Thursday, July 29, 2010

Does your?

Husband do the dishes, or I guess if you are a male reading my blog (rare but possible) does your wife do the dishes after you make dinner and zucchini bread? Did I just have to do spell check on zucchini? Yes. 

Brad seems to always love to do the dishes.

Look at how much he loves it!
Look at all that laundry piling up! Gross!! I need to get on that, and get it done. Too much swimming going on.

Brad and I just got back from our annual Lava Hot Springs trip.

Hans and Frans are the Emcee's at the talent show.
If you don't know who they are....check this OUT!

The Talent Show is a big deal...there are many viewers.

This is Tresa and Tess, Tresa is the mom, Tess is the daughter (my cousin). Paisley is in Tess's lap, and Grace is in Tresa's lap. Tess and Paisley are sisters. Paisley is Tresa's grandaughter. Grace is Paisley's aunt. Cool huh? There are a few of those in my family :)

Faith was a grumpy stumpy, so I told her to look at me and she looked and I caught this beautiful expression of love and joy.

Of course Brad and I hit up Buddy's Oasis which consisted of two boiling hot tubs. We were alone in this oasis. I was waterlogged by the end of it.

It is going to become an annual event. This Buddy's Oasis.

The next day is tube the river day.
We load up in this trailer and try to not get pulled over. When kids were screaming, my aunt Robin said, "Don't scream, MOO!!"

Then we make the trek down to the river. This is Tyler. He actually is TJ to me.

Then we all link up and have a grand ol' time. This is me attempting to keep Lad happy, and hold on to other's tubes.

Then we smile and are so happy we came to Lava.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Get your Lazy Butt outta Bed..

Ya that's right, I'm talking to you. And you, and you.

Come to the Orem City Farmer's Market, come and visit me!
In the RC Willey Parking lot!

Not only will I be selling all natural skincare, but...

I have a surprise for you!

Yes yes a surprise!

Chelsea and I are making baby wraps, and selling them at the market, and I am keeping it secret so you will come come visit me!

Then after you can go to the Provo City Farmer's market! It will be the best day for you ever!

So get outta bed right now!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

It's true.

It's true... I golf. I golf. I took a golf class, and now I golf frequently. With Brad, Chelsea, or whoever wants to come. At first it was a matter of, "Oh my gosh, I'm throwing my ball forward, because I can throw it farther than I can hit it." But now it's a matter of, I can get 3 over par!!!! Or less. I did get par once...yesterday. It was great. And I lost my cell phone for a matter of time, and I didn't even care. It was like, finally, a break from people calling and telling me, "Sorry we hired someone else."

You know, a break from rejection, failure, and you are not good enough.

But on a lighter note I had a small meltdown yesterday.
I couldn't even feel like I could leave the house. I thought I was fat...freak I know that is so stupid.
But I justify it by thinking that every girl feels that way. It is like you are too fat for you, even if you aren't per-say....overweight.

Brad spent like 30 minutes attempting to convince me I wasn't. When I really just felt that way. So I put on a baggy shirt and felt lots better. Sometimes showing less is more. Like one piece swim suits you know.

I also had dreams all night last night that I was pregnant, more like nightmares. It was like we couldn't afford a crib, and so the baby had to sleep with me, and I was worried I was going to roll over the baby all night, like my favorite story in the Bible, where they are going to cut the baby in half.

Now I am going to paint my mother-in-law's house. Ya, the whole thing with a paint brush.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

How to Make a Delicious Artisan Sandwich: Perfect, Yes.

I'm guessing none of you know how to make a sandwich. That is where I come in with my how to guide. I will teach you things you have never seen before. Things obviously you cannot learn from your mom. You think everybody learns how to clean ceiling fans and make sandwiches from their mom? You are wrong wrong wrong, just because your mom was superwoman, some of our moms had better things to do then teach us the basics. That's where I come in teaching you the basics.
To make this gourmet sandwich you will need..

Cream Cheese.
Chreame Cheese. That's what it should be.
Artisan Bread. So delicious and scrumptious.  
If you don't have won't be the same so don't even try...(joke)
Oh Deli Cuts. Deli Cuts.  Heart Smart Deli wonderful. So thin, and so cheap.
I always buy the meat on sale and its usually Deli Cuts...wonder why?
 Except at Costco I buy the expensive deliciously wonderful meat.

That's right Economy Hot Pepper from Gossners in Logan. .68 cents for almost a pound of cheese. 1/pound, thats a good deal. We bought about a 3 month supply. So good. We need to get back to that cheese factory. So basically this is pepper-jack cheese, and its not that hot. Perfect for our artisan sandwich.
Briannas' Poppyseed dressing.
Can't live without it. Perfect for sandwiches. 
Yellow Squash. Perfect yellow squash from my mother-in-laws garden..our garden was overrun with quack grass. I couldn't control it. I couldn't do it.
Let's get this sandwich started. Kinda like, let's get this party started...same thing...same party. 
Slice the bread in half....and...

