Saturday, June 18, 2011

What you have all been waiting for!!!

Who and where did we see? That's what you wanna know right?
This was your clue. And yes you may have guessed Vail, CO and you were right!!!!!!!!!!

Now for the celebs we saw.
Of course the triplets! The triplets I was a nanny for in El Paso, TX back in 2007. Wow so long ago. They were just cute babies. Now they are all grown up and think kisses are gross.
Back in 07 when Trevor would kiss me. Now they scream and yell and think it's so Weird!!
What fun we had in Texas!! This is Bryce. Look at those cheeks! Oh it hurts me that they are grown up. But they say the greatest things at six.
And they confessed to me that they like Brad better. He can throw the ball with them at the park. He can talk about manly stuff. He can build their legos.
Vail is so gorgeous in the summer. I like it in the winter, but just adore it in the summer.
Tracy called us and said, Come up for a weekend we will be in Vail for awhile.
SO OF COURSE! They are moving to Chicago, so I don't know how I'm going to deal with them being so far away. They live in a beautiful area so quaint and posh. Can't wait to visit them there.
They have a family condo in Vail so we just traveled the journey right on up that hill.
OF course we had twizzlers for brad, sour gummy worms for me. And I ate too much on that trip. Period.
We went on a gorgeous hike. Trevor of course wanted to go so far up. He never wants to stop. He is bigger and just more "BOY" than Bryce and Reid. Some things never change.
Hike was wonderful and we were passing hard core hikers with boots and everything. Love it! Six year olds are intense. On the way down the boys just kept fallin on their bums and sliding down on the steep parts. Tracy told Reid that he was going to have to change his clothes and he said, "Why Mom, the dirt is brown and so are my shorts"
He was like head to toe in dust and dirt.
We then rode up the Gondala and had the best brisket sandwiches. Yum! We forgot to use our food vouchers that we bought a thousand feet below. OF COURSE WE DID!!! (Of course is like my new favorite word! Totally I'm 16 again!!! Like ya!)
Brad taught them the ways of the world.

We got to do all sorts of fun stuff at the top. Bouncy bungie cords with snow all around us!!
Rock climb and ring a siren at the top. Time ourselves and see how we improved from our 1st 2nd and 3rd climb.
Then OF COURSE we spent time walking all around the Vail village.
Don't worry. I'll tell you real celebs we saw. No offense cute Tracy and Triplets.
You guys are adorable too.

Shock and AWE....
Have any of you seen Gilmore Girls???

Have any of you seen rugged dreamy Luke?

Well have you seen THE EVENT?

Basically I love these two shows. Basically when we were the only ones in a crepe cafe and Scott Patterson from Gilmore Girls, and The Event walked in with his not good looking GFriend. I started to second guess reality. 
Why was Luke in this crepe shop with me?????
Why wasn't he fighting off bad guys on The Event????
So out of body experience.

He was with her. And I would have to say he looked terrible. He was on crutches and had a big brace. But she was so mismatched. She had on a camo hat and a bright colored shirt with tight black pants. I was like, wow, style is obsolete I guess.
Brad wouldn't let me get a pic with him because he looked like he was in so much pain and miserable, but I loved the fact that I saw him. 
In real person!
Welp thats all OF COURSE!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Party all over the place.

Faith is my little sister. She is number 16. Today was Faith's birthday. She turned four. How would it be to be four? She has been at my house since Sunday night (Brooke has taken her Mon and Tues night but now I have her crashed on my love sac after this tough day). I went to get her pictures taken at JCPENNY. Never go there unless you have a coupon and still want to spend a million. Seriously. But they turned out adorable. And a cd cost 149.99. So I just print screened these from the online album. Illegal? Ya, but I don't care at this point.

 This was a camera phone sneak in :)

 If you have never taken a screen shot before. This is it. Then you crop it :) Screw 149.00.
These are just a few out of the 27 pictures. All of them were too cute to be true!!!!

We had a little surprise party. She crawled in because she was grumpy and shy. Brooke got cupcakes from sweet tooth fairy.

Overall it was a successful birthday :)

She did scream at me in the morning, "STOP SAYING ITS MY BIRTHDAY I DON'T WANT A BIRTHDAY!!!!!"

Okay. I just took it away.

(Note for all you mothers)
I sent my mom the link to look at the images. My mom has watched 16 grow up. This is her baby. She said she sobbed and sobbed over the pictures. Realizing that she is grown up. I think we should just video their lives, then we will never miss anything. No, just try to enjoy the moment. Because my mom is going through a tough time watchin her last one become four :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stink in my face.

