Is it time? This was my first dye ever. My hair was so freakin healthy. So freakin healthy.

This was my next dye over 2 years later. A complete bleach. Im still paying for this one on the ends of my hair. I will NEVER dye my hair again. So healthy, to thin not healthy.

This is my hair now. YUck. Everyone tells me they love this natural look. BLahck. I need something. Should I highlight it? I think I will, its just a matter of time.

OH by the way. Brad had won this Mario Karts like for the trillionth time. I seriously just wanted to win once. Thats all I wanted. Don't worry I'll let you know when I win.

I'll make a big deal out of it when I do win. I'll send out a mass text like my friend Darcey does when anything at all happens. Like her husband makes good cookies. Mass text time.

Are you falling in love with him through my blog? Gosh, by now you should be. Look at that face. We were eating this asian style dinner, and we just got our food with our chops right from the pan in front of us on the table. I spilled sometimes.

Let's break down our relationship so all of you have this idea of how we get along. Brad never listens to me, and this picture is a perfect example. I told him to do a 'stoned' face. He just did his own thing. So now I'm the one who looks like she just watched Skeleton Key. (Just watched that by the way, freaked me out and I think about it every second of everyday, its been a week).

Next part of our relationship you need to understand. Brad dominates me. He didn't really want me in this picture, hence why I am getting smushed on my eye and he is in the center slowly pushing me out.

I really had to fight to be in this photo. Look at his face, he is so mad at me, he just wants a picture of himself. and he is so mad that he smushed my eye basically closed. I feel unloved.

After much bribing, one meal a day bribe, he allowed me to be in the picture. He didnt smushmy eye, and he acted pretty happy about it too. I just told him if he was always pushing me out then he would lose a lot of friends.
So we worked it out, now I dominate and don't listen to him.
JK. He does listen, always has and never dominates me. For those of you who worried.
Oh and should I dye my hair? Highlight it? I'm torn.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

He deserved this... Valentine.

Whoa. I'm way late. Only a month and three days. So Brad was my Valentine this year. He is pretty hot and awesome. I guess he heard through the grapevine that I write about him frequently, so he checks my blog when he remembers. Or misses me. I think? So I guess I can't really hide my feelings for him anymore. I made him this.
But am scared to give it to him? Should I?
Jk. He has read it, seen it, shown it, whatever guys do. But its actually in my room right now. I need to see it at all times, to make sure it is kept safe. Jk. I dont know why I have it.

Ya that's a book. See I bought the book at the DI for like...2 dollars, then the guy at the counter (he loves me and knows I'm a regular for purchasing books) he gave me a it really was only about 1 dollar. Probably.

Then I covered it with paper. Then I put ribbon on the back of it. Just because the paper tends to come off if you put paper all the way around it. Then I Mod-Podged over the paper. Mod Podge is fun. Sticky but fun. I then placed a bookmark of brown ribbon in the book. This was because it looked nice. I then punched holes in both sides of the book in order to close it-tie it, with another brown ribbon. I punched those holes with a crop-a-dile big bite.

This is the first page. The 123 means to lift the flaps. Some people struggle with the interactive side of this book. I think it is a book for educated people. Or inquiry-based people. Regardless... the flaps say. 1. our 2. Love 3. Story. Get it? Our love story... so I found those words in the actual book then cut down to them with an exacto knife..but then there were holes in all my pages that I couldnt cover up, so I just ripped out all those hole pages, and salvaged the our, love, and story words and posted them under this page. Whew...glad I got that out in less than a million words. The picture of us, is actually a Costco sticker that I ordered, you may see more of them. Yep, you will. I may stick them all over my face. Or yours. Probably yours. I don't want them on my face. Why would I put a sticker of my face on my face? I wouldn't. But I would on yours. Totally would. K moving on.

Oh did I mention that I sewed, hand sewed the word 'love' right there on the right.

Here lies the next page. If you can follow Says..."me & you Began At BYU 41st Ward'
Then the little pocket holds the byu 41st ward and it pulls out. On the pocket it says Love at first sight. There is a costco sticker on the left hand side. Don't ask the meaning of the camera. i liked it. And I made it pop out. And i like how I ripped out the pages and used them as borders sometimes. I also like the mod-podged pocket I made. I like it.
This now is the next page. A few things to notice....
I made another pocket. The pocket holds the program from that Sunday, that we met. There is also the beginning of our story. I won't put that on here. Its only 15 single space pages on Microsoft Word. 11 point font. Totally normal.

