Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day two. Meet Lad.

Does the skin tone, and facial expression make you want to rub your skin against his? The color of his eyes makes you squirm, tell me it does.

Before the puking in the bar. This was a quick shot, lucky me he darted his face away in anger right after I snapped it.

After the puking. Sucker helped.

Star Wars shirt just had come untucked and he was M....A ... D... (Im mad at you Brit!-Laddy Lad)

Oh Laddy Ladd Lad. I do not believe anyone understands the controversy of Lad. So let's start from the beginning. (Understand that many details are being left out because of the violence and anger content in this controversy of Lad.) He was named Matthew Lad Hansen. That's his official name. Okay So at first we just called him 'baby'. Thats what happens to the youngest in our family, until a new one comes. Lad was stuck with 'baby' for about 3 years. So it stuck. Anyway, when Faith came along (previous post) we had to settle what his name would be. Let's just say it was quite a fight. Sally preferred Lad. I preferred the whole thing, Matthew Lad. It was was classically different. Anyway, I could tell you what each specific kid desired the poor 'baby' to be called. But..that would get boring. So basically we had to decide. If anyone called him Matthew we would have a series of voices yell directing at that person, "DONT CALL HIM THAT". Then when people would call him Lad, Lad himself would say, "NO its baby LAD". So the phases have folded and now his name is Lad. I desire to continue to call him Matthew Lad, and even an occasional baby slips out, which he firmly corrects me that baby is no longer his name. Its Lad. So what does Lad do all day? He plays. He plays in the dirt he plays with Ian, he plays with Faith, he begs for a sandwich with peanut butter and jelly. He takes one bite of it and he is done. He does a lot. Good luck trying to catch him. I recently bought he and Ian Power ranger jammies. Those didnt come off until a few days later on Sunday when Mom made them take a bath. My mom probably hid them too so that they wouldnt wear them all day everyday. So Mr. Lad has been really sick lately and we were at a parade last weekend and he said to me, Brit I didnt get any candy. I said, "Lad you missed half the parade throwing up in that run down bar behind us." He said, "I just want some candy." So me, being the thoughtful kind loving sister that I am, rounded up him some pockets of candy and bought him a snowcone. (This was not a mistake although we did see it again after he ate it). And another quick story if you are still with me. Dad and I were going to go preg check cows on June 14 08, (four wheeler pic) and we were getting on the 4-wheeler getting ready to head over and Lad was jumpin on the tramp. (short for TrampOLINE, duh) So he said, I wanna go! I kinda had the older sibling syndrome, like oh come on does he have to..then the matOUR part of me was like, alright go get your shoes on, which i knew was going to take some time. He was hesitant to go inside (probably from previous devestating experiences of people leaving him) so he put both his hands out and said, dont leave okay. My dad said, we wont leave, hurry go get your shoes. Right when he got to teh door, my dad started the 4w, and Lad turned around and kinda screamed and ran towards us (fearing our departure) Dad, obviously trying to drive Lad Mad (rhyme was not purposeful, although clever on my part)let lad get back to the door then he reved(sp) the engine. Lad did the same thing with a petrified look on his perfect little face. I hit my dad, and said dad stop he really wants to come. SO Lad went inside in a rush and Dad drove away from the view of Lad for when he came out the door. I was like, Dad he is going to freak, he really wants to go." So Lad came out the door in a scramble with his shoes untied but when he saw that we were gone his shoulders dropped and he started to cry, not scream just a soft cry, then he stopped and dropped to the ground and began to sob. Kicking off his shoes, like he expected us to leave. Then dad drove around to him and he quickly wiped his tears and jumped up. He said, "I thought you left me!" He kinda grunted when dad told him he was teasing him. Thanks for listening to that story. It was probably not as good as Being there. THat always happens when I tell stories. Does it stop me from telling. No, not really.
People ask him who his favorite sister is (not me, Im not a person) and he ducks down his head in shyness and falls toward the nearest person and says, I dunno and smiles, then we tickle him until he says our name. He is to die for cute. If my mom has another Lad, I would not complain. I might even adopt him and raise him on my own. Just kidding, dont freak out.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Meet my siblings. Day one. Meet Faith.

just tell me what part of her you dont love. Is it the ketchup with ice cream getting older on her cheeks. Or is it the blonde mess of hair? Or is it the eyes that are piercing blue?

Those two teeth are sharp. Sharper than they look. But let's focus on her cuteness.