So this guy is making our baby wrap logo, and he stinked. That is how I talk. Deal with it.
We pay him and he was terrible. Tosha made some cute ones for us, but Chelsea's (Sis in law) husband insisted we do it professional. Well we told him we hated them, then he has to re-do them. So he will.

I would show them but.... they are too ugly.

Tonight I made a masterpiece.

I freakin love campbells soup recipes. You think they would be terrible but they aren't. I got this for a wedding/shower present. I don't remember who gave it to me. So if you did. Thank you again. So if you love easy cooking, and have lots of leftover stuff. Buy this on AMAZON for .01 cent plus 3.99 shipping.


It's like a pita pizza. I was trying to figure out the calories and I was right around 390, then Brad said,
"BRIT, who cares its healthy okay!?"
Alright Brad ee bear! I get it. You want to think you are just eating unhealthy, and eating a pizza.
Not a pita with onions, peppers, artichoke hearts, pepperjack jalapeno cheese, shredded carrots! Thats right!, chicken and cream of mushroom soup with some other random spices!!!

Delicious in my mouth.

The fresh tomatoes on top are Brad and Sally's. Really if you need a new cookbook. I love this one.

My next post will be about this.

Where did we go? What did we see? Who did we see? All the details to come later.
We saw many famous people.
It is not Park City.
It is not Idaho.
It is not Canada.
It is not Mexico.
It is not Utah!!!!
Believe it! We took a road trip. I ate too many packages of sour gummy worms and licorice and jerky.
Hence why the scale broke today at the gym.

Stay tuned!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

So much stuff

Chels and I got into swiss days with our baby wraps....
Good and bad.
Good because we can make lots of money.
Bad because its tons of work and Chel is in Africa.
But I think I am going to make my last big fabric purchase tomorrow.
I'll keep you posted on when Swiss days is, and how you can come visit me, Brooke, Tosha, and SUMMER at Swiss Days.
Why did I sign up for this?
I guess to have fun fun fun!
Faith called me today. She turns four on Wednesday.
She said, "Brittany I want to come to your house."

Me, "Oh really?"
Faith, "Yes."
Me, "Why don't you like your house."
Faith, "No, I like it but Dad is mad at me because I scream."
Me, "Well are you going to scream at my house?"
Faith, "Long pause....well yes!"
Me, "Well I don't like screaming."
Faith, "Okay I wont, now will you just tend me?"
Me, "Okay I can tend you!"
So now she is watching Finding Nemo, Brad went to do research and its 11:48 PM and we are still awake.

At what point will she fall asleep?
Her birthday is on Wednesday.
I asked her what she wanted to do. Ice cream? New clothes? Bowling?
She doesn't understand what my point is in doing these things on her birthday.
Country girl I guess.
Medical School Status
We filled out tons of secondary applications.
Watched our savings account drain a little more.
Wrote some more essays, lost them due to computer programs, then wrote them again.
Watched Dallas score a victory! Yay!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Taken a rest.

Is it weird that I went from busy busy busy busy busy busy to cleaning my house and cooking dinner and having no schedule. I love this life of laziness and accomplishing things that really need to be done. But I just kinda feel that I am NOT accomplishing anything..but I have to remind myself that I am! Organizing disaster room, filing all of our bills and documents that I just stack then they get piled up to a disaster level. It feels nice to do these things. Phewph.

We went golfing this morning, Brad got me new golf shoes, and we are working on clubs. I am getting so much better! I love to golf. I have to go with other people besides Brad or I get too mad at him for trying to help me.

Then I was so so tired so I came home and slept! When is the last time I took a nap at 2 in the PM! Years ago! Brad always books the weekend with busy fun stuff so I don't nap on those days! I love naps. Brad says they make him fill groggy and wasteful, they make me feel cozy and happy.

Then we went to the gym. I bought loads of produce at BUY LOW then went to check out and my total was 12.00! Love it! 4 pounds of oranges for 1.00, cant beat that. It used to be 8 pounds for one dolla, but 4 is still awesome.

Now that you have a recap of my lazy fun summer. I hope yours is just as enjoyable. :)

Check out my cute sister and her cute family!
She just got her family pictures and I love them! It is on the header of her blog.
She lives in AZ and her husband is a dentist, and she has four adorable girls whom I love to hang out with. Maddie, Molly, Halle, Hazel

Monday, June 6, 2011

Birthday Boy Bradley

You are wondering what he got for his birthday. 
It was hard for him to guess since it said Baseball all over it.

And he picked it out. And on the bottom of the box it said GLOVE.

 See, the story is....I got him a glove for his 22nd birthday. Turns out only the palm was leather, and he pretended to like it for 2 years...He made excuses though "It's too small, I like my old one" and etc.
So he wanted one that was all leather... So this one wasn't a surprise. So I picked him out some other things.

