Monday, November 26, 2012


(THIS WOULDN'T POST-so it is a later post)
So of course I have been delaying this post.
Miles turned 2 months on the 15th...
I love how I say turned, like he actually aged.
But you have to believe he did.
Here we are brand new. He stared at me from the beginning.
He still stares at me.

Here he is a chunky monkey only four weeks later.

Babies grow so fast and you don't even realize it, until you are packing away their clothes because they won't zip up, or they can't straighten their legs.

When I put his newborn stuff away around 5 weeks I started to cry.
He will never be that little again. He will never curl up in a complete ball and fit in the crevasse of my elbow pit. Oh it hurts my heart to think about it. He will never wear N diapers again. (G BABY) 

Now he has made this huge jump to 8 weeks.
He talks to me, like really talks.

We talk about our favorite colors, foods, people, things to do, and places to go.

I still call him sweetie cheeks, sweetie heart, love baby, lover, honey baby, chunky love, cutey face, cutey baby, lovey baby. Those are my main ones.

I slowly am starting Mr. Miles.

It suits him well.
Since he is my best friend all day until daddy comes home, then we are a trio of besties.

Miles always has the hiccups, but I do something called Gripe Water that instantly takes hiccups away. (baby section Walmart) I just do a teeny bit. I thought it was a fluke so I tried water 3 times didn't work.
I also try to breast feed him (I love how I say it all proper on here- in real life I say "put em to my boob") when he has the hiccups, but thats not always the most conducive thing to do while grocery shopping. Plus putting him there usually just makes him mad-MOM NOT HUNGRY CANT GET RID OF THE HICCUPS!!! Scream-twist head-scream-push away-scream-pull my hair-cry scream-Mom gives up and gives him Gripe water because it works instantly.

Wow, enough of gripe water. 
Well I have been delaying this post because we went in for his check up so happy and ready to find out how much he weighed and had grown.
We made it to 12.8 lbs! a 2.8 lb increase in 4 weeks. 
We made it to 23 inches! 2 inches in growth!
He is just right around 50th-60th percentile with those numbers.
But I asked the doctor about this little indent in his bum crack....
hence my delay in talking about his two month milestone.
She said she wants to do an ultrasound on his spine.
That scared me to tears.
My little baby might have something wrong with his spine. you know my delay.
She said it is just a precaution, but sometimes that dimple can mean his vertebra wasn't covered/sealed completely. Which would mean a surgery. But I haven't even researched it, and I don't want to, and Brad is sure nothing is wrong. I feel like its going to be fine. But for a few days I was pretty worried.

We are just so amazed at how fast he is growing and changing.
 Sometimes Brad will just hold him while he studies. He always falls fast asleep and I just get stuff done that I need to. Clean-cook-work out-do whatever I haven't done.
We are just rockin the g diapers.
Thanks to Grandma Rachelle for those!
He is a good little sleeper. He sleeps from 11PM-6AM sometimes 7AM. Then I feed him and he continues to sleep until 11 AM.
Sometimes I sleep with him, sometimes I wake up and get stuff done.
Depends on my mood.
Sometimes I pull him into bed with me and we snuggle and sleep.
I wake up at 6 AM and I just feel like I haven't had him for so long and I just wanna cuddle.
A few nights ago I held him for a long time, and I was wide awake just thinking about how precious and special he was.

Sometimes it hits me what a miracle babies are.
And I think, wow this happens all the time. Every day. 
It seems it is taken for granted that someone can get pregnant, or have a healthy baby.
Because it happens so much.
But really it is a miracle.
I mean come on.....your body made and carried another human inside of it?
What? That's crazy.

Sometimes his hair looks auburn in the sun.
It's finally starting to grow in the front.
Way long in the back.
He smiles and coos at me and Brad and Brad says, "Brittany thinks she has intelligent conversations with him."
And I say, "We do Brad! His favorite color is blue like mine, he likes it when my milk is apple flavored, and he loves it when I sing songs to him."
I tell Brad we have conversations because we are together all day everyday.
And all night every night..
So clearly I need to converse with him.

