Monday, September 9, 2013

September Brings Joy

I cannot BELIEVE it is September. This month has brought some exciting information.
I will just make a bulleted list, because if I start typing about each one-it will get too long!

  • I teach preschool with my friend-and it started-we do it in her home and we have 10 little friends to teach.
  • Miles turns one on the 15th! (So that means obviously I am going over board for his party-stay tuned).
  • I had to go to a substitute meeting today-I was a sub last year-they just had some new info for us, so that means I have to start subbing. (I don't love it-but we want to get residency in Texas and you have to be employed here for a year so I am doing it for that-and originally I did it thinking I wouldn't mind it. But I do.)
  • I just signed up to train to be a YOGA teacher in October! This has been on my list of things to do for SOOOOOooooo long! 
Okay, list over. Busy. I feel so busy. Every nap time I have 5000 things I could do. I am mainly trying to finish some paintings I am doing for Miles. I am doing a zebra, lion and elephant. Almost done with zebra and lion, working on the elephant. I need to just stay up all night and I can get everything done that I need to. 
Miles has become so busy. He loves reading books with Daddy, and they read books every night together before nunight.

Miles takes this time very seriously.

Brad and I have been mastering the art of pizza making. Oh my yum!

We have swimming several times across the street, and Miles loves the pool and loves water.

This day Miles was wearing my older brother's shoes and bowtie. He looked so handsome!

Brad started school (awhile ago). But although this year is going to be harder for him school wise, hopefully it is better for us, as we are busy busy!

My double stroller tires have been under the weather for awhile. (I have a husband-he just keeps forgetting to fix them.)
So we improvised while I was babysitting. On the way there, Miles got cut in half from the strap. I loosened it on the way home.

Our friend Koyle rode in the stroller with him. It was so cute, and neither of them acted like this was inconvenient at all. I was laughing the entire time.

This is how we do the dishes. We were at my friend Abby's house yesterday, and Miles walked in her kitchen and came walking out with two HUGE knives in his hands. We all freaked out and I rushed over and took them away. Her dishwasher was open and thank you Miles for not chewing on those. 

Some days we chill. Some days we watch Baby Einstein. 

Miles had some curly cues hair.

He won't hold still for anything. It is the story of my life, everything is blurry.

We visited the Ranching Heritage Museum in Lubbock, and loved climbing on the train.

We went with our friends Matthew and Koyle.

Koyle's hat cracks me up. His cute little face is under there somewhere!

We went to dinner with our friends and Matthew was pooped. Crashed on the table. 

Sometimes I forget to put sunscreen on Miles. He still loves me.

Our backyard is small-but sometimes it is the only way we can be happy at home all day.
Hence why I go somewhere everyday!

We went to a friend's graduation party, and Miles sat here the entire time chewing on the candy. Speaking of which he has 4 top teeth! AHHhhhh and 3 bottom teeth.

This was at our ward playgroup. Our friend Emmy loves Miles and always wants to pick him up and hold him.

Our friend Carissa gave us our FIRST haircut. Miles was perfect and chewed on his licorice the entire time!

And he looked like a new little boy when we were done!

He always walks around with something in his mouth-ever since he was a babe. This is a cheese quesadilla. He is a doll baby.

We went to a little baby shower-husbands and kids invited for our friend Ariel. 

Here are the med wives/resident wives of Lubbock!

Our friends William and Riggs. Miles has a perfect sad face. This was a night where after the baby shower-we went to Abby's to go nunight because our husbands all went to play Call of Duty.

Bath time with William!

We are loving Lubbock this year. (Last year was so much harder). We teach primary, and Miles is sooooo hard at church. He just wants to run around anywhere we are, so him sitting in sacrament, or primary, or our primary class is so not happening. So we basically take turns being outside, or in the hall with him. 
Stay tuned for Miles turning 1!!!


Justin and Carissa said...

Good pictures! And I think that was the shortest post you've ever done : ) Awesome picture of Matthew sleeping on the table. I think we forget how hard changes and transitions can be until we don't have them anymore. Last year you had just moved, started a new phase in husbands life, and oh-had a newborn! Of course this year will be better. Just good old life to deal with. Go Lubbock! ; )

danielle said...

Your little guy is sooo cute!!