Monday, October 25, 2010

At what point..

A few times I have gone to post on my blog, but then I get scared to look at it. Scared that I haven't posted for so long. . . and all my friends stopped being my online friends. But so much as happened. I have participated in several weddings...parties....and 5 year old catastrophes.  You see there are all these forms you have to fill out in school. And sometimes I just sigh and wish I had a personal form filler outter.

And we have those Trafalga passes, and sometimes we drive to Lehi and play laser tag. Laser tag with people who take it way more seriously than I do. We walked out and I looked at the score board. I said, "AWESOME!!! I GOT THIRTEENTH!!!"

Then Brad said, "Brit, there was only 13 people in there."

Then I said, .. nothing because it made sense because my alias name was Mozart and his was Iron Man. Clearly this is why I lost. Mozart never killed anyone. Never. Iron Man never left anyone alive.

I found out that the girl who followed me around and shot me every time my vest clicked back on after the time she had just shot me before....won.

Clearly she won because she was 12 and I felt sorry for I let her shoot me.

We had this pumpkin carving party, after going to La Jolla Groves. With Heather and Kevin.
Heather carved MYERS for their last name, and Kevin made an attempt at the Zelda sign. Brad and him had to do the same thing...who knows?
Brad got this new hat after the Rangers made into the world series. 

He also won the best costume award last week at a party, but I'm not sure how much I want to post our offensive costumes?? 

I carved a ghost. But then it didn't look like a ghost so I just pretended it was Yoda.
Clearly it was Yoda. Meant to be Yoda.
Clearly is a great word today.
"MRS CLARK!! I LOVE YOUR TIGHTS!"-little girl in my class
Had to throw that in. Sorry. 
Did you know that Ian and Lad made a movie about Legos....and this was the intro image...YOU TUBE Productions pesents.

Echo made it to state volleyball....we may travel to Declo to see that one.

Hannah is having a girl, Amanda (sis in law) is having a boy. And I am having a....
long pause....
Tricked ya.

But Brad takes the MCAT soon. Then its a whole new phase of life. Teaching is going well. I love my kids. The other day one student said to me, "Wait, you are married?"
-Yes I am very married.
-How many kids do you have?-Student
-None- Mrs. Clark
-Wait, but how can you be married and have no kids???-Student
-You know I didn't think it was possible...but it is.-Mrs. Clark

My students have started this new thing where when I turn my back they all stand up and dance like crazies. Then I turn back around and they sit back down. Its fine because they think they are sneaky and that I don't know...but I do and that is the greatest part. 

On that note, Christmas is coming.

And we love Christmas.

But first Thanksgiving.

I like breaks in school, then my brain gets a break, and forms, and lesson plans :)
Once again, I apologize if I lost your friendship due to my lack of posting.

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