Sunday, January 12, 2014


Christmas finally meant something this year to little cheek bear.
I was so tired and lazy on Christmas day to actually take pictures of him on our steps (the tradition) that I had to take them after we got back to Texas.

My laziness was justified, as he had thrush and that may have been one of the many worst nights we have had with him....he was miserable and wouldn't sleep at all, and had white patches all over his mouth. Poor thing. I tried everything....and Brad and I were so sleep deprived we couldn't see straight!

This is what my house looks like Christmas morning. My mom does Christmas bags for everyone...saves the wrapping. And the trees.

Miles loved his car. It was and is probably the best toy ever for him. Buttons, wheels, and ride on, put things in the trunk, push, so many options.

He rode it all over my parents house. We drove to Utah with was worth the space it took.

My house is full of surprises...along with huge horses that just let you sit on them.

This is before Christmas in matter what I do I try to get his eyes open. Not possible with the flash.

So here is our blurry boogery Christmas picture.

Brad took his test early so we could go to his best childhood friend's wedding in Midway Utah.
It was beautiful. 
Aj and Brad. 

We may have been freezing but it was so pretty!

Reception...Miles just wanted to dance the entire time.

Having fun with uncle Alex in Provo, riding in a box!

Christmas was fun, and I always have a really hard time coming back to Texas. Somehow I do it, and we have been here a year and a half, and its going by so fast! 

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