Apply chreame cheese not evenly, just everywhere, everywhere you want.
Add poppy seed dressing over the chreame cheese. Lightly but make sure you can see those seeds.
Then slice your deli cuts. Slice them perfectly like this.
Slice your meat.
Slice your squash. Obviously I never use the right knife for anything. I'm a conservationist. I use the knife to cut the bread, same knife to slice the meat, same knife to slice the squash. Therefore the lines in the squash are from a bread knife..that's what I'm getting at here. That's what I'm trying to say, THERE ARE LINES IN THE SQUASH I USED THE WRONG KNIFE!

Slice your cheese, preferably with the same knife, we are conservative here.
Apply the ingredients. Starting with the meat. Heavy, but not too heavy, the meat is what gives the  meat.
Add your squash. My grandpa and dad say sqarsh. It's funny. Or maybe its an old joke. That we don't think is funny we just ignore it when they say know those kinds of jokes?
Apply the cheese on the meat side, cuz you want your sqarsh to get cooked and crispy, meat doesn't need to be cooked, just roasted.
You may need a spatuala to pick them up and transfer to your cooking panel. (Panel? Is that even a real term in cooking....I'm pretending like it is.) You can use your stove on 400, or you can use your toaster oven like me...I got this for Brad for his Vday was a makeup VDAY present because I failed on the first one. FAILED.
Turn it for a few minutes...less than ten more than five kinda thing.
Watch it swelter and welter in there. Not for too your dishes (oh wait you only have a dirty knife from this meal...) So do your laundry, oh wait you already got it done because this meal only took 10 minutes to cook and prepare. So clean your floors, oh get the jiff.
So times up! Look at these bad boys.
Melted cheese, cooked sqarsh. Kinda crispy. 
Wait, its not over.

You're going to need green onions and scissors. 
Real bad you need them.
Scissor them on there. If you want them to be less oniony then you can cook them, I like the crunch they give you decide.
Flip that sandwich over. And behold your masterpiece. Looks gourmet doesn't it? Looks professh. Like some professh guy did it. Nope. Just a ten minute sandy.
Then cut it, with that all purpose knife we have been using throughout this entire journey. This is the best journey I'm so sorry that it is over. But I got to get this sandwich in my mouth.
Taste it and love it.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why did this ever go away?

You know that feeling when you got engaged??
That feeling of utter desperateness to let everyone know how happy you are. How you just chose your soul mate? How you are jumping inside, and nothing could go wrong? And you have so much to look forward to, bridal showers, wedding day, wedding night, then marriage.
Remember that feeling of such happiness it is just weird how your body could ever be that happy?
I hate how that goes away.
But let's talk about other things that go away.
(thanks Brad's mom and grandma for being okay with me and my weirdness) 
Innocence, but not freckles.
Freckles always stay.

The ability to dress up like this when it's not Halloween...and everything is fine. 
The ability to spread flour everywhere and wear no pants or diaper, and drink a bottle. Oh bottle drinking, why did that ever go away?
My operator job....why oh why did it ever have to go away?
Oh  my goodness, these things are depressing me. I want to talk about something else now...
There...that's better. Maybe Brad's desire to get a gun, will come sooner than he thought.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Early Morning

It's funny how early morning in the summer is around 11:00. And during the school year its around 7:00. And that's just the way it is. Brad had to go train a guy in his lab how to take samples from mice, or something complicated like that. 
I have 2 job interviews today. Job interviews that are really good jobs.
I just hope I get them. Pray I get them. Well one of them would be perfect, because that's all I need right? Just one job. Some people can't find any one would be a miracle on my street.

It's Natalie's birthday today.
We do cool things at the pool together.
Like this...
This is our signature birthing move. 
Natalie did a face plant. It was a cute one.
So yesterday we celebrated by going to Macaroni Grill. The lady sang to her, while I was on my phone to the guy I sold my car to. It was awkward and he wouldn't stop talking so I just hung up, when I called him back, I said, "Sorry I must have lost you."
Really the truth would have been fine too, "Hey sorry, you were talking and talking, so I just hung up because the lady was singing in Italian happy birthday to my dear friend, and I had to be there."

We are friends. And Happy birthday Natalie. On my gmail chat where her name goes it says Nat Nat.
She's adorable.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:
17 21 20
I can't believe they were so close together, but they needed it the most!

17Blogger Michelle's College Adventures said...
orange. p.s. i'm allergic to nuts ;)
July 17, 2010 11:05 AM
20Blogger lisa forsyth said...
I'd say Peppermint
July 17, 2010 11:59 AM
21Blogger Emily N. said...
orange or lemon
July 17, 2010 8:04 PM
Congrats guys!! I have already contacted all of you, check your blog or email to find my message! You are the lucky winners! And visit essentiallybasic at the Orem Farmer's Market this Saturday!