Friday, November 5, 2010

Went for a little visit..

It was Echo's state volleyball. In between the games we went to the driving range. Thanks Aaron for buying all the balls, and thanks old man with nice golfing shoes for giving us your left over balls.
It was a beautiful fall day and Brad just swung away. Golfing is like baseball. Thats all I know about it.

I like his wash in his jeans right here, and his knee placement. Nice Bradley.

 So graceful. I look like a dying Indian when I swing.

And the finale. Perfect 80000 million yarder. Nice.

Chandler was more of the tomahawk. 

Brooke did her motherly her sister.

Okay, so I was teaching Ethan how to golf....and he said, "Why are you teaching me, you aren't very good?" Then I said, "I know, I'll leave."
Ethan made me promise not to give him any tips, the tips only made him worse.
Aaron just spoke Canadian the whole time. He doesn't speak much English.
He took over teaching Ethan. Ethan speaks that language. 

Ethan is a fine lookin gent. He is tall, lean and nice. Hope the girls are nice to him.

Landon kept asking Brad, so what did I do wrong there...
Brad would say, "I don't know."
Then I would say, "Well at least say something so you sound smart."
He is the only one who truly knows golf (Aaron too, but you know he doesn't speak much English) but yet he offered little to no advice due to being too humble thinking his advice wasn't valuable. 

Tiera was quite cute out on that fall day and I love her shoes. Like slippers, thats my thing. She is married to Landon if you forgot.
I'm glad my husband will always look young, I don't want to be married to an 80 year old, when he really is only 40. If that made made sense to me, in my head.

I can't tell if this picture is creepy or cute. My left eye is Asian.

We found a worm and Faith quickly named it Echo. Here I am pretending to eat the worm. Let's take a closer look.
Her worry and concern.

The close up. The worm is struggling for its life, it has only had close encounters with beaks, never with glossed lips and tongues. 
Also check out the cute Zebra pink pants I just got her at Gap, I go in to shop for dress pants and I come out with zebra pants. So typical of me.

Oh I forgot about Echo and volleyball.
Here she is facing the net wiping her brow. So tiring know Echo is like 6'5''. And she had about 4 blocks in a row, it was exciting.

This image is speed walk Echo.
She is just zooming through time with her bootie. you know she has always had a bootie like that, so cute, every since she was a wee babe. 

Well they lost at state, but we had a fun time.

We payed 20 dollars to watch her game, but there were free mini chocolate milk (Idaho Dairy hosts sports) so Brad said, "I paid 20 bucks for this, I'm taking 5 milks."
7000 calories later, we were happy.

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