Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh NO!

So Brad doesn't think a LIVE tree is necessary. But I, on the other said,
So to a tree farm we went after a nice hunting morning with Julie in Lehi.
We got a little tree and decorated it so nicely.
Brad said since I brought in the live tree factor, he could bring in the real candy canes on the tree factor, then I said okay. I didn't think I would like white cords...but I do (or I like them enough not to return them and go get green ones). 

It's going to be my first Christmas away from home, so I thought I could have a tree at my house to smell, since Brad's mom doesn't really have a live tree...nor the smell I am used to.
Brad also insisted upon me getting my own stocking, Brad's mom thought I should use Mike's.
Brad said, "She is not an appendage, Mom."
Also, I think it bad luck to not have your own stocking.
My skin is improving, still crazy town though.
But lighting up.

Imagine bloody scabs, and bloody tights, and bloody garments.
That's what my life is right now. 
A scab will accidentally get touched, then my tights will accidentally be soaked with blood.

It's finals week for Brad.
It's Christmas Around the World for me at school.
Today I taught them that England is where Christmas Cards originated from.
Tomorrow I am teaching them about how poinsetta's originated from Mexico.

Its gonna be an awesome week.

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Rustin & Brittany said...

so what the crap were those spots, that was grossing me out. It was giving me the chills I'm so sorry. that looked miserable! Love the tree by the way...way to stay strong, I"m all about a real tree!