Friday, March 1, 2013

Meet my siblings Day 3: Meet Ian

Ian has always been a character. He LOVES dressing up and when he was super little he would MAKE his own he made a jedi knight costume and cut it all out himself...
He hadn't even seen star wars. Brad and I decided that only smart people obsess themselves with star wars...Hence Ian's attraction to it.
Once he wrote his letter to santa in Star Wars language which he memorized.
He was 5.
See his previous SIBLING post HERE.

(Ian Far Right)
He is very serious and intellectual, and always has important things to say.
But he is still a kid and loves Legos.
Like obsessively loves legos.
Just watch a little of THIS
And there is FIVE parts to we could go on forever. 

To see what a little cute nerd he is.
He FORCED me to film his entire star wars battle with legos...
IT was about 15 minutes long.
Then somehow I deleted it. 
He cried and cried.
Then Brad re-filmed it.
I was burnt out.

He loved playing with Miles over the Christmas break. 
He thought it was fascinating that he would eat and chew on anything within reach.
He also asked all sorts of developmental questions....
Is he walking?
When will he talk?
What does he eat?
Like he was a research project...
but that's how a lot of things go for him.

Here is cute Ian and Lad (Number 15) at Brooke's (Number 1) wedding

So lucky to get a little shot with these two comrades. 
The way Ian talks is something else. He speaks as if he is so well rounded and edified and sophisticated.
About a year ago I had him for Christmas.
First we had an email conversation

Ian's Email to me: I was wondering what Lego star wars set you were getting for me. Well I've figured out what sets I've wanted. 2258 and 2112. Thank you. That reminds me of Thanksgiving. Are you coming home? Bye!

My email back to him:
Well I already bought them so I guess u will have to wait and see, nope we are going to dallas tx to visit brads sister but we will be there for christmas!

His email back to me:
Yeah, whatever. Its good to not know your presents for Christmas. Well thank-you anyway. See you next month!
PS, 2258 and 2112 are ninja-go sets, and I corrected your letter.

(my previous email was after his email, all corrected notice how he changed you, added capitalization HAHA)
Well I already bought them so I guess you will have to wait and see, nope we are going to Dallas, TX to visit Brad's sister but we will be there for Christmas!

So that was the start of something that I never could have expected.
He then called me at least once a week to see if I had gotten it, and he then sent me a list of about 20 options for lego sets he could have.
One conversation went like this:
Me: Hello.
Ian: Hello, I was wondering if you and Brad have bought my Christmas present yet.
Me: Ian, its November 20, I still have a month.
Ian: Well I need to send you an updated list of all the ones I want. What is your budget for me? If $50.00 is too much I have included some lower priced ones, $25.00 ones, $20.00 ones..
What is your budget?
Me: Ian, I have to talk to Brad, he wanted to help choose the set we get you.
Ian: Where is he, talk to him now.
Me: Well he is playing basketball.
Ian: In this weather?
Me: No he is playing at a church.
Ian: Okay, well what is his number I will call him.
Me: Ian, he won't answer his phone and I will talk to him when he gets home and we will decide and we will buy your present and it will be a surprise to you! So stop asking me, and stop calling me.
Ian: Bye.

He is smarter than all of us put together this kid.

Over Christmas break he was telling Brad all of the body systems and what they do.

Hello? I don't even know that, and I am married to a med student and I am 24 and have a bachelors degree, and my little squirt baby brother knows it? Well who memorizes a star wars language when they are 5?

Ian used to make paper people, and he would spend all of this time drawing them and cutting them out and making them stand up, and obviously it drove my mom crazy because he used to make hundreds and he would have a full room of paper people. They were so mini like the size of a baby carrot. Now in his spare time he still builds those, and also legos is his main consumption of time.
When I was home a few times ago he asked Brad to teach him Powerpoint. He thought Brad was so smart because he is, but Brad said to him, "What? I don't even know how to use that, ask Brittany."
Ian was shocked that I knew how to use it, he thought that only SMART people could use things like that, and me being a teacher of 5 year olds, shouldn't know how to use something like Powerpoint. So I taught him and he was pretty amazed and made his own powerpoint within a few minutes.

Because he is unique and brilliant, its so sad to me that he gets picked on at school and I was talking with his principal (because my good friend married this guy and moved back and her husband is now the Elementary Principal so we stopped by and saw him) and he said Ian is annoyed at their lack of desire to learn and they make fun of him because kids make fun of anything that is different and unique, and Ian is unique, he is creative and a designer and artistic but at the same time smart with everything else related to being scholarly...
Also, he told me some interesting things....that Ian INSISTS on being called Hans at school..
So he has been called Hans at school for some time now, but at home we call him Ian and always have.
(His first name is Hans-Hans Ian Hansen.)
Oh Ian you are full of surprises.

Ian Number 14. 
Love him to pieces. 

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