My favorite things about him are:
His cheeks
His big blue eyes
His big lips
His little feisty personality
His arms are toned
His rolls that I have to clean on his legs
How he can latch on to my lip when I am kissing him (may be gross to him in a few years)
How he cuddles up to me and falls right to sleep-closer the better-the more sweat stickiness the better.
How he can stand up when holding on to him.
How he can roll from his belly to back.
How he yell talks.
How well he travels.
How he stares at me when he is falling asleep. 

Sometimes I think I see a glimpse of me in him. . but mostly I see my baby. I never see a ton of either me or Brad.
I hope he has freckles.

 Oh he didn't like that.....Miles you don't want freckles??????????
Looks like he is tired of us talking about him.
Well have a Happy Thanksgiving, and we will continue to soak up family and warmth in Gilbert, AZ.

Echo and I are hittin up the black Friday at midnight.
We're Crazies.
Welp gotta go, Miles is letting out his talking screams.
This is what I think he is saying....
AHHhhhehehhh-mom hold me.
Ahhhhhhhiiiiiiii-mom feed me.
wahhhheeeeeee-need attention now, get off your computer.

Alright sweetie heart.

Monday, November 12, 2012

D is for Dallas-H is for Happiness

In Provo, we had our set friends group, we all hung out weekly or twice a week or whenever we wanted for that matter. We had the good life. We spent most of our time at the Richards or the Olsens.

Nicole married to Tyler Richards (Ya cool dude, has his own website)
Tyler Richards and Erica Tanner-bro and sis

Heather's parents (Olsens) live in Provo, we spent SO much time at their house.
Erica and Tyler's parents live in Provo, SO much time at their house. 
This was our going away party. The boys spent all summer playing..tippin.
Don't ask.
It's a no girl game.
I know what you are thinking right now...

How come they all have their shirts off.

Well, we were swimming in their pool and playing bball too.

This is Tyler and Luke, I know what you are thinking..... Because of the red cup, and their expressions and shirtless bodies...but actually....I don't remember what we were drinking, but it was alcohol free. Cuz I had some too, and Miles is alcohol free.

So we sent off tangled lanterns...

Kevin put his right in a tree. Burning. Never saw somebody climb a tree so fast.
All the while, Heather (his wife) was saying, "KEVIN!"
Kevin and Heather are in Medical school as well-in Dallas. (Hence why we had to visit them)
They are of course our dear friends....I'm getting to our trip there, but I got distracted with talking about our friends in Provo...

Nicole and Tyler-perfect faces/perfect couple. 
Sometimes their perfection sickens me....(joke-love you guys) But, they were our dear friends in Provo, and now they are still there, and we are here.

Here's another charming pair. Luke and Christina. Luke is British and had to go back to England-long story don't ask. But I have been facebooking his mum all about it, because I was worried about his citizenship of course. And poor Christina is left all alone without him. But alas, they are still in Provo..
This is the worst ever picture of me...So swollen/fat, and everyone else looks perfect. Somehow all my friends manage perfection all the time, and I have yet to conquer that skill. I always have smeared make up-crappy-root showing hair, and they always just look great/skinny/tan/no smeared make up.
PS this is a 2 AM BETOS stop. (Girl in stripes in front of me is Chelsea Bleak-who we hung out a lot and found out she is my AUNT ROBIN's niece) (CRAZY COOL CONNECTION)
Watch this video to see what went on (at a dif location in Provo) at BETOS (used to be Betos now is Rancheritos) (I taught the owners son in Kindergarten.) (Okay I'm done doing side notes)

So Erica is right across from me, and she is greatly missed, anyway the point of telling you all of this friends details is because you need to know how cool they are, and you need to know them to fully understand how important this trip to Dallas was to me. (Brad loved it too, he is just less emotional about his friends) You see ALL OF THESE GIRLS' spouses and boyfriends went to Timpview High School with Brad. (Erica, Heather, and Chelsea all went to Timpview as well)

So we all became friends because of our husbands-boyfriends, and we were all a match made in heaven, and STILL ARE! I loved thinking that in 20 years we meet up with all our kids and even maybe some of our kids will date/marry each other-fun thought :)

Heather is only 5 hours away. Best ever. Piece of HOME. Love her and Kevin and Cohen.

She met Miles for the first time.
I still remember Heather when she found out I was pregnant-probably most excited out of anyone we told.
She loved him before he was even born.