Faith is a charming little thing. Let me tell you some things about her. We knew she was coming years ago when my mom decided she wanted 3 girls named Faith, Charity, and Hope. Charity is none other than Echo Charity Hansen..but this post is not about her. Wait your turn Echo, geez. So five boys after Echo, comes Faith. She is now a year old (Born June 15, 2007). She adores Chandler, my brother. Echo loves to torment Faith by grabbing Chandler around the neck as if she were hurting him and Faith lets out a scream of fear that Chandler might die and not be able to carry her around for hours upon end in the endless days of the summer in Standrod. So you can only imagine Faith's love for Chandler. So...enough about that the real business is Faith's personality. She doesn't let out piercing screams, I would say it is a combined grunt scream yelp. When she wants something. She will reach out her little arm and lean when you are holding her. Its like your compass. One minute you think you are headed in the right direction then SkAduSH she is pointing you West, wahBAM east, CaLIDESHKABPOQW you are now going North. So yeah. Thats Faith. She crawls alright, but gets real mad when you try to practice walking with her. She hopefully will decide that walking is faster. She loves giving kisses and love love loves her mama. Her words consist of da da. Which is a representation for everything living and unliving. (unliving isn't a word, but it does mean things like a chair) So Faith is my little sister. Faith is number 16. Is my mom having kids. I asked her a few days ago. This was the convo.
Me: Mom are you going to have another baby?
Mom/Darla: Not today.
Me: I know but are you?
Mom/Darla: Go get me that rag.
Me: goes to get rag and hands it to her
Me: So are you?
Mom: Not right now.
Me: I know but are you ever?
Mom: Not today.
So. Faith. We love her. Some say she looks like yoda. Some say she looks like Ian did. Kinda turtleish. Dont judge, just love her. You will love her.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

what does your room look like?

Everyone needs two laundry baskets. One for clean. One for dirty. Everyone needs more shoes than they can handle. Forget my post about simple living. Kidding. Dont.

For some reason I cannot be rid of post it notes. They consume me. ALl over my computer at work, all over my desk at work, at home, at play. Consumption of post its.

my bed gets cleared off every night. I would say that 'Grovey' my infamous blue pillow sleeps with me every nap and night. We have been through A lot together. Kudos to Becca for giving me that b-day present two years ago on Sunday the third of August 2008.

who can go wrong with a mirror, ipod speaker, and a knight in shining armor. thats all a girl needs right. Looks, music and love. Agree with me. Hurry agree. Okay every girl is different and really all I need is love. Lets be COMPLeteLY honest here.

So a possiblity of being a perfectionist on my part is low. As Hannah, Sally, and Brooke will love to tell you. I try to be clean, and I would say that I am relatively a clean person. But I dont make everything perfect. Anyway...I clean my room spotless (with visable clutter) at least once or twice a week. But for the majority it looks like this.

Just to do it.

I can post just to post right? Nothing new or exciting has to happen for me to post right? I decided to break down my week. My friend Aaron got a new dog. So I thought I would get a pet. But I thought if I got this pet then I would have to give it to Brooke so she could accept it and let me keep it. This pet is very quiet. I named her Sophie. She is beautiful. Don't you worry she stays clean and I give her drinks and food regularly and she won't say a peep. Only in my mind. In my mind she talks back to me. I think she prefers Brooke though. I don't know why. Maybe she knows Brooke has never killed a plant in her LIFE. Whereas I have killed two. Same plant. Brooke resurrected it after I killed it. Then I killed it again. But Sophie is scared that I will kill her too. But I won't. And Brooke won't let her die. Brooke will take her on road trips in a room temperature cooler if she has to. By golly Sophie will not be killed. If you are considering a pet. Consider a plant. And talk to it. It makes a great pet. And doesn't poop. Ever. Nor does it bark. Am I going crazy because I call my plant that I gave Brooke a pet, and named her Sophie? No I went crazy roughly seven weeks ago, and rather like my crazy side. By the way. Sophie is wilting. What is wrong with her?

Monday, July 28, 2008

Fourth of July. In all its Glory.

If I could name my favorite thing about the fourth of july I would say it would be a red skirt with fireworks. And watermelon.

THis was a very good float at the parade. I loved it.

Back of truck on the way to see Miley. Seven things I hate about you.

They brought this huge white banner over our heads. Frightening and exciting time in the Stadium of Fire. (from now on I will call the Stadium of Fire SOF. :)

After the flag was over our heads we saw this on the field. Quite a surprise.

I can't wait to shake a soldier's hand. For reals.

These girls/boys filled the field. She was a bit outta place..lets be truthful here.

this is miley. I was a bit disappointed with her performance. But she def. knows how to shake her hair like a rock star.

Spotting these Miley impersonators was the best moment of my life. Okay not really.

I looked up and saw balls coming at me at a very fast pace.

The balls then turned into flying men who then landed on the field.
Parade in the morning. Work in the afternoon. Miley at night. Rush Canyon the next day. Birthday party for Echo and Maddie the next day. Man after this one could sleep
the next couple of days. AND I DID.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

And my arm fell asleep in there.