That was a surprise.

He liked the in car air compressor, that can air up tires, balls, pool tools etc. 

 Then I got him swim shorts! They are his favorite color. And have cute sharks on them.
He was such a happy boy with his new mitt. We went and played right away. Then we went later with Sally and Greg, then he went again later with his friends.

Remi got him something she picked out herself. Brad was so good at being happy.

Toy kitchen stuff!! Yes!! Just what I wanted!!! Some ABC blocks!
Tosha took back the rolling pin and left me the drumstick!

Ashtyn loved the Hammock.

I have been telling Brad, 24 is old Brad. It's like the age when you have to be more responsible.

I got him Coldstone cookie dough cake.

We couldn't get enough of it.

This is him contemplating his memorable birthday.

Happy Birthday Brad!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

If anyone

If anyone is planning on applying and going to medical school, let me give you some preparations.
  • Prepare to save thousands of dollars.
    • MCAT 230
    • 2nd APPLICATION FEES (unknown amount, but probably in the hundreds)
    • INTERVIEWING AT ALL THE SCHOOLS (unknown amount but probably in the thousands)
  • Prepare to have high levels of stress
  • Prepare to have high levels of fatigue
  • Prepare to re-write all the application essays (4 times)
  • Prepare to ask several people for letters of recommendation
  • Prepare for those people not to turn them in on time causing more levels of stress
  • Prepare for at least 45 hours filling out applications
  • Prepare for the individual applying to medical school to lose countless hours of sleep due to stress and fatigue
  • Prepare for anxiety
    • MCAT
    • Waiting for scores
    • Waiting for application results
    • Waiting for interviews
  • Prepare for Eating Disorders due to the above
  • Prepare for all sorts of emotions at any time from the spouse or applicant due to the stress and fatigue
  • Prepare for all your prayers to include the following words:
    • MCAT
    • Application
    • Medical school
    • Please get in
    • Please help us
Hopefully if you were considering applying, you have an idea of what you are going to go through.
Now that everything is completed, it just still doesn't feel normal in my household. It feels....musty.
Like I'm not sure what is going to be happening so I want to be happy and I am, but it feels like the happiness has this lurkiness to it. Like it is going to be crushed at any moment. Or, don't be happy you don't know what is about to happen to your life.

Now I have completed teaching school, I have completed my week of classes after the school, and now I am trying to revive the potted plant that a student gave me because I forgot it in my classroom with no windows, light or water for 7 days.

When she gave it to me, it had 7 or 8 snails of all shapes and sizes in it. Quite exciting.
Many of you may know it is Brad's birthday on Sunday.
I tried to have a party for him today, but nobody can come, so its just going to be a bbq with me him and two of our friends. He tried to cancel the party, but I said NO! We are having a party for you!!!!

 Let me give you our past life in a few seconds via pictures and a few words.

Chelsea got married and had an open house before the wedding, here is Brad's brother Mike, wife Janeen, (who just graduated from medical school-both of them!) And me and Brad of course.

 Here is me right after that open house, making Chels' bouquet.

 Here is Chels after being married.
 They are very happy, and now in Africa.
Read all about their African Humanitarian trip and wish she was here with me like I am doing. That made no sense.
Shad graduated from high school!!! We traveled there and back in one night in a rainstorm.

 Here is his graduating class.
 All my siblings made it to the graduation!!!!!
 This is Hannah's fourth baby!! Hazel. Brad and I just need to practice for our family pictures that's all this was!!
 It was this little friend's birthday. She turned one. We had the party in the home ec room right after the graduation.
 She is too cute. I gave her that top when she was born! Crazy!!!! Time flies!

 This is Brad holding Amanda and Tanner's newest (Emmett). He looks like Ian right here.....he is making a 'get me outta here' face.
 Here is my siblings. Except Ethan, he was not coming to the picture for some reason.....
 Now here is all of us, with Ethan, without was a rough night.
 Of course there is always a girls picture...Why I am the shortest I'll never know...I was blessed in other ways I guess.
 I pinched Summer's bum.
 It wasn't even Faith's birthday, and she stole the thunder from Jemma... Such a dilemma.
 Jemma knows how to party.
 Grandma and Grampy made an appearance, Daven is a cousin in the background :)
 Amanda said this was there first family picture! I feel honored. They are so cute.

 We know how to party!!

Oh and my Kindergarten friends graduated from K, so I made them all a very simple scrapbook page with two sides.
 I may miss these little friends!
 Last day of school was hardest ever!

That's a wrap!
Stay tuned for exciting Summer adventures ;)