I love this picture, shows how much she loves him.
Heather has this motherly ability, before she even had her own. Brad loves her baked goods. I love her sweetness to everyone. She has the softest heart.

We talked how we missed our Utah friends (posted above).
We so wish they could come visit us (HINT HINT)

Kevin had a test, and had to study all day Saturday, but we didn't let that stop us me.
I insisted to Brad we go, it was a weekend where Brad had just finished a test, and felt like he could. It was a good prep before our 12 hour drive to AZ for Thanksgiving. 

We visited the zoo.

Cohen was ADORABLE. He is so full of energy. He saw the monkey and said, "whooo whooo" And pounded his chest. If you looked the other way, he would be running away.

Miles was just enthralled with the whole experience. First time at a zoo=success.

I was always behind taking pictures or looking at the animals-all my pics are of Heather and Brad together. (Totally looked like they had 2 kids and were MARRIED-one time a guy even handed Brad Heather's purse when it dropped-awkward)

This zebra could have licked my face. I loved how close these animals were.
At one point we heard the lion roar exceptionally loud. -Never had that happen to me before.
Miles didn't wake up.

I don't think I have ever seen a Rhino this close either-dino spotting.

Hello shaggy bear. You looked like you wanted to jump the trench and eat Cohen.
Good thing we left before you did. You probably ended up eating the Bride of the wedding that the zoo closed early for.

This was my favorite.
Cohen loved this bird and feeding the bird with these sticks.

He was too perfect little boy  so excited and so brave/nervous.

Miles finally woke, and we got a great fam picture. :)
Go ahead and scroll up to my prego picture at Rancheritos....
Swollen face to normal face. Go ahead view the prego.
Bless Miles for being so worth it :)
If you are debating pregnancy you may be worried about all the symptoms.
That is what hindered me from getting pregnant. I was worried about these things, in order of worry.
#1 Stretch Marks-they would be horrendous if I ever had them.
#2 Getting fat- That would be ever so hard to just accept your fatness and not be able to stop it.
#3 Loss of normal breasts- this would be sad to have MILK come out of these, and horror stories about how your boobs are saggy disgusting milk leakers. Gross.
Just know, they are just not as bad. I look at those stretch marks and get all sad and depressed then I REMEMBER very quickly of what a sweet heart I have. Sweetie Heart, munchkin face, love pants-no name I call him is good enough for how much I love his little cheeks. 
When I look at that roll that isn't going away (YET) I think-wow I miss my before baby body-THEN I REMEMBER- This little guy is worth any roll or all rolls.
I feel my squishy not perky chest and I think-grossy. But then I REMEMBER!

So if you are worried about those symptoms, I'm not going to tell you they won't happen to you, but they just might-but I would sacrifice everything for Miles. Nobody knows how that truly feels until you see your baby for the first time. Then your heart collapses and you know they are your new everything.

So wow, I'm a preacher, but I just know I was VAIN and SELFISH-then Miles turned that around, and made me realize what really was important in this life. Not my silly body-my motherhood-my desire for him to return to heaven with us. That's my job folks. And that's more important than my silly body.
Although-I am not downplaying the importance of staying fit and healthy during and after pregnancy.
I am just saying-its nice to have a baby despite all my PRE BABY worries.
Its nicer than my body. WAY.
Now back to the zoo.

Best part of the zoo....
Gave us a little show...
Love the sound effects...

Heather is a great example of healthy and fit after PREGO and baby. 
She works so hard and is SUCH an example to me.
She probably thinks nobody notices,
But I am HERE to tell you. In cancun, she was so healthy eater, while I was gaining weight by the minute. Downin every stinkin calorie in sight. She has some serious self control.
And that you can tell by how skinny winney she is.

Monica and David Harker also live in Dallas and were our friends in Utah.
David is in Med school as well-different from Kevin.
But they came over to eat din din with us.

Sorry Kevin you look like you have a test the next day, but your son-Cohen has the best grin-camera face ever goin-and I had to show the world how stinkin cute it is.

So our trip to Dallas could not have been more of a success-I so wished and longed we lived there, but so many times I am reminded by my little conscience that I am supposed to be in Lubbock-to meet new friends and people and branch out. That does not mean however that my dear friends in Utah and around will not stay and be my friends forever.