So I am pretty sure I was thrilled to do this. Little did we all know that it was capable to shove your entire arm up a cow's rear end and feel life. Not just poop and a rectum and hip bones, but real life. A baby. I reached my arm in and felt a baby. Now I understand why my dad kept saying the lovely and catchy word sphincter. Anyway. As I was feeling the baby my heart was pounding and despite the fact that my face was against a cow's butt and I had crap on my face from the cow whipping me, I really was truly touched by feeling an unborn baby. Ya I know lame, but I dont think I could have appreciated a cow as much as I do now, had I not had that experience. (Not that cow appreciation is on anyone's to-do list). My dad went up about 20 notches on my notch meter for cool people. He went to school for this, hence his terminology expertise. How cool would it be if I was a preg-checking chick with a degree? Career change? Maybe I'll just marry a rancher like my dad jokes about, and then I'll be set for preg-checking the REST of my life. Dream come true? Of course.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So now its 29 days away. Some people like to ask me..Are you scared? I always reply with, "Oh I'm scared to be alone, I'm scared I'll miss my family, but I'm not scared of going there and experiencing such wonderful things." Well that was before the nightmare. I am bleeding down my head and running through this really dark alley. I can't see details, but I can see that nobody is around but the dark figure behind me. My backpack feels tight against my back, but I start to be unable to run. I see a bus far off so I keep running. Then I reach for the bus door to get on this bus, all the while trying to stay away from anyone trying to steal my backpack. I am thrown to the dirt right before I reach the bus. My body all the sudden hurts everywhere (this partially had to do with me being so sore from my powderpuff football game). This figure stratled over me is breathing so hard and speaking a foreign language, not Spanish. He takes a knife and goes to slash my upper chest. Then I sit up. I look at my clock. 3AM. It wasn't quite real. But now when people ask me if I am scared. I look at them and I say, "Yes".
Notes: Mom don't freak out. Its just a nightmare. Im still going.
I wonder if anyone still wants to give me things to go. I am still accepting, because I still have room. I will be 20 and so mature before I go, so thats good. I think I need to start pronouncing mature as Matour in order to be successfully mature.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Put your boots on.

This is what I did when I was little. Burley Idaho. Here there was only one calf with money on it. At Burley there were hundreds of children and calves. Thats probably why my calf muscles are so HUGeo. Because of this.

This is Morgan Heaton, my cousin on my Mother's side. Bareback rider. He is crasey.
This was my cup of strawberries. Yum. Yum Yum Yum.
Brooke, Morgan and I after the rodeo of strawberries.
Brooke and I
Travis Hansen and Emily.

Strawberry Days. We went to a rodeo. We saw Travis Hansen our cousin there!! What?? Morgan Heaton, Cousin on the other side was in the rodeo. It sure was fun :) I almost got a mullet afterwards. Seriously.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

30 Books.

little did I know that thirty books goal for the summer was going to be so fun when I always choose 500 plus pages books. Now I am reading Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles. If you know me I don't really love learning about history unless it is twisted into something exciting. Now if you want an 870 page book to read this is it :) Although it does help time pass and every page I want to stop and tell someone something exciting. DID YOU KNOW that mary became queen when she was six days old. DID YOU KNOW that her mother was French? DID YOU KNOW that England was trying to overtake Scotland and Mary fled when she was FIVE and lived with monks in a far away village? Oh Margaret George thank you for writing this book for me.

Today is the day.

So today I decided that after that man looked at me a little bit creepy while I was driving I need to go get my A/C in my car looked at. He probably was just wondering why I was trying to take off my shirt while driving. Little did he know that my belly button was filled with salty liquid, and there was itching occuring on my backside because of that drip of sweat trickling down my backbone. So if I take off my shirt, and just ride in my tank top that is under my shirt, its a lot nicer. But he probably didn't know I had a tank top on. He just stared me down like I was a know. And then I waited till he passed me to finalize the cooling down process. Maybe I just am waiting for it to get colder. Then I wont have to worry about an A/C. And people won't look at me funny if I am putting clothes ON while driving. Maybe I should invest in a spray fan.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Am I sure I want to be a girl now?

Um...apparently I am a man. An ugly one at that. So I read up on Criss Angel, since we do resemble each other 71%. I found a few things in common. He has an aunt Stella, I have a cousin Stella. He has a father and mother, and so do I. That about completes the list of things we have in common.

Who do I look like?

So I found this on Lisa Heaton's blog and loved it. I thought I would try an attractive picture, and a not so attractive picture. SO here I am lookin like all the main stars, most I dont even know who they are. Please tell me at least one of them could be my role model. No?