Here is another page. Kinda complicated. I inculed a center pop out envelope. Which I made...I like making envelopes, then I place a grommet? ya whatever in the center of the flap and put a ribbon through the hole and put something that is 3-d in order to hold the ribbon which ties around. This is probably boring you. I know this isn't a how to scrap a book for Brad blog. If it was, I would probably rich by teaching people how to make envelopes and place stickers of our faces all over. Yep I would be rich. Anyway, sometimes I don't make sense.

So the envelope holds part of the story. That I wrote. About our love.
And this is the next page, you can kinda see the envelope on the left. The one in the previous picture, remember? So this is a costco sticker on a sticky thing that has texture and is three-d, and three ribbons, which match the paper,and I love. I like the colors. I like the color combo. Who wouldn't, please everyone who is normal would.
Now please let me tell you...I did not include all of the pages. I figured that would bore you to absolute death. So I just included some of my favorites. And some that aren't (that word has a squiggle under it? why? I totally spelled it right. Aren't, .. weird.) my favorites, but might be your favorites.
This one is kinda awesome. In the envelope I have here, which I made... is a picture of Brad and I...resembling the picture to the left here. Except we are much hotter. And way more serious.
This is one of my favorites. We have here a hanging envelope which includes a card, three things I love about Brad. Then the story is all over here. Then the pop up heart that comes up when you open the book. Then the hanging card that is stamped with my love, and it says, "Brad you are a hunk" -Brittany. Super romantic, I know. I guess you should know how I printed my story. I cut the paper to what size I needed it to be, chose the font color and size and type, then printed it. Sometimes it went in crooked, sometimes it jammed. Sometimes I swore. In my head, not out loud, that would be pointless and fruitless because nobody would hear me. And I would just feel like an idiot swearing to myself because the paper jammed. But was a task. And sometimes, when I felt like I had only plowed through 3 single space pages on Microsoft Word and I had already spent a million trillion gazillion hours on it, I made the font reallllyyyyy teeny, so I could get more on there. And...feel like it was going fast. When . . it really wasn't at all.
Oh ya, I left space for him to write his story too.

A lot of people like this page. Me too. I cut out a heart from the book pages and pasted it on paper, then I sharpied (is that an action verb? is now.) the whole page on the next page, and left the word 'us' because it was there, I was trying to just finish this lovely thing. we have it. An awesomely simple page. Those are brads at the top of the story. Ironic, I put brads in your book Brad. Dumb? Probably. But oh well.
This page here on the right is my favorite. Maybe, I have lots of favorites. I bought the die cut pop out whatever they are a while ago and when creativity fails you, just use the words 'love' and the name of your love, in my case, 'Brad'. So its my favorite because I love sewing paper by hand. I ripped the page in half, but kept it intact. Then sewed a new piece of paper on it. So its a bit fragile. Costco sticker on your left.

This was mostly everyone's favorite page. Not sure why. But it was. I think the hinges. This is the story of our first hug. Ask Brad about it. He really didn't hug me very well at all. I actually told myself I couldn't date him anymore as he walked out my front door, because his hug was so....unlike me. I prefer to be hugged like the person likes me, or why waste the motions of a hug? To burn calories? No, awkward. So I would have rather him not even have hugged me if he is going to hug like that. But....then I would not have been able to write about it. So...thanks for being so great at hugging that first time Brad! (if you don't know that that is sarcastic, this little note in parentheses is telling you that it is sarcastic.)So it opens. and it has hinges. Hinges on paper. Thank you big bite.
Oh and don't my fingers look great in this photo. All wrinkled and manly. My nails may have been bitten in the past 20 hours. Maybe. Oh, so the paper folds down again, and more story is visible.
This is our 'first kiss page' See the words 'kiss me' on the top left. Then brad on the bottom right. So this font is teeny tiny, cuz I wrote a lot about our first kiss. I asked my friend Kaitlin to give me the picture of us from her party, which we were at before we kissed. I had only known him like six days. Gross? Nope, awesome. This is a pocket that pulls out lots of stuff, a card for him to write his story on, a picture of us, a card that says, 'i knew I would love you forever when....' and we kissed. And we still do sometimes.
I did this page ultra fast. It was after a five hour session of working on the book sitting indian style and I was ready to eat. Sometimes when working on this book, I forgot to eat, and got high off of glue. Normal. Totally normal. This flap that says, 'it must be love' lifts up and the story is underneath. Sometimes I did things the long way, and I was like, wow that took forever and shouldnt have. That was this page.
Here is another speed job, but sometimes simple is awesome.
I like this page. Hence why I put i here. It has a pocket that I made and Mod-Podged with a bird sticker on it, and a love stamp up top and a love hanging card, and story. Lots of story. Also, this is a list in which I wrote a day or two after meeting him, its cute, you should read it.
Now this wasn't part of the story. This was my own words, which I wrote that day in my journal then ripped them out. It was a letter to Brad, and I tear up when I read it out loud to people. Its romantic. Trust me.