So until we meet again Cohen-maybe next time you won't think taking Miles' binkie is so cool.

And maybe, just maybe you can lay in his boppy again and watch tv.
But until we meet again little Cohen-keep dumping out cheerios and putting them back in the container.
Love you Myers Fam.

Miss you Dallas..

We will drive again soon.
Miles can't wait.

'Most windmills ever on a trip' Award goes to.........
Lubbock drive to Dallas.
Holy Smokes.
See you soon windmills because I am already inside my head planning my next trip....

Friday, November 9, 2012

PArtAY in the Clark House

Halloween posts are okay 9 days into November I hope.

If not just push your x button and get outta here.

But I think once you get a hint of this hunk......
you will stay.
This is what Brad wore to school on Halloween. Sweats, t-shirt and Rangers hat.
I told him we needed to dress up. I was going to be a baseball player and so was he. Miles, he is fruitsavers.....basically knock off lifesavers because they didn't want to pay the copyright fee to make a lifesavers costume. But I don't complain at $3.99.

The trunk or treat started off right with a happy baby.
I always guess what he is saying, "GET ME FREAKIN OUTTA THIS MOM"
It was my first time, so clearly it was monumental.

I dressed up, everyone thought Brad dressed up too.....but like I said, you can wear sweats to med school...who knew?

People, check with your doctors to see what they wore to class.....

Carissa and Justin let us bum off their trunk. They told me it was going to be a ghost.
Then I showed up to this....
WHAT? You did NOT prepare me for this! I was expecting a ghost....
Frankly this is way better...

Matthew is their son...he is 3 and he wanted to be a snowman, so creative Carissa made his costume!

They also have a son named Koyle. You have seen him before from the apple festival. Best faces best blue eyes.

Our church is in the temple parking lot, this is cute Stella. 
I have visited the temple once, with my mom, when I was 4 DAYS OVERDUE!! Holy smokes.

Miles' hat doubled as a eye mask, and he loved it. (Really he hated it and one time a stranger said, "Um your baby is upset" and sure enough I looked at him with a bright red face and he was sweating up a storm about ready to SCREAM because his eyes were covered.)
So hard to be a baby.

Brad handed out candy from his NEW mitt. (Ya, we are trying to beat the record of how many mitts one person can own/buy in one year)
Mr. Freckle face-But Brit, I told you the last one was used by the pros but really they use the better model, so now I NEED another one.
My definition of need: you will die without it, you will starve and die without it, you will freeze to death and die without it, you will swell up and die without it, you will lay down and die without it.
Apparently one of those would have happened to him.
Having the wrong Mitt depression=die
Need the mitt babes, please.-Freckle
Well you are the one going to school 24/7 and I sit at home and blog so sure whatever-Wife/Mom/never buys anything unless she NEEDS it, like new bangle bracelets.

We had a great outcome. But somehow I am still eating the candy from this.....
Need to throw it out, can't throw it out-tastes too good in my mouth.

Brad is saying, Oh you cutesy wootsey have one or two or three.

Oh hi little baby. You are the cutest little baby on the planet. Mommy could just kiss your cheekies over and over again until you let out that annoyed scream that says, "GET OFF ME!!"

A very thought out costume, low key, and adorable.
Didn't know them at all, ran after them for their pic. Weird-awkward moment.

Koyle in the mouth.

Friend Abby that lives here, her hubby is a second year.

Oh here he is! She had her baby before me.
She was due after me.

That happened to me a billion times. So many of my friends poppin out the babies. I was sitting at home like a lard bum with no baby. But he is here now!!! 
Abby and I went to school together at BYU, we then rekindled our love for each other here in Lubbock after losing touch for 4+ years. She has Riggs and William, whom she calls Wilber. Pinch me he is so cute. Him and Miles=besties. (They just don't know it yet)

Our friend's thought they had a better trunk.....So we were constantly throwing glances and candy at each other...(Not really, that just makes a better story)

So it was my first Trunk n Treat
Trunker Treat?

But most importantly, this little cutey face's first Halloween!!!

Now my day with Brad begins!!! 

Please watch this video below to see my giant hands and my little baby with his newest find.

It's so hard to be a baby.