Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Updated Life

Well looks like I have news. Not married people news, like I'm Pregnant! Or Im getting Married!! But single person news. I got accepted to my major. Early Childhood Education, now I will be done with school 3 semesters from now, excluding my semester of student teaching. So 2 years and I can step into the adult world. This was enthralling news but lets just say under a table that I was not surprised. Although I also somewhat got accepted on my study abroad. Alternate, meaning that if some Welsh speaking person decides they want to go to Wales, they have heads up over they will contact me if there is any spots..well only like 7 students get to go if its a pretty small program. But!! My travels will not die if I dont go to Wales on a study abroad. Oh and I am going to El Paso in March for some nannying work... I was a nanny for triplets, so I possibly will go with them to Canada this summer for a month or so...which will be so beautiful and fun because I love those boys and the family in Canada (and their parents of course). So as of now I am just trying to save money for college/possibly Wales/ and just so I have a savings account in general. Twenty five dollars has been about the max I have accumulated so far. I am currently working on a large research paper with the topic of "Does marital conflict affect infant's emotional development?" This is fun to learn and write about. I am very passionate about this topic so feel free to have any discussions with me about it. I guess I am pretty boring as of right now and all I can look forward to is not my History World Civilization test tommorow morning, but ... the shower I am going to take tonight when I get off work at 11 PM.


Brooke said...

You need to write more. I love reading about your life...and I talk to you all the time.
I love you!

The Skinners said...


You are so amazing! I look up to you so much! Thanks for being a great person and a great sister!!