Friday, February 4, 2011

Sick is a verb. Action verb.

You see one time in church at my family ward, little brother who is 9 know but he was 7 at the time was sitting next to me, the speaker said, "Faith is a verb." Then I heard Ian mutter under his breath...."Action verb". Like he was annoyed the speaker didn't say that. Now Ian is a breed of his own. For instance check out my you tube channel with Ian's nine hour lego videos that Brad recorded. Well that's a story on its own. You see I recorded Ian and lost the video...then Ian busted into tears and needed a two day recoop to re set up. It was tragic. Not to mention every time I went home he would say..."Can you video me today?" Like 18 times a day.
Anyway brittanyhhansen youtube channel.
So back to the point of my story. Sick is a state of being...I am sick. So it can be a noun or an adjective. But I believe currently it is an action verb. To me. I am sicking all the time. Its always on the weekend. I'm getting to the point where for breakfast I swallow a whole garlic section. A trick my friend taught me.
Clove...not section. Wow the medicine makes me feel weird. Brad does research where they dissect pregnant mice and it has to be at midnight for some odd he gets back home at 2 AM.
I would like to see what he does.
ANyway I'm done being sick