Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Landon Came Home, And I cried.

So Landon's homecoming was on Father's Day, and Faith's birthday. Faith turned one, isn't she a doll face! Family was everywhere, and we took some beloved family pictures which turned out great :) Faith and Aunt Raquel
Niece Molly, and Sister Hannah. This shot probably should make it to the next parenting magazine. How to kiss your baby.
Whole family with Inlaws and nieces (minus Jeremy Hannahs husbando)
Faith turned 1! YEs yes yes!!!!
I loved the Watermelon, and posing.
WE just did this...Jamie is hidden in there..you can see her hand.
Landon and I on Saturday just hanging out, good thing he is so attractive.
The dinner after.
Sisters...in our dresses Brooke discovered. THanks Brooke!
Faith is so cute in this picture..i Just couldnt escape posting it. I was bound by her loveliness.


Kristie said...

very cute pictures. Your dressing are very pretty. you all look great.

Lisa said...

Hey Brittany, I found your blog and it is so great. You had me cracking up all the time as I looked at all your posts, especially thinking about you and Jamie sharing the rollaway bed in Colorado.

Well, you and your sisters all look gorgeous in your dresses. Faith is such a doll in that last one.