This is a fun filled page of wonderfulness. This is about the first time he said, I love you. Ya he tells me that sometimes. There is a picture of us skiing that day, New Years day, he was snowboarding. And then a flap that contains lots of fun stuff. He said she said card. Then Remember when you said....And I wrote, 'you loved me?' I love metal stuff. The bottom right. Metal. It says, 'friends with benefits' Jk, it says best friends. Or, 'best lovers' Jk, it says best friends. Im done just kidding. Nope, probably not.

So here is when I ended it. Not our relationship, duh, but the book. I gave up on Scrap and just started throwin it all together. STuck a sticker on the left and another sticker that said love under that. then glued a picture to a paper then glued that paper to another paper to the book. Thats all. So here it says....This is the end..but really it is the beginning....... Then the next page says, 'to our love story. So if you put it together it will say, This is the end, but really it is the beginning to our love story.
Oh here we go. Costco sticker attack. Our love story. So ya read the first page.
Here is my about the author page. Oh did I forget to tell you? I think I did. The night before that sounds like the night before Christmas, well its not, but its similar, and better. The night before, (NB) brad wouldn't leave, and I had SOOOO much to do on his book. I never really have 'wanted' him to leave before. Until this night. I had like anxiety, am I going to finish it in time. He asked me when he could see me the next day. I was about six? HA! Ya right, he knew I wasn't doing anything, because I'm a abad liar, but I had to lie more and more and say I had homework. Who has homework on VDAY, nobody. Unless you are lame VDAY haters. I hate VDAYs without a boyfriend. I love VDAYS with a Brad Boyfriend. Gosh can I write one blog post without talking about him? Probably not. So he left who knows what time, for the sake of the BYU honor code, and me always keeping it we will say midnight. He left at midnight. Then I worked on this book for NINE hours straight. I thought I would need caffeine. But I didnt, I just ate candy all night and focused. No music either, I dont know why. I should have listened to music. Then I went down stairs and talked to Landon in the morning, ate something and I was loopy. Then...I went to sleep, then I did about two more hours of finishing touches. 100 hours later, the book was finished. I think it was about 84 hours, but 100 sounds better. Way better. I remember when I hit forty hours on it. That was when I wasn't even close to done. I felt kinda overwhelmed, it was only a few days till VDAy. Yikes. I am always with him, when am I gonna finish this, work, sleep, and go to school and take tests and do well and not fail, and buy pencils at the testing center? That cost thirty cents but they put it on your student account so you have to pay it off with a credit card. Can I not find 30 pennies on the floor before I buy it? No. I cant. Was that a tangent, yes it was. Memory of the loopiness is coming back to me and I am feeling it again. So I stayed up a long time. All night to finish it. Ya I probably slept on our Vday date.
It's thick, because of all the three d awesomeness.
see it? just in case you don't, I posted a different view of it.
Thats my bedspread in the background with my down comforter, pretty huh? I dont make my bed.
Here Brad, Have this book.

Who wouldn't want to make this face something wonderful, like a book. I would, so I did, and disregard that he is on his cell phone and not really into the whole, hey I'm gonna take a picture of you thingy. Headband=hot.

So if you feel like you want to know more about this book, just tell me I would love to sit down with you and go over the process of gluing, tearing, re-gluing and finishing it.

He liked it, I hope you do too.