Sunday, October 10, 2010

I guess I forgot to mention..

That those are baby wraps, and you wrap up your baby like this...
And you can find one at
Sorry I'm losing my mind.

I did Natalie's wedding flowers...
that means I made her bouquet and stuff :)

This is my brother holding it...not Natalie, Natalie's arm's aren't that hairy.

Or maybe they are. But I don't think they are :) She is on her honeymoon. I wanna go on another honeymoon. I miss mine. Warm, sunny, and lots of love. (not that there isn't lots of love, but you know you are secluded and full of love without the hussle and bussle.)

I am so busy. School, weddings, flowers, now my other great friend is getting married on Thursday, and there is wedding stuff Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night. I am not doing her flowers though, just being her bridesmaid. So I will be fine!

I asked my dear kindergarteners why they shouldn't do drugs. I received many very serious comments.

"Becuz you will get addicted. Addicted to drugs. Then you will start playing video games, and your family will be sad and tell you to stop."

"Because when you cross the street you won't be able to see cars." (They were combining Pedestrian Safety and Drug kids.)

"Because you can die of cancer."

"My grandpa died of cancer but he didn't do drugs."

"What are drugs?"

"So Mrs. Clark, I have two things to say. First, when is Music?  Second, I don't do drugs."

Then I decided it was time to tell them I loved them, and to remember that when they are offered drugs that Mrs. Clark would be so sad if they ever did them.

"But Mrs. Clark my mom smokes."

"Okay, just don't you ever smoke okay buddy?"-Mrs. C

I love them, and they are so thoughtful and remind me of how I should be, innocent and kind.

Brad is doing well. He got a glock. Finally. He has been dying for one. I am so glad he got one. Now he pretends he is shooting (not with the gun in his hand) at everything. It's humorous. He still searches for cars, guns, and guitars on KSL. I don't think it will ever stop. I realized I don't search for anything online except for books for my kids and games for them to play. And emailing parents. I have 45 kids and 90 parents!!!! Ha! Kinda a lot to figure out.

OH and we bought a car :)
Its nice. And the windows are so tinted that I can't see bikers at night. I did hit a mailbox yesterday. That's a sad story. But I didn't cry, just laughed. Then called Brad saying, "I'm so so sorry." "Are you mad? Are you mad at me?"
"No, well yes a little bugged."-Brad
Now he just jokes about it every chance he gets.
You can imagine the things he says.
He's a sweetheart.

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