Thursday, April 3, 2008

April!! Oh my!!

This actually was a poster for Sally, then Ian colored it...during the game...pretty intense.
Brooke and Benj

Well it seems to be April already! Everything is winding down. Cold weather, school, projects, and me of course. I am winding down ready to collapse and cry. Ha! Just kidding. But I feel a bit overwhelmed with school but as soon as my two biggest projects are over. . . . I should be okay. So For the month of march much happened...but mainly you just need to know that I am exceeding the limit of happiness. (Oh this flower is one of the lilies that Benj gave me for Valentines day, and I woke up a couple days after V-day...and this is what I saw, so I got out my camera and just started snapping, oh how thoughtful of him to get my FAVORITE flower!)I just got back from Texas where I watched over not the triplets but another family (who were friends of the triplets). Soon I will get some pictures up of this. Anyway, so I missed a week of school and now I am just trying to catch up. I think I am way too slow though. I have done an exceptional amount of reading though. Not textbooks, do not worry I am not falling into that nerdy classification. Also, some exciting things coming up later this month...potential backpacking trip with Benj!, and directly after that I will go to Maryland for a week to visit Hannah and Jeremy and the girls, while Benj will reside in Africa for two weeks! So...something big that happened!! I moved in with Brooke!! We dont see each other too often, but I keep the kitchen clean (since I do eat) and she is happy. Also we attended Sally's state b-ball game, so I thought I would include a few pics.


Whitney said...

I'm excited for Maryland!!!!

Brooke said...

Once again you have posted a fabulous addition to your memoirs. And...BTW...I am happy with so much more than just a clean kitchen :)