Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh Lance. Look to your Right.

Here is something you need to get involved in. So, let me give you a heads up first. Lance Arnout. He is my brother in law. He sleeps. And when he sleeps he talks. Not only does he talk, but he offers advice, has his own storyline (which he has maintained for 10 years) and people have filmed him. Now you might he really asleep? I cannot believe he is asleep. Trust me, he is asleep. I have witnessed this, and my sister witnesses it every night. He talks, in his sleep. Now you need to watch the youtube videos. His name is Lancy Lou, in his sleep. These videos were taken by his roommates....years ago..Shout out to Aaron Loewer and others...Hi Aaron. (glad to know you have made progress know..)

Click here to view the videos.
Or just view them on my blog to